GH Update Tuesday 4/26/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/26/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Franco tells Jason he knows Jason does not want anyone to love him. He knows the only time Jason is happy is when he's alone in the dark with his gun ready to kill. He tells him that is the only time when he feels ok. At that point, Jason pushes Franco up against the wall and tells him he remembers when he almost ended Franco and may regret that he survived. Dr. Obrecht enters and demands Jason let go of him or she will call security. Jason lets go of Franco but only temporarily when he hears Franco threaten to tell his son all of his dad's deep dark secrets. Sam appears and urges Jason to stop what he is doing, seeing he has his hands around Franco's neck. She urges him to know that Franco is “playing him” and wanting to provoke him. Jason then lets go of him. At that point, Dr. Obrecht wants to know why Franco would want to provoke that man. Jason leaves and Dr. Obrecht firmly advises Franco to wash his hands of Jason and his son. Yet he tells her that he does not want to behave the way she does. He reminds her that nobody like her and the only friend she has is himself. He tells her that he realizes his life has not been good when he's been on the “dark side” and so he believes it's time to be the Franco he was meant to be. He admits to her that he is losing hope since Nina has given up on them. Dr. Obrecht admits to him that although she had her doubts about them and did not respect or trust her niece, she now knows that anyone with eyes can see that he and Nina are good for each other. She wants to encourage Franco not to give up, invites him to join her after work at the Floating Rib if he changes his mind and wants to talk. As she leaves, she advises him to stay away from Jason. Alone, Franco replies that Jason needs to stay away from him.

Ava goes to see Kiki at Franco's apartment and has food for her daughter. Kiki is still guarded with her mom and realizes one can never be too careful with security in Port Charles. Ava informs her daughter some circumstances have “changed” so that there will no longer be any reason for Kiki not to come home and live with her mom. Yet she does not reveal, specifically what she knows will “soon happen”. Hearing that, however, Kiki informs her mom she is already home. Ava asks her if she really believes that living with Franco and Nina is better than living with her real mom., as she assures her daughter that nothing and nobody will harm her or her baby sister. Also, regarding what she's put Kiki through, she wishes she could take that pain away, she tells her. Kiki tells her mom she believes her but still believes she should stay there. Ava gets ready to leave and assures her daughter she loves her. She hugs Kiki and Kiki responds. Ava goes out the door. Alone in the apartment, Kiki appears as though she still wonders what to do.

Alone at the house, Alexis observes the knife that Helena used to stab her mother to death. Julian returns. He concludes to her that maybe they should get rid of the knife. Yet she concludes she is not yet ready. He can see that she has something on her mind and wants to know what is up. She admits to him that she and Molly had an argument about her representing Carlos. She admits she is wondering if she is, in fact, compromising her ethics by advising Carlos not to take the deal, as he's asked her to do. She gets a call and has to leave. Julian wants to know what it means but she does not reveal the details.

At the station, Ric spies and overhear a conversation and calls Sonny, ready to share some important information with him. Sonny tells his brother if he plans to do that, he needs to make it quick since Sonny has to get ready for his birthday. He waits for Carly to return and she notices, when she walks in the door, that he has something on his mind. She wants to take him out and celebrate but he tells her he still has to wait for Ric to call with some ”potentially” good news. He asks her how the recent check-up for Josslyn went. She replies it was good although she's still processing the fact that Josslyn's donated kidney did not come from Jake, (Jason and Elizabeth's son whom everybody thought died in a car accident until recently).

Not far away at the station, Jordan talks to a witness who has voluntarily entered the PCPD and informed her that he has first-hand information about the murder of Duke Lavery. He knows the exact date it happened and is able to positively identify both guys when she shows him pictures of many on file. Yet he appears afraid to get involved. He admits that although Duke got shot almost a year ago, it's taken him this long to come forward. The reason he said nothing when it happened was he lost his car, his job and his home. He admits that he was on the streets and overheard a conversation about Julian Jerome. He saw the struggle between the two guys he just identified, he tells Jordan. The guy in street clothes shot the guy in the tux and left him to bleed to death. Jordan asks why he made no effort to help the man she knows was Duke, to which he replies he was scared. She is worried that his story may not have much credibility given his “personal issues”. Yet he protests that he is doing his “program” and a large part of that is making amends. So that is why he wants to do the right thing now. He then feels discouraged and wants to leave although she assures him she is merely doing her job by making sure that his testimony does not get invalidated. She goes out the door and sees Alexis whom she knows is there about Carlos. Jordan informs Alexis her client might not be as easy to defend as she previously assumed. Alexis demands to know why. Jordan replies she is right now talking to an eye-witness who saw Carlos shoot Duke. Hearing that, Alexis tells her there might not be much credibility holding up in court from the testimony of a guy who just suddenly shows up out of nowhere to come forward with that story. Yet she realizes that since her client really did commit murder, it's entirely possible that the witness could ruin her case. At that point, she knows she has to return home to Julian.

Ric goes to Sonny's house and tells Carly he needs to talk to his brother alone. She goes out the door and Ric informs his brother he overheard a guy inform the police commissioner that he saw Carlos Rivera shoot Duke Lavery. With that, Ric wishes Sonny a happy birthday, knowing that may be the perfect present for him.

Nina goes to The Floating Rib and sees Dillon. He has a gift wrapped box in his hand and wants her to sit down and have a drink with him. Yet she reminds him she wants this to remain professional since she is his boss. She informs him that she's afraid he might be suing her, in which case he needs to know that she has good lawyers. He assures her he would never do anything like that. He likes her and would never judge her for what happened the other night. He wants to know all about whether Franco is there for her yet she informs him she is no longer counting on Franco for anything. He tells her he has to go but encourages her to talk to Franco and not give up on her relationship.

Sam goes with Jason to The Floating Rib and wants to know all about his confrontation with Franco. He declares that Franco “was once” dangerous and he believes he may still be. Realizing he does not remember his history with Franco, he needs her to tell him more. She reveals that for a long time, Franco was “obsessed” about Jason. He asks her exactly what he “did” to Franco, to which she replies “nothing”. She explains that Franco came back to town a few years ago and suddenly heard that Jason was his twin. He was jealous, although it was later proven they were not related. He admits to her that he saw the “old Franco” at the hospital today and has decided he does not want him anywhere near Jake. He asks her to come with him on his bike while Danny is with his grandma. She happily goes with him.

Dr. Obrecht goes to the Floating Rib and runs into Nina. She informs her niece she just spoke to Franco and knows that he is devastated that she has given up on them. She knows that Nina does not want to give up on Franco. She believes Nina needs to “put on her big girl pants” and have the courage to talk to Franco. She gives Nina her phone to call him.

When Franco is at the hospital talking to Kiki, he notices the text from Dr. Obrecht's phone that appears to be from Nina. He does not take it seriously right then and decides not to go home after Nina has thrown him out and concluded they are through.

Not far away, while Nina talks to Dr. Obrecht, she notices Franco “walk in” and then suddenly “walk out”. Nina is worried and assumes that only shows his lack of commitment to her. Yet she rushes home to see if Franco might have comeback to the apartment. Kiki is there and informs her he's not there.

Shortly thereafter, Kiki hears a knock on the door and notices Dillon. It appears he has gotten a flat tire. He does not know how that could happen to the new tires he just bought. He informs her he was working all day and all night and not getting any sleep. She asks how it was that he wound up in this part of town and if it’s merely coincidental that he shows up at her doorstep. She asks what he is “really” doing there. He admits he wanted to check on her and was worried about her. She asks who sent him. He replies nobody. It was his own choice to stop by and pay her a visit. Yet she wonders if he may have had some “ulterior motives”. He admits he wanted to find an excuse to see her. Nina returns and wonders what the two of them are doing together. Kiki replies they are just going out for a bit. Nina asks her where Franco is. Kiki admits she has not seen him at the apartment.

After Sonny has had his private conversation with Ric, Carly protests to her husband that Ric is a snake in the grass and not to be trusted. Yet Sonny informs her that it could be Ric somehow knows how they can find out where Josslyn's kidney came from and give them some answers. He tells her he wants to do that for her. She realizes he has enough on his plate with Carlos and Julian. Yet he assures her that won't be a problem. Once they are “no longer an issue”, he will have all the time he needs to focus on her and Josslyn and their family.

Ava goes to see Julian when he was alone in the house. She asks if he is really committed to being back in the organization given what he's promised Alexis and his kids. He assures her that his sister matters to him and he believes they are both very capable of doing what is right for their respective kids. Hearing that, she tells her brother she appreciates that but still wonders what Alexis has to say about his sudden career change. In response to that, Julian admits to his sister that his wife knows nothing about it. He has not told her. Hearing that, Ava warns him that sooner or later, his wife will catch him in his lie. She doesn't want that to happen to him. Alexis returns. He wonders why she's back so soon, assuming that she would have taken more time to meet and work with Carlos, as he's asked her to do. Yet she informs him the police commissioner spoke to a witness who saw Carlos murder Duke. Getting Carlos acquitted may be easier said than done, she tells him. She goes into the other room. Alone with her brother after witnessing that conversation, Ava concludes she knows just what he needs to do in order to solve all of his and everyone's problems. And that is getting rid of Carlos. Yet Julian tells his sister he thinks he has a better plan. He won't tell her what that is although he assures her he will handle it. Ava leaves.

At the station, Jordan tells the guy what is needed in order to “make amends” when he witnessed a murder. When she warns him that if this goes to trial, he will have to testify in court, she can clearly see he's afraid of that. Yet she informs him that it's unlikely this will ever go to trial, revealing that Carlos' attorney will probably get him acquitted since there is “circumstantial evidence” which they are both aware of. Realizing he is the reason why Carlos may get away with murder, the guy is right then motivated to “right the wrong”.

As soon as Julian is alone in his house, he gets on his phone and calls a contact to inform him a witness has come forward claiming he saw Carlos kill Duke Lavery. He asks the contact to "take care of it."

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