GH Update Wednesday 4/20/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/20/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna is alone in the jail cell after Paul has been released from the adjoining cell. Carlos gets taken to replace Paul and stay in the cell beside her. He taunts and laughs, reminding her she is no longer the police commissioner and just another criminal like him. She tells him she has nothing to say to him. He has no soul for what he did to Duke. She reminds him that not only she suffers the loss of Duke. Her daughter and granddaughter loved Duke and it's shattered them not to have him in their lives. And so, she admits to him, she does not have a shred of sympathy for him or his situation. She tells him he is unfit to be a parent so she hopes he suffers by not being able to see his child. Although she protests that he murdered Duke in cold blood and cannot judge or Duke for their wrong-doings, he tells her Duke was a criminal just like him. She reminds him that some 20 years of their lives were taken from them when she thought Duke was dead while he was held prisoner. Before Carlos murdered him, she and Duke were going to have their life together but Carlos stole it from them. She also informs Carlos, for the first time, that Duke has a son who will never have a chance to know his father or have Duke know that he had a son. Carlos is surprised, never having heard of Duke's son while Anna furiously reminds him that Carlos stole that from Duke and from his son.

While Felix is at work at the hospital, Michael calls and asks if he might know something about Sabrina or the baby now that Carlos has been found. He expresses concerns about Carlos around them, to which Felix admits that Carlos is not a good guy but he doubts he'd hurt Sabrina or the baby. Yet nobody knows where they are. Griffin stands near Felix and admits he overheard the conversation, and informs Felix that Duke Lavery was his father whom he never had a chance to meet and Duke died before knowing he existed. Griffin admits to Felix that he (Felix) is the only person he's spoken to who does not speak ill of Carlos, to which Felix admits he does not like Carlos. He's a vicious killer and all. However, he knows that Carlos cares about Sabrina and the baby they are having together.

Michael goes inside Dante's apartment to see him setting the table with candle lights and all the trimmings. Dante informs him Lulu is on her way. Michael asks his older brother how couple's counseling is going. Dante admits that he is meeting with Lulu and expecting her there soon. Michael notices that this does not look like “therapy” when he sees the romantic candle lights and ambiance that Dante has planned. He asks Dante if the cops have any information about Sabrina or the baby, to which Dante admits they do not presently. He informs Michael that the cops have Carlos in custody as well as Anna after finding out that she attempted to murder him. Dante urges his younger brother not to get too hung up on trying to find Sabrina and the baby. Michael tells Dante ok although he clearly does not intend to let it go. He also finds it very odd that Anna is now in jail.

At the Metro Court, Lulu talks to her mom about the same thing and Laura remarks that noticing her daughter is wearing a lovely dress and has herself all done up, she remarks that it looks less like counseling than a date. She admits to her mom that it's “been a while”. Yet Laura reminds her that with their son staying elsewhere for the night, it could lead to more although Lulu affirms that their therapist has advised against becoming intimate this soon. She admits to her mom she wants to talk about other things like why she's there. Laura admits that she's meeting with a cryptographer. She further informs her that it's someone they know. Dr. Kevin Collins has a hobby of cracking codes, she informs Lulu and so she hopes that he will help unravel the mystery about Helena's mysterious key that she gave to Laura in her Will. As soon as Laura is alone, after Lulu has left and she waits for Dr. Kevin Collins, she hears Helena's “harsh words” about how Laura ruined Helena's son's life so Helena believes Laura needs to pay by seeing the same thing happen to her own son. Kevin walks in, sees she's lost in thought and asks if she is ok. She admits she is fearing being haunted by Helena from the grave. She also remarks to Kevin she finds it odd that he's acquired this “hobby”. Kevin reveals to her that he's come up something significant called “heartbreak hotel”. Hearing that, she finds it odd, only knowing that as a song by Elvis. He remarks that many people have had moments feeling lonely and staying in a motel. He informs her, for the first time, of the night when he was publicly embarrassed at The Nurse's Ball, by seeing Lucy with Scott Baldwin. He decided, after that, that he was done with relationships and heartbreaks, he tells Laura. She remembers her most recent marriage to Scotty ending and her wanting to take a break from relationships. Yet she asks what this would have to do with Helena and what she would be trying to say. He asks Laura if she could tell him what, specifically, Helena said during her morbid video. Laura recalls that Helena blamed her for taking Helena's husband, Mikkos. Yet the key had something to do with something or someone whom Laura loved and lost, possibly in heartbreak hotel. She assesses to him that her daughter and many others have told her she needs to stop giving this so much thought and energy and realize that Helena is just “playing” them all. Yet Kevin admits to Laura that he wants to continue with this until he unravels the mystery.

Sam is with Jason and they engage in intimacy again. Yet while he's with her, he sees a flashback. Sam senses that he may not be entirely ok and asks what is up. He replies he was just having a flicker of memories. He remembers being with her and kissing and she immediately remembers the exact time in question. She informs him that was the last night they spent together before he went to the docks, got shot and everybody believed he died. She admits she's been reliving this moment many times and she considers it a miracle that he's come back. She knows she needs to count her blessings but she still knows that life is fragile and so she's afraid she could lose him. She admits she does not think she can go through this another time. She relives having lost the man she loved and whom she planned on spending the rest of her life with. Hearing that, he assesses he is here now and does not plan on going anywhere. He promises her things will be ok from now on. At that point, they draw closer. While they are in bed together, she remarks she has dreamed, so many times of this. She dreamed so many times that she was waking up next to him but when she woke up, she saw he was gone. She admits for so long, she dreaded the mornings because of that. After they drift off, we suddenly see Sam being jolted awake from what sounds like a gunshot. She urges Jason to wake up but he lies motionless and she sees he's been shot. She notices Helena appear and coyly ask her “what is the matter” when she discovers that it appears Jason has been shot to death. Helena faces Sam and taunts her about how she knows Sam believed she died. Sam cries and breaks down while Helena taunts her about how she will never have the life she wants to have after crossing Helena. Sam awakens, screaming for Jason and finds out that Helena is not actually there. She's just having a nightmare. She notices Jason is not presently in the bed although he rushes into the room to assure her that everything will be ok. Yet it appears Sam is seeing some sort of “premonition” from her nightmare about Helena.

Michael goes to the hospital and talks to Felix and Griffin and informs them, for the first time, that Anna Devane was just arrested. Griffin is surprised and asks for what. Michael replies that apparently, she attempted to murder Carlos and cover it up. Michael asks Felix why Anna would confess to killing Carlos, especially now that he's not even dead. It would make no sense for her to do that, he reminds Felix. He continues to persist about needing to find Sabrina and the baby.

When Anna is stuck in her cell, Griffin rushes to find her and tells her he cannot believe this has happened. He promises he will take action to get her out of there because it's ridiculous for anyone to believe that she would kill a man. Anna however, admits to him it's true. She did shoot 4 bullet holes in the man in question, with intent to kill him, believed she did and covered it up instead of letting the law handle the situation with Duke's killer. She also lets Griffin know that the man in question, whom she believed she killed after he murdered Griffin's father is standing right nearby them in the adjoining cell. She privately tells Griffin the story of how she planned to whole event after Carlos laughed after killing Duke and she was afraid the system would fail her. She had every intention of murdering Carlos and every reason to believe she did. Yet, apparently he was wearing a bullet proof vest and it was a “set up”. Regardless, however, she tells him, she intended to kill him. She realizes she has lived her life vulnerable to blackmail and that is not the way she wants to live. Carlos informs Griffin it's all true and he has lived to tell about it. Griffin for the first time, get a chance to face and confront the man who murdered his father. He faces Carlos assessing that he gunned down and murdered his father in cold blood. Anna also reminds him that Carlos tried to murder Sonny on two occasions, and she asks Griffin if he really expects her or Sonny to forgive this man. Griffin tells Carlos he has one question for him which is if he is sorry for what he did to Griffin's father. He admits to Carlos if he were truly sorry, perhaps he could forgive Carlos. Yet Carlos smugly tells him he could care less about Griffin's forgiveness. Hearing that, Griffin emotionally grabs him by the collar, telling him he is despicable. However, he faces Anna and tells her they must both find a way to forgive this man. Otherwise, it will take their souls just like Carlos took Duke. At that point, Griffin demands the guards let him out. Alone with Carlos, Anna assesses that Griffin is a sweet young man but he does not speak for her about having any intention of forgiving Carlos for what he did.

Lulu arrives and sees that Dante has bought a new bed with new sheets and comforter along with the fire in the fireplace and all the trimmings. He tells her he wants to “start anew”. They attempt to work on the “exercises” for their homework in couple's therapy. They notice that the “next exercise” is “rebuilding intimacy”. She sits on the bed and reads “without touching, they stare into each others' eyes and be still and silent”. Yet they cannot restrain themselves from kissing. They end up in bed together and are happy, clearly knowing they are making progress and the spark is back in their marriage. He admits he cannot believe that things would be so perfect between them. She admits she was so angry for so long and never thought they'd be able to be where they are now. They both assess how happy they are to be together right now.

Michael concludes to Felix that he has to fix the mess Sabrina got into with Carlos by traveling to Puerto Rico. Hearing that, Felix insists on going with him. He tells Michael he will not take no for an answers so they both need to go and find their “girl”.

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