GH Update Thursday 4/7/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/7/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam and Jason have slept together for the first time since he's lost his memory. They awaken in each other's arms the following morning. She admits to him, however, she needs to know if “last night” felt natural to him or what it might have meant given that he has no previous memories of their history together. They are clearly comfortable and happy together. She admits that “this time” it seemed a little different. She is worried about ruining a good thing and admits to him some of her impulsive decisions in the past. We hear their “song of love” playing, while he assures her what they will be doing together privately and publicly in the future. He asks if she really thinks people “out there” care about what may have gone on in this room, to which Sam reminds him if he knows her sisters, he must know how they gossip. Yet he tells her that they can find their own way to start fresh, to which Sam admits she “likes that”.

Ava awakens on her couch, coughing and not looking like she's ok. She sees blood again in her hand. She notices blood all over the blanket she's been sleeping in. She screams and awakens herself to see she's having a nightmare while sleeping on her couch. Scott Baldwin comes out and assures her it's ok. Yet she realizes that the previous night, it was “no nightmare” when she saw the blood in her bed. Noticing Scott was nowhere to be found when it happened, did not see or know about it and may question whether it even happened, she concludes that he is not much help with what she needs him to do. Julian comes in and walks through the bedroom with Scott, reminding him that his sister is paying Scott to provide services they both need regarding threats on their lives. As soon as both guys are out of earshot, Ava then gets on her phone to call Paul. Yet, at that point, he can instantly see there is “something not right” about his phone. He remembers the previous day of “stupidly” letting Anna borrow his phone. And he realizes he “compromised” his security and walks away angry at himself for not catching onto what Anna was doing until now. In the Jerome's apartment, Scott gathers trash and anything that might appear incriminating, while he makes light of it and goes out the door with the trash bag. Observing that Ava has not hired a “reliable bodyguard”, Julian tells his sister, they need to replace him. Yet she urgently tells her brother they need to focus on the issue at hand which is far more important. She angrily declares she is going to Sonny's and get her little girl back. She will lay the Corinthos family to waste. Julian argues asking how she plans to do this, to which Ava replies he just sit back and watch her. Yet Julian reminds his sister that she cannot be so naive as to think she has power over Sonny. The “organization” will not trust her nor want to help her. He knows that Sonny did not put that “threat” in her bed last night. She needs to know that she has many other enemies and no allies working in her corner anymore.

Alexis returns to the house and Kristina tells her mom she knows where she was. She knows her mom was talking to her professor. Kristina angrily demands to know how or why her mom would go behind her back without discussing it with her. Does she really believe that her daughter does not know her own feelings, how to make her own judgment or what needs to be done in her life? Alexis calmly responds, assuring her daughter she thinks she does understand her. She admits she trusts and honors her daughter's feelings and choices in her life and admits that Parker helped her to see that. She admits to Kristina she went to discuss with her professor many things including what Parker might have “planned” with her daughter. Yet, she assures Kristina, she understands things a lot better and can promise Kristina that she no longer has any concerns nor needs to “cause trouble” as Kristina suspects her mom will do. She admits to her daughter that she doubted her and failed to be there for her. She admits that is on her. And she emotionally promises her daughter that she can always rely on her mom and asks Kristina to please forgive her. Kristina admits that throughout her life, she thought she was “one way” and then, for the first time, in college, she found herself “another way”. She cannot define being straight, gay or bisexual and does not know who she is. Her mom assures her that is “ok”, although Kristina tells her it does not “feel ok”. It feels scary. Alexis tells her so many things are confusing. They need not worry or be afraid. They laugh together while Alexis holds her daughter and affirms they can “be confused together”. However, she asks the question of what they will do about Kristina's father. She assesses that it is Kristina's story and her choice as to when where, how and what to tell Sonny. Alexis assures her daughter her father loves her. Yet Kristina asks her mom to promise that nobody hears it until she is ready to tell him.

Paul Hornsby goes to Sonny's house and Carly answers the door. He tells her he wants to talk to her husband but she firmly states they are not going to tell Paul anything without their attorney, to which he admits that “disappoints” him. He tells her he is there regarding a matter that affects both himself and Sonny, which is Carlos Rivera. When he sees she is not “buying” that, he assures Carly that his office is doing everything in their power to bring Carlos to justice, to which she coldly replies the DA's office is not doing a very good job. She reiterates to the DA that all she cares about is her husband's safety.

Anna is on her phone at her house, rushing to take action against not only Carlos, but Paul as well. She hears a knock on her door and opens it to see Sonny. He can tell that she is “running scared” and is able to notice she is packing a suitcase and/or attempting to destroy evidence she is afraid of. He asks her if the ultimate goal for both of them is to simply get Carlos out of their lives. Do they not have the same interest in having Julian pay for his crime? And so, she must know that he does not want Carlos dead any more than she does even if she suspects he will break the law by committing murder. He knows they need Carlos to turn over the evidence against Julian, he tells her. She sees Sonny walk off, however, and tells him, when he finds Carlos, if he makes the wrong move, she will no longer trust him. He leaves her house and Paul enters. He asks Anna what she was just doing there with Sonny. She tells him he need not worry what she does publicly or privately because she will be going on a trip very soon. He tells her that could present a problem, to which she reminds her “former boss”, she is no longer on “his time”. Yet he reveals to her he knows that she and Sonny are planning going on a mission together. In response to that, Anna protests that she has no clue where Carlos would be. Paul tells her that he bets she has heard something. She tells him the only concern he has is that if Carlos is found by someone else before Paul finds him, he will turn his evidence over on Paul for what he knows happened to Sloane. She knows all Paul cares about is saving his own skin. She makes it clear to Paul she is onto him. She affirms that she is going to do whatever is needed for Duke. She would rather risk the consequences of doing things her way than to be disgraced by the memory of Duke, as well as her daughter and granddaughter by being a liar and doing things Paul’s way.

At Sonny and Carly's house, she tells him that he needs to know the family problems he has right now regarding baby Avery and Ava, Morgan and Kristina all needing him. He needs to know that those things take precedence over going after Carlos, she tells him. Yet he makes it clear his mind is made up. He protests that he has to take action against Carlos on his own, given all the threats on his family. He further tells her he has to do that for Duke. Yet she asks what about his family. What if Ava comes and takes his daughter and uses what he's done against him to take her and to ruin Sonny's family? She emotionally reminds Sonny how, not long ago, he got shot and she spent nights by his hospital bed wondering if he was going to live. She urges him not to put her through this again. Yet Sonny assures his wife she can make it through this and she needs to have faith in his decision to do what he needs to do. Carly is clearly not ok with his decision, however. She knows she needs to take action and goes out the door.

Ava tells Julian that she needs names of the people who are sending her messages and threats, vowing to her brother that she will let them know who they are dealing with. Yet Julian reminds her she has no power. She protests that she had no choice except to do what Paul wanted when her daughter was being threatened. Yet Julian reminds her that regardless of the reasons, all potential allies she could otherwise have, see her as a snitch. She has nobody with incentive to trust or protect her. Hearing that, she asks her brother what about him. Has he also washed his hands of her? Noticing her brother is hesitating to answer, Ava concludes all she has left now is to “play ball” with Paul Hornsby, to which Julian protests to his sister that will make her even more a target if she's joined forces with the crooked DA. Ava asks her brother what choices she has, to which he assures her she has him. Nobody messes with his sister, Julian promises her, as he goes out the door.

When Jason is in his apartment after sleeping with Sam, Carly comes to see him and urgently tells him he is needed to help with something “very important”. He does not want to reveal what he did, nor does Sam when she is unaware that he has a visitor and comes to the door to see and be seen by Carly.

Julian goes to find a contact he has and “indicates” to him that the organization needs to “back off” on what they are doing to his sister. Yet the guy does not sound “motivated” to care about that and maybe there's nothing Julian can (or has incentive to) do to protect Ava.

Back at the apartment, Scott makes light of Ava's issue and makes himself at home eating on her coffee table when she tells him he is fired and better get out of her home. She reminds him he relied on her for money and a place to live because he has nothing. Yet she realizes she has nobody there for her and neither does he and so, at that point, she invites Scott to stay and have bagels with her.

Julian instructs his contact to do what he says, informing him it was not a “suggestion”. It was an order. He declares that he is now in charge of the organization again.

Alexis talks to Kristina about how she's learned, in her own life, about how secrets pull people away. So she encourages Kristina to keep no secrets from anyone including her father. Yet Kristina wonders the outcome of doing that.

Sonny returns home and can see Carly is not there. He's worried where she might have gone.

At Jason's apartment, Carly admits to him that she has tried and failed to do what is needed with Sonny and needs his help.

Paul tells Anna that she does not understand what the important things are. Her grief has taken over her good judgment. He tells her her daughter and granddaughter will be heart broken if the next time they see her, it's in Pentonville. But he's going to do her a favor to protect her from herself since she “cannot think clearly”. With that, he gets on his phone to call commissioner Ashford in order to take action against Anna. However, she knows how to take action by going up behind Paul and smothering him with chloroform until he passes out and falls to the floor.

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