GH Update Monday 4/4/16

General Hospital Update Monday 4/4/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie and Nathan sit in the park having a picnic when he reveals to her that he “was” married to Claudette, for the first time. She assesses that he has been dishonest to her, first by telling her Claudette was his dog, then saying she was an old girlfriend, and now telling Maxie she's his wife. Nathan protests that their marriage was annulled. Yet Maxie argues that that is not the point. She angrily tells him that by telling her that, it sounds like he believes that will make it ok. She reminds him they have been together for over a year and he never once mentioned that he has been married.

Franco talks to Elizabeth at the hospital, inquiring about where she might live since her house burned in a fire. He has an idea and she is interested although not encouraged to hear it. He suggests that she “could” live with Jason. Finn finds Elizabeth and tells her he needs to schedule an MRI for Tracy Quartermaine. Yet there seems to be a complication with that. Dr. Obrecht appears and confirms that she has taken action to “have him on the list” as she gives him his new badge with authorization to practice medicine in GH. He goes off and takes his opportunity to do the MRI. Watching him leave, Dr. Obrecht coldly admits she loathes that man. Elizabeth remarks that Finn seems like a breath of fresh air.

Sam assesses to Jason that it appears that very possible that somebody intended to shoot Hayden/Rachel the day it happened who had nothing to do with wanting Jason dead and mistakenly shooting her instead. She brainstorms with him all the possible suspects who might want Rachel/Hayden dead and what their motives might be. Although they do not have any proof and merely speculations, Sam assesses that it's worth checking into.

After Nikolas lays down the law to Hayden/Rachel telling her he intends to annul their marriage because it was based upon fraud, she tells him she knows how not to let that happen. She tells him she happens to know that Shawn Butler did not shoot her intending to shoot “Jake Doe”. She happens to know there was another gunman, whom Nikolas hired to get her killed.

Julian goes to Crimson and Nina introduces him to Curtis Ashford, her new PI. She informs Julian she hired Curtis to find out who is sabotaging Crimson. Julian reminds Nina that he has asked her to “let it go”. Yet she protests that they are getting close to finding out "this loser's identity." Hearing that, Julian informs them both that he already knows the answer to their question. Julian does not answer when they both ask him if he knows. At that point, Nina concludes that the person train to sabotage the magazine is him. She then starts throwing things, yelling at Julian and telling him he’s a dirty rat now that she finds out that all the while, he was working against her. Curtis observes and informs the two of them (who don't notice him or hear a word he says), that he's going to leave and will send his invoice for services later. Julian protests that the magazine was dying. He needed the tax write-off. Yet she furiously assesses that he hired her to kill it. Yet she revived the magazine and made it a huge success along with Maxie and Dillon. They have tirelessly dedicated their time and their work, and their hearts and souls into Crimson and she won't let this happen. She gets on the phone and Julian asks her what she is doing. She replies she is calling the police and intends to get him arrested. She informs him her brother the detective might be interested in his committing fraud for pretending that the magazine could succeed when it was all in order to end the magazine. Each ad that was posted and paid for the magazine is a count of fraud that could give him plenty of time to make a lot of license plates in prison. Yet Julian reminds her that she is also involved in “illegal activity” which makes it not in her best interest to get him in trouble. She tells him she has another option for him. She wants to buy Crimson from him although he tells her that would really mess him up with the IRS. He asks her how she could run Crimson, to which she tells him she will figure that out and, again, asks Julian if they have a deal or not. He tells her she “drives a hard bargain”, to which Nina reminds him that is not “hard”. If it was, she'd take everything he has but all she wants is Crimson. She tells him she won't have him arrested if he promises never again to get in her way.

Nathan tells the story to Maxie that he was once at a bar with his buddies years ago. All of a sudden, this girl came up to their table. She knows that is Claudette when he informs her Claudette was “not like other girls”. She was smart and funny and he enjoyed being with her. They went out a few times and Nathan asked her to marry him and she said yes. He tells Maxie that he and Claudette traveled all around New York. Yet she was a resident of Canada and was about to lose her citizenship unless an American guy married her to offer her a green card. Maxie hears and realizes she did the same thing for “Levi”. She does not seem suspicious when it seems Nathan merely had a marriage of convenience in order to help a Canadian citizen out. He tells her he later found out that he had been scammed and lied to when Claudette told him she loved him when the truth was she only wanted to marry him for her green card and nothing else. Hearing that, Maxie assesses that, based on what he's revealing to her in this conversation, he did a good thing and he must have known she'd never hold that against him. And so, she tells him, that means there has to be another reason why he did not tell her about Claudette. He tells her that for years thereafter, he forgot all about Claudette. He assures Maxie he loves only her and has no room in his heart for anyone else. She asks if there will be any more secrets, to which promises no more secrets and that everything will be out in the open.

Finn goes to see Tracy and she reports that she is feeling a lot better and so she does not think she needs to convalesce there. She can do it at home so she asks him to gather her stuff for her so she can leave. Yet he tells her he demands she not go anywhere, explaining that they still do not know the exact cause of what happened to her so he can't risk her driving and having a seizure or being left without medical care. She plays Monopoly with him and asks why such a “sought-after” doctor like himself can devote so much time and attention to one patient. She admits that she thought, for a while, that she was dying. And she thanks him for proving her wrong.

In the lobby, Elizabeth assesses to Franco she knows how to take care of herself and handle her business. She knows she has made mistakes in the past but she knows how to get herself out of this mess. Hearing that, Franco assesses to her that he is proud of her. She sounds somewhat interested in what he is saying although she tells him she has to go and meet with Nikolas to find a “rental”. However, she thanks Franco for his words of encouragement.

Sam and Jason go to visit Shawn at the jail. She talks to him on the phone, telling him that she is certain that there was another shooter besides himself responsible for the shooting of Hayden. She explains that she has found out that Hayden is really Rachel Berlin and falsified her identity, so there is motive for many people to want her dead. Shawn informs Sam that there was a person who wanted the woman “known as” Hayden Barnes shot. Sam asks who, to which Shawn replies it was Hayden Barnes herself. He informs Sam that Hayden went to visit her and informed him that she was looking for proof that someone else was there and intended to shoot her. Jason goes to talk to Shawn and when he hears that Shawn got arrested for a shooting he did not do, they both wonder what will happen now.

Hayden/Rachel tells Nikolas that if he crosses her, she can have him put in prison for attempted murder. She tells him her father taught her well about not “playing” unless one is certain they can win. And she is certain she can win with this. She audits that she was not entirely certain of her suspicions of him so she needed proof and now she has it. She tells him her terms and conditions for him are that he is her adoring husband who does everything she wants. He tells her that won't happen. She reminds him if it does not, she will go to the police. She states to him she knows exactly what he did and why. He knew that she knew the truth about Jason and that he was covering it up, as well as committing illegal acts to steal ELQ from his rightful owners. He had to prevent her from telling Jason and Sam what she knew. On the day she got shot, she went to talk to them and right before she could tell them the truth, she suddenly got shot. Hearing that and realizing he is completely cornered, he asks her if she wants to marry him, not for revenge but because she still loves him. He tell if their sole reason for being married is based upon her threatening him, then they have no chance of making their marriage work. Elizabeth enters and demands to know what Hayden/Rachel is doing there. Hayden/Rachel replies she was talking to her husband and lays down the law to Elizabeth that when she returns to “her” home, Elizabeth and her kids better be out of there because Elizabeth is no longer welcome to stay at Wyndemere. She leaves. Inside, Elizabeth asks Nikolas just what she “walked in on”.. Alone with Elizabeth, he explains to her that he was ready to annul his marriage whether his wife wanted it or not. But then she “trumped his ace” by reminding him what she knows about him and is threatening to have him arrested with the proof she has unless he complies with what she wants. Hearing that, Elizabeth is very concerned and asks Nikolas what he plans to do. Is he going to live a life being motivated by threats and blackmail? Outside the room, Hayden/Rachel privately cries, revealing that maybe she does have feelings for Nikolas that she wishes he would return. She get on her phone to call Curtis.

She later meets with Curtis and they walk in the park together. She informs him she knows how to “defeat the man who tried to kill her. Hearing that, he sounds encouraged until she informs him that she is going to stay married to Nikolas. He tells her he knows of a much better way for her to get what she wants and protect herself from Nikolas.

Maxie returns to Crimson and, noticing all the broken items and mess in the office, asks Nina what happened. Nina informs her she met with Julian. Maxie remarks that the two of them must have “gone a few rounds”. Nina then announces to Maxie that she took Crimson from Julian.

While Nathan is alone in the park after Maxie has left, he calls his mother (Obrecht) and informs her that he “has not revealed” the secret about Claudette that he knows he cannot afford to ever have Maxie knowing. He asks if she will make certain never to reveal his secret to Maxie or anyone else, to which Obrecht promises not to reveal to anyone, knowing what it would mean for her son if it ever came out.

When Tracy is ready to leave the hospital and appears to be ok, suddenly blood comes out of her nose and she appears to be having another seizure.

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