GH Update Tuesday 4/12/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/12/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Valerie and Lulu literally run into each other.

Valerie sits on a park bench, sending a text to Curtis when she realizes she is late and has to get to work. As she gets up to leave and rushes, she literally “bumps into” Lulu. She also sees Dante. It's clear he's there to meet with his wife. He remarks to Valerie that he can see her graduation from the police academy is coming up soon and congratulates her. She notices that Lulu has a book in hand and asks her about it. Lulu replies it's a “work book” she got from hers' and Dante's marriage counseling. Valerie then concludes that she is not welcome by either of them and will leave them alone until Lulu urges her cousin to wait. Yet she leaves and Dante and Lulu sit on the park bench and do their “communication exercises”. They talk about how each feels when the other does something, to which she tells him when he gets overprotective, it feels like he does not trust her. She prompts him to do the same. He tells her when she does not tell him how she is feelings, it makes him feel as though she does not trust him or think less of him. As they go through the process, she remarks that it's amazing to see how quickly they have grown out of sync with each other. Yet they are both encouraged to now work on what they are aware of with the “tools they have in their toolbox”. They continue and see that this is work although they can see they are making progress and affirm that they love each other.

Jason and Sam make a deal with Nikolas.

When Jason and Sam arrive at Wyndemere to find Nikolas, he tells Jason if he wants to threaten or assault him again, he may go ahead, as he reminds Jason he has nothing to lose. Jason clarifies to Nikolas he wants to buy Nikolas' shares of ELQ although Nikolas tells him they are not for sale. Jason however tells Nikolas he “will” sell him back the entire 50% and will be completely out of Jason's family for good. Nikolas replies that will not happen. Sam tells Nikolas that Jason is not leaving him with a “choice” in the matter. If he does not sell the shares, Jason will have him sent to prison for the attempted murder of Hayden. Nikolas then concludes to Jason that they have a deal but he wants it all in Spencer's name. They get what they want, express they are both satisfied and leave Nikolas alone in his living room.

Hayden/Rachel goes to find Curtis at The Metro Court with “good news” to report. She informs him that her “war” with Nikolas is finally over. She got what she wanted and no longer needs to stay married to the man who tried to kill her nor live at Wyndemere. She admits she could not have done it without him. He gave her the proof she needed that Nikolas tried to kill her. She got Nikolas to sign over his ELQ shares to her, telling him if he did not, she'd go to the police. He obviously did not want to do that until she “motivated him” by threatening to bring down his mother and best friend with him, since they knew and covered for him, Hayden/Rachel further explains to Curtis. She also reminded Nikolas if he goes to prison, his son would grow up without a father. That “sealed the deal”, she reflects, knowing that the one thing that means more to Nikolas than money is his family. She still seems to have “feelings” remembering the loyalty and love that she knows Nikolas has. She also reflects to Carlos that with all the work she's done in order to “start over”, she will now live with everyone knowing she's Rachel Berlin, daughter of the world's biggest thief, which is something she really did not want to have to relive. Yet he comments to her that with the ELQ shares she's now gotten from Nikolas, she will have enough money. He still notes that it's obvious to see that she is still very attached to Nikolas even though they both know this guy tried to kill her

Jordan gets off the elevator and gets a call and is very surprised to hear that there’s been a warrant out for the arrest of Anna Devane. She leaves, knowing she has to go and find out what happened immediately.

Carly and Franco argue.

Carly is on the phone at the hospital trying and failing to get a hold of Sonny via calls, texts or any method she can find. She bumps into Franco who reminds her it's “dangerous to text and walk”. She makes it clear she wants nothing to do with him. He tells her he's there to check on Kiki, to which Carly informs him she just checked on Kiki and Kiki is now sleeping. He then informs Carly he know what she did for his “almost” daughter when she was shot on the pier and he offers thanks to Carly for that. Yet, he also adds to Carly that Kiki probably would not have been there in the first place, much less gotten shot if she did not feel the need to save Carly's son from himself. Hearing that, Carly tells him she does not appreciate his judging her son, as she adds that Franco, of all people, should understand what one struggles with when having a mental illness. He tells her he still has concerns that her son may be a threat to Kiki, to which Carly protests that is not true, adding that her son was “just trying to help his father”. Hearing that, Franco reminds her that (helping Sonny) is really a “noble cause”, taunting her about how she needs to convince her “criminal husband” that he has to change his ways so that the people of Port Charles and of the world can live in peace. She protests to Franco that he does not know what drives Sonny or what he is risking right now, to which Franco asks her to enlighten him as to what is going on with Sonny. He seems the vulnerability in her expression and reflects to her that he remembers when they were once together, shared intimacy and feelings and cared for one another. He tells her he sincerely apologizes for hurting her. Yet he affirms he does not apologize to her for what he wishes upon Sonny.

When Anna finds herself “detained” on the plane in Puerto Rico and Paul confirms to her that he has a warrant for her arrest for what he knows she's doing, she wonders why he did not also detain and arrest Sonny. She then realizes she knows the reason why is Paul hopes that Sonny will have a chance to find and murder Paul does not have to do it and risk the consequences of it. Yet Paul calls her and expresses his “concerns” that it appears she has this “obsession” about this issue and does not confirm whether her theory is correct. He talks about how she has to “continue to go down this path of destruction” from which he keeps having to “save her from herself”. She angrily tells him that, due to his “work”, she is at risk for being charged with the attempted murder of Carlos. Hearing that, Paul replies to her that he “always tried to work in her behalf”. She tells him she knows he only wants to “help” her get away with murdering Carlos because Carlos knows that Paul murdered Sloane. She also remarks Paul is “pretty clever” getting Sonny to work as his own personal assassin for him. She also informs Paul that when she last spoke to Sonny (before he left her stuck in the aircraft), Sonny gave her his word that he'd help her bring Carlos back alive. Paul remarks even if that's true, she needs to realize she is now stuck. While still inside Anna's house, he ends the phone conversation and goes out the door. He notices Jordan at the door who is very surprised to see the DA alone in Anna's house. She informs him she is there looking for Anna after hearing there was a warrant out for her arrest. In response to that, he informs her that it was himself who had Anna arrested because she has lost her mind. He explains to her that he happens to know that Anna has taken it upon herself to travel to a foreign go and look for Carlos Rivera and take the law into her own hands, without using the proper channels. Hearing that, Jordan asks him how he would know that. Paul replies Anna told him. He tried to reason with her, he tells Jordan. And that was when she knocked him out on the floor. Jordan finds it very hard to believe that he found himself unconscious on the floor, bound and gagged. She asks why she should trust him and how she knows that he did not kidnap Anna. She tells him if he is, in fact, telling the truth, then where is Anna now? Paul replies God only knows. Jordan asks Paul, if Anna did, in fact, do what he alleges, then she does not buy that he “wants to protect Anna”. He asks her what if Anna finds Carlos Rivera? Jordan replies when she finds him, Anna will simply bring him back and have him arrested for the murder of Duke, to which Paul clarifies to Jordan that is not true. Anna intends to kill Carlos, he tells her.

When Anna loses her connection to Paul and knows she's not going anywhere while stuck in the aircraft, she knows she has to come up with a plan. She acts, to the security officer, as though she's terribly worried and needs to go and save her “friend” who is in danger, back home, as she cries and sounds desperate. As soon as the man is distracted, she catches him off guard and knocks him out while she makes a run for it.

Carlos tries to shoot Sonny.

Sonny goes to a church ready to meet with a priest and possibly confess “something” when he unexpectedly finds Carlos wearing a priest's robe. Carlos pulls out his gun and points it at Sonny, confirming that he's got him right where he wants him. Sonny wonders where Carlos got the priest clothing, asking if he stole it and murdered a man of God. Carlos smirks and confirms he figured he's going to hell anyway, so why did it matter? He then clarifies he did not kill The Padre and won't unless he has to, as he continues to point his gun at Sonny. He realizes, however, that Sonny is a different story, as he remarks to him there's no sin in killing a killer. Sonny asks Carlos if Sabrina and the baby are safe, to which Carlos asks why he'd care. He replies he and his son care about them even though they do not care about Carlos. Carlos replies yes, Sabrina and the baby are safe. He reflects to Sonny that fate has brought him to the church and fate has now brought him to Sonny. He laughs and taunts Sonny that right when Sonny went to confess his sins to the padre, he gets his surprise. He finds it so ironic and amusing to get a visit from a man who should have been dead a long time ago and, as he points his gun and looks sonny squarely in the eye, he tells him he will finally be able to make that happen. Sonny assesses it was Carlos who had him shot, intended to kill him and put him in the wheelchair. Carlos smirks, telling Sonny he only regrets not finishing the job. He then demands that Sonny walks over and kneels before the virgin, repent and say his prayers before Carlos puts a bullet in Sonny's skull. Sonny confesses and sounds scared, vulnerable and humbled. Carlos taunts him, telling him he sounds weak and pathetic, adding just like the way Duke was when he died. At that point, Sonny is angry enough to overpower Carlos, pull the gun on him and knock him to the floor. At that point, Carlos is afraid of Sonny while he lies on the floor watching Sonny standing over him holding him at gunpoint.

Curtis concludes, to Hayden/Rachel, that it appears now that she's “freed herself” from Nikolas, she no longer needs Curtis' services. Yet he indicates he may not want to terminate their relationship. In response to that, she promises as soon as she collects her money, she will be able to pay him with a bonus. She assumes that all he wants to do is hit her up for more money although he urges her to know that he admires her for her courage in beating Nikolas at his own game. He also tells her that if she plans to stay in town, he was hoping the two of them could possibly be friends. After she leaves, Valerie comes by to meet with Curtis. She remarks that although he tells her that he was “thinking about her”, he could have fooled her because she is frequently noticing him with Hayden Barnes. He wonders why she sent him the text and wanted to see him not long ago, now that she appears to be having doubts about him. She admits that she wanted to be with him but now questions whether it was a good idea. With that, she leaves.

Alone with Jason, Sam reminds him that Nikolas has now lost and she asks Jason what he plans to do with ELQ now that he's the majority shareholder.

When Hayden returns to Wyndemere, she reminds that he has no choice in signing his ELQ shares over to her. He has to do it. Yet he clarifies to her that there has been a “change of plans”. What he previously planned to give her is now in a safe deposit box and no longer available to her.

Carlos is wounded as Anna walks in.

Anna escapes from “captivity” in the aircraft, and rushes to find Sonny right when it appears he is ready to murder Carlos.

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