GH Update Monday 4/18/16

General Hospital Update Monday 4/18/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Nathan finds Maxie when she's talking to Griffin. After the pep talk he's gotten from his sister, Nina, Nathan proposes to Maxie. Griffin notices them and is shocked, revealing that he knows Nathan. When Maxie hears the proposal, she appears stunned and does not know what to say, remembering the last time she and Nathan explored the possibility of marriage when he made it clear he was not ready to marry her. She notices Griffin and hesitates to answer Nathan's question but introduces the two guys. Griffin is obviously uncomfortable to come face-to-face with Nathan, although Maxie tells her boyfriend all about what a great doctor he is and everything positive about GH's new neurosurgeon. When it appears that Griffin suspects Nathan and assumes he will say or do something negative, Nathan calmly thanks Griffin for being a friend to his girlfriend. Maxie also informs Nathan that Griffin is Duke's son and remarks that people all suspect that after Sonny finds the man who killed Duke, he will take drastic action. Griffin does not want her to believe that Sonny would kill Carlos but she reminds them both if Sonny does not, someone will. Griffin leaves them alone to talk and they both wonder why Griffin seemed so suspicious and stand-offish when he was introduced to Nathan. Yet he still wants to know her answer to his marriage proposal. She continues to change the subject although he assesses it's ok if she does not want to marry him. She informs him she loves him with all of her heart but it appears this marriage proposal is less about the two of them than about his needing to get over his ex wife.

Franco returns to Nina and she informs him that she heard from doctor Lee that it's impossible for her to have kids ever. She knows that is what he wants. Yet she needs him to know how that news devastated her after she's had 20 years of her life taken from her as well as the possibility of having a child. He needs to know, however, what she plans to do, realizing how she feels about that. She declares she is not about to walk away from him. Hearing that, he admits he did not expect that and thought he'd have to work to convince her not to leave him. She assures him she won't do that and the reason why she's no longer angry with Franco is because Nathan pointed out that she may not be in a position to point fingers for Franco not being completely honest with her when she kept a secret from him. Hearing that, Franco tells her he will have a conversation with Nathan to set him straight that nobody calls Franco's girlfriend a hypocrite. She assesses that she was just thinking “baby makes 3” knowing that is the American dream. She realizes she is lucky to be alive, have her freedom, have him and a good job. She admits she wanted a baby but can accept things the way they are. They pour some wine and propose a toast.

Kristina goes to her dad's home and reminds Max that she's known him since she was a child and knows he's a loyal advocate of her family. Yet she knows that his “first loyalty” may be to her father. Yet she wants to know what Max found out when Sonny sent him to investigate her professor, and regarding other things. Max assures Kristina that her father does not need to know everything nor disrespect Kristina's boundaries. Sonny is on the phone revealing to them both that he has some secrets.

Sam goes to visit Alexis and needs to know the latest information that her mom might be involved in. Alexis informs her daughter that Sonny just informed her that Carlos Rivera is alive and back in Port Charles. She admits she's worried what Carlos may be telling the police right now (about Julian). Sam asks her mom what she intends to do (regarding what could happen to Sam's father). Sam reminds her mother that her father is in serious trouble and it's not Alexis' problem or responsibility to fix it for him, given it's his own mess.

When Carlos is ready to be put in jail, he makes his one phone call to Julian and informs him that he needs a good lawyer. He knows that Julian does not care about him so he reminds him that he could easily get a lighter sentence by turning Julian over to the authorities. They both do not trust Paul Hornsby but they both know that Julian has more to lose than Carlos has. Julian assures Carlos he need not take the “deal” with the DA because he will offer him a good lawyer. Yet Carlos reminds Julian that unless the lawyer is exceptional and cares as much about Carlos as Julian cares about himself, Carlos will take the DA's deal which will mean serious consequences for Julian.

At the PCPD, Paul wants Jordan to trust him and believe his intentions with Carlos are honorable and legal. However, she makes it very clear she does not trust him. Anna comes out and listens attentively to Paul telling the police commissioner that maybe her job is in jeopardy and she should take some time off since she's made some serious mistakes. Jordan, however, confidently tells him she's not worried about that. They will soon have Carlos Rivera in prison and hopefully Paul will join him there. Anna informs Jordan all that happened involving her intending to kill Carlos, the fact that Carlos was not dead and Paul arranged for another dead body to be pulled out of the harbor to have everyone believe it was Carlos. Listening to that, Paul urges her not to confess to attempted murder but she informs Jordan that not only did she shoot Carlos. Paul murdered the real victim who was found floating in the harbor. She declares that she knows that Paul murdered Sloane. Hearing that, Jordan reminds Anna there is no evidence of that. Yet Anna informs her there is. Paul has admitted it. His motive was in large part due to Sloane hurting Paul's daughter and Paul concluding the only way to keep her safe was to have Sloane dead. Both women remind Paul that he has to confess because he has no choice. The mayor and DA's will get rid of him once they find out what will happen. He asks if maybe there is another reason why they want him to confess

When Alexis is talking to Sam about Julian's “future”, he returns and asks his daughter if he could talk to her mother alone. He gets straight to the point, informing his wife that he knows all about Carlos being alive, found and ready to go to prison for the murder of Duke, as well as what they both know that this means for Julian. He admits to Alexis that he knows this must be difficult for her so he will make it easier and not prevent her from leaving him if she does not want to get involved in this. Yet she assures him she is not about to let him go, reminding him she intends to commit to their marriage. She also intends to represent him.

Griffin goes to talk to Sonny and tells him he needs to know what Sonny's intentions are regarding Carlos Rivera. They are clearly divided on what needs to be done regarding that. When Max returns, Sonny tells him they must get ready to take action.

Sonny offers Kristina a job working in his coffee warehouse. At first, she does not want the job but accepts it knowing it might give her ways to know what her father might be doing regarding her secret. She calls Sam and they meet in the park. She admits to her sister that her father has yet to know that Parker, the professor with whom Kristina had an “encounter” is a woman. Sam is surprised admitting she thought that Sonny knew. She tells her sister she cannot believe that when she told Sonny about Parker, she left off the most interesting part. She asks Kristina why she is avoiding telling that to Sonny and why she assumes he would not be ok with her being gay. Kristina replies perhaps what Sonny does not know won't hurt him although Sam tells her sister that maybe she does not realize that Sonny is a very open-minded man regarding things of that nature. She informs Kristina about Sonny's history of respecting Stone and was a great friend to Robin, knowing they both had AIDS. She encourages Kristina not to hide her secret from her dad.

Nina happily informs Franco that she has arranged for them to go on vacation together, telling him that right now they need to re-establish their relationship. He agrees although he reminds her that right now is not the right time to go off together and leave town, reminding Nina that Kiki still needs his help and cannot be left alone. Nina sees that differently, however, protesting that Kiki does not need him. She has a mom and she's an adult. At that point, Nina concludes to Franco she knows what this is all about. He does not want to have a kid with Nina because he already one (Kiki) and one is not enough. At that point, she gets ready to leave. He urges her to stay and asks what he could do to make her want to stay. She replies he needs to show her instead of telling her. He asks why they can't work on their relationship while Kiki stays with him. She replies she knows as soon as Kiki is better and that is no longer an excuse, he'll just find another. She needs him to put her first.

Nathan admits to Maxie that part of the reason why he wants to marry her is Claudette. He now knows that he spent too much time chasing after someone who did not really love him and all the things he could not have. That is the very reason why he wants to commit to Maxie, knowing that what they have is real and he knows she really loves him without reservations. He lets Maxie know, however, if she has doubts about marrying him, he will accept that. She admits she's afraid to jinx how she feels by putting it into words. She tells him if it's “yes or no”, she says yes.

Julian tells Alexis he believes the best thing needed to save him from what he's afraid of is for her to represent Carlos. She tells him she cannot do that. It's a conflict of interests because she's representing him. Yet he reminds her that he and Carlos want the same that and he tells her if she advises Carlos not to take Paul Hornsby's deal, it will benefit Julian in the process. He informs her that he promised Carlos the best lawyer he can have. She does not want to go through with that but agrees to simply because, she declares to him, she does not want to give up all that they have worked for in their relationship. She tells him she will do whatever is needed for that even if it means defending Carlos.

After Nina has angrily walked out on Franco, she goes to the Metro Court to see Nathan and Maxie happily together and kissing and asks them what is up. They inform her that they are ready to get married and commit. She happily congratulates them, declaring she's glad that somebody has something to be “happy” about.

When talking to Sam, Kristina tells her older sister she can see there is “something about her” and she can tell that Sam and Jason are back together. She happily congratulates her sister. Sam cautions her sister, however, not to go tell Molly and to realize that she and Jason have to take it slow.

Sam goes to find Julian and admits he knows what Julian is up to.

Jordan concludes that it's correct that she cannot arrest Paul without also arrested Anna. Hearing that and assuming that means he will go free, Paul tells her he's glad she has seen the light. However, she informs them she is arresting them both. She reluctantly reads Anna her rights.

Alexis goes to talk to Carlos in the PCPD interrogation room, informing him she is there to represent hi and he need not thank her. He can thank Julian.

Sonny has Max abduct Julian.

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