GH Update Monday 4/25/16

General Hospital Update Monday 4/25/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Jason and Jake wait for Franco who is late. Yet Jake assures his dad that Franco will be there and he has faith in him. However, Jason admits he doubts whether Franco is fit to be around his son. Franco gets off the elevator carrying a large gift-wrapped box with a bow. Monica sees him and admits she odes not trust him and demands to know what is going on with him.

Nina returns to Crimson, which she now owns, and sees Julian in her office. She demands to know what he is doing in her office. She reminds him this is her office and he can't just barge in whenever he wants. In response to that, he informs her that he has been contacting her and she has not returned any of his messages. She reminds him that she does not have to report or answer to him anymore. She refuses to give up or sacrifice what she wants because of anybody’s insecure self-centered needs. She emotionally declares to him she “will not do that anymore”. She is clearly indicating she's thinking of something other than business. Yet Julian calmly tells her he's merely there to obtain financial reports. She demands he relaxes while she finds them for him and tells him she has a lot on her mind. She breaks down crying, revealing she has something on her mind. He offers her tissues while she cries and tells her she need only email the financial reports to him at the end of the day. Yet he realizes she is now an executive and can set her own hours. He tells her it's obvious that “something” is upsetting her and asks if she wants to talk about it. She assures Julian it's ok but then informs him she would like to talk about it if he wants to listen. Hearing how upset she is about not being able to have a child and realizing how important family is to him, Julian appears to become attentive and sensitive to what Nina tells him. He listens to her telling him how she feels about having a boyfriend who just does not get that. He admits he has not forgotten that she and Franco kidnapped his sister's baby. Yet he admits to Nina he is sorry about what they are going through together. He tells her he understands her concerns about Franco mistakenly assuming the dog can make up for her loss, yet he believes that regardless of that, Franco clearly loves her. She tells Julian that may be true but she still questions whether her boyfriend really understands who she is. Suddenly she can sense that Julian is lot in thought as soon as he is reminded of “something”. He then informs her he just remembered he has a meeting to attend so he wishes her good luck with Franco and the whole situation. She asks if perhaps she “hit a nerve” and asks if it might be something pertaining to Carlos Rivera, given Carlos was his right-hand man. He tells her he no longer has any involvement in the business Carlos is still in and has, since washed his hands to it. Nina then assesses to Julian he is not unlike her. They both have their past and have changed. He continues to maintain that whatever is going on with Carlos has nothing to do with him. Noticing, however, that he has suddenly grown cold when he was not before, she knows he is keeping a secret about something.

When Monica confronts Franco, he reminds her that she is not his boss and cannot interrogate him. If she has any problems with him, she may take it up with the real boss in this hospital. Monica angrily reminds him of all the things he's done including what he did to her son, his having her son’s wife drugged and believing she was raped and what he's done to her grandson and all. She leaves and he takes the little dog out of the box. He snuggles with the dog, who likes him, and asks if the “mean lady scared her”. He also asks why Nina would not appreciate this sweet female dog. When Jason approaches him, Franco concludes that he has no control over whether Jason will allow his son to keep the dog, reminding him throughout the years it's been futile to try to “make”Jason do anything. He leaves Jason alone with his son and he raises objections when Jake protests that he does not accept not being able to adopt the puppy. Jason tells his son there will be no puppy in the house. End of story. Hearing that, Jake tells his daddy he hates him.

Not far away, Jake tells his dad he needs to go and find Franco. He finds him with the puppy and asks if this is Franco's new puppy. Franco replies sadly no and informs the boy that unfortunately nobody is there to love the puppy. Jake asks if he can have her, to which Franco tells him sure. Jake holds the puppy who warms up to him instantly as Jason observes his son from not far away.

While Alexis represents Carlos, she inquires what he may know about the whereabouts of Sabrina. She admits to her “client” that although everybody suspects and knows he killed Duke, there is very little DNA evidence, she can probably get his case dismissed and he can go free. She is not happy to have to tell him that although he laughs. He assesses that there is still one problem however, to which she ask what that would be. He replies Sonny Corinthos. He informs Alexis that he and Sabrina have been living under the radar, and have had a peaceful life away from all the drama of living in Port Charles around all the threats of all the people there. He further informs her that he knows that Sonny and Anna were able to find and threaten his life and freedom once. They can do it again. And so, in both his and his family's interests, he needs financial resources in order to protect them. He tells her that Julian owes him the money. He also reminds Alexis that if he turns in Julian, Sonny might be grateful enough to let him live. Knowing Alexis now married to Julian, he asks her if she wants to take that chance with her husband's life. She then reminds him that maybe the should not “get ahead of themselves” assuming the judge will throw his murder charge out of court.

Sonny meets with Ric who represents him and informs his brother that more than likely, Carlos will walk since there is insufficient evidence. Sonny admits he is not ok with that, to which Ric asks what Sonny plans to do. Kill Carlos? Sonny indicates he still does not entirely trust his brother to help him and work in his best interests. Yet Ric tells Sonny he needs to think about how they used to hurt each other in the past and how they can use it for the two of them to be allies. At that point, Sonny concludes that Diane is a better lawyer than Ric is. Ric asks why Sonny does not trust his brother and asks if something else is going on. Sonny admits that as far as Carlos is concerned, he is just considering all of his options. Knowing that Sonny will not give him a chance. Ric informs him he has a client whom he can more effectively help who needs him. Sonny then tells Ric that he has to do something about Carlos and if he has to take action, he needs to do it on his own. Hearing that, Ric concludes that the less he knows about Sonny's secret (and illegal) plan, the better. With that, he goes out the door to let Sonny do what he needs to do, alone.

While in Puerto Rico, Felix and Michael find and talk to Sabrina's aunt who informs them she has not seen or heard from her niece. Yet they notice what appears to be a baby toy on the floor. Michael asks if Sabrina has not been seen or heard from, then why is this in the house and where did it come from? The aunt replies it's a toy that belongs to her friend, to which Michael asks her why, in that case, she does not simply inform her friend that she left the toy behind. She contacts the woman who comes to the house with her baby and confirms that she merely left their behind. At that point, Michael and Felix are assured that Sabrina is not lying about the toy having nothing to do with Sabrina and perhaps she's telling the truth about not having seen or heard from her niece. They continue to urge her however that they just wants to know that Sabrina and the baby are alright so if she sees Sabrina, she needs to let them know. Both guys can sense that the aunt has something on her mind. She admits that she is worried about Sabrina and now concludes that since her niece has not contacted her, it's very likely she never even came to Puerto Rico. When they leave, however, they are very frustrated that they've still made no progress in finding Sabrina. They brainstorm about whether or not Carlos is a reliable source about whether she and the baby are far away or close by. Michael then concludes they need to get back to Port Charles and ask the one person who can tell them, once and for all where Sabrina and her baby are. And that is Carlos Rivera.

As soon as Sabrina's aunt is alone in her house, we see a baby in a crib whom the aunt seems to be hiding.

When Alexis returns home, Molly demands her mom tells her why she is defending Carlos with all the terrible things he's done to her family. Alexis tells her daughter that she needs to realize that, regardless of her justifiable concerns, she is Molly's mother and who she represents is none of Molly's business. Yet Molly asks if what Carlos did to Sonny and to Duke means nothing to her. Alexis tells her daughter she can see she is very upset but Molly needs to calm down. Yet Molly protests she will not calm down and demands to know how her mother can get up in the morning, look at herself in the mirror and how she can live with herself. Alexis tells her daughter that not everything is all black and white. Yet Molly tells her mom that in this case it is. What Carlos did is very clearly evil. Alexis then shows her daughter the knife that Helena used to murder her mother, Molly's grandmother. She firmly assesses to her daughter that this is an example of something that is evil. She tells her daughter she realizes Carlos is not a good man and she is not personally proud of representing him but Molly needs to know what is truly evil and that the situation with Carlos is not as simple as that. Yet Molly needs to know what her motivate is to represent him. She knows it's simply because Julian has asked her to and there's no other reason. She tells her she knows the only way she'd agree to represent Carlos would be if Julian “forced” her to do it. She knows her mom would not want to help the man who has done all of these terrible things. Molly reminds her she knows she is an excellent lawyer and will probably be able to get Carlos acquitted. She asks Alexis if she really can live with herself, knowing that. Alexis cries and asks her daughter if that means she hates her. Molly replies she could never hate her mom but is pretty certain that her mom now hates herself. Molly goes out the door. Alexis is alone hearing her daughter confirming she knows her mother would never throw her morals and ethics out the window, given everything Carlos has done. The only reason she's be representing him, right now, is because Julian wants her to. Julian returns.

At the hospital, Monica confronts Franco about how he has no business manipulating her grandson and undermining her son with the puppy. They can see that Jake refuses to let anybody take the puppy from him. Jason and Monica both find themselves having difficulty getting Jake to give up the dog and that he hates them both for trying to do so and being rude to Franco. Monica goes off with her grandson while Jason confronts Franco. Franco tells Jason that he talks a lot about loyalty and love and being a father yet he does not understand nor care about his kid. If he took the time for Jake and put him first, he'd see that his son is a lonely kid. Yet Jason is so shallow and self-absorbed, his son is just not a priority for him. Hearing that, Jason angrily confronts Franco for not knowing what he's talking about, regarding Jake. Franco further reminds Jason that he knows Jason has had brain surgery not unlike himself. And maybe, not unlike Franco, Jason believes he has no responsibility for his behaviors and choices.

Franco reminds Jason that he does not buy that he cares about Elizabeth or Sam or any woman in his life. He does not care about his child. All he cares about is sitting in the dark with a gun. He only wants to kill people and live a life of crime. Hearing that obviously provokes Jason and it seems he might remember something of significance about his past.

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