GH Update Friday 4/15/16

General Hospital Update Friday 4/15/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Carly wonders what the heck's going on with Finn.

At the Metro Court, Carly wonders why Finn has not responded though the wake up call he asked the hospital staff to give him in order to get to his very important meeting and lecture, which could determine his future at GH. She enters his room to see his needle and drug on the floor and he is passed out and unconscious. She panics wondering what he has done to himself.

Julian goes to meet with Ava in the park. She is wearing a black hat and coat and shades so she is not easily seen or noticed. She is very worried, cautious and paranoid about her ever move and she needs to know what her brother may have done or whom he may have spoken to. He tells her that he has pulled strings in order to get “the guys” to leave her alone. Ava informs Julian that because of the situation, she is afraid to have Kiki stay with her, after she got discharged from the hospital, even though her daughter was willing to reconcile and stay with her. He asks where Kiki is now. Ava replies she's staying with Nina and Franco. He informs her that it appears Carlos has been found and now the DA (whom he does not know of her involvement with) wants to go after him. They both know that Carlos has all the incentive to sell them both down the river to Paul and to the cops. Julian is ready to give up and accept his fate although Ava firmly tells her brother he should not have to lose all he has worked so hard for, knowing he now has a family and a good life. Yet Julian gets ready to leave and take care of things. Nina puts her shades back on and guards herself from sight after her brother leaves.

Franco has Kiki with him while he leaves messages for Nina. He urges her to all back and wants to work it out but she does not respond. Kiki notices that Franco is calling Nina too many times and can't get her out of his mind. She asks him if he wants to talk about what happened and their dispute about having kids. He tells Kiki it's pretty simple. He is not about to have kids and Nina can't accept it. Hearing that, Kiki tells him how she remembers when he bonded with her and was devastated to find out she was not his bio daughter. He tells her that that is all true but he believes she is the only “kid” he wants to have. Yet she seems to find that as odd as Nina finds it.

Nina and Nathan have a chat.

Nina is staying with Nathan and Maxie. The apartment is clearly too small for the 3 of them and it's awkward. She thanks them for their hospitality and wants to stay there longer but they might not want that to happen. Seeing they may have their own issues, she wants to “make herself useful” by asking them if they need any help. Nathan replies it's pretty simple and involves Maxie needing to know more about his ex wife Claudette. Maxie gets ready to leave for work and goes out the door. Alone with Nathan, Nina asks her brother just what she missed when she came by the previous night to wallow in her terrible trouble. She wants her younger brother to open up to her about this secret regarding Claudette that he is clearly not telling anyone. She knows that since he was a little boy, he has always confessed and admitted whenever he did wrong. So why can't he “confess” his secret to Maxie?

Maxie goes to the Metro Court and accidentally runs into Griffin. She is not happy to see him, remembering how unfriendly he was to her the last time they spoke. He informs her he has enough of his own problems because the woman who was engaged to his deceased father has gotten arrested for the attempted murder of Carlos Rivera. She finds out, for the first time that Duke Lavery was his father. She is amazed and saddened to learn he never had a chance to know his father, as she informs him that her mother and step father were great friends and thought the world of Duke.

Paul goes to the PCPD and talks to Jordan about how he is “sorry” for having to get Anna arrested. Jordan angrily questions whether he's merely sorry for having to answer for it and for how it affects him or if he cares about Anna. He notices Anna and takes her aside to demand to know what the hell she thinks she is doing. He wants Jordan to know that this woman broke the law by secretly going with Sonny to find and help him kill Carlos, as well as chloroforming and keeping Paul held prisoner in her house before she left.

Dr. Obrecht threatens Finn.

When Carly sees that Finn is passed out and won't awaken, she makes a call to the cops and to call an ambulance. At that point, he awakens and demands to know why she did that. She protests that she was very worried when she saw him passed out on the floor. He demands to know why she entered his room without telling him. She protests she saw the needle and drug on the floor and had good reason to believe he overdosed. He coyly tells her he did not so she need not worry but she firmly tells him he better give her some answers about what is going on here. He tells her what he does in his room is his business. She protests she called to him and knocked on his door and he did not answer. He did not respond to his wake up call. She came in his room to see him passed out and had reason to believe he could be dead. She reminds him that she allows him to have a lizard in his room and has been pretty courteous to him so maybe he owes her some answers. She tells him it looks very much like he's doing illegal drugs, to which he informs her he's a diabetic and administers insulin for himself. Yet she finds that hard to believe having diabetic family members who do not have the marks on their veins like him. Obrecht enters to inform them that Dr. Finn is in some serious trouble, with his future at GH, with his medical license, as well as with his health and with the law. Carly reminds Obrecht that she is in Carly’s hotel and needs to knock, reminding her that she and Finn are having a private conversation and so Obrecht needs to leave. Yet Obrecht informs Finn that Dr. Quartermaine was adamant about having him hired on GH staff. But it's obvious that someone who has these issues is a danger to patients and unfit to practice medicine anywhere. Carly protests to Obrecht that she does not know anything about Finn's personal history although he calmly confirms to Carly that Dr. O. is correct. Obrecht further tells them she will make certain that Finn pays a price and she leaves. Alone with Finn, Carly demands to know why he did not inform the chief of staff that he is diabetic. He tells her there is no point because he will soon be out of a job although she protests that Obrecht cannot get away with discrimination over medical issues. He still tells her that due to this mistake he made, he can get fired and there's nothing anyone can do about it. And so, he tells her, he has to get out of this building and out of this town. She then concludes that he and his lizard will be charged a hefty bill after they leave. At that point, he tells her he realizes that he owes her gratitude for her hospitality and courtesy toward him while he's stayed there. At that point, she promises that nobody will know about what she just saw except herself. She leaves. Alone with Roxie, he talks to her just like she's a person who is “looking at him” and confronting him for really screwing up. He assures her she need not worry.

Jordan goes to talk to Anna privately in the interrogation room about the new information that Anna shot and intended to kill Carlos on the docks. Anna admits to Jordan that she and Duke were ready to have a future together and he gave up the mob for her. But Carlos took that from them. She admits to Jordan that she could not accept what had happened nor rely on the justice system and so she shot Carlos 4 times in the chest. Jordan does not interrogate her about that but wants to know how it was that although Anna shot him and could have killed him, he lived. Anna admits it was all a “set up”. He was probably wearing a bullet proof vest and he was there to goad her and provoke her to shoot and kill him and not realize she failed. Jordan tells her she knew there was something “not right” about the previous murder investigation of Carlos. They both realize that if Carlos lives and gets threatened with a murder charge, he will probably give them information they need about Julian. Anna, however hesitates to tell Jordan information she still needs about exactly how Paul is involved in that and what they may have on him, realizing what he knows about her.

While they speak, outside in the lobby, cops bring Carlos in and guard him while he's in handcuffs and ready to be arrested. Paul comes by to face him yet Carlos smirks and does not seem to be afraid of the DA with what he knows about him. Anna goes to talk to him while with Paul, asking him if he “slept well” the previous night, while she informs him that she slept great now that she knows he will finally pay for murdering Duke. She tells him she realizes she may very well be arrested along with him when he tells his statement to the cops and DA. So, she assesses him, he may do what he has to do.

Kiki tells Franco maybe he needs to go and find Nina and she is willing to come with him. He tells her he wants her to “stay”. She is obviously not ok with that although she does not reveal the reason why. He knows she is afraid to be left alone. She clearly does not want to discuss it but she hears a loud noise and is traumatized. He attempts to comfort and tend to her, knowing what she must be feeling. She assures him she is ok and he needs to go find Nina and fight for her.

With Nina, Nathan protests that maybe Franco has reason to be angry with her going behind his back about adopting. He further tells her that Franco may have reasons not to want to have a kid and she should listen and respect that and know that the man loves her even if they have this different view. Even if he has no more kids, that does not make him a bad person. Nina wants to “evade” the issue and notices Maxie left her computer behind and has been looking up and attempting to “investigate” a Claudette West. He obviously rationalizes about how he and Maxie are merely both involved in work. Yet she wants to talk about his and Maxie's relationship and to help them make their it work. She tells her brother that he needs to tell Maxie that he wants to do everything to make her happy. Even if it means he has to sacrifice things that are important to him, he never wants to lose her and is committed to her, Nina tells her brother.

At the Metro Court, Griffin talks while Maxie listens attentively to all the feelings and emotions going on with him about the loss of his dad. She understands all too well, she tells him, remembering the loss of her sister.

While Maxie talks to Griffin about how he must feel about Carlos, we see Carlos getting sentenced with Paul, Anna and Jordan all standing by him and each wanting to take action against Carlos and be able to do it “their way”. Paul dismisses the two women from the room, reminding them that he is the district attorney and will do the sentencing. When they leave and he is alone with Carlos, he sees the smirk on Carlos' face. Knowing that he has as much to lose as Carlos does from the sentencing, he promises to “go easy” on him, as long as Carlos rolls on Julian Jerome. He assures Carlos he will not double-cross him as long as he gives him what is needed in order to put Julian away.

Franco goes to find Nina at Nathan and Maxie's apartment. She informs him she just talked to her brother and has come to a decision.

After Griffin gets done talking to Maxie and gets up to leave and respond to a call from the hospital, Nathan finds Maxie. He takes Nina's advice by telling she is the woman he loves. She means everything to him. He wants to commit to their future and to making her happy. He proposes to her. Griffin comes back and sees them together. He reveals he has suspicions and that he “knows” (or has seen) Nathan before.

Griffin is jealous of Maxie and Nathan.

After Paul has gotten done talking privately to Carlos, Anna and Jordan corner him about what they spoke of privately or just whom Carlos is calling. He reminds them that a prisoner is legally allowed one phone call and it doesn't matter nor is anyone's concern whom he calls.

Paul tries to be a good DA for a change.

Carlos calls Julian and smugly tells his boss that he is not worried what will happen to him although maybe Julian should worry what will happen to him.

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