GH Update Wednesday 3/30/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/30/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Scott Baldwin sleeps on Ava's couch and it's clear that neither he nor Ava are comfortable with this “arrangement”. When she's unsuccessful getting him to wake up, she throws water in his face, to which he is startled and demands to know what that was for. She angrily tells him he was snoring so loud, she could not sleep in the other room. He admits he took a sleeping pill last night, to which she demands to know why'd he'd drug himself into such a deep sleep when he's supposed to be guarding her.

Kiki has awoken in her hospital room when Franco comes to visit her. He has given her some jogging shoes, although she reminds him it might be a while before she'll be able to use them. She asks him if she can ask him a question, realizing she's been out of it while on hospital drugs and might not remember everything. Yet she finds it odd that she does not remember any visits, calls or texts from Morgan. Hearing that, Franco comments that Morgan is somewhere that does not allow him to make or receive calls. Hearing that, she demands to know where Morgan is now. Franco informs her that Morgan has been admitted to the Freedman clinic indefinitely, and realizing Kiki may not like the idea of that, she needs to realize that is the best place for him right now. She protests that she does not believe that what happened to her was Morgan's fault and she feels the need to reach him. Franco reminds her that Morgan is manic and has been rightfully declared a danger to himself and others until he gets the help he needs. He tells her she does not need the stress of worrying about Morgan. She asks what it was that caused him to be taken to an institution. Franco replies that while she was in her coma and unaware, Morgan tried to jump off the hospital roof. He reminds her of the very rocky history she's had with Morgan when he slept with her mom and then with her “assumed” aunt and all of the trouble he's gotten into and gotten her into including getting her shot and almost killed. He asks Kiki why she doesn't just realize how it's not worth it for her to make Morgan so important to her and she needs to cut him loose.

Michael is visiting Morgan at the facility and informs his brother that their mom is bringing baby Avery and Josslyn to see him later today. Morgan admits to his brother that he appreciates the visit but does not have any hope that he's getting any better and does not like the way his mandatory meds make him feel. He informs his brother that he could sense there was “something up” that his dad would obviously not tell him. And so he asks Michael if he will tell him what their dad will not. Michael reminds his brother that their dad's business is something they cannot talk about and was a major reason for what got him riled up and put in this place.

Alexis wonders what is up with Julian who seems lost in thought about something. He admits to her that he's just found out that Carlos Rivera is alive and on the run. She's worried about what it will mean when and if Carlos meets up with him. Hearing that, Julian tells her she need not get worked up over this and she needs to let him handle this. He gets a call which he does not share the details. He rushes out the door when Kristina enters. She asks her mom what “that” was all about and asks her mom if Julian is “alright”. Alexis assures her daughter that her new step-father is fine but she does have something she'd like to discuss with her daughter regarding the diary Kristina has been writing in. Hearing that, Kristina angrily demands to know why her mother would be reading her private diary. Alexis tells her daughter she knows that even if she tells her mom she does not want her to know, leaving it laying around where it can be easily accessed sends a message that she does, in fact, want others to know a secret. Kristina then admits to her mom, for the first time , that the professor with whom she got into trouble regarding a “would-be” affair is a woman. In fact she informs her mom, she has met her. It's Parker. Hearing that, Alexis assesses to her daughter that she does not believe that a professor such as Parker is qualified to advise or “help” her even if she and Parker believe that is what she can do for Kristina. Alexis reflects the history her daughter has had and the fact that this is not a good situation for her. Hearing that, Kristina demands to know if her mom is merely implying that she has problems because she has sexual feelings for a woman. Alexis protests to her daughter she is not saying that. She wants to know, however, if Parker is the only woman she's had “these feelings” for. Kristina admits she never before has. She wonders if Kristina may be getting “confused” about her sexual orientation because of the negative history she's had with men. Kristina wonders why she'd have this concern and is she merely embarrassed to have to talk to her friends and have them know that about her. Alexis assures her daughter that is not the case, yet Kristina suspects otherwise. She goes out the door, admitting that her mom has really disappointed her and she expected better than this when she had the courage to share her secret.

When Carly is getting ready to take her daughter and step-daughter to see Morgan, she asks Sonny about his recent conversation with Anna Devane where he found out that Carlos Rivera is alive. She needs to know why he's kept that secret from her and just what he plans to do about it. He informs Carly that he is actually working with the cops yet she knows he's evading and not telling her what is really going on regarding Carlos or what he plans to really do about it.

Julian goes to find Ava at their old apartment and demands to know what she might know about what he's just seen in the paper regarding the “shocking news” that Carlos is still alive. Scott goes out the door and leaves them alone to talk. Realizing what her brother just saw and what he may be “assuming”, Ava assures her brother it's not what he must think it is. She informs him that she knows she's being threatened by their old organization, regarding the black rose and note sent to her from the hospital. And so, she explains to Julian, she decided she needs protection. Hearing that, Julian asks if she is really desperate to see Scotty Baldwin as protection for herself. He assures his sister that he will make sure everything is ok. Hearing that, Ava wants to confirm that her brother is not about to get back into their old business, which would also get him “into trouble with the old lady”. He tells her he intends to have a meeting with “Hammer” right in this very apartment although Ava reminds him that “these very people” want to get her killed. He assures her it will only involve one meeting. At that point, Ava can sense her brother has something on his mind that he is not telling her although he does not divulge. Ava leaves. When “Hammer” comes to talk to Julian, Julian urges his former business colleague that Ava had nothing to do with the busting of the arms trade on the docks so they have to stop suspecting and seeing her as the target. The man tells Julian he knows he says that but the organization still has no proof. Julian responds by telling him he has Julian's word. The man then informs Julian they have another problem regarding the fact that Ava has not been doing what the organization needs. The reason the guys suspect her is because she was working undercover with law enforcement. Hearing that, Julian assures him that was just a “cover” to keep her out of prison. He informs Julian than need a strong enforcer for their organization. So, he tells Julian, they need him to return and head up the family.

Carly asks what will happen if Sonny finds Carlos before the cops do. It does not look as though they can get an extradition treaty and so she needs to know what Sonny's plans are although he does not reveal anything to her. Carly leaves with Josslyn and Avery to go and see Morgan.

Kiki gets on the phone from her hospital bed and calls the Freedman facility, asking if she may visit or speak to Morgan Corinthos. When she hears that there are confidentiality rules that restrict a caller or visitor from finding out about one of their patients or whether he is there, she informs the contact that she is Morgan's wife. She attempts to get up out of her hospital bed when Ava enters. Ava demands she gets back into bed and assures her daughter she will be there for her. Kiki tells her mom she needs to know something. She needs to know why Morgan is in an institution and she needs to see him somehow, even if it's against hospital rules. Hearing that, Ava affirms to her daughter that even if she believes it was not Morgan's fault she got shot, Kiki still needs to realize that Morgan “needs help” and so he's in the institution where he cannot have contact with her for a reason.

Carly brings baby Avery and Jocelyn to visit Morgan. Josslyn catches up with her big brother, reflecting that she misses being with Morgan when only he knew all the things about her favorite super heroes movies the way Michael does not. Morgan then awkwardly assures his younger sister she will be alright without him. Morgan can sense that something is going on with his mom and asks her what is up. She clearly does not reveal the secret to him and evades the question by encouraging him to hold baby Avery. He talks to his baby sister yet he is clearly not ok, knowing she has to see him there. At that point, he urges Michael to take his two little sisters home. Carly gives Michael her car keys and stays there alone with Morgan. He privately tells his mom he's sorry but he feels like a caged animal in a zoo and does not want to be seen by others like this. Also he's afraid he's not getting any better while there. She protests that he needs to know he will get better if he just gives this some time.

At Kelly, Franco talks to his dad, Scott Baldwin and expresses his concerns that it appears he is staying with Ava. Scott assures his son that he and Ava are not “sleeping together”. However, Franco needs to know why, then he's staying at her place, asking his dad why, if he's a rich and “hot shot” lawyer, can't he find his own apartment? Scott does not want to discuss the details with his son and asks about Nina. Franco admits that his relationship is great but Scott can sense he is evading telling him what is really going on. Franco admits to his dad that Nina wants the two of them to have a kid and asks Scott if he believes that would be a “dealer breaker”. Scott admits to his son he absolutely believes that it would be.

When Sonny is in his house, on the phone, getting the “wheels into motion” to start his new plan, he is surprised to see Michael return with Josslyn and baby Avery. Alone with Michael, Sonny needs to know what might be “up” with his brother. Michael informs his dad that he did not want the two younger sister to see him in this place and asked Michael to take them home. Sonny then tells Michael he needs him to do something that he cannot do, himself, which is to be there for Carly. Michael assures his dad that his mom does not blame him for Morgan going out on the pier, to which Sonny tells his son she may not admit that but they both know Carly is struggling and she needs her oldest son. His sister need him. And, he tells Michael this is one of those times when he's counting on him. Michael assures his dad he will try. Sonny then informs his son he has to “go somewhere” and if Carly asks where he went, could Michael simply tell her it was “business related”? Michael agrees and Sonny heads to the door. As soon as he gets there, he is surprised to see Julian at the door unexpectedly.

At the Freedman clinic, While Carly tries unsuccessfully to encourage a very despondent Morgan,, she is pleasantly surprised to see Kiki enter, with a walker and Ava there to assist her. Morgan's head is down and he tells his mom that whoever is there must be asked to go away. She tells him she's sorry but he will have to do that himself. He sees Kiki and is in awe that she is walking. She informs him she was not going to let anyone or anything stop her from seeing him. He is grateful for that but wants to talk to Kiki privately. Carly and Ava go out into the other room. Morgan sits beside Kiki and asks how she is. She informs him she just found out he is there and wants to know if he's feeling better. He admits there is so much he wants to say about what happened and what he “did to her”. He then tells her he has to ask her for something. What he needs is for her to go away and not come back because he cannot let her ruin her life over him.

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