GH Update Tuesday 4/5/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/5/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Tracy has had another sudden and unexplained seizure in the hospital, she's had to return to her hospital room. Finn treats her and Dillon and Ned enter unaware of the sudden “relapse”. Finn explains to them that they “did not catch the infestation in time”. Hearing that, they demand to know if that means that their mother is dying. Obrecht meets with Finn and tells Tracy's two sons their mom will probably now need surgery. Finn agrees, Monica gets ready to scrub in and knows she has to call Elizabeth and get her in even though this is her day off. Not far away, Paul gets off the elevator and tells Dillon he wants to be there for him and for Tracy. Ned angrily tells Paul he is the very reason why Tracy needs the surgery in the first place and the last thing she needs is the likes of him so Paul better stay away from them. Yet Dillon urges his half-brother not to be so hasty to his father and assume the worst.

In Anna's living room, Griffin role-plays an ailing cowboy who needs, Emma, who plays a neuro-surgeon to save him. Anna enters and remarks how “cute” it is to see the two of them happily engaging. Right then, Sonny comes to talk to Anna and asks if it's a good time to have a private conversation. Griffin notices him and asks what brings him by. Before they can discuss it further, Griffin is interrupted by a call from the hospital where they tell him he is needed in the OR for Tracy's surgery. He leaves. Alone with Anna, Sonny remarks that he “likes that guy”, realizes he's Duke's son and all. Yet he finds Griffin a bit “judgmental” with the way he loves to lecture them both on forgiveness for the loss of Duke and the whole “kum by ya” thing. She wants to defend her deceased boyfriend's son. Yet Sonny indicates that he “means business” with the whole thing involving finding and bringing Carlos to justice. He pulls out a flash drive to show Anna that he is willing to stop at nothing to get some answers regarding that. She listens to the taped phone conversation where Carlos tells Paul he needs money. At that point, Anna knows she needs to take similar action, herself, against Paul.

Michael goes to meet with Dante at the gym and Dante wants to find out if his younger brother might have any news or first-hand information about their dad's plans with Carlos Rivera. He gets right to the point and admits to Michael that he's certain Sonny has known that Carlos has been alive for a long time. They know that Carlos is the father of Sabrina Santiago's baby and he needs to know what Sonny might know and what he plans to do with Carlos. Michael urges Dante not to put him in “this position” where he's right in the middle of his dad's opposition with the cops and with Carlos. Yet Dante urges Michael to know that it could endanger Sabrina or the baby if Sonny finds Carlos before the cops do. Sonny could also get himself into a lot of trouble and there will be no more “get out of jail free cards” for their dad if he gets arrested for this situation. Michael still maintains to Dante that he needs to stay out of this whole big mess. Right then, Michael gets a call informing him that Tracy's is about to have brain surgery. He tells his brother he has to get to the hospital immediately. Alone and still “unsatisfied”, Dante calls Sonny and asks him to join him at the gym.

Sam and Jason both wonder who would want Hayden or Rachel dead. They realize that as the greedy daughter of the greedy investor, Rachel may have had many enemies, including her father. Yet Sam realizes that very possibly, someone would have motive to have Hayden dead without knowing her as Rachel, given the enemies they both know all too well that this woman has made with her “false” identity. They try to construct a story of how or why Rachel Berlin leaves her rich family's home and good graces, gets out on her own, ends up in Beecher's Corner, meets and agrees to “help” Ric Lansing pull off a scam in exchange for money, to have Jason (then known to all as Jake) believing she's his estranged wife, so he could not marry Elizabeth. They also wonder how or what it was that that got Hayden/Rachel connected with Nikolas, who just happens to be Elizabeth's best friend.

Hayden/Rachel meets with Curtis. He is concerned about her choices to stay with Nikolas and wonders why on earth she would not believe she has other options being from a rich family. She can't be so desperate for the prince's money that she'd entrap him into a marriage he wants to annul. Not to mention putting herself in danger of getting killed. She tells him she's not as financially “entitled” as he thinks. She now knows that if she lets Nikolas go through with annulling the marriage, he will take everything. Hearing that, Curtis still wonders why she'd put the “little bit of extra money” before more important priorities. At that point, he wonders if maybe she has an “addiction” to the wrong things and indicates that he wants to know more about the methods of her madness. Hearing that, she tells him the reason she needs Nikolas' money is so she can pay off her father's investors who have been ripped off by his corruption. Yet Curtis knows she has her own self-interest with Nikolas.She asks Curtis what about him. What is “in it for him” in helping her to defeat her husband. It can't simply be his concern for her safety. He tells her he “always backs a winner”. He knows that given all the odds stacked against her, she is a survivor. He admits he now wants to see her “turn the tables on Nikolas”. And he tells her he wants to know what she plans to do when her husband gets home.

Elizabeth finds Nikolas alone and lost in thought and is concerned with what he might do now that she knows Hayden has “forced his hand” not to end their marriage. She knows he might take drastic action. Yet he tells her he does not want her to know anything about what he plans to do because that would make Elizabeth an accomplice and he won't let her get in trouble because of him. Hearing that, she is even more concerned. However, right then, she gets a call informing her she's needed at the hospital.

Nikolas goes to find Sam while she talks to Jason about the mystery of Hayden/Rachel. They are both very surprised, right after he's revealed that he's done with Hayden/Rachel for good and needs Sam's PI skills to investigate her, that he has had a “change of heart” with that. He tells them he wants to call it off and make his marriage work with Hayden, whether they understand or approve or not. Sam demands to know why, to which he replies he loves his wife and wants to stay married to her. She is shocked to hear that, telling her cousin he could not be serious with all the things that woman has done. Yet Nikolas firmly tells his cousin it's his life and he'll do as he sees fit. He then dismisses Sam and out the door, thanking them for their help but declaring he no longer wants or needs it.

Finn meets with Monica and admits to Tracy that she has swelling in the brain that caused the seizure and the only way to treat it is with surgery. She then agrees to have the surgery but makes it clear to the two docs and her two sons that she will not let Mayes have anything to do with it. She only wants Munro. Right then, Griffin rushes into the hospital ready to lead the surgery in the OR.

Not far away in the hospital, Anna and Emma get off the elevator. They happily greet their friends and medical staff who want to visit with Emma while she's visiting.. However, we see Anna's “real mission” to come there which is to meet up with Paul. When she sees him, she dismisses her granddaughter having her go show some pictures to family and friends. Alone with Paul, Anna admits that she needs to make a call but now remembers she gave Emma her phone. Hearing that (appearing as though he still suspects nothing) Paul “graciously” tells her she may use his. She quickly grabs it, dials and pretends she's talking to Robin while within Paul's earshot. Yet she walks away and removes the microchip to put into the device Sonny gave her, when it appears Paul is unaware. Only seconds later, however, Paul returns and wants his phone back.

Sonny goes to the gym to box with Dante who tells his dad that he had a discussion with Michael about what Sonny might have shared with him about Carlos. Dante tells his dad he knows that he will probably will fight Carlos. And if so, he knows it may result in death. He tells Sonny that when he finds Carlos, maybe instead of killing him, he should turn him over to the authorities, reminding him that, as they both know, many people besides Sonny want Carlos dead and Sonny knows all too well if Carlos shows up dead, Sonny will be blamed for it.

After Nikolas has made it clear to Sam and to Jason that he is committed to his marriage and loves Hayden, Jason tells Sam he finds that hard to believe. He bets the reason for Nikolas' “decision” is because Hayden/Rachel has something on him. They still have yet to find out what that is.

Before Tracy gets taken into surgery, she sees Monica and asks if she will now relish being able to keep the house (which Tracy's brother and Monica's deceased husband gave to her,) all to herself. Monica tells Tracy the place would not be the same without her sister in law. The medical staff wheel Tracy into the hallway and into the O.R. She tells her sons and Michael all about the favorite breakfast she wants them to bring her when she's out of surgery. She faces Monica and urges her to remember what she said before, as she demands Monica keeps her hands off of Tracy’s jewelry while she's gone. Monica affirms she's not into Tracy's kinds of things. Tracy then warns them all “they have not seen the last of her”. Out in the hallway, Obrecht tells Finn hopefully everything will ok with him in charge of Tracy's treatment and what is needed. And, she reminds him, if it is not, may God have mercy on Finn's soul.

Not far away, Griffin finds Elizabeth and asks if she's ready to assist in the surgery. She replies of course. This is her job. She does it all the time. He then clarifies that he is not questioning her professional qualifications. He does however, need to know how she “feels” about this since she and Tracy have known each other for a long time. After hearing about Elizabeth's dedication to all of her patients and the fact that Tracy has never before appeared as vulnerable, they both affirm that she is in good hands with Elizabeth as the O.R. nurse.

Right then, Nikolas returns to Hayden/Rachel who smiles and “assures” him he need not be negative or assume the worst. She tells him that although things have gone wrong and they’ve both done many things they regret, they can still make this work. He then asks her, just out of curiosity what her plan is. Are they both supposed to pretend that he still does not know whom she is? She responds by asking if she's supposed to “pretend” he did not put a bullet in her head. He asks her if they are supposed to, now, live together happily as newly weds, to which she replies that is the plan. She also informs him that she has asked the servants to set another place at the dinner table. He asks why since Spencer is out. Right then, Curtis enters and Hayden/Rachel reveals to her husband Curtis will be watching over him.

Jason then wonders, with Sam, how it was that right at the nurse's ball, after it was revealed that Hayden scammed him, Nikolas took her into his house. They also both realize that right when Hayden (as she was known then) was ready to reveal to Jake (as he was known then) who he really is (which could mean that she knew he was Jason way back then, before anyone else did), she suddenly got shot. They realize that that, right there, could explain many things and give them the answers they need to unravel this whole mystery.

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