GH Update Thursday 3/31/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/31/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly's Emma tells her grandma that she is very honored to be able to spend time with her. Anna asks her granddaughter to tell her all about her school and new life in Berkeley. Emma shares photos yet before they can talk further, Griffin enters, apologizes for interrupting and introduces himself to Emma. She asks if he is a friend of her grandma's. He replies he hopes he can be as he gives Anna a sealed envelope. Anna knows not so share, with Emma, the specific details of what Griffin did (the DNA test to prove he's Duke's son) as a peace offering to get Anna to trust him. Yet she is happy that he did so she declares to her granddaughter that Dr. Griffin Munro is a new part of their family. Emma happily engages with Griffin about her parents' medical careers. She wants to talk to him alone and find out more about the man who has replaced her daddy as neurosurgeon at GH.

When Finn goes to GH, he indicates to Epiphany that he wants to be able to bring his service lizard and protests that Roxy is very low maintenance. Yet she lays down the law about people bringing service animals to the hospital. Paul enters and wants to talk to Finn since he's treating the mother of Paul's son. Yet Finn walks away and refuses to talk to Paul. Paul protests there must be some confusion, as he “states” (assuming Finn is unaware) that he's the father of Tracy's son Dillon. Yet Finn makes it clear that he knows all about it and coldly tells Paul that his ex wife does not want him to know anything about her condition. If that changes, she will let him know, Finn tells him. Finn gets a call and leaves. Alone with Paul, Epiphany makes it clear to him that she will not tell him anything more. Paul then gets on his phone to find out if he's gotten any messages and is awaiting a call. He gets on the elevator, informing his contact he is headed to Kelly's.

Sonny gets an unexpected visit from Julian. He lays down the law to Sonny, affirming he does not trust him. He reminds Sonny that Ava agreed to let him have Avery because Ava was in a vulnerable position with what happened to Kiki and all. Julian tells Sonny he knows the game Sonny is playing to manipulate and intimidate Julian's sister. He knows where the black rose and threatening note to the hospital came from. Yet Sonny denies it, stating to Julian he has better things to do than sending threats to Ava, including looking for Carlos Rivera. Hearing that, Julian argues that Carlos is dead as the cops found his dead body floating in the harbor. Sonny tells Julian he knows otherwise. At some point, they will find Carlos, and will have him testify, Sonny reminds him. Carlos will flip on Julian and Julian will go to prison for the murder of Duke. Yet Julian protests to Sonny that he had nothing to do with Duke's death and he knows Sonny threatened Ava with the black flowers and note at the hospital. As soon as Julian leaves, Sonny gets on the phone to meet with his contact and plot a plan to find out about the new DA's secrets.

Kiki makes effort to leave the hospital and see Morgan after she's awoken from her life threatening coma. Yet he tells her he needs a favor from her which would mean never coming to see him again because he cannot let her ruin her life over him, given all that has happened. She is clearly not ok with that. She remarks to him that if she “wanted to”, she could use the “I took the bullet for you and so now I get to calls the shots” card with him. She clarifies she realizes he did not put her in the hospital. But she did not risk all she had to risk to get to see him only to listen to his pity party. She wants him to stop blaming himself and get over it. She tells him there are many gun smugglers they can blame for her getting shot. He asks if she could blame her mom yet she indicates she has heard that Ava was coerced and also, as they know, getting Ava Jerome to feel guilty to take responsibility for anything is not something to hold one's breath for. So, she concludes to Morgan, they both need to get better for themselves and their own lives and not let the outside world control them. Hearing that, Morgan tells her he does not get why she is not giving up on him, given all the stupid and dangerous things he's done. She asks if he really does not know as she reflects that she's gotten closer to him than any man she's ever known and all that they have shared and experienced together. Yet he is worried and questions if she merely had a mistaken idea that he was sane when he was not. Also, when he takes his pills, all of those “great traits” could be ruined. He reminds her that since he's been taking his pills, he does not feel anything. He cannot grasp how that could happen. When his mom brought Josslyn and Avery, he did not feel the joy that he usually feels to see his family. She cries and tells him she never wants him to “feel that way ever again”. Right when they are talking, she suddenly freaks when she hears a loud sound that reminds her of the bullet that was fired that got her shot on the pier. Ava rushes in to see if her daughter is alright. Kiki admits she did not know what happened. Morgan tells her it appeared the tray falling on the floor sounded like a gunshot. He admits that he remembers and has dreams about hearing the gunshot and rushing to catch her. He tells her all about how he copes and how he knows the main thing is to realize that it's over with. With every day that passes, it gets farther away. He tells her on the bright side, if one is going to freak out anywhere, this is the best place to do it. He thanks Ava for bringing Kiki and recommends she takes Kiki back to the hospital since this has been a long and exhausting day for her.

In the other room, Carly makes it clear to Ava that she knows there will be a big battle ahead of her and Sonny for getting the rights to have baby Avery with them after Kiki is getting better. Sensing that it's very clear that Carly does not trust her, Ava protests that she is not the monster that others believe she is. Ava sounds “earnest” in telling Carly how grateful she is for her efforts to save Kiki's life on the pier. She knows that Carly cares about her daughter yet Ava admits she does not entirely trust her around Kiki any more than she does with Avery.

Sonny meets with his contact outside of Kelly's and they want to find a way to put a “bug on Paul Hornsby's phone and find out what he plans to do. The guy whom nobody knows or will recognize goes in by himself and waits for Paul to enter while Sonny waits.

Inside Kelly's, Emma asks questions of Griffin and finds out that he's Duke's son. He admits to her that he never knew his dad and she wonders why she never met him, as she knows that uncle Duke would have wanted to meet Griffin. He admits that his dad did not know antigen about him and his mom had reasons not to tell either of them about the other. Emma asks why that would happen as she knows they would love him. He then asks her if she can do him a favor and tell him about his dad. Sonny enters and talks privately to Anna. Shortly thereafter, they notice Paul when he walks in. Sonny goes to greet Emma and remarks he's not certain if she remembers him. She admits of course she does as she knows he's a friend of her mom's and her uncle Duke's and she gives him a hug. Paul sits by himself at the table. Griffin sits with Anna and Sonny as she confirms that they got the DNA results back to confirm that this man is Duke's son. Griffin goes off with Emma and as soon as they are out of earshot, Anna tells Sonny she now knows how to distract Paul and get him to leave his phone unattended on the table. He encourages her to do it. She goes over to Paul's table and informs him that she was talking to Sonny with the philosophy of keeping one's friends close and their enemies closer. She then persuades Paul to leave “this contraption” aside” for just a moment while she introduces him to her granddaughter and to Duke's son, the new neurosurgeon. Sonny's “helper” gets up as soon as Paul's back is turned and takes his phone from the table.

When Finn returns to his hotel room and is alone, he rushes to meet his “urgent need” by injecting the needle into his veins while he pulls the tourniquet. Carly is carrying fresh linen and is ready to use her key to enter without knocking. Yet he can hear the door unlock and knows he has to hide from her sight. She walks in and is startled to see that he's there unexpectedly, although she is unaware of what he was doing. She admits that she wants to find out more about bearded dragons like Roxy and what they eat. He appreciates her efforts to find a salad with the greens Roxy will like. She admits she knows she cannot ask why he has a service animal but is curious as to why he would not choose a cuddly golden retriever instead of a lizard/bearded dragon. He talks about how he found Roxy in Mexico when she was very sick, injured and at death's door. He first wanted to put her out of her misery after she was injured but he realized that since he was a doctor he should bandage up her broken leg and save her. After doing that, he was ready to set her free and never see her again. But then she appeared at his doorstep and he decided to keep her. Hearing that, Carly smiles and assesses to him that that was “very sweet” although “illegal”. Yet she smiles making it clear she completely approves and supports his decision.

Ava takes Kiki back to the hospital to meet with a disapproving Epiphany. Ava protests to the head nurse that she would not have brought her daughter back if she thought it would compromise her recovery in any way. Epiphany admits to Ava she knows she's been by Kiki's side since she was first brought in but Ava needs to know that Epiphany and the staff are in charge of her care from here on out. Julian appears and Ava wants her brother to fill her in on the details of his private meeting at their apartment with the colleague. He admits that he has no clue who, exactly, it was that sent her the black flowers and threatening note. However, he does not want her to worry now that she's in the clear yet she protests to her brother that she still has her girls to take care of. He declares that he did find out that the “guys” no longer need Ava to be part of their business. As soon as she hears that, she knows that they could not be laying her off if they have done the same for him. If he's not back in the business, as he continues to tell everyone he is not, she knows he had to bribe or take drastic action to get them to cut him loose.

Back at Kelly's, Paul gets his call right after Sonny's contact has had access to his phone without his knowing. Paul gets back to work. Griffin has to get back to the hospital and Emma expresses how much she misses Duke and wants to get to know his son. Observing them, Sonny remarks to Anna that Emma is something else and so much like her grandma and mom. He hears the ring on his phone and confirms to Anna that his mission was accomplished. He meets with the guy who successfully got him what he wanted by tapping Paul's' phone. The guy confirms to Sonny that when Paul gets a call from Carlos Rivera, Sonny will be the first to know.

Paul is alone on his phone, while in the elevator attempting to persuade a very worried Carlos Rivera to believe him that he “does not know” who has leaked where Carlos is and it was not himself. From outside of Kelly's, Sonny listens with his ear device and is very satisfied as he praises and thanks his contact for doing such an excellent job with what he needs. They have not yet found out where Carlos is from this conversation but sooner or later they will, they conclude

At the hospital, Ava still needs Julian to provide answers about who might have sent her the threats. Although he cannot answer that, he continues to assure his sister she need not worry.

Kiki returns to the hospital.

Morgan diligently takes his meds at Freedman, confirming that he needs to get better, having some incentive for his very special friend, Kiki.

Carly continues to happily engage with Finn and tells him about having heard that when one rescues an animal it is the animal who rescued the person. She happily wishes Finn and Roxy a good day and leaves. As soon as Finn is alone, once again, he rushes to access and continue using his needle to inject his veins with whatever it is.

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