GH Update Thursday 4/14/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/14/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Carly welcomes Sonny home

Carly is alone in the bedroom waiting for Sonny to call and not ok when he does not reply by phone. However, only seconds later, he comes through the door. She is really happy to know he's back and appears to be ok. She wants him to tell her everything. He reports that he and Anna found Carlos and the s.o.b got what he deserves. He informs Carly that he found in a church dressed as a priest after he had knocked the priest out. He held a gun on Sonny until Sonny overpowered him. Hearing that, Carly asks her husband why he did not follow his instincts and kill Carlos, to which Sonny replies Anna came in and talked him out of it. He realized the best thing, in the long run, is to have Carlos alive. He also did it for Carly, realizing how it would affect her. He admits however, that when Carlos had the gun on him, he was thinking he may never see Carly's face and would never again be able to tell her he loves her. She reminds Sonny he is here now and can tell her that, to which he affirms her loves her with all his heart and they kiss. He admits that he realized that if he killed Carlos, he could lose his family and everything he has and he did not like that thought. He reflects that while he was at death's door and in the wheelchair, he knows he has a lot to be grateful for because he was always there and had the chance to be his kids' father and her husband.

Dante and Lulu have spent the afternoon together talking and working on their issues and being with Rocco. Yet she tells him she needs to go and talk to Nikolas about some concerns she has.

Lulu yells at Nikolas

At Wyndemere, Laura can see her son is drinking early in the morning and appears exhausted and not contented. He informs his mom that right when he was about to sign Hayden's offer, he got “another offer”. It was just as humiliating and painful. Laura asks her son what that would be, to which he replies Jason Morgan gave him an ultimatum to let him buy Nikola's shares of ELQ. Laura wants to know if that had anything to do with Hayden and what the terms of that might have been about. Nikolas clearly does not want to discuss that. Lulu enters and demands to know the details. Nikolas tells his sister he loves her but that does not give him any obligation to give her explanations about his business decisions. Laura informs her son and daughter that she found a photographic online whom she is meeting with at The Metro Court to see if she can unravel the mystery of Helena's final Will and Testament. Lulu expresses her concerns to her mom, asking just how much she may know about this strange photographer. Laura assures her daughter she need not worry and gets ready to go. Alone with Nikolas, Lulu tells her brother she cannot pretend she is not worried and demands to know what is going on with him. Lulu demands to know how or why Nikolas would do what he's done. She keeps protesting that he needs to realize his ex wife was a fraud and it's clear to see Hayden/Rachel must “have something” on him. Nikolas denies that but Lulu informs her brother if Hayden/Rachel is using extortion to take ELQ stock, that is illegal. They could have Dante arrest her. Yet he tells his sister if she has the cops arrest anyone, many people besides Hayden could go to prison, and he asks Lulu if that is what she wants. Yet she wonders (since he's not about to tell her) just who exactly would get in trouble if they arrested Hayden/Rachel. Dante walks in and demands to know what is going on and what they were talking about. Lulu informs him that her brother has just found out his wife has gone by a false name. Her real name is Rachel Berlin, whose father everyone knows as a thief. She further informs her husband that Hayden/Rachel threatened Nikolas with “something” in order for him to hand over his ELQ stock and asks if the PCPD can arrest her for that. Nikolas clarifies Hayden/Rachel is now gone and does not have the ELQ stock. Jason has it. Yet Lulu clarifies even if that is true, it's clear to see Nikolas must be in some sort of serious trouble in order to have given up ELQ shares to anyone. She assumes that Hayden/Rachel has gotten away with another scam in order to get him to sign his ELQ shares away and she angrily tells her brother and husband they must do something about that. Yet Dante reminds his wife that Nikolas just informed them if they take legal action against Hayden/Rachel, others (although Nikolas does not reveal exactly whom) besides her could get arrested. Dante asks if they could please not go down this road. He wants to go home with her and be with Rocco, as well as having him in bed so they can be alone. She likes that idea. When they leave and Nikolas is alone in the house, he takes off his wedding ring.

Finn and Tracy chat

Michael talks to Monica outside Tracy's hospital room. Finn walks in to see that Tracy is having a big breakfast and offers him some food although he declines, remarking he has to watch his carbs. She remarks she can see that he's skinny as a rail and may not eat much. He wants to know about her family's business and the job she used to have until it got taken from her. Hearing her obvious disappointment about that, he assesses he can see it has caused her not only financial but emotional issues and he seems to want to know more about her. Yet she realizes he may be gone soon and need to move on and out of the hospital and they will never see each other again. Monica enters with Michael and Tracy asks her sister in law what it would take for her to pull strings to get Dr. Finn put on the GH staff. Tracy admits a major reason why she likes Finn is because he's not afraid to be “blunt” with the way he communicates. Finn goes off where it appears he's alone and unseen and indicates he may be having “reactions” to his secret habit. Obrecht finds him and coldly reminds him he is supposed to be giving a lecture for the hospital staff in another hour and this is a do-or-die moment for him. He better not be late, she barks, remembering it would not be the first time he's “disappeared” when needed and nowhere to be found or contacted. Yet he clearly has to urgently “get back to something”.

When Tracy in her hospital bed with Monica and Michael in her room, Jason comes in unexpectedly with Sam. Tracy asks him why he's there, to which he replies he wanted to tell her he now owns the majority shares of ELQ. He bought Nikolas out. Both Monica and Michael realize Nikolas are very surprised and know that Nikolas has never had any intention of agreeing to that before. Tracy remarks that Jason obviously had to take drastic action and asks just what he had to resort to. Yet Michael reminds his aunt that she's missing the point. They can all now be happy because Jason has gotten ELQ away from Nikolas and back with the Quartermaines.

When Jason is alone in the apartment looking over the papers Nikolas has signed over to him, Sam comes to see him. She asks him if he is really sure about what he is doing and remarks she thinks what he's doing is really great although it's a big step and reminds him that once it's done, there is no turning back. He tells her he's ready and they go together to the hospital to announce the news to the Quartermaines.

It's always great to see Kevin and Laura!

Laura goes to The Metro Court and finds out the secret photographer is Dr. Kevin Collins. She's happy to see him but asks if he is no longer practicing as a psychiatrist. He tells her no. He is still practicing but photography is a side interest. She admits to him that things are so different now that there is modern technology, internet and mobile apps. She remarks that she frequently overhears the 20-somethings talking all about their cyber contacts and sees it's so different than it was in their respective younger days. Kevin remarks to her that he wanted to explore new avenues and they are both happy to talk. She explains to him that she has been on a “post funeral scavenger hunt” after Helena died and she left Laura a mysterious key in her will. She found an old law book that used to belong to Scott Baldwin, which she remembers giving to him when the two of them were first newly weds. Although Kevin admits he does not like Scott, he wants to help her as he asks her more about the reading of Helena's Will. Laura explains all of the mysterious and some of the very creepy and sadistic “gifts” Helena gave to each person in her Will. He asks her if perhaps she should consider that Helena is manipulating her from the grave, to which Laura asks if she “should” believe that.

Sonny and Carly enter and notice Dr. Finn at the Metro Court, who seems like he's in an “odd way”. Sonny remarks that guy seems very weird yet she informs him although that is true, Finn saved Tracy Quartermaine's life when no one else could. Also she's gotten to know him a little bit since he's stayed at the hotel She introduces Finn to her husband while he remarks he has to get back to Roxie. Alone with Carly, Sonny asks if Roxie is the new doctor's girlfriend or something, to which Carly replies she's Finn's pet lizard. Sonny asks his wife what is the latest with Morgan. She tells him that their son is making progress but not yet ready to be discharged from the hospital and come home.

Finn rushes to his hotel room, obviously appearing flushed, stressed and having “withdrawal symptoms” without his drug. He rushes to find it and inject it into his veins again and obviously appears like he is not ok.

Downstairs with Sonny, Carly admits she finds it a bit odd that Dr. Finn needs to have extremely large quantities of distilled water delivered to his room. They laugh when they explore the possibilities of maybe he drinks it or gives it to his pet lizard Roxie or many other possibilities. Little do they know about his needle-injecting habit. Michael comes by to meet with his parents and informs them that Jason has gotten Nikolas to sell all of his ELQ shares to him. He further informs his parents that Jason has now put him in charge. He wants them to know that he's discovered it appears Jason is committed to the Quartermaines. So is he, he informs them, although he assures them he will always be their son. Carly gets called away to “handle a situation”. Alone with Michael, Sonny tells his son it means a lot that he came by to talk to him. Michael tells his dad that although year ago, he changed his name to Quartermaine and disowned both of his parents, he won't do it again and is there for them. Michael also wants to find out if his father found Carlos and what he might know about Sabrina or the baby. Sonny admits to his son that Carlos would not tell him anything about them. Michael is obviously not ok with not knowing that.

Jason and Sam return to his apartment when he gets a call from Diane informing him that he has to fly and meet in person with people to handle off-shore accounts. He realizes he has to get going. Sam remarks she will miss him and hopes he returns soon, to which he suggests she comes with him. He tells her a few days in the Caribbean would be good for them and imagines it won't take long to sell the accounts and all. She responds that that is a very tempting offer but she has to stay home with Danny. Yet, she concludes to him that even if he has to go without her, she can throw him a party before he leaves. They return to bed to “celebrate” again.

In Tracy’s hospital room, Michael and Monica confirm they are very proud of Jason and owe him gratitude for giving back what rightfully belongs to their family. Yet Tracy is not happy nor praising him. Monica then asks her sister in law if she could possibly muster up a bit of grace and say thank you to Monica's son. Tracy admits to Jason that although she's had her issues with him and knows her father did, she's very certain that at this moment, her father is smiling at Jason. Jason leaves with Sam and Monica admits to Tracy, when they are alone, that she knows this was probably “not easy” for her. Tracy then admits she owes Monica gratitude for finding the man who saved her life (Dr. Finn) and she admits to Monica she is so proud of Monica's son. When she is alone in her hospital room, she promises her deceased father she will never lose ELQ stock again. When Monica goes into the hospital lobby, Obrecht angrily informs her that Finn was supposed get to the meeting to give a lecture but he has disappeared. She has paged, called, texted and emailed Finn but he's nowhere to be found. She concludes to Monica there is no way that man is ever going to be put on staff.

At the Metro Court, when Carly gets called away while talking to Sonny and Michael, she finds out that Finn failed to respond to a very important wake-up call he requested from the hotel staff when he last returned. She goes to his room, knocks on the door calls to him and hears nothing. She then unlocks the door, enters, sees the needle and drug on the floor and Finn is passed out on the couch.

Carly always somehow stumbles upon people's secrets...

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