GH Update Monday 5/2/16

General Hospital Update Monday 5/2/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jason goes to talk to Michael while he's in the interrogation room with Carlos, after Sonny has urged him to intervene before his son gets himself in trouble. Michael protests that he has to do something because he knows that only Carlos knows where Sabrina and the baby are. Jason, however, clarifies to him that he cannot be speaking to Carlos. It will only get him in trouble. Carlos wants to use him to get to his dad, Jason advises him. Yet Michael has “secret reasons” he's not about to share with anyone for why he may want to talk privately with Carlos (Carlos could tell him where to find Sabrina and the baby in exchange for a “favor”).

Sam goes to talk to Julian in his office. She admits she is concerned about how her mom is compromising her morals and principals and putting her professional reputation and ethics and very possibly her own safety, at risk for him. She knows the only reason Alexis is representing Carlos in a murder trial is because Julian asked her to and it's so he can cover his own behind, regarding that. Julian tells his daughter that she needs to know that his relationship with her mom may not be her business. He also asks his daughter if Jason is not asking or expecting her to do the same for him. Hearing that, Sam clarifies to her dad nothing could be farther from the truth, as Jason is not asking anything from her involving having her compromise who she is for him. She protests she thought he cared about her mother’s happiness. He clarifies however, that he and her mother are happy together. He reflects to his daughter that her mother, along with herself, his adult son, grandson and infant son mean a lot to him and he values having a family including Leo. Sam then remembers that it's her infant brother's birthday and asks her dad to give them her best, realizing she is busy and cannot attend the celebration. Julian then reveals to his daughter that he cares about her life and wants to know what is going on between her and Jason, to which she assures him things are good.

Alexis finds the witness who saw Carlos murder Duke, at The Floating Rib. He tells her he is not interested in talking. She urges him to give her a moment because Carlos Rivera is her client. Hearing that, he tells her she better leave him alone because he has nothing to tell her. She sits with him and asks him if he is aware of the procedures in court that happen when a witness to a murder testifies. It will be very complicated and difficult, she warns him, with all that is involved. He tells her he knows that. Hearing that, she assesses that is good. And so, for that reason, she needs him to tell her exactly what he saw when he witnessed Carlos murdering Duke Lavery. He answers and she probes further. After the guy has heard enough, he gets up from the table, walks away and demands that Alexis leave him alone, revealing he is very much afraid of something. Anna enters and needs to know what that was all about.

At the bar, Mac talks to Griffin about how he is a hero to have saved Tracy's life. He is happy to meet and talk to GH's new neurosurgeon who also happens to be the son of a good friend of his. He tells him he mustn't be discouraged about anything going on, Yet Griffin attempts to express his concerns about Mac's daughter marrying Detective Nathan West. Mac tells him that he (himself) is a father and knows all too well that any father would be proud of a son like him and Griffin needs to know that he has honored the memory of his father. He assesses to him that he is completely on board with his daughter marrying Nathan. He thinks very highly of Nathan as a cop and as a person and believes that whatever hardships he and Maxie will be able to face and successfully get through whatever hardships they may encounter together.

Outside the courtroom, after Anna's arraignment trial, Jordan informs her , for the first time, that all of a sudden, an eye witness who saw Carlos murder Duke has come forward and spoke to her at the PCPD. Hearing that, Anna shocked and positively surprised to hear that and leaves Jordan alone to talk to André. Alone with Jordan, he assesses that they have both had a more than productive day and have more than earned their date for tonight. He appears happy and encouraged yet she is not. Hearing that, she coldly tells him that she believes they should forget that. She admits to him that she heard his entire testimony to passionately defend Anna. It appears the way he spoke of her and the way they interacted after the hearing, is not exactly “professional”. In response to that, he asks what she is implying. He tells her if she has “suspicions” and assumptions about his relationship with Anna, then maybe she needs to see a psychiatrist. He assures her he cares about Anna as a patient and as a friend but it is only she (Jordan) whom he is interested in. He expresses to her that the “assumptions” she has about him and Anna is something he could be “drawing conclusions” about. Hearing that, she demands to know what he is talking about, to which he explains that it appears she is accusing him of cheating on her with Anna because he knows she cheated on her husband. Hearing that, she angrily walks away.

Detectives find and detain Rachel/Hayden, in the parking garage of The Metro Court. She protest she cannot give them any information about her father and does not know where he is nor what he is doing now. Yet they know that she has married Nikolas Cassadine under false pretenses by using a false name and identity and they reveal that the reason they are investigating her is somehow related to that. Nikolas enters and informs the two officers that he'd like to talk to his “wife” alone. He tells them if they would like to speak to his wife in the future, they may contact “their” (has and Hayden/Rachel) attorney, Alexis Davis. Alone with Nikolas, she asks where he came from. He replies he was simply there by coincidence on the way to his car when he just happened to see that she was being interrogated. Yet She still needs to know why Nikolas would chose to “come to her rescue”. He admits that he wanted to prevent questioning that could lead to agents investigating his personal finances, which h confirms is his sole concern right now. He clarifies he needs to make sure that his finances are secure and to protect Spencer's inheritance. She then reminds him that maybe they need to officially end their marriage and go their separate ways. She seems ok and contented with that as she walks to her car.

Anna goes to meet with Griffin and Mac at the bar and expresses she's very grateful that they found Scott to represent her, expressing to Mac that her lawyer did a great job for her and saved the day. She also reveals that today is the anniversary of Duke's death. Griffin attentively hears that. They talk privately about her relationship with Duke and how they found their way back to each other right before he died. They both reflect how it was “too late”, with her losing Duke before they could be together and his never having a chance to meet his father. She reflects about all that happened a year ago today. She remembers the exact night when she and Griffin's father were ready to plan their new life together and leave town late at night. Observing Griffin, she reflects she can see how he can turn an ordinary day into something very beautiful. She tells him again, how much she wishes he could have met his father. He tells her that after meeting her and many of this father's friends, he gets a real sense of who Duke was, She informs him that Carlos has been offered a deal to testify what he knows about how it was that he was ordered to kill Duke. And that could mean he will not have to spend the rest of his life in prison. Yet she reminds Griffin that Julian has to pay for what he did and Carlos may be able to help them with that. She knows that Julian ordered Duke's death for obvious reasons.

Alexis goes to find Julian and warns him that she just found out that the witnesses statement checks out. She spoke to him and has concluded that there is no way she can take Carlos' case with any likelihood she can get him acquitted. She informs her husband that she recognized the man when she saw him at the Floating Rib. She attempted to talk to him and “negotiate” to discourage him from testifying. But he would not listen and ran like a bat out of hell. She reminds Julian she does not think she can win this case for him. Yet Julian is very calm and not worried, however, assuring her he “does not think this witness” is going to be a problem.

As soon as Jason leaves the station and Michael is alone in the interrogation room with Carlos, Carlos asks him if they still have their “deal”.

When Jordan goes off and wants André to leave her alone, he tells her he will not do that. There is something he has to say and he is not leaving until she let him say it. She tells him that he is out of line to make assumptions about her marriage. In response to that, he admits that he realized that he was analyzing her for which he apologizes. However, she has clearly misunderstood his actions, She is completely wrong to believe he's “interested” in Anna, he tells her. He assures her if he wanted to date Anna, he would have never asked Jordan out. He moves closer to her and tells her he is very interested only in her and they kiss. They undress and sleep together while music plays about people needing to stop hesitating and keeping one another up in the air and move forward with relationships and intimacy.

Nikolas gets in the car with Hayden/Rachel and seems like he cannot so easily get done with her although she wants to. Right away, he concludes he now knows the reason she wants to divorce him is solely in order to collect $5 million, which she reminds him she can legally obtain from him. He asks her that after they've divorced and she's collected the money, how does he know she will not further blackmail him and turn him over to the authorities with what she knows about him. He assesses she made her point and so he guesses divorce is the only way to go. He seems very calm and confident right then when he notices and empties her make up case to see something she's hiding that perhaps he could use against her.

Sam meets with Jason in the park and they are ready to plan a trip together. He wants to know all about her ideas and memories. She tells him she does not want to talk about anything sad and only wants to think about the two of them going on vacation together and experiencing something together and with Danny. She tells him that their son absolutely loves the beach and swimming. He assesses that's perfect and asks where they should take their “future little Olympian”. She suggests a little place like a cottage where there are beaches outside. They can tuck Danny in at night and stay up at night in the peaceful wilderness to watch the stars they conclude as they happily draw closer and kiss. Yet it appears they are being spied upon by an unknown and unseen person.

The witness to the murder has revealed to Alexis that he is telling the truth and knows what he saw. She knows that he could provide a testimony to incriminate and incarcerate Carlos (as well as Julian) for murder. However, he has consistently appeared very nervous and worried about something.

As soon as Julian is alone in his office, he confidently confirms, with his contact, that the “witness has been taken care of”.

When Michael tells Carlos he refuses to help him, Carlos does not seem worried, appearing as though he knows something is “working in his favor”.

Alexis goes to the parking garage and discovers the witness dead in his vehicle and falling to the ground. When she opens the car door and calls for help, she sees a needle in his arm and a trail of blood.

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