GH Update Monday 4/11/16

General Hospital Update Monday 4/11/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Nathan and Maxie lie in bed after having sex

Maxie and Nathan awaken together and are happy to have time to spend together where their schedules do not conflict. Yet he reveals that he still has worries about the future of their relationship regarding trust issues. She declares she believes he's a wonderful man and she feels terrible to think of what he went through over his horrid ex wife. In response to that, he assures her “he's a big boy and will survive”. Yet she remarks there must still be scarred and so she encourages him to confide in her about the whole thing. She reflects, again, that, if this woman professed to Nathan she loved him and married him only for a Green card, and she took advantage of a kind and heroic man, she is not worth anyone's thoughts. Maxie does, however, want to know where, in Canada Claudette might live right now, what name she goes by and what might be the terms and conditions if Nathan remarries. Hearing that, he admits he's a bit concerned about her pumping him from information. She assures him that she just want to make sure he has “completion” about a negative part of his life that she's confident they can and will put behind them. Yet he makes it clear that he does not want to discuss it nor see the relevance in how it could affect either of their lives. At that point, she promises never to talk about Claudette again and they get closer, kiss heavily and engage in more intimacy. They both affirm they want to stay together all day but he has to get to work. He remarks that what happened to Dante and Lulu should make them both very aware of all they have to be grateful of and that they do not need to create any trouble. She agrees. However, as soon as Nathan is gone and she hears the shower run, she gets on her laptop and types in the name Claudette West in order to investigate what she still needs to know about the mystery of Nathan's past.

Ned visits Tracy

While Tracy is recovering in her hospital bed with a bandage still over her head, Ned comes to visit his mom. He tells her he is so relieved that the surgery went so well. She tells her son she has to warn him that she has become a bit “uncharacteristically emotional” since the surgery. She just told Monica she loved her. Hearing that, Ned remarks that he wished had had a tape recording of that. Yet she admits that she's been out of commission for way too long and asks if Ned could hand her her phone. He tells her no. He does not want her to get all riled up. Yet Tracy clarifies she is not riled up She is fired up and it's time she tell a “certain bitch” that she is back.

At Wyndemere, Hayden/Rachel informs Nikolas that she knows he had her killed and so she can and will have him sign the documents to hand over the shares of ELQ to her if he does not want to go to prison for attempted murder. He walks in with his face badly lacerated from Jason almost killing him when it appeared Nikolas may have endangered Sam after she learned he tried to kill his “wife”. He tells Hayden/Rachel it will be a cold day in hell before he signs the ELQ shares over to her. She reminds him that Spencer will be home soon, wonder where his dad is and the next time he sees his him, Nikolas will be behind bars, if he does not sign it. She reminds Nikolas she needs full control of ELQ in order to protect herself not only physically but financially. He asks her that if he were to sign the documents right now, how does he know she will not call the police on him right then and there? She replies that she has a stipulation in the document to relieve him of that risk if he signs ELQ over to her. He angrily remarks she is too much. She threatens and blackmails him into staying married to her. Jason suddenly comes and almost kills him. Then she spends the night in his bed. Hearing that, she tells him that very soon she will be out of the house and out of his life and will leave Wyndemere with his fortune. Laura enters and is horrified to see her son's injury. She asks what is going on, to which Hayden/Rachel replies that Nikolas is just “saying good bye” to many things.

In her hospital room, Tracy protests to Ned that her reason to urgently get on her phone is something she's not just doing for herself. She's doing it for the family and it needs to be done. She tells Ned he need only send a text to “this Hayden Barnes”. Never having heard the name or meeting the person she just named, he asks his mom what he is supposed to tell this “strange individual”. Tracy tells her son he need only write in the text that Tracy is back and ready for battle. She asks Ned to insert an “R” in the text, to which he asks why. Tracy tells him that “Hayden Barnes” will know what is meant by that.

Nikolas explains that Hayden blackmailed him.

At Wyndemere with Nikolas and Laura, Rachel notices her text and tells them she has to get going. Alone with her son, Laura how he got injured, to which he replies that Sam and Jason now know that he tried to get his wife killed just like she does. He is worried and Laura is even more worried. She reminds her son that both herself and Elizabeth know what he did, so all three of them could go to prison. He confirms it's correct that Hayden/Rachel threatened to take them down with him if he does not sign the document.

Hayden tells Tracy that she's keeping her shares

Hayden/Rachel rushes to Tracy's hospital room. Ned greets and introduces himself to her, suspecting nothing and not having a clue why his mother called her there. He leaves them alone to talk and Tracy is ready to “talk business”. However, Hayden/Rachel has something to give her, as she informs her there will be “great fortune” coming Tracy's way. Tracy is interested in hearing that. Hayden/Rachel assures her that she has made certain that things will work, informing Tracy she had Diane Miller draw up legal documents. Although she odes not reveal the exact details to Tracy, she announces that very soon, the ELQ shares will no longer be in Cassadine hands. Hearing that, Tracy is very encouraged, assuming that means it will be back in Quartermaine hands. However, Hayden/Rachel “clarifies” to Tracy that won't happen. She intends to keep the shares for herself. Tracy reminds her she just uncovered the truth that the woman before her is the daughter of a known swindler and very likely his co-conspirator. Hayden/Rachel however, is not worried about that and reveals it's too late to expose that. Tracy calls her son in to find out who “Hayden” really is. Yet Hayden/Rachel boldly initiates revealing to Ned that her real name is Rachel Berlin, already aware that he knows of both her and her father. It appears she has not worried about that. Tracy warns her that she contact all of her enemies and tell them where Hayden/Rachel is and she won't get away with taking ELQ not only from Nikolas but from Tracy as well. Yet Hayden/Rachel is very confident that she already has gotten away with it.

Jason returns to Sam and informs her that he went and attempted to talk to Sonny for Carly although Sonny did not listen to him. He thanks him for his efforts. He admits to Sam, that whether right or wrong, he understands why Sonny believes it's necessary to do what he has to do, regardless of the consequences. At that point, she gets up and realizes that he has a “mission” involving not only Sonny and Carlos but also Nikolas.

Paul remains chained to the railing at the bottom of Anna's staircase and struggles to break free, revealing he needs to call Anna “before it's too late” and she's gotten herself into too much trouble.

Sonny and Anna are on their private jet navigating where to find Carlos when they arrive at their destination. He knows that she has had “dealings” with the DA not long ago, and cause for worry that he may be onto her. Yet he assures her their plans are pretty simple and give him no cause for worry. When they find Carlos, they will bring him back to Port Charles. Yet she expresses that she's concerned about what he might do when he finds and comes face to face with the man who killed Duke, admitting to Sonny that she was once very willing to break the law and risk going to prison, herself, over Carlos. She informs Sonny, for the first time, that after Carlos killed Duke, she realized that she may have had insufficient evidence to convict him and she lived with the possibility that he would walk. At that point, she admits to Sonny she could not live with that She snapped by taking the law into her own hands. She shot Carlos several times on the dock when he was unarmed. She had every reason to believe she killed him. That was her intent. And that was the last anyone saw or heard from Carlos until he was found months later (or so they thought) floating in the harbor. Sonny finds out, for the first time, that Anna intended to murder Carlos and cover it up. He is really surprised and wants to hear more of the details. He asks her why on earth she would feel guilty for what she did, to which she replies she acted as a vigilante and not a cop and cast herself as judge, jury and executioner and did not trust the law. Something, she admits she is not proud of. In response to that, Sonny reminds her the law did not protect her. She reminds Sonny that is how they are different. She asks what will he do if something happens to Sabrina and the baby after he finds Carlos and does things his way. If either she or Sonny go to prison, it will hurt both of their families. Yet he assures her that thee is no evidence that could possibly get her convicted. He tells her the only mistake she made was failing to successfully kill him the first time. She confirms to Sonny, again, that that is how they are different. Yet Sonny assures that does not matter because very soon, they will land and both be able to bring Duke's killer to justice the way they both want. As soon as they lad, security officers give Sonny his authorization to get off the plane and go where he chooses. However, they inform Anna she cannot get off the plane because there's a warrant out for her arrest. They inform her that right before she left Port Charles, there was a charge against her by the local authorities. Sonny first appears like he wants to take action and do whatever is needed to help her get out of there. However, when he notices the officials see he might want to bribe them or “aid and abet” a criminal, he expresses (or wants to sound to them as though) he will leave without Anna, wants to wash his hands of her and tells her she needs to know that “crime does not pay”. He gets off the plane and walks the streets in Puerto Rico. Immediately, he meets with a contact, asking where he might find Carlos and it appears he might be making progress

Anna remains detained on the aircraft when she gets a call from Paul. She demands to know how he knew where to find her. He coyly replies he “has his ways”, informing Anna he knows everything she's doing and everywhere she's going and he knows a judge who can expedite the process needed to convict her for what he knows she's doing. She finds it odd, however, knowing it would only seem Paul would not know “everything” regarding her plans. Otherwise, knowing Sonny has accompanied her, Paul would obviously want him detained and arrested also. She then realizes the reason Paul let Sonny go is because he believes that Sonny would kill Carlos if he goes alone to find him.

Right when Laura affirms to her son she loves him and will always be there for him and Nikolas assures his mom he loves and is grateful for her, Jason admits to Sam that he's ready to take action against Nikolas. They leave together and go to Wyndemere to pay Nikolas another visit when he's alone in his living room. He smugly and coyly tells them he does not have time for them. Yet Jason informs Nikolas he will make him an offer he cannot refuse.

Sonny goes to a church where he has been told he'd find Carlos. Carlos is dressed in a priest's robe. He turns, greets Sonny and pulls out his gun on him.

Prepare to die, says Carlos

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