GH Update Friday 4/29/16

General Hospital Update Friday 4/29/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Carly explains to Finn that for years, everybody thought that Josslyn's kidney came from Elizabeth’s son Jake. She knows that was heart-breaking to have to do that after he (supposedly) died but it was very obvious to everyone at that point, where her daughter got the kidney transplant. Now, knowing Jake is alive, nobody has a clue where her kidney came from and there’s a big mystery to unravel. Hearing that, he replies, grimly, that maybe it's better she never find out the answer. She asks if he believes it's possible that her daughter's kidney came from the black market. He reminds her there is a huge money-making industry for that. She asks if he is implying that parents would sell their own child's kidney or have them murdered for money. He assesses that Josslyn's kidney came from an unknown source. That means it's untraceable, as far as he can see, he tells her. And, he concludes to her, that might be a blessing. Yet she protests that even if he believes that, as Josslyn's mother, she needs to know the origin of the kidney in case it causes health problems for her daughter, later on down the road. She then assesses that she let him keep a lizard in the hotel against the rules, as well as keeping his most recent secret about the needle and the “substance” that caused him to pass out in his hotel room.. He is now listening to her concerns about this. She assesses that they are friends who may take action in order help each other against the odds.

At the hospital, Lucas and Brad are wondering where they should have their wedding and can’t come up with any mutually agreed decisions. Lucas wonders if Brad is stalling and reminds him that he has had a lot of secrets he's kept, including that he has been legally married to a woman up until recently. Lucas reminds him of the limitations for places to marry, realizing that May is all booked at The Metro Court since his sister manages the hotel.

Before Anna's arraignment trial, she remains silent as Jordan tries to communicate with her. Scott arrives and represents her. Paul arrives and tells her if she relies upon “this buffoon” to represent her and get her acquitted, she will be sadly disappointed. He wants to take her aside and urges her to know he wants to prevent her from ruining herself. He reminds her that she does not have to confess to murder. There are ways to get the charges dropped or plea to a lesser charge since nobody saw nor can prove that she committed murder. He tells her he is certain Carlos will testify against Julian in not only about Carlos and Julian but also about herself, himself and Sonny. The judge enters and announces this is the People of the State of New York vs. Anna Devane. The judge informs Anna she is charged with attempted murder and asks how she pleads, to which Anna replies not guilty. Scott represents her and tells the judge his client is not a flight risk nor a criminal and he asks that she be released on bail. Paul counters by saying the DA's office wants to deny bail. He explains that Ms. Devane is an intelligent and highly qualified CIA agent with access to dangerous resources, she has recently fled the country to take the law into her own hands and has been assessed to be mentally unstable. As soon as they hear that, Jordan and Scott gather around her to demand to know how or why he would know or be able to attest to that. She protests to them that she was perfectly stable when she had her most recent psychiatric evaluation with Dr. Cavallo. Scott protests to the judge that Anna's court-appointed shrink is biased yet the judge tells him she does not agree. Scott protests that his client is a law-abiding citizen, unlike the DA. Yet Paul argues that there is evidence about the defendant's mental state. The judge then agrees that it would make Anna a flight risk. André enters unexpectedly and tells the judge he needs to “counter” that assessment. Paul obviously argues but André informs the judge he believes what he has to say would be of value to the court. The judge then agrees to hear him and swears him in. He takes the witness stand and explains how he first met Anna when she sought therapy for sleep disorders after the murder of Duke. Jordan silently overhears as André explains how Anna gave him all the information about Carlos murdering her fiancé, the likelihood he could get away with it, the very easy access to resources and options that Anna could have taken to murder Carlos and get away with it. Yet she did not. He assesses to the judge and the courtroom that Ms. Devane is one of the most ethical, honorable, law abiding and sane people he knows. He has proof knowing all the secrets that nobody else knows about her, from their therapy sessions.

Carlos talks to Michael in the interrogation room, and realizes, for the first time that he and Sabrina are now married. He gloats as he see's Michael's speechlessness as he reminds him he cannot do anything about that and has no right to his ex girlfriend or her baby. Hearing that, Michael concludes the only reason that could happen is he needed to find a way for Sabrina not be required to testify against him. Carlos protests that is not the case but Michael knows there is foul play. Alexis enters and informs Michael she would like a moment to speak to her client alone. Michael takes her aside and demands to know how she could even consider representing this man. She does not reply and only coldly asks him to leave although he urges her to re-think this. She returns to her client and shuts the door. Carlos smirks and gloats, asking his lawyer if she “believes that guy”, remarking he's just like his father, arrogant and full of himself, as he laughs, very confident that he has nothing to worry about. He then asks his lawyer, very smug and flippantly, if she's now in the process of getting his charges thrown out. Yet she “surprises him” by informing him his case in dead in the water. He demands to know how or why, to which she informs Carlos, for the first time, that a witness who saw him murder Duke is talking to the police commissioner and ready to testify against him. Hearing that, Carlos asks if the witness is someone whose testimony won't fly. Yet she tells him all she knows, involving the fact that the guy reported what he heard about the names used, the conversations between the shooter and the guy who got shot. Also, the witness positively identified Carlos to commissioner Ashford. Hearing that, Carlos appears worried for the first time.

Sonny urges Jason to intervene with Michael before it's too late, knowing that his son is determined to find Sabrina and the baby and may confront Carlos. He confides in him that he knows something might happen to Carlos that everybody suspects he will be responsible for. Jason asks if Sonny is implying that he would, in fact, intend to kill Carlos. Sonny reminds Jason that they need to know that Carlos will probably use Sabrina and the baby as “leverage” in his current situation. And Sonny is afraid his son will end up dead. And, remembering the “old Jason”, Sonny hopes and assumes that Jason will “take care of things” the way he could always count on him to do so in the past. When Jason raises objections, he stresses how he needs Jason to realize how important that is. Yet Jason argues that Michael is a grown man and has to make his own choices. Sonny protests that the Jason he always knew understood how it is that sometimes one's choices are more than they can handle. So, he asks, once again, if Jason can help him with that. Jason asks why Sonny wants him to do that. Sonny continues to protest that he does not want his son to go to prison or die for this. He informs Jason he knows that right now, Michael has gone to the PCPD to find Carlos. Jason assesses that he's really not ok to know that Sonny is having Michael watched, to which Sonny protests he's doing that because he loves his son. He continues to urge Jason to help Michael like he has always done before.

After talking to Carlos and finding out he’s married Sabrina, Michael finds Jordan and expresses his concerns. She tells him there's not much she can do about that although she informs him, for the first time, that new recent developments have occurred so that Carlos might not be as likely to walk as they previously assumed.

Inside the interrogation room, after hearing the “bad news”, Carlos tells Alexis she better find a way to get him acquitted or else he will take action against her husband and her family, as he reminds her he could address her as Mrs. Jerome.

At the Metro Court, while they sit at the table and talk, Carly remembers Finn had told her he is a diabetic (a lie) and so she wonders why he is eating a chocolate chip cookie at the table. She seems to want to be his friend and indicates she might “breaks some rules” in order to help him.

Sonny continues to protest to Jason that he needs to protect his son from Carlos Rivera. Jason reminds Sonny that presently, Carlos is locked up and should not be considered a threat to Michael. He also indicates to Sonny that he does not want to know his deep dark secret which it's clear Sonny is all-too-ready to tell him.. He does not remember the person he used to be that Sonny remembers. He states even if he got his memory back, he does not want to go back to that way of life. It's no longer the life for him, he declares to Sonny. Carly enters and Jason leaves. She can see that Sonny may not be ok. He informs her that he asked Jason for help with Michael and it’s not as easy as it always used to be. He admits that he wishes he could just somehow “reach” Jason.

Carlos reminds Alexis he has enough evidence to put Julian away if she can't help him. She then assures him it's unlikely the witness's testimony will hold him since the guy is a junkie. She tells him he better just shut up, revealing she may regret ever getting mixed up with him.

After André is done with his testimony, the judge declares that bail is set for Anna at $5000 and advises her not to make her regret that.

Finn goes to the hospital and finds Brad, knowing that he may be keeping secrets and informs him he wants full access and authorization to use the hospital lab as well as privacy in what he needs it for. Brad sounds like he might be willing to cooperate and possibly even keep his secret for him although he remarks that he finds it odd that Finn still has not revealed exactly what it is that he is researching.

At the end of Anna's trial, Scott and Paul argue. André meets with Anna who is very grateful for what he said. He affirms she is a person of extraordinary courage and integrity.

Alexis leaves the courthouse and rushes out. In the interrogation, for the first time, Carlos is angrily expressing his doubts and worries. Michael is very surprised to see this sudden very drastic change in his behavior and asks him what is up. At that point, Carlos comes up with an idea about how he and Michael can “help each other”.

After Jason leaves, Carly admits to Sonny that she realizes and accepts who Jason is now. Yet he is very discontented and disappointed, knowing the Jason they always knew would never walk away when Michael needed their help. He concludes that maybe the Jason they knew is gone.

Carlos informs Michael he can tell him where Sabrina is....for a price. Michael asks what that would be. Carlos replies his freedom. He needs Michael to break him out of prison.

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