GH Update Friday 4/1/16

General Hospital Update Friday 4/1/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Nathan are at the gym talking about how they are getting their personal lives together when Curtis is not far away. He gets a call from Nina who has hired him to investigate what she needs for the success of Crimson after their last “mishap”. She reminds him she is his boss and she needs some answers now so he has to drop what he is doing and get to the Crimson office. Dante notices Curtis and remarks that he might be a bit concerned that Valerie is dating him. Curtis coldly and firmly lays down the law to Dante that who Valerie dates is none of his business, reminding him he (Dante) is in no position to judge any other person for not having due respect for others, given what he knows about Dante. After Curtis leaves, Dante admits to his partner that maybe Curtis had a point that he needs to stay out of Valerie’s personal life. He needs to focus on himself and Lulu. Yet he feels bad about leaving Valerie hanging and does not want to see her get “hurt”. Hearing that, Nathan reminds Dante he knows his intentions are good but Valerie's life is not his call. Nathan then admits that he, too may be betraying his significant other by keeping the secret about Claudette from Maxie. He reminds Dante he knows that Maxie has told him she does not need an explanation and trusts him with the Claudette-secret. Yet he wonders if he should come clean with the fact that he was (or maybe still is) married to Claudette. Dante responds to Nathan that that is his call.

Julian is walking outside and on the phone with a private call when Alexis finds him. He acts happy to see her but asks how she found him out there. She replies that actually she is stalking him, admitting to Julian she needs to discuss with him something she just found out about Kristina. Hearing that, he asks if her daughter may have robbed a bank. Alexis replies no. It was not that. She found out that Kristina has same sex interest and her daughter now believes that her mom is a homophobe. She admits to her husband she did not mean that her daughter has something “wrong” with her to have gay feelings. She is, however, concerned that the person with whom Kristina has the feelings is a professor who may be manipulating her. She's afraid that her daughter is acting out of confusion and very possibly this professor is influencing that. She declares if that is the case, as Kristina's mother, she feels she has to take action.

Kristina is alone in her mom's house when Lucas comes by. She tells him if he's looking for his dad, he's not home. She tells him he's welcome to stay as long as he wants because this gives her a chance to talk to him about something important that he might be able to shed some light on for her. She informs her new step-brother that the “friend” she told him over Valentines Day who's confused about their sexual orientation is herself. She has discovered that she is interested in women. He asks her how she feels about admitting it to herself and others. Kristina replies that she decided to share it with her mom, knowing how liberal, educated and politically correct her mom is. She thought her mom would accept it but she did not. Yet she came the conclusion that Kristina's “tendency” is due to her fear of getting hurt from her previous heterosexual encounters. She asks if anyone cannot see that she is risking hurt for feeling what she is feeling for a woman. Hearing that, Lucas tells her he knows that to most parents, finding that out about their child is a shock and so he suggests she gives her mom some time..

Sam goes to see Jason and informs him that she and Elizabeth just found out that Hayden is really Rachel Berlin, daughter of the rich and notorious Raymond Berlin. He asks why, if their suspect (Hayden/Rachel) has money, would she resort to conning him for money. Sam senses Jason questioning the credibility in what they've found out about Hayden/ Rachel but Sam urges him to know that she is the best source they have for getting the goods on Nikolas so they can take back ELQ. She asks what they know about Hayden and Nikolas and how they got involved, to which Jason admits he does not know the details except that Hayden/Rachel somehow knew he was not Jake Doe. They both remember she came to his garage to tell him that and then suddenly got shot. Sam then realizing that it's entirely possible that the bullet was not meant for Jason and someone did intend to shoot and kill Hayden/Rachel

Hayden/Rachel meets with Nikolas at the metro court, reminding him that he is still legally her husband. He tells her she better get out and leave him alone. She tells him she knows he feels betrayed and as though what he felt was all a lie. Well, she tells him she feels the same way now that he wants to shut her out, as she urges him to know that what they had together was real. She protests about how she has had to resort to drastic measures to do many things but it's true that she was not scamming or lying about her feelings for him. She reminds him that she got shot and could have died right before he took her in after paying her medical bills, to which he tells her that she got shot because someone wanted to kill Jason Morgan. He tells her he's sorry she got “caught in the cross-fire” and evades the subject. She reminds him that when she thought he might die on the terrace when confronting Jason, she found out how he meant to her. He angrily reminds her that he will never forget that she lied to him the whole time.

Maxie goes to the Crimson office and carefully prepares everything before she meets with Nina to brainstorm the ideas that may be of interest to their new guest. When FABLife co-host and stylist Joe Zee enters, Maxie is fascinated to meet and talk to him, knowing all about his experience with fashion designing. She informs him that Nina has improvised and navigated so many brilliant ideas, from the last time when the magazine was green to the previous time when pages were not bound. She reveals that the most recent time they had issues with the printer, Nina invented a contest and chance for customers to win money. Nina talks about how they are diligently investigating just who might be attempting to sabotage them. She vows that when they do, they will kick that “party's” ass. Curtis walks in and Nina introduces their consultant to her new private investigator. Maxie then goes outside with Joe Zee and tells him how she admires him and wants to follow in his footsteps. In the room, Nina informs Curtis that her publisher, Julian Jerome is under suspicion when he's made it clear he wants to shut down the magazine many times. Meanwhile, Joe can sense that Maxie has something on her mind. She admits that she is wondering about a secret from her boyfriend's past. He revealed to her, in his sleep that he “loves Claudette” and she has concerns about that. Joe tells Maxie his advice is to trust in her relationship and stop torturing herself with the “what-ifs”. When Nathan gets off the elevator, Maxie is surprised to see him there. Joe leaves. Nina comes out and tells her brother and Maxie they may go off and spend some time alone together.

From Nina's office phone, Curtis calls and identifies himself to the Crimson printers as a made-up name, with a disguised voice. He wants to know about the “printing error” on the last two editions of Crimson. He finds out it was not an error. It was intended.

Sam asks Jason what if someone other than Shawn Butler shot Hayden intentionally. He asks if her theory is correct, would the “second gunman” want to kill Hayden or Rachel. She replies more than likely Rachel. Yet Jason suspects it could very well be Nikolas who got her shot. It's also possible that her rich family might have ties to Nikolas.

Hayden/Rachel continues to protest to Nikolas that she is no longer Rachel Berlin. She is now Hayden Cassadine. She was willing to forgive him for his lack of trust and shortcomings. So if he can do that for her, why can't he overlook what she has done? He asks her if she wants him to forgive and overlook that she married him for his money, scammed him and lied about who she really is. He tells her even if he believed their love was real, does she know what it would mean for him to allow himself to have feelings and be married to her, remembering all she has done. He concludes to her that the farce of a marriage is over, reminding that the marriage contract was a legal fraud since she did not even use her real name. So, he concludes, he has no problem getting that part of the prenup annulled. He tells her she may leave with whatever she bought while she lived there and whatever she had before they got married but she won't leave with a penny more. He goes out the door and Hayden/Rachel responds by saying: “I don't think so”.

Kristina informs Lucas that although she had far more reservations about her dad's reactions than of her mom's, she felt better about her dad declaring that he loves her no matter what. Lucas then asks her, aside form what anyone else thinks or feels, how does she feel? She replies she is completely confused. She does not know if this is a one-time crush on a woman or permanent. He tells her she has to trust her own feelings and not anybody else's opinions or expectations. She tells him that is great but asks how she is going to tell that to her mother.

Julian returns to the house and greets his son who informs his dad and step-mom that he and Brad have now officially set a wedding date. Julian congratulates him. They both off together. Alone with Kristina, Alexis smiles and remarks she's happy for Brad and Lucas. Hearing that, however, Kristina angrily concludes to her mom that she obviously has no problem with anyone being gay as long as it's not her (Kristina). She asks her mom why she does not “question” whether Lucas and/or Brad are confused or messed up and being manipulated. Alexis then clarifies that maybe the reason she accepts Lucas and Brad as gay is because they are adults which she is not yet. Kristina then angrily tells her mom that she respects her dad a lot more. He messes up but admits it, whereas her mom is too self-righteous to admit to having any shortcomings. When Kristina storms out the door, Alexis gets on the phone to call the university and find out about professor Parker.

Maxie goes off with Nathan and they sit in the park. She assures him that she is not suspicious of his past with Claudette. Yet he admits to her that Claudette was not merely his ex girlfriend. She was his wife. Hearing that, Maxie is surprised and asks why he has never told him he was married. She reflects she does not understand since he knows everything about her, including all the bad stuff. So why has he not told her about his marriage?

Right when Sam and Jason are brainstorming about the mystery of Hayden lying about who she is, getting shot before revealing to Jason who he really is, then marrying Nikolas and the whole thing, Nikolas tells Hayden/ Rachel he recommends she not fight the divorce because it will be wasted effort and money for her. She then reminds him if he goes through with it, she can reveal everything she knows about him, and she knows that he does not want that.

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