GH Update Wednesday 4/27/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/27/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Floating Rib, Curtis meets with Hayden and asks if she has given up on what she was going to do. He reminds her that she has all the proof she needs that that dude tried to kill her. Yet she reminds him that Nikolas, nonetheless knows that she is Rachel Berlin, daughter of a crook. Also, she has no more money. Nikolas has sold his ELQ shares to Jason. Although she knows he has hated Jason, she has found out he hates her more to have done what he did. Yet Curtis still wonders why she should give up. After she reveals to him that she can collect $5 million if Nikolas divorces her, he tells her that with that kind of money, he does not understand why she won't just take it and run and not declare defeat.

Tracy is ready to get out of the hospital and talks to Finn, telling him that his skills are desperately needed there. The fact that Dr. Obrecht does not want to let him practice at GH is proof positive that she is not acting in the best interest of the hospital. Yet, she wonders why it appears that Finn does not want to stay. She asks why he'd want to return to Minneapolis. Is there somebody waiting for him there, she asks? He replies now. Tracy concludes, in that case, it's decided that he stays in Port Charles practicing medicine at GH.

Jason and Sam are alone in the apartment while it rains heavily outside. They are able to see that it appears someone has been on the property and she is concerned. She reminds him that maybe they should not assume there is no cause for worry, knowing that Franco recently confronted him and given his history with Jason and many things. Yet Jason assures her that they are safe and he won't let Franco or anyone else hurt her. Sam clarifies she is not afraid for herself. She is afraid for him. She does not want anyone or anything to take him away from her and Danny. Jason then reflects to her that he knows he gets into confrontations with guys every so often but maybe it's not a priority to do that. They both waste no time lying together and being intimate.

Julian holds baby Leo while he talks to Alexis at their house. She wants to know whom he spoke to, when she just now overheard him on the phone and overheard he “does not want them talking” and about what. He tells her that he's hired a new security system. Yet she finds that very odd and not credible realizing they now have no need for security. He informs her that he does not want to take any chances regardless. He wants to evade her questions and takes his infant son up to bed. When Alexis is alone, she observes papers that he's left behind and is clearly suspicious that her husband is keeping secrets from her. She tells him she realizes that they both have to keep secrets which is not what she prefers but is necessary, realizing she cannot tell him everything about her legal representation of Carlos and so he cannot tell her everything about his “business-related” security issues. She clarifies her brain understands and accepts it but her heart does not like it. She assures him that the witness who came forward about seeing Carlos murder Duke may not be “all that credible”. Hearing that, Julian asks her what specifically appears to be wrong with the guy. Before she can respond to that, they hear baby Leo on the baby monitor. She offers to go up to him after assuring her husband that she is completely committed to their life together. While Julian is alone in the room, however, he is clearly uncomfortable and uneasy with what is going on regarding the secret he's keeping from her. At that point, gets on the phone and reveals he wants to work to ruin the credibility of the witness who saw Carlos kill Duke. He wants his contact to prove or possibly set the guy up to appear as a junkie.

Dillon and Kiki go to the parking garage of her building “talking about” whether he should rely on help changing his tire or not. He tells her about the time he spent in LA and being a Quartermaine and his background as a movie producer. She asks why, if he wanted to make movies, did he leave LA. He replies it's complicated. His brother, Ned calls him a while back. He later found out his father was in town and although he never thought he'd be back in Port Charles this long, his mom got sick. And now he's kind of beginning to feel at home here. He also remembers his first girlfriend, Georgie Jones, Maxie's sister, whom he informs Kiki, for the first time, died almost 10 years ago today. So that is another reason why he stayed away from this town. He admits to her that he kind of buried himself in being busy and admits he really never had anyone to help him get through his tragic loss. She admits that the tragic loss of her father, as well as getting shot is kind of what is keeping her holed up in this apartment. Hearing that, he urges her to give herself a break, given all she has gone through. He clarifies that coming from a family of doctors, he knows all too well about the healing process. She then mentions how Morgan is slowly healing every day and that is what she wants for herself. She acknowledges how he encouraged her to make progress and they are clearly very happy to be together. He invites her to go and get some ice cream together and she clearly wants to be with him.

Kristina goes to visit Morgan at the Facility and talks to a guy whom she takes an interest in. He clarifies that he is not a patient there and is merely visiting someone, yet is clearly “interested” in Kristina. Morgan comes out to see his sister and can tell she seems engrossed in this strange guy and he-in her. She goes into the other room to talk to her brother and gives him a recording of “happy music”. He asks her what she means by that and she tells him it's upbeat music that motivates her to get going in the morning when she gets discouraged. Morgan also needs her to know that it's obvious to see that that guy was totally hitting on her and he needs to know if she might have been interested in him. He states to her that he'd rather talk about her since the only thing anyone and everyone wants to do is talk about him and his situation. She then asks if he has not heard anything about Parker. He admits he's never heard anything about it. She then, very comfortably (and without hesitation or reservation) runs through the whole thing to her brother about her “entanglement” with her professor and her wanting to “bribe” the professor for a grade. The professor did not “take the bait”, she explains to Morgan, and so she got suspended from school. And, she does not hesitate to admit to Morgan that Parker is a woman. Morgan is not really surprised or judgmental to hear that but admits he cannot believe she would get suspended from school. Assessing that, Morgan tells his sister that confirms to him that he is not the only “screw up” in the family. She asks him if he does not understand her very strong reservation about having their dad finding out that she is gay. He tells her maybe she is worrying for nothing although she admits she cannot imagine their macho crime-boss father accepting that any of his kids are gay. At that point, they both confirm that they are comfortable around each other the way they may not be around anyone else, as they both feel like screw-ups. She hugs her brother and leaves.

While Morgan is alone at the hospital, after Kristina has left, he gets on his tablet to contact Kiki yet she does not respond.

Outside Morgan's room, the strange guy asks Kristina if he could call her, to which she says yes

Curtis reminds Hayden/Rachel that with $5 million, that is more than most hard-working people make in their life time. Yet she tells him what she wants to do is make amends and lead a better life than she has so far. He reminds her that it's her father's mess and not hers' to clean up. He suggests she finds a man she can trust and not someone who has tried to kill her. Yet she tells him she has to get going and meet with someone whom she is afraid will only have more bad news. He wants to know what is going on and why she is discouraged about what he cannot understand.

Hayden/Rachel goes to see Tracy at the hospital. Tracy introduces her to Dr. Finn and informs Finn that Rachel Berlin is a known criminal. As soon as they are alone in the room, Tracy boldly informs Hayden/Rachel that she wanted to be able to meet face-to-face to tell her that she is fired.

When Finn goes into the lobby. Epiphany sees him and admits she has a question which she is absolutely dreading asking him but which has to be asked. He does not answer and evades. She then asks him if he can sing. He wonders where that question came from, inquiring if she's asking him out on a date at a karaoke bar. She clarifies no. She has a boyfriend. However, there is an annual nurses ball that the hospital participates in that involves music and stage talent. He sounds like he would never consider singing or doing anything musical. Hearing that, then tells him she has to get back to work and deal with a difficult patient.

In her hospital room, Tracy assesses she knows all that Hayden/Rachel has lost. And, she adds, she “could” feel sorry for her. But then, she realizes what a terrible bitch Hayden/Rachel is, so she won't. At that point, Hayden/Rachel walks out the door, stating she is “sorry”. Finn passes her as he walks into Tracy's room and confronts her asking if she really is sorry. Hearing that and believing she's never met this man before nor he-her, she asks what he just said to her. Finn replies he's asking if she really is sorry for all the lies and all the peoples' lives she's ruined. He tells her he knows all about her father and does not buy or listen to any of her excuses, telling her she could have done something yet did not before it was too late, regarding her father's life of greed and crime.

Hayden returns to Curtis and informs him that when she went to the hospital to talk to Tracy, a strange doctor attacked her and coldly reminded her of the reprehensible things she and her father did. Curtis tells her he knows she likes to act all tough as if things don't get to her. But, he tells her, he knows her better and knows she is vulnerable. He reminds her that there may be a “silver lining” when one hits rock bottom and things cannot get worse. He then offers to get them the next round. As soon as she is alone, out of nowhere, guys from the FBI come to identify her as Rachel Berlin and tell her they need to take her somewhere.

Sam and Jason lie together in the blanket and clearly “someone” is watching them from outside the window, in the rain.

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