GH Update Tuesday 4/19/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/19/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alone in the apartment, after Nina has angrily stormed out after finding out Franco cannot go on the vacation she wants to have with him, Franco protests to her that he cannot just go away with her because he has obligations. And isn't that what he needs to do; be mature and responsible? Yet, while talking to Nina, he realizes she is not there and he's only “rehearsing”, when he discovers Kiki overhearing him talking to himself. He assures her nothing is wrong and he did not mean to scare her. He apologizes explaining he was not thinking about how she cannot be around loud noises. He remarks that he's a selfish bonehead. Yet she knows he's upset and wants him to talk about what is going on with him. She asks if he and Nina had another fight. He admits that he and Nina are at a horrible impasse with having lapses in communication. Kiki asks if she is the reason why they had their most recent argument, to which he assures her it has nothing to do with her and it's his and Nina's own problem. He is glad to have Kiki alone with him in the apartment and asks her if she wants to watch a movie with him. Yet she knows he has to get to work, assuring him she's fine without him and promises to call him, as he asks, if she needs anything. He goes out the door. Alone in the apartment, Kiki gets on her phone to call the facility and ask if she could speak to, or get a message to Morgan Corinthos. She seems like she is not complete being alone in the apartment with her fear of loud noises.

Nina goes to The Metro Court alone. She runs into Dillon and wonders why he's there alone. He also wonders why she'd be there alone when he'd previously heard that she and Franco were flying out and going on vacation. She firmly declares that that is not going to happen. She wants to spend all of her time working late, as he is doing, and making Crimson her baby, she tells him. She remarks that this “baby” will never disappoint her. She orders them both martinis. She drinks and announces she is a carefree childless infertile woman with no eggs. She tells him they need to get back to the office and pull an all-nighter. He can see she has had too much to drink and knows she might stumble and fall without his help.. Yet she keeps telling him she only wants to work on Crimson which is her baby. He offers to drive her home.

Dr. Finn gets ready to leave the hospital and Obrecht tells him she does not want him to practice medicine in her hospital. Carly rushes in with Josslyn and urges Finn not to leave because she needs his help. She introduces her daughter to Finn and informs him she was looking for Lucas since Josslyn has developed a rash. Yet Lucas is not there and Finn offers to help them. Josslyn expresses to Finn that she's not very worried and her mom is merely overreacting. Carly informs Finn that she has reason to be cautious since Josslyn had a kidney transplant as a baby. She seems to fully trust Finn. He seems to know of the perfect course of action that will solve the problem and put Carly's mind at ease that Josslyn will be fine.

Paul and Anna are both in jail in adjoining cells. He protest to her that he is justified with what he did, needs her to trust him and she continues to reinforce to him that she does not trust him. He continues to profess that he cares about her, wants to be her ally and does not want to see her throw her life away. She is confused with why he'd be concerned about that. She wonders why he'd care if she goes to prison, which she does not even care about and is willing to accept. He's made it clear he's her enemy yet has wanted to enable her to get away with many things from the get-go, including the murder of Carlos and many other things. She wants to know why, to which he admits the reason is because he's in love with her. Hearing that, she remarks that is absurd. She tells him he cannot possibly have feelings for her. He asks her if she has any idea how the things she does fascinate him. He tells her they are kindred spirits with her murdering Carlos the way he murdered Sloane. Yet she tells him one major difference is she owns her crimes and he does not.

Alexis goes to meet with Carlos in the police interrogation room after Julian has persuaded her (against her better judgment) to represent him and advise him not to take the DA's “deal”. He does not seem to trust her, knowing she's married to Julian. He declares, although he agrees that he should not take the DA's deal, it's a conflict of interest to let her represent him and he concludes he will represent himself. Yet she strongly advises him not to do that. He reminds her he doubts “they” want him. They want Julian, to which Alexis tells him she thinks they want both Carlos and Julian. She tells him she's certain that since he pulled the trigger that killed Duke, Anna Devane wants him put away for that. Carlos tells Alexis that maybe it will be in his interest to take the DA's deal if it will prevent him from a life in prison. Yet she tells him that if he's free, Sonny could have him killed. In order to protect him from that, they have to come up with another plan. She urges him to know that he has a child who needs him. He realizes, however, he will still have to do some time when his child needs him and so he declares to Alexis that he wants her to represent him.

Meanwhile, Sonny finds Julian and is determined to take drastic action against him. He informs him that Carlos is going to tell everyone what Julian made him do, including murdering Duke. He also asks Julian if he ordered Carlos to kill him, when he got shot in the warehouse not long ago. Julian tells Sonny if Carlos shot Duke and/or shot Sonny, it had nothing to do with himself (with Julian). Yet Sonny continues to tell Julian he can clearly see he's lying. He concludes that Carlos is going to role on Julian for Duke's murder and he's concerned about it affecting people that Sonny cares about getting hurt in the cross fire. Julian reminds Sonny that he (himself) has built a legitimate and honorable life, the way Sonny is incapable or unwilling. And Sonny wants to take that away from him. Sonny reminds him again, that the only reason he is still living is because Danny needed bone marrow. Now that that was no longer an issue, he has let Julian live because he wanted to keep peace in the family with Alexis. But now, he declares, if Carlos dies, Julian also will die.

At the police station, Mayor Lomax finds Jordan and demands to know why she arrested the DA for the murder of Kyle Sloane. Jordan protests that not long ago, the DA made a serious mistake by declaring that Carlos Rivera's dead body was found in the harbor when there is evidence that the murder victim in question was Sloane. Yet, given how the investigation went on, “illegally” by Anna Devane and others who are not in law enforcement, Lomax reminds Jordan she could have her fired for what she intends to do, based upon that. She urges Lomax to just give her another 24 hours in order to find a new DA when Paul Hornsby is in jail. Yet the mayor declares that Jordan better rectify this mistake by releasing Paul.

While Paul and Anna continue to argue from their respective jail cells, both expecting to be there for a while, to their surprise, a guard comes and releases Paul. They both wonder why that would happen.

Franco arrives at the hospital and Obrecht wants to know what is up, noticing he's upset and it's because of Nina. Hearing that, she suggests that maybe he and her niece should go their separate way, to which he tells her he cannot do that. He informs Obrecht that they had an issue involving Nina wanting to go on vacation with him when he could not leave Kiki alone when she needs him. Hearing that Nina wants a baby and his commitment to Kiki, Obrecht suggests perhaps Nina could channel her energy by doing volunteer work at the hospital or some other activity to give her life meaning. Yet he knows that may not be the answer.

When Dillon takes Nina home to the apartment and she is drunk and unable to sit up, he tells her it's time for some coffee. She remarks that he is “so sweet” and might want to replace Franco with him. She looks into his eyes and appears like she wants to undress him, as she tells him Franco does not understand what she wants, her desires or what she needs. She needs someone who understands. She needs him, she tells him, as she grabs a hold of him and kisses him. She wants to take off both of their clothes and go at it although he does not want to do that, seeing she is drunk. She passes out on the couch and falls asleep. He tries to get her to wake up when Kiki comes out and sees them together, He protests to Kiki that this is “not what it looks like”, explaining that he ran into Nina at the Metro Court and she was in no condition to drive so he took her home. Kiki observes and can see how both Nina and Franco need each other. She tells Dillon that she knows how Nina felt the need to drink her troubles away, remembering how she was once in this terrible life condition not long ago. He assures her that he likes Nina. She is a great boss for him. Kiki graciously affirms to him that she really appreciates what he's done for Nina. It seems like Kiki does not want Dillon to leave and he does not want to leave her alone in the apartment. However, he gets ready to leave. Kiki gets an incoming call from Morgan. She informs him she's at Franco's home and doing a lot better.

Finn finds Carly and she remarks that she had been worried about him the last time she saw him, passed out on the couch. She is happy to see he is better. Obrecht finds them and demands to know why this man is practicing medicine in her hospital, to which Carly protests she asked him to. Carly leaves them alone and Obrecht angrily tells Finn he has no privileges in her hospital. He tells her that he knows that she is only preventing him from doing this because she does not like him and she is preventing him from treating patients in need. She tells him he is dangerous and the only way he will continue to treat patients there is over her dead body.

Alexis leaves the room after talking to Carlos.

After Julian has left after his conversation with Sonny, Max asks Sonny what he thinks Julian will do in regard to Carlos. Sonny concludes that Julian will do anything to save his own ass.

Julian meets with Alexis at The Metro Court and thanks her for “doing this” for her. She tells him if Carlos ruins both of their lives, that is where she has to draw the line and not accept it.

When Paul is free, Jordan warns him there will be a thorough investigation of how he falsified the death of Carlos and mistook him for Kyle Sloane. Even if there is no evidence right now that he killed Sloane and the mayor defends him, they will soon have all the evidence needed to put him away.

Anna notices that she has a “new neighbor” after Paul has left the adjoining jail cell. It's Carlos whom she stares coldly at (and who smirks seeing her) as he walks into the adjoining cell.

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