GH Update Wednesday 4/13/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/13/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Paul tells Jordan that Anna shot Carlos.

While still at Anna's house, Paul informs Jordan that even if she does not believe what he says regarding what Anna has done now, he can prove that after Duke was killed, Anna took the law into her own hands by going to the docks and shooting Carlos. Hearing that, she wants to believe it was self-defense but Paul clarifies Carlos was unarmed and Anna put 4 bullets in him and covered it up. Jordan, again, wants to “justify” what Anna had to do, given the circumstances. But Paul further clarifies to her that Anna had the chance to arrest and bring Carlos to justice but instead chose to murder him. He assures a doubting Jordan that he has no intention of getting Anna “in trouble”. He only wants to bring her back to Port Charles safe and sound and is “worried about her”. He leaves and as soon as Paul is gone, Jordan gets on her phone to leave a message for Anna, urging her to call Jordan back asap. André appears at Anna's door and asks Jordan if Anna is in some sort of trouble, to which she admits it appears that way. She tells André she knows Anna as a patient and so she realizes there may be many things he may already know about Anna yet will not tell her due to confidentiality laws. Yet he protests he also knows Anna as a person and knows she has morals and ethics, aside from what he can't legally reveal as Anna's doctor. Yet Jordan reveals to him that she has just heard, for the first time, that after Carlos killed Duke, Anna found him on the docks and shot him in cold blood several times. Noticing André is not surprised, she is able to clearly tell that Anna must have confided in him about that. In response to that, André reminds her he is a psychiatrist and therefore trained to “not have big reactions”. She reminds him he may be a shrink but she is an investigator and can tell when someone is hiding something. She admits she knows that Anna must have told him something he is not revealing. He reminds her that he took an oath which he takes very seriously and his only goal is to help his patient. And part of that is providing complete confidentiality. He gets up to walk out but she assures him she gets that he is just trying to do his job but so is she. She protests she is trying to save a life and asks if that is not also a concern of his.

Sonny finally overpowers Carlos in the church and has him lying on the floor at his mercy while Sonny holds a gun on him. Anna escapes from “detainment” in the airplane and rushes to find them. She is stunned to see Sonny holding the gun and ready to blow Carlos away but before anything can be said or done, Sonny has already fired a shot and Carlos falls to the floor. She demands to know what the hell Sonny is doing, to which he replies he's getting justice for Duke.

Ava gives Kiki some bad news.

Kiki is recovering in her hospital bed talking to Morgan on the phone when she remembers when they were last together and she freaked by the loud sound of the guy dropping the tray on the floor. Yet he can sense that she wants to “make it sound” like she is doing better than she is actually doing, as not to “worry” him and protect him from knowing the truth about anything. She comments that he “has enough going on with him right now”. She gets a visit from Ava while he gets a visit from Carly. Realizing they need to talk to their respective moms, they say goodbye. Ava comes in and tells her daughter she's heard good news. Dr. Munro is finalizing Kiki's discharge papers so she can get out of there within minutes. She remarks that Kiki still needs to recover. Kiki assumes that she will be able to return home and live with her mom and Avery. Yet Ava admits that is, unfortunately not an option.

Hearing that, Kiki admits that worries her and demands to know if Avery is in any danger. Ava assures her daughter no. Avery is fine. Yet she admits Avery is currently staying with Sonny, to which Kiki knows in order for her mom to allow Sonny and Carly have Avery in their home, it can only mean that Ava is in serious trouble. Ava attempts to explain to her daughter that she had some business dealings that forced her to join forces with the DA. As a result, her association with law enforcement has made it so she does not feel it's safe to have either of her daughters staying with her. At that point, Kiki declares she knew there was something more “going on” between her mom and Paul Hornsby than having him “buy art”, to which Ava defensively demands her daughter tells her what she means by that. Kiki then apologizes if she upset her mother but admits her concerns. Ava assures her daughter she just has some things to sort out, and Kiki need only worry about getting better. Kiki remarks she also needs to find a place to live, to which Ava tells her Franco agreed to let Kiki live with him, for the time being and she, at least knows her daughter will be safe there.

Julian looks sheepishly at his wife.

At The Metro Court, Julian surprises a “worried” Alexis by telling her, for all she knows, Sonny might be ok with Kristina's sexual orientation, just like he was ok with finding out his son was gay. She is very surprised that he'd give Sonny the benefit of the doubt as she admits that she was kind of “caught off-guard” to find out that her daughter has gay tendencies. She realizes that as progressive and open-minded as she thought she was, she did have reservations. She knows that when she went and talked to Kristina's professor, it put her mind at ease. She was even able to reconcile some of the issues with her daughter and assure her that she will support her decisions and be there for her. She admits, however, that she is still concerned with what it will mean when her daughter's father finds out about Kristina's secret. She also is not aware of some secrets her husband is currently keeping from her (getting back in the business in order to protect Ava). She assumes the only “issue” he has is his need to retire his ownership of Crimson and sign it over to Nina in order to stay out of trouble with the IRS, as he explains to her. He informs her Nina threatened to have him charged with fraud and he did not want to risk what the PCPD and DA would do so he had no choice. Hearing that, she is not very worried. She admits that when she overheard him on the phone privately speaking to “someone” about “trouble”, however, she suspected that might mean he's back in the Jerome organization. Hearing that and knowing he's keeping the truth from his wife, Julian is clearly uneasy.

At the church, after Sonny has shot Carlos, he talks to an attendant assuring him that “this man” (Carlos) is a criminal and he and his associate (Anna) merely intend to bring him back to Port Charles, NY and have him rightfully arrested. Anna treats Carlos' injury, telling him she needs to make sure he will be able to stand trial for Duke's murder. He wonders why she would do that, as he reminds her that not long ago, she shot him in cold blood. They both know that Sloane knew all about it and also Paul Hornsby's involvement in it. Sonny comes out to see what is happening while Anna remarks to him she does not want to spend any more time or energy over this “sorry excuse for a man”. They need to turn him over to the PCPD Alone with Carlos, Sonny tells him he owes Anna his life. Alone with Sonny, Carlos once again gloats the he will “walk”. In response to that, Sonny vows that Carlos is going to pay for what he did to disrespect Sonny. Once again, Sonny and Anna are at odds where he wants to kill Carlos and she wants to bring him to justice alive. He reminds her that she could go to prison if Carlos lives and turns evidence over on her. She urges Sonny to step aside and let her do what she believes she needs to do to honor Duke's memory. They bring a wounded Carlos back to the aircraft and get ready to take him back to Port Charles when the security officer is ready to arrest Anna for assaulting him. He agrees that they have justification to get Carlos out of their country and to prison although he still wants to detain Anna. Sonny then finds a way to persuade the man to let them leave without further hassle.

Morgan tells Carly and Michael that he's desperate to be with Kiki.

Carly and Michael come to visit Morgan at the facility. He informs his mom and brother that, for a long time, he was not happy being in this place and having to take the meds. Yet he is slowly beginning to feel better and is making some progress, he assesses. Instantly, he wonders why his dad is not there. They wonder what they should reveal to Morgan and then admit to the truth. Sonny is going after Carlos Rivera. Hearing that, Morgan has learned, for the first time that the man who tried to kill his dad and put him in a wheelchair, whom they thought died, is not so dead after all. Morgan concludes that he now realizes maybe he needs to stay out of his dad's business and not try to change things he cannot change. He realizes he needs to get his own act together and is somewhat optimistic that he is making progress, They both agree that they have full faith in him and know he will soon be “cured”. Yet, right away, he knows that they will conclude that he is not quite yet where he needs to be in his treatment and cannot quite yet leave the facility and come home. He then angrily tells them both that they are wrong to say that he needs to stay there when where he needs to be is with Kiki. Although they argue, he tells them he can only keep staying in his facility for so long. He knows Kiki has been released from the hospital so he needs to be with her now.

Paul goes to the hospital and meets with Dillon who can tell his dad has been up to no good. Paul obviously does not want to talk about that and “evades” his son's interest in him by praising him in being there for his mom when she is sick.

Ava wheels Kiki out of her hospital room and goes to call Franco while her daughter waits. Kiki sees Dillon Quartermaine and recalls that she remembers him from the Halloween party where he exposed that Dante was cheating on Lulu with Valerie. She informs him she lives with Nina and Franco and Nina always raves about what a great photographer he is. At that point, he confesses to her that he owes her an apology on behalf of his father, whom he is knows is at least “indirectly” responsible for getting her shot. Hearing that, she remarks what a “small world” it is when she was just talking about his dad with her mom. She concludes that she is at least happy to be getting out of there and declares she does not blame him for what his dad does any more than she is to blame for what her mom does. They agree it's best they both know as little as possible about what their respective parents do and will not ask the other about Paul nor about Ava. She seems ok but she hears a loud noise and goes into shock again.

André and Jordan conclude they have nothing more to say since he cannot reveal anything more to her. She tells him she has to get back to the police station but asks if, as soon as he hears from Anna, if he could have her contact Jordan as soon as possible. Jordan leaves and when Paul is alone and out of her sight and earshot, he gets on his phone to leave a message for Anna, urging her to call and talk to him asap.

Paul goes to the Metro Court where he finds Julian and informs him they just found out Carlos Rivera is alive and they are bringing him back to Port Charles and have him arrested for murder. He confirms with Julian that Carlos used to take orders from him (from Julian). Julian asks Paul why that concerns him, to which Paul tells him he understands Carlos is a new father and might want to spend “less time in jail and more time with the kid”. Hearing that, Julian declares he “still does not follow”. Paul replies he knows that it would be “very easy” and very much to Carlos' benefit to turn on his former boss. Julian replies he still does not know why Paul is telling him all this. Paul confirms that he thought Julian might want a heads-up. Yet it appears Julian is not very worried.

Sonny and Anna - what a team!

On the flight back to Port Charles, Carlos asks Anna if she is really certain she wants to go through with this, reminding her that once he's in custody, he could start talking and she could get arrested too. In response to that, she tells him she will face whatever happens as long as he pays. Hearing that, Sonny assures her that Carlos will pay for what he did to Duke.

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