GH Update Thursday 4/21/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/21/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is on the phone having a secretive conversation with someone about a “shipment” when Carly enters and reminds him it's his birthday. She brings him a birthday muffin with a candle and has him make a wish and blow it out. They are happily together reflecting that they're grateful that he has what he wants and needs in his life, including having the enemy right where he wants them. He indicates to her that the main objective he has with Carlos is to help them put Julian away. They talk about what she may have planned for his birthday celebration, to which she replies it's a surprise. As soon as Carly goes to into the other room and Sonny is alone, he immediately gets on his phone to find out the latest development regarding Carlos.

Julian finds Alexis at The Metro court and remarks that she's hard at work, asking if there are any “breakthroughs” in any of her cases. Knowing what he intends to ask her, she wants to get straight to the point. Before they can continue their conversation, however, Olivia comes up and tells him all about Leo learning to walk and goes to get her phone to show him the pictures. Yet Alexis needs to wait until they are alone to tell him the confidential information regarding her legal representation of Carlos.

Olivia goes back to the bar and is thrilled when she sees Ned come by unexpectedly. She asks how Tracy is and makes it very clear she's “in awe” that he's back in town. He wants to see the pictures she has of baby Leo which she gladly shows him on her phone. He seems to be very attentive to all the news about her son growing. She admits that she can be partly credited although there's the other half she can attribute to her son's father. He assesses he's heard that she has now revealed the truth about her son's paternity when she initially wanted Julian never to know she had his child. She admits that she is a single mom and the baby lives with her yet she's resolved her issues with Julian and is now completely ok letting him be in her son's life. He asks her if, now that the she's no longer hiding the truth about her son, is she back in Port Charles permanently? She replies of course she could never stay away from Dante and Rocco. She asks how long he plans to stay in town and they get into a conversation about their previous passion and enjoyment of movies together. He tells her unfortunately, however, he will probably not be here after May 6. So he suggests coffee instead and tells her he'd like to come by and see Leo and he will call her. He goes off and she makes it very clear she has real feelings for him.

Alexis rushes off to work while Julian sits alone at the table. Noticing that Olivia is free and so is he, he wants to talk to her about the son they share together.

Dr. Finn is in Tracy's hospital room playing a board game. She appears to be getting better, restless and ready to get out soon. He gets a call with her test results which tell him she can be getting out ASAP. Monica comes by and informs her sister in law that the doctors have determined she can get out in a few days. However, she tells Tracy, she will have to realize what happened to her was very serious and she cannot pretend it did not happen. She warns her that she will have to come back and visit the hospital and possibly rely on doctors who may not be the designated provider of her choice. Tracy does not seem worried, however, as she declares (so far as she knows) that she will be able to continue seeing Finn. Dr. Finn, however, informs her that he is only there temporarily and will soon be leaving the hospital and leaving Port Charles. Hearing that, Tracy protests to Monica that she cannot let a doctor of his caliber slip through her fingers. Monica seems to agree and asks Finn what he has to say to that. When it appears they all want to make his position permanent, Tracy demands to know what the hesitation is in making that happen. When Finn and Monica go out into the hallway and notice Obrecht, right away the answer to that question is very obvious. She reminds Monica that she is a cardiologist and not in charge of the hospital so her opinion in favor of Dr. Finn is irrelevant. However, right then, Carly comes by with Josslyn, overhears the conversation and indignantly demands to know what Obrecht's problem is. Josslyn protests to the chief of staff, along with her mom, that Dr. Finn is excellent for what he did for her and he should not be going anywhere. Obrecht coldly affirms that “children should be seen and not heard” although Carly protests her daughter has the right to be heard. Obrecht reminds them that she is in charge of this hospital and will be calling the shots in matters like this. And, she declares to them that Dr. Hamilton Finn has no place there. In response to that, Monica assesses to her boss that yes, Obrecht is the chief of staff and she (Monica) thinks it's about time something was done about it. Hearing that, Obrecht walks after her, demanding to know what she just implied (or what she plans to do). Carly and Josslyn observe that and smile with satisfaction.

When Jordan is on the phone busy at work, she gets a surprise visit from André. He tells her he wanted to see her and they both realize that although they are “divided” on what to do with Anna, given their two respective jobs, they want to continue seeing each other. Yet he gets a call he does not inform her about.

While Anna is still in jail, Paul comes by to talk to her. She tells him she could care less about whatever he wants to say to her. Yet he informs her that she is not getting bail nor being released any time soon. She demands to know why she can't make bail, to which he tells her that she could be considered a danger to herself or someone else or a flight risk. She argues she is completely sane, yet he tells her one could argue that she might not have control over her impulses in regard to taking drastic and illegal action. He tells her that he's asked a qualified psychiatrist to evaluate her and he introduces her to the chosen doctor who appears outside her cell. She looks and is shocked to see André. He asks Paul to let him talk privately to his “patient”. Alone with Anna, he states that he knows the conflict of interests that would prevent him from doing what the DA wants, since he's both her doctor and her friend. Hearing that, she protests that he must realize it's ridiculous what Paul is charging her with, regarding her mental health status as well as the legal charges he wants to bring against her. Yet he tells her he needs some answers and what is up regarding her confessing to the DA that she attempted the murder of Carlos. Why would she confess and why Paul would be running free while she is behind bars? Anna explains the mayor obviously pulled strings to get Paul out yet she was certain she'd be out soon. He wonders why she believes that Paul killed Sloane, to which she protests he did and Carlos knows and can corroborate that. He tells her that maybe she should not be locking horns with Paul. He is a dangerous human being. Yet she is adamant that she has to get out of there so that she can build a case not only against Carlos as well as Julian as well as against Paul. Hearing that, André assesses for someone who has just implicated herself for attempted murder, she sure has set a lot of goals that require her to be set free in order to accomplish. She tells him she has to get out of this cell and take action to prove that Carlos killed Duke. She tells him she knows the only person who can confirm that is Sabrina Santiago, because Carlos showed up at her house and confessed it to her. She explains to André that they have Sabrina's statement on video but need her to testify in court. André asks if there's any lead on where Sabrina is now. Anna admits she's not entirely certain but needs to access her resources in order to find Sabrina. He needs to know what she plans to do when she gets out of there, reminding her the last time he turned his back on her, she handcuffed the district attorney to her railing after knocking him out with chloroform.

At the station, Alexis meets with Jordan who tells her that there is enough evidence against Carlos to put him away. Alexis assesses that, given the circumstances, she wants to file for a motion to dismiss the case against him. She gets on her phone to make that happen right when Sonny walks in and overhears her. He asks if she is trying to set free the man who tried to kill him.

Back at The Metro Court, Olivia engages Julian talking about their son. He wants to hear and know all about it although she can clearly see he has something he's not revealing on his mind. She asks him if he's in trouble again, remarking she could tell that he and Alexis were engaging in a private and confidential conversation that may involve having her represent him in a legal matter. She tells him she realizes his personal stuff may be none of her business but admits to Julian she's concerned because she wants her son to have a daddy. And so she believes she has the right to know something about it. Although he does not reveal the specifics to her about what he's currently doing, he agrees that Leo should be a major priority in his life.

Ned returns to the hospital and Tracy tells her son she knows the main reason he came to town was because he heard she may be dying. Yet she wants him to know of something else that might keep him in Port Charles. He admits he does not know what that would be. She then spells out to him that ELQ is back in Quartermaine hands.

Paul goes to talk to Jordan who informs her she's now found out that Alexis Davis is representing Carlos Rivera and she's not very happy about it and wonders what he might know about the circumstances involved in that. He wants to know how Carlos feels about taking the DA's deal, to which she replies it's pretty clear he does not want to take it. She asks him if he might know the reason why that is.

Ned admits to Tracy that he knows they have butted heads in the past about whether he should run ELQ. He recalls the last time they spoke, when the family had the company, he found out that his mom let her no-good husband steal from them. Yet she surprises him by affirming that she wants the entire family to have the right to the company and not just herself. Ned asks his mom if she and Monica are not still bickering as they have in the past. She confirms to her son that not everything changes but she wants him back in Port Charles. She wants to have family ties with Monica and all the others and make ELQ a family business. He asks his mom if she is really serious in telling him that once she's out of the hospital and back in charge of the company that she won't try to take it from Michael. She confirms that one never knows and one day, she could surprise him.

In the lobby, Josslyn talks to Finn about her mom informing her about his staying in the hotel with his bearded dragon. She admits she likes reptiles and would like to do a report for school on Roxie. Finn happily agrees and makes it clear that he is developing a good relationship with Carly and her daughter.

When Sonny asks Alexis what she is up to, she affirms to him that it's none of his business what she discusses with her husband. However, Sonny tells her he knows all about what Julian wants for his own self-interest, which is for her to defend Carlos so Carlos won't roll on Julian and Julian can get away with his crimes. She protests that her husband is out of the illegal business. Yet Sonny reminds her that he knows that Julian put Carlos up to murdering Duke so he has to answer for that and if she defends Julian, it will come back to bite her. He warns her to be careful, knowing there is too much to lose and too many people who could pay the price. He tells her he does not want their daughter to lose her mother because she's put herself in the cross-fire.

In Anna's jail cell, André declares to her that he believes that her behavior is irrational and a concern to him. She angrily demands he tells her if he is listening to Paul. Right then, Paul comes out to meet them both and asks the psychiatrist what his assessment is. Does he believe that Anna is fit for making bail?

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