GH Update Wednesday 4/6/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/6/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Molly notices that Kristina is lost in thought while they wait for their mom to return home. Kristina indicates to her sister that she can tell that Alexis does not approve of the fact that Kristina is “not straight”. Molly hears that and does not want to believe or having Kristina believing that their mutual mom judges her for being gay. Yet Kristina tells her younger sister that whether Alexis admits to it or not, she is not ok with Kristina being who she is. She knows that her mom is disappointed with having a gay daughter. Molly reminds her sister that they've seen their mom loves and respects Lucas so why would Kristina believe she has homophobia. Kristina clarifies it may be true that she does not judge gays in general. Regarding Lucas, he's her step-son and that it's not the same as learning her own child is gay. She also reflects to Molly when or how to discuss it with her father. It's one thing for Sonny to learn his daughter is gay. But if she reveals that she is confused, he will not respect her and see her as appearing weak. Molly, however, tells her sister that maybe it will be better if uncle Sonny hears it from Kristina than if he finds out he was the last to know.

While they speak, Alexis goes to meet with Kristina's professor and finds her in a public coffee shop on campus. She coldly confronts Parker demanding some explanations and answers as to what the professor is doing with Alexis' daughter. She tells Parker she can see an attractive and confident adult professor who could easily use her power to manipulate and intimidate a student. She reminds the professor that she has the right to know what was involved, and what part Parker has played in what caused Kristina to get expelled from school. Parker tells Alexis she is not going to have this conversation and refuses to answer any further questions without a lawyer present. Hearing that, Alexis informs her daughter's professor that she is a lawyer. She is not afraid to cause a scene in a public place. She is not going to let this go. And so Parker better sit down and hear what she has to say. Alexis reminds the professor that she (herself) is not some 20 year old student whom Parker can manipulate because she looks up to the professor, the way it may be the case with Kristina. Hearing that, Parker defensively tells her student's mom that she did not seduce Kristina. Alexis further wants to know what kinds of “gossip” Parker may have heard about her. Parker affirms that what she thinks Kristina needs is to have her mother there for her. Parker further admits to Alexis that she got to know Kristina, heard that she is a perfectionist and always wished she could communicate with her mom and live up to her expectations. Kristina reached out to her professor, Parker tells Alexis. They became friends. Kristina told her she wants more than anything for her mother to love, respect, approve, pay attention and listen to her. Alexis asks Parker if Kristina told her that her mom fails to listen or pay attention to her. Parker informs Alexis that she knows that Kristina's dad hired a “spy” to “take action” when he heard about Kristina's issue with her. Yet Kristina was terrified and demanded he call it off, solely because she could not bear the thought of either of her parents knowing she had an affair with a woman. Right then, Alexis protests to Parker about how she has done everything she can do throughout Kristina's life to give her the right kind of family that she needs although Alexis realizes that she has to do better and try harder. Parker encourages Alexis to do that and urges Alexis, no matter what she does, to have Kristina knowing that her mother will always love her. Alexis then apologizes to Parker for making accusations and yelling. She admits that she appreciates Parker taking the time to listen and be there for Kristina and explains to her mom what is going on.

Ava finds Julian when he returns to his and Alexis' house and asks him what is up and what is taking place between himself and the people who are threatening her. Julian affirms to his sister ht the only person they need to fear, as far as he now knows, is Sonny. As soon as she hears that, she is ready to go to Sonny's home, possibly when he is asleep or unaware and take her daughter. Julian urges her not to do that although she angrily reminds her brother that Sonny intends to railroad her and will endanger her daughter. She tells her brother she has to take drastic action. Julian returns inside to overhear Kristina's and Molly's conversation., They don't want him to have any involvement in this and Kristina reminds her stepfather that she knows her mother must have given him an earful about how she's disappointed her mom. However, hearing that, Julian affirms to his stepdaughter that the only problem her mom has is that Kristina is not confiding in anyone and keeping secrets. He informs Kristina he spoke to her mom and she blamed herself for appearing judgmental and not listening. Kristina asks Julian if he is telling the truth that her mom expressed to him that maybe she, instead of Kristina, made a mistake. She tells him she finds that hard to believe since her mom made it clear that she had issues with finding out the specifics involved in Kristina's gay relationship. Julian affirms to Kristina that he believes her mom has every intention of respecting her and being fair. He further asks Kristina if she would consider giving her mom a little bit of credit for not doing what she is accusing her of. She listens somewhat to her stepfather and he thanks her for having this conversation. She asks Julian if he has a clue where her mom is. He replies that she sent him a text informing him she had a meeting somewhere and would be back by morning, yet she did not give him specific details.

Right then, Kristina calls Parker, right after Alexis has left the coffee shop. Parker informs Kristina that she just spoke to her mom and hopefully Alexis will understand and Kristina will have faith in her mom.

At the same time, Carly catches Sonny plotting his secret plan. He tells her she need not worry. He knows what he is doing. He has to find and bring Carlos to justice. He got away with killing Duke. He further informs her that he does intend to kill or make Carlos the target necessarily. He wants Julian to pay since he ordered the hit. Yet Carly is very worried about the consequences this could mean for the man she loves. Right then, he goes out the door. Ava appears at the door and confronts him calling him a son of a bitch. She furiously tells him she knows it was he or someone affiliated with him who sent her the threat at the hospital while Kiki was in the coma. She knows that Avery is put in danger because of this and she knows he has “plans” to prevent her from having Avery after Kiki returns home. She informs Sonny that Kiki will soon be back to normal and at that point, she will have both of her daughters with her and Sonny will not have baby Avery. Sonny, however, seems very calm and non-confrontational as it appears he knows a secret.

When Ava leaves, Sonny tells Carly that he is confident that the two of them are the perfect parents for Avery. His daughter's step-mother is the perfect mom and not Ava. He is confident the courts will realize that Ava is not fit to have his daughter with her. He happens to know that Ava is in trouble and not out of the woods yet, regardless of what anyone hears or believes to the contrary.

Right then, we see Ava getting in her bed and suspecting nothing. Yet she notices something “not right” She screams in shock when she discovers blood on her hands and more fresh blood dropping on her white sheets. She rushes out of the bed and appears scared and horrified.

Hayden/Rachel returns to Nikolas after she's cornered him by threatening to expose him for trying to kill her and have him put in prison if he goes through with divorcing or annulling their marriage. He is not ok with her doing this to him and wants her gone yet is motivated to do as she says, only by fear. He also notices that Curtis is with her and she plans on letting him stay at the house. Nikolas demands to know what they think they are doing, to which Curtis replies that he is acting as this lady's body guard so he can protect her just in case her “husband” intends to kill her in her sleep. Hearing that, Nikolas laughs and asks this stranger what he thinks he's talking about, as he reminds Curtis that this is his house. Curtis was not invited and he wants him out and off of his property, Nikolas says. Yet Curtis confidently affirms to Nikolas that he has done a thorough investigation and has proven, with forensic evidence and all the information he needs, that Nikolas got Hayden shot. He explains that he has police training and knows all about what needs to be done in order to get Nikolas convicted of an attempted murder charge and sent to prison. And so, Curtis tells a “smug” Nikolas, it's all up to him whether he wants to remain a free man or not.

Right then, Sam and Jason continue their investigation of the secrets of Hayden and of Nikolas and they conclude that very possibly it was Nikolas who intended to kill Hayden, way back before he knew she was Rachel, when she threatened to reveal who Jason really was.(when everyone knew him as Jake). Sam is horrified to hear that it's very likely her cousin got Hayden/Rachel shot and she admits to Jason that he may not remember the way everyone always used to know Nikolas. She remembers how everyone used to “tease” her for being “the good Cassadine”. And so, she admits it's mind-boggling for her to believe that this same man is now a murderer who sent someone to kill a defenseless woman, especially someone he was sleeping with. Yet Jason has no memories of anything in Nikolas' history except what he's known in the short time he's known Nikolas and he believes it. He invites Sam to his new apartment and wants to continue talking but she walks off and appears like she has to go and find out something on her own. He calls to Sam who has not told him she's leaving or where she is going.

Sam goes to find Nikolas and furiously confronts her cousin now that she knows he tried to kill Hayden. She tells him that she trusted him and never thought he'd be capable of murder. He protests and needs her to listen while he explains but she tells him she will no longer trust him. She's not going to let him get away with this. She is going to call the cops and get him arrested. Nikolas runs after her but she is ready to take action. She fights him and seems like she might be afraid of him when he tries to restrain her. Right then, Jason walks in and is ready to go into “kill” mode in order to protect Sam from Nikolas. Immediately thereafter, Hayden/Rachel walks in and, once again, she is in “protection mode” toward Nikolas when she sees that Jason could kill him. Curtis runs in and pulls Jason off of Nikolas. Hayden/Rachel is horrified to see that, had he not been there right that second, Nikolas would be dead. Although Curtis does not “share her protectiveness” toward Nikolas, Curtis agrees and is in awe to see that Jason possesses “lethal” skills that could easily kill anyone very easily and quickly.

Sam and Jason return to his apartment and she is worried that her husband and father of her child could have gone to prison. He wants to assure her that she need not be afraid of anything and they kiss.

Back at Wyndemere, Hayden/Rachel seems emotional and admits to Curtis that she does not know what she would have done if no one had stopped Jason from “protecting Sam” from Nikolas. He asks her if she is going to be ok and urges he protect herself. Yet she goes into the bedroom and notices Nikolas undressing, bloody, bruised, upset and drinking. She pulls out some ice, wraps it in a towel and wants him to use it for his injuries. Once again, She treats his fatal cuts with a wet towel and once again they feel their “sensitivity and love” for each least for a moment.

Sam and Jason kiss. It gets more intense while they undress and get ready to sleep together...for the first time since he's lost his memory.

Nikolas and Hayden/Rachel retire in their mutual bed together. They are both fully clothed, not touching each other and sleeping on opposite sides of the bed with their backs turned to each other. He pulls out a knife from the bedside table on his side of the bed. She does the same. They both keep their eyes open and stay away.

Jason and Sam sleep together and romantic music plays.

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