GH Update Friday 4/8/16

General Hospital Update Friday 4/8/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Nina gets ready for Franco

Nina is getting ready for a romantic evening alone with Franco and surprises him when he gets home. He remarks that she called him and informed him there was a “fire”. In response to that, she replies yes. There is a fire. Can't he feel the heat, she asks, as she strips down to her undies and kisses him. While they are together, she happily tells him that she has spoken to Dr. Lee and is taking measures for her fertility so they can conceive. Yet, once again, he reminds her that he thought they had decided not to go through with having a child. The two of them are still clearly divided on that matter. At that point, he hastily gets his clothes back on and demands to know why she went behind his back when he has continually told her that he does not want to think of having a child. She continues to protest that she sees him with children at the hospital, knowing how he's helped Jake and how he's become a perfect father figure to Kiki. He protests that he may be good with young people already born who are other people's kids but he does not want to have a child with his DNA. Before they can continue their discussion, Nina gets a call from Dr. Lee and asks if she has the results Nina wants about her fertility and whether she can have a baby. She finds out it's not possible. At that point, realizing that he is not about to consider or understand what she wants, she angrily tells Franco he does not care about her. She knows he is very relieved and satisfied that he “got what he wanted” and she is very upset and distraught with the news.

At the hospital, Monica and Dillon ask Griffin what is the prognosis with Tracy after surgery has been done hours ago and she's back in her room. He replies they were ale to remove the larvae and cysts. Yet he does not say any more and does not smile. They demand to know what he is not telling them.

Finn visits Tracy

We see Tracy back in her hospital room, still unconscious with a bandage over her head as Finn stands by her bed urging and demanding she wakes up. Yet she remains unconscious and non-responsive. He continues to urge her to respond and asks if she's trying to “make him look bad”. He remarks he does not give a damn what people think of him anyway. He also reflects he knows she can kick his ass at monopoly although one or both of them cheats. He faces her and demands she gives him his money back. She awakens and admits she's worried this will not “end well” for her. Yet Finn is happy, congratulates her for surviving and remarks she still has time to change her evil ways. She tells him she feels like she's been hit by a bus, to which Finn remarks that “bus” was called surgery and she had it last night. She asks if she had another seizure, revealing she does not remember all that has happened. She asks if she is ok, to which he affirms she made it although she seems to have her doubts. She thanks him.

Outside in the hallway, Dillon demands to know what if his mom does not wake up. Monica asks her nephew not to throw out more “what-ifs” and Griffin urges them both to “have faith”. Finn comes out to assure them Tracy is awake and he is complete. He admits that Tracy “has a way to go” but he believes his work is done and he is now tired. Griffin reminds him he's been awake and on the clock for an entire day and obviously needs some rest. Griffin tells his colleague he will take over from here and Finn gets on the elevator and departs. Monica asks Griffin if Tracy may have a brain injury and if it may be permanent, to which Griffin admits there is not way for anyone to be certain of anything regarding things like that. Monica and Dillon go inside Tracy's room and seem confident that she has pulled through and they no longer need to worry. They expect her to act cold and stubborn as she always is with no emotion or vulnerability yet they see what appears to be a different side of her. Observing Tracy sounding calm, grateful, not very talkative and daring to tell them she “loves” them, Monica explains to Dillon how patients respond and recover differently. Michael comes by. Monica and Dillon leave him alone to talk and catch up. He tells Tracy he's glad she's ok, to which she remarks that he didn't think she'd let “some worms take her out”. Would he?

Finn acts like a junkie

Dr. Finn is alone in the locker room, appearing as though he desperately needs his needle and his “drug”. He fights his “urges” ,yet, while trying to remain unseen, he pulls it out of his locker, ready to use again. Griffin finds him and seems to know something is up although he does not see or presently know about Finn's “habit”. Griffin tells him he apologizes for barging in but wanted to thank him for the privilege of working with him. Finn remains cold and very skeptical when he hears about Griffin's faith in God and mercy. Griffin can see that maybe Finn “needs someone to talk to” and offers to help, although he promises to “leave God out of it”.

Sonny talks to Michael at the house telling his son he needs to go away and take care of some things. He won't answer Michael's questions as to the details of his “having to leave”. Yet he tells Michael needs him to hold things together regarding Morgan, Kristina and also his mother. Sonny further admits to Michael that he has to “keep this secret” from his siblings about their dad having to leave and take care of the Carlos issue. Hearing “instructions” without being given a choice, Michael asks his dad “what if he does not want to”. Hearing that, Sonny protests to Michael that only he (Michael) knows how to do what is needed and who understands what it means to his dad to keep his family together. Michael asks his dad if he will “do something” for him, to which Sonny promises to make sure Sabrina and the baby are ok if and when he finds Carlos.

After Paul goes to Anna's house and declares he will have to take action against her for what he knows about her, she knocks him unconscious with chloroform. She moves him over to sit by the staircase and puts duct tape over his mouth, reminding him he could face a lot of consequences for his actions including murdering Sloane and aiding and abetting Carlos. She then realizes, seeing an unconscious man sitting in her living room, she might have acted in haste realizing she can't leave him there forever without explaining or having to do something about it. Maddox appears at her door. She makes sure he does not come inside where he could clearly see the unconscious DA in her living room. Yet he can clearly tells there is something “off” with Anna while she evades his questions regarding Carlos and the whole situation she is in with the law. While Paul remains on the floor, Anna continues her conversation with Maddox as he asks about the issue involving his personal relationship with Jordan, the fact that she's the police chief and also Anna's friend, while he's Anna's doctor, having to comply with doctor/patient confidentiality, yet also Anna's “friend”. She only wants to rush him out the door and out of her house when Paul makes a sound which Maddox can clearly hear and demands to know where it came from. She remarks that her granddaughter is sick and coughing from a fever, to which Maddox asks if he can come in and help with his medical expertise. He tells her he knows she is lying to him although it's pointless to ask any further questions. He tells Anna he will leave but truly hopes she is not in any danger and will at some point, trust him enough to let him know what she is doing. She rushes him out the door, locks it and realizes Paul may be “coming to”. She rushes to cover Paul's face with more chloroform, apologizing for having to do this but realizing she has no choice.

Carly rushes to Jason's apartment urgently trying to convince him that Sonny is giving her cause for worry, not listening to her concerns and taking drastic action that she is afraid will end up with consequences neither of them want. Hearing that, yet not remembering their “history”, and not knowing what to do and after spending the night with Sam, Jason finds himself non-responsive. Noticing Sam witnessing the whole thing and remembering her involvement and relationship with Jason as well as with Sonny and Carly, Carly urges Jason to “listen to Sam” hoping she will understand all that Carly is saying about what needs to be done with Sonny, which only Jason can do. Sam admits to Carly, as well as to Jason that she remembers all too well what it was like to be married to Jason, given the line of work and the priorities he had, just like Carly being married to Sonny. She also remembers, as Carly does, the special communication that only Jason had with Sonny as well as with Carly. After listening to both women, Jason is motivated to go and talk to Sonny. Alone, they both smile and reflect that the “old Jason” is coming through and will be there for Sonny.

Jason goes to talk to Sonny. Both men are awkwardly “adjusting” to this “new thing” involving a guy with amnesia finding out and surprising everyone that he is Jason. Although having no “conscious memory” of Sonny, of himself, or of their previous relationship, Jason listens attentively and “gets” much of what Sonny tells him regarding his crucial and critical need to go on this mission to right the wrong with Carlos murdering Sonny's deceased partner and friend. Sonny is in awe of that and remarks that this man standing before him “knows what Jason is all about”.

Carly and Sam have a friendly chat

While waiting for Jason, Carly concludes to Sam that she knows the two of them belong together because Sam accepts Jason for who he is. Yet, she reflects to Sam, that Sonny is going after Carlos and has put himself in enough danger recently. She is terribly scared about her husband almost dying and getting himself put in a wheelchair not long ago, over this very compulsion he always has. Carly protests to Sam, who seems to understand and not argue, that she cannot just sit and do nothing and not attempt to get Jason to intervene before it's too late.

Nina furiously declares to Franco that the “Universe” is favoring him giving him what he wants which is no kids. He wins, she emotionally tells him as she storms out the door. Alone in the apartment without her, he reveals he is not happy.

Alone in the hospital shower stall, we see Finn alone and disoriented after it appears he's used his needle to inject himself with his drug.

Jason returns to Sam and reflects how she, as well as Sonny and Carly, keep telling him that he is “not that different” than the guy he still has no recollection that he ever was. She tells him that the only difference between the way she sees him now, versus in the past, is she is now being a bit more cautious. She now knows that the world is a scary place. Yet they are happy to be together with their new terms and conditions, regardless of that.

Carly returns home and calls to Sonny asking if he is there. He's not. Yet she gets an incoming call from him where he apologizes yet admits that Jason did come and try to talk him out of it, as she asked of Jason. He knows who she is and expects that she would talk him out of it. He sounds calm and not worried and assures her everything will be ok. He will return before she knows it and they will be back together with everything ok.

Sonny is on a private jet waiting for Anna. She rushes in apologizing for being late but admits to him that she had some “urgent business” to attend to with the DA.

Griffin goes by Anna's house and has a teddy bear with a note that he puts outside her front door.

With Sonny, Anna affirms the two of them have a deal and will be able to receive their ultimate justice.

Paul is tied up, unconscious, with his mouth taped shut, inside Anna's house.

Paul is all tied up!

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