GH Update Thursday 4/28/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/28/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, outside Tracy's room, everyone gathers around and hears her protesting that her family has supported the hospital for a long time, and she will not sit by and let Dr. Finn leave and go back to Minneapolis. Monica finds him and tells him she wishes he would reconsider and stay. He tells her his bags are packed and he is leaving. Yet she tells him she believes there is a change in the air. Dr. Obrecht appears and demands that everybody stop and get back to work. At that point, Tracy faces her and announces she no longer has command of the staff. Her career at GH is over, Tracy informs her. As soon as Dr. Obrecht hears that, she removes her badge and acts “hurt and insulted” that the staff and patients could dismiss and devalue the work she has done. Monica then protests she need not be so dramatic. They do not want to do that, she tells Obrecht. Yet Finn appears and asks if they should give their present chief of staff any recognition whatsoever. She admits that she wants to graciously acknowledge Dr. Obrecht and offer her a job.

Dr. Obrecht wonders how or why Monica makes those decisions. Tracy announces that everyone has unanimously voted to reinstate Monica as chief of staff. When Dr. Obrecht furiously defies that, they tell her all she's worth is a janitorial job and she may take it or leave it. She furiously storms away. Tracy and Monica face Finn and Monica declares the job she wants to offer him is available if he wants it and nobody can prevent her from hiring him on GH staff. Yet he still tells her he declines the job offer. Tracy demands to know if he believes Port Charles is too “small town” for him, protesting he just told her he had no one and nothing special to go back to. He argues that he is doing a lot of research to which Tracy and Monica assure him GH has extensive research facilities and resources. They negotiate and he declares his terms, to which they agree and he finally agrees to stay on and take the job offer.

Maxie awakens and notices Nathan has slept while she needs his input on their wedding cake and all of the venue of their wedding plans. While she hears him evading and less “intent” than she is, she declares the only way to make this wedding significant is to know how it's different than the previous wedding he had with Claudette. She tells him the last thing she wants to do is echo what he previously had with his first wife. In response to that, he clarifies to Maxie that he and Claudette had a very simple and not very memorable wedding, reminding her it was a marriage of convenience. Yet she protests she knows, at one time he intended to commit to Claudette. Yet Nathan continues to evade and urge Maxie to know there's nothing she needs to know or care about regarding Claudette. He gets dressed and ready for work, assuring Maxie that he knows the difference between her and Claudette. He knows Maxie has a huge heart and means something to him and he-to her, whereas that was not the case with Claudette. Yet Maxie admits she has reservations and would like to know more about how he gave his heart to Claudette and she broke his heart. She tells him she needs to know if there's anything he is not telling her, to which he admits he does not know and does not suspect she's keeping secrets from him about her previous relationship with Spinelli or anyone else in her life because he trusts her. In response to that, she concludes she trusts him and no longer needs to rehash Claudette.

Michael meets with his parents at the Metro Court after returning from Puerto Rico. Sonny wants to know what his son may have found out while there. He declares the reason he went there was to see Sabrina and they continue to tell him he needs to realize that Sabrina made the choice to go there and be with the father of her baby and so Michael needs to accept that and move on.

Sam and Jason awaken in the barn after they've gotten away from the heavy rainstorm the night before. They are enjoying intimacy. Yet they are unaware that they are being spied upon from an unknown person viewing them from outside the window. They get dressed and ready for their day and go out the door together. She notices what appears to be muddy footprints. We see the unseen person walking away. It appear the anonymous person is opening a door somewhere.

We then see Franco returning to the apartment and to Nina. She needs to know what happened and he does not answer. He appears sullen and upset and “suspect” as though he might be the unseen person spying upon Sam and Jason. He has muddy boots and admits he was walking in the rain last night to which Nina needs to know why or what he was doing regarding that. He replies his car broke down, and evasively informs her he stayed at the hospital doing art therapy and painting, figuring his life has no meaning and he had nowhere to go or anyone to come home to. He later went to the bar and drank and realized he was in no condition to drive. Also his car hit a mud puddle and got stuck. She informs him he could have called her yet he angrily reminds her that she has completely shut him out and he can't keep trying and not see the barrier she is putting up. He declares that she's made it clear that he means nothing to her and they have to re-assess the whole situation. She protests that throughout last night, she sat up wondering where he was or what had happened to him. He reminds her she's made it clear he's no longer a priority for her. She tells him he's never there to talk to and she knows that since she cannot get pregnant, he's gotten everything he wants so she wonders what the point is. He angrily declares that he does not want kids and cannot change that but he doesn’t t want to hurt her. She breaks down crying and admits she; does not know what to do, reminding him that she lost 20 years of her life. She cannot have a baby and does not know how to get over that. She needs understanding and compassion and does not feel like he's capable of giving that to her. When she asks if that is incorrect, he does not respond. She then concludes all that time and work on this relationship was all down the drain. He tells her he wishes he were enough for her. She tells him so does she. She goes into the other room and then comes out with her bags packed and confirms this is not her home, as they'd previously declared it is. It's his and Kiki's. She goes out the door. Franco sits alone and sullen in the room, declaring that he knows all too well how to handle rejection.

Sam runs into Maxie at The Metro Court bar, who informs her she needs a PI. Sam asks her what or whom she is investigating, to which Maxie replies her fiancÚ. She explains to Sam that Nathan has been keeping secrets from her since they first met and she cannot marry him until she gets the answers he is not providing. She informs Sam that Nathan was married to a woman named Claudette, to which Sam asks her how she found out. Maxie replies that Nathan once accidentally called her Claudette. When she asked him, he told Maxie Claudette is the family dog and later revealed he was lying and that he was married to Claudette; something Maxie never before knew. Sam then assesses that she'd like to help, but as Maxie's friend, she cannot take her case. She clarifies that she is concerned about Maxie distrusting her fiancÚ and feeling it necessary to take such drastic action, to which Maxie declares she knows he's hiding something from her. And, she concludes, she needs to find out what that is, with or without Sam's help.

At the station, Michael meets with Nathan ready to go inside the interrogation room to talk to Carlos. Nathan frisks him to make sure he has no guns, weapons or need to take drastic action before he goes into the room. Michael goes inside and Carlos coyly greets him, remarking “long time, no see”. Michael demands to know where Sabrina is, angrily informing Carlos that he is trash. Carlos smirks knowing that Michael is helpless to find out where she is. Michael furiously tells him if he's done anything to hurt Sabrina or the baby, he will pay, to which Carlos assures him he may relax. They are fine although he clearly does not care about Michael's concerns nor want to help him find her. He gleefully tells Michael that Sabrina has chosen to get away from him. She finally sees him for who he really is. He's nothing more than a destructive dishonorable human being just like his father.

Nathan goes out into the other room and Obrecht comes to see her son. She tells him she was hoping he could have lunch with her or find time to get away. He can see she is upset about something and asks what is up. She cries as she admits to him that she has lost her job at GH and is no longer chief of staff. He hugs his mom and assures her that GH is losing a very qualified and dedicated chief. Yet she informs him that, due to her losing her temper and saying some things she might regret, she ruined her chances to redeem herself. She assesses to Nathan he needs to trust her that confession is not always good for the soul. Hearing that, Nathan asks her exactly what she means, to which she clarifies he cannot reveal the truth about Claudette to anyone.

After getting a call from Sonny, Jason goes to his office to respond. Sonny declares he needs Jason's help with Michael, whom he admits is in trouble. He reminds Jason that Carlos killed Duke Lavery and Michael may be confronting Carlos as to where they are.. And, so he informs Jason, he knows if there is trouble, Jason knows how to handle it. He reminds Jason how he does not back down on protecting any of his kids. He knows, regarding Danny or Jake, Jason does what he has to do. When Jason asks Sonny why he does not reach out and communicate with his son, Sonny reminds him when he attempts to do that, Michael pushes him away and he's concerned that his son might be headed for big trouble.

In the police interrogation room, Carlos smugly tells Michel that Sabrina does not want a little boy like Michael. She's decided who she wants in her life. He will make sure Michael never touches her again and he reveals that he and Sabrina have gotten married.

Franco is alone in the apartment sketching a drawing of Nina that looks negative.

Dr. Finn returns to The Metro Court and sees Carly who also assumes he's leaving and there's no convincing him to reconsider. Yet he happily informs her that there's been a change of plans. He was offered a position on GH staff which he accepted. She sits with him and informs him that she is trying to find out some answers about how Josslyn got her kidney transplant. She assures him that GH is a good place to work and she's sure he will be happy and appreciated there. However, she warns him, there is also a dark side.

At the hospital, Monica takes over the files and gets used to procedures that Obrecht has been running up until now.. Tracy is looking over her shoulder and making it clear she might not want to leave so soon until they find something out. Monica asks her what that might be and she evades the question. However, when Monica takes Tracy into the elevator in her wheelchair, a board administrator informs her that her “reinstatement” was voted down.

At the station, when Nathan tells his mom that he wants to come clean with Maxie about Claudette, she reminds him if that happens, he will be in Pentonville.

Finn asks Carly if she is really ready to hear the whole unsavory story of how Josslyn got the kidney she needed.

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