GH Update Friday 4/22/16

General Hospital Update Friday 4/22/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Floating Rib, Lulu congratulates Maxie, declaring her the future Mrs. Nathan West. Maxie clarifies that with all of the last names Nathan has had, it would be more complicated than that. Maxie instantly want to know the progress of the reconciliation between Dante and Lulu and happily encourages her best friend to get back with the man she loves.

After Paul comes to “inspect” what has happened in the conversation André has had with Anna, (while she remains in the jail cell), he is suspicious that it's clear to see that André is keeping secrets for her. He asks if André might know her personally or be her lover. André firmly reminds him that he may not know anything about a patient's legal rights. He concludes that he cannot be Anna's psychiatrist to make a legal assessment of her mental health status, although he makes it clear he wants to protect her from Paul. He rushes upstairs to find Jordan who admits she is a bit suspicious of the same thing Paul suspected (André having feelings for Anna that are not of a “professional” nature).

Michael and Felix travel to Puerto Rico to find Sabrina's family. She's not staying with her parents although her father tells them where he thinks they might find her. He gives them a lead which involves her aunt whom she has spoken of many times. They go to the door and ask her aunt if she's seen her niece. She asks them how they would know her niece. They answer that question yet she informs them she has not spoken to her niece in many months and hopes they can tell her if Sabrina is alright and what about her baby. Michael asks if she knew that Sabrina was having a baby, to which her aunt replies she has not spoken to Sabrina since last fall and did not know she left Port Charles.

Franco brings a puppy home for Nina. He is very encouraged, asking her if she does not believe the female puppy is cute, reminding Nina he got her form a shelter and he wants to name her. She appears cold and guarded however, asking him why they would name a puppy that is not theirs. She asks him if he believes that getting her a puppy is going to fill the hole left in her heart when she found out she cannot have a child. She angrily tells him he's out of his mind if he thinks that. She tells him he clearly believes that a dog can make up for her loss. He remarks he thought he was doing something nice for her. She tells him she has made many sacrifices when she assessed that she could accept not having a child because she could love him enough to make up for it. Yet, seeing him preoccupied with the dog, she furiously tells him she is horrified to see how he just does not understand nor know anything about her.

At the Floating Rib, Felicia and Mac find Dillon, notice he is there alone, and she wants to know if he is “seeing” anyone, although Mac wants her not to interrogate him about that. She reminds him however, that he's young, healthy, intelligent and handsome and should see how happy Maxie and Nathan as well as Lulu and Dante are.

Nathan takes Dante aside to have a private conversation. Both women express how happy they are for each other. Yet Maxie admits there is still the “small issue” of Nathan's history with Claudette. Lulu reminds her that was 10 years ago and Maxie needs to let it go. Maxie informs Lulu that Nathan recently assessed that his relationship and feelings for Claudette were a lie whereas he has seen that what he has with Maxie is real. Yet she still has some questions and concerns. Griffin enters and she wants to introduce him to her family in friends. Yet, before they can continue the conversation, Nathan gets on the microphone and announces that he wants to tell her something. He tells Maxie that she is his world. She shines the light on everything in his life. She is everything he wants as a partner, as a woman, and as the wife he wants to have. So he asks her if she will marry him, to which she happily replies yes. She kisses him. Griffin observes them and is shocked, stunned and seems horrified. He drops his glass and it breaks on the floor while everybody claps and cheers, unaware of his “issue”.

Jordan firmly demands that André tell her if he wants to be in a relationship with her or if he wants to be in a relationship with Anna.

In the jail cell, Anna tells Paul that he continues to manipulate her by threatening to replace the iron bars she is locked inside, with a padded cell. He continues to protest that he cares about her well being yet she coyly tell him she knows how he only tells women what he believes they want to hear in order to get them in bed. He protests that is not fair or accurate. Yet she knows that with all he has said and done throughout the time they've known each other, all he's done is blackmail, extortion and manipulation. That is not a recipe for trust. She knows he's done everything he could in order to break her but at some point, he will have to admit defeat. She tells him if his “situation” was only about her, it might not be that much a cause for worry. Yet she knows he also has a serious problem that makes him very vulnerable, regarding Carlos. Paul has to hope that Carlos will not turn on him. She knows what Sonny could do to him. Therefore, she can only imagine all the dirty deals Paul may be involved in to cover his behind. She has many theories, which she obsessively recites to him. Unexpectedly, Scott Baldwin enters and tells Anna she needs to shut up. He tells her she needs to remain silent and not incriminate herself. He faces Paul and tells him he can slap a restraining order on him if he continues to harass Scott's client. Paul leaves them alone to talk She demands to know what Scott is doing there however he faces her and asks if she does not agree that it was really good he came when he did, given what has been happening at this point. She asks why he is representing her, to which he replies Mac and Felicia were worried about her and asked him to. He, again, advises her not to have further conversations with “the enemy”. He asks her if she is sleeping with Paul, to which she replies no. He tells her that is “unfortunate” because if she was, he could easily take legal action against Paul. Anna, however, reveals to Scott, the very “complicated” nature of her “relationship” with Paul. She explains how, after Duke died, she got to know Sloane and she found out that Paul murdered him. Paul also knows that she intended to kill Carlos when he first went missing and that she went off with Sonny to find him. Hearing that, Scott assesses she need not say any more while he works to get her out of this place.

Upstairs in the interrogation room, André asks Jordan why she has these suspicions regarding his “interest” in Anna. He does not answer the question but kisses her to interrupt what she is saying. She does not stop him.

While Nathan and Maxie and their friends and family are happily celebrating, Paul goes to find Dillon and asks what is going on. Mac assesses to Nathan he knows all of the complicated things they have all been in and reminds his soon-to-be son-in-law that he raised that girl and she means the world to him. He also makes it clear he praises and encourages Nathan to marry her.

Nina coldly concludes to Franco that she has to get ready to go to work. Yet he protests to her he wants to work things out. She asks what part of “a puppy does not replace a child” does he not understand or believe anything further needs to be discussed. He tells her he is aware of her discontentment over the puppy but wishes she could get over it and not be so furious with him. She emotionally tells him she can see he knows so little about her if he is unaware of how she has committed her life to him only to find out that he believes what he believes. She firmly tells him when she returns, she wants the dog gone. If he does not get rid of the dog, they both need to find another place to live.

At The Floating Rib, Maxie assesses to Lulu that all she has heard about Nathan and Claudette is that Nathan's ex was a Canadian citizen who used him to obtain a green card and had him falsely believing she loved him. Hearing that, Lulu asks her why there are any issues or confusion. Maxie replies, for that reason, she wants to find out everything there is to know about Nathan's first wife before they actually get married. She finds Griffin, sees how discontented and worried he is and she introduces him to her family and informs them that this guy is an excellent doctor as well as Duke Lavery's son. He informs them he's friends with Anna and they all want to help her get out of jail.

After Nina storms out, leaving Franco alone in the apartment with the puppy, he holds her (the puppy) and apologizes for having to take her back.

Nina goes to The Floating Rib and happily congratulates her brother and Maxie. She encourages them to have children and all. Yet they can see that she may not be “ok”. She drinks and wants them not to worry about her. She continues to wish them a “slew of children in many genders”. She walks off. Alone with Lulu, Dante asks her if it may be weird for her to hear all this wedding talk. She tells him it's ok. He then tells her he has a question for her which is if she will come home for good. He asks if it's too soon for her. Yet she happily replies she thought he'd never ask, accepts the offer, and they continue to kiss.

Nathan finds Griffin and smiles as he tells him there are no “hard feelings” for his accidentally meeting with Maxie. Griffin, however, rushes out the door. Dillon asks Nathan if he knows Dr. Munro, as he informs Nathan he knows him. He's a good guy and has taken good care of Dillon's mom. Yet Nathan comments he can see that maybe there's an issue involving that guy having a thing for Nathan's fiancé.

André and Jordan are together and declare they want to take their relationship to the next level. Yet he leaves, collects his belongings and goes into the other room. He gets on his phone to inform his contact that he cannot be “on call” tonight because he has other plans. Scott finds him and introduces himself, informing him that he's Anna's defense attorney.

Jordan goes down to the jail and finds Anna. She reminds her that she (Anna) has disrespected their friendship as well as Jordan's office. Yet she tells Anna although this is off the record, she wants this to go away. Anna asks her if she thinks that is possible, to which Jordan replies she does not know how it can happen unless they can find Sabrina Santiago.

Michael and Felix get ready to leave Sabrina's aunt's house, but Michael discovers something “suspicious” on the floor that appears to be something she may be hiding, that could lead them to a clue they need.

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