GH Update Tuesday 3/29/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/29/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the airport, Ned Ashton (Tracy's oldest son) has arrived and is on the phone urging “someone” not to tell “her” that he is coming because he wants to surprise her.

Jason goes to see Tracy in her hospital room with Sam right behind him. They inform Tracy that they now have a secret weapon for getting ELQ back from Nikolas as they “inform” Tracy (unaware that she already knows) that they have found out that Hayden's real name is Rachel Berlin. Dillon enters and talks to his mom alone while Sam confirms to Jason that Nikolas now wants her to go forward with the investigation after he's found out for the fist time that Hayden's real name is Rachel Berlin, who is well known and notorious. Dillon comes out to talk to them knowing he's heard of Rachel's father, the nutritious Raymond Berlin and informs Jason and Sam that he's seen his mom talking, alone to Hayden, wondering if she knows Hayden's secret or what exactly she may know about Raymond Berlin or his daughter, who is the same person known as Hayden Barnes.

At Wyndemere, Hayden/Rachel taunts Elizabeth about how she is a slut with kids from different men and needs someone to “take care of her little bastards”. In response to that, Elizabeth hauls off and smacks her. Hayden/Rachel tells Elizabeth she will call the police to have her charged with assault and removed from her property. In response to that, Elizabeth informs her that if the police arrive, she can hand Rachel Berlin over to them. She asks Hayden/Rachel why she's upset or worried to hear that, as Elizabeth encourages her to know that she is giving her a heads-up and a chance to escape before getting caught. Elizabeth tells her all she has to go is get on the boat, go far away and never come back and she won't get caught.

Curtis is with Valerie at Kelly's and he is hoping she will want to see more of him and move their relationship to the next level. Yet she tells him that she needs, first of all, to know more about his history with Jordan. He tells her there's very little to talk about yet she tells him she realizes otherwise and knows there is a lot more to the story than what he is admitting.

Jordan is outside the door informing Maddox that she's just found out that Carlos Rivera is alive and the police investigation that identified him as the dead body floating in the harbor was incorrect. He tells her he knows about that when he spoke to Anna. Hearing that, Jordan admits the awkwardness given that she's dating Anna's shrink, she and Anna are friends and he and Anna are “friends” outside of their professional relationship. They enter and can see Curtis with Valerie and Maddox comments that maybe they should not go inside and be near her “mysterious” ex brother in law.

Anna goes to see Sonny and angrily confronts him for the fact that “somebody” has revealed that Carlos is alive, to which he assures it he was not the “leak” and has kept it to himself except for telling his son, Michael whom he knows would not disclose it to the wrong ears. He further reminds her that he thought they agreed that going after Carlos is less of a priority than going after Julian so hopefully keeping Carlos alive with be of benefit for both he and Anna, regarding what Carlos could offer them. He asks her if she might have any ideas of anyone knowing and leaking that Carlos is alive, at large and on the run, suggesting maybe Ava or Julian. Yet they both know that neither of the Jeromes know that because if they did, he would not be alive anymore. At that point, Anna concludes to Sonny she knows that Paul Hornsby knows about Carlos and is probably responsible for the most recent “leak” that she does not want. Sonny asks why, if Paul is in contact with Carlos, has Carlos not been found. Wouldn't Paul like to offer him immunity in exchange for his “service”? Anna replies apparently the reason for that is Carlos will not cooperate with Paul. They both realize they only have a theory that cannot be proven. Sonny then suggests that Anna tap all of Hornsby's phones. She does not intend to do that but he tells her he won't rest until they get justice for Duke. He then remembers they have both just met Duke's long-lost son and is very surprised that Griffin has advised Anna the same as he has with Sonny, to forgive Duke's killer. Sonny reveals to Anna that when he first met and spoke to Griffin, they were able to bond over Griffin's faith. That was before he found out that he was speaking to Duke's son. He reminds Anna that he thinks they both agree that Julian should get convicted for Duke's murder and in prison for the rest of his life. Sonny relishes in the thought of revenge for Julian, to which Anna jokingly reminds him that that is not in line with “forgiveness”. Anna reminds Sonny that he has another reason to want revenge on another member of the Jerome family for killing somebody else he loves. He admits that he is not about to forgive Ava for that regardless of anything else. He admits to Anna it is not like him to forget his first instinct to take revenge. Yet he knows it may be easier said than done. She reminds him that perhaps Duke would still be alive if he had not joined forces with Sonny. He reminds her that Duke, at first did not listen to her but in the end, put her first. He reminds Anna that Duke died for the woman he loved. They both agree that they miss and want justice for Duke. Anna reminds Sonny that Griffin urged her to forgive herself, she “surprises” Sonny by suggesting maybe he should do the same. He tells her he never thought he'd hear that from her but appreciates it.

Ava goes to talk to Scott Baldwin in his hotel room, expressing that she needs legal representation. He demands she pays him in cash. She does and then informs him that Paul Hornsby has been blackmailing her with the mysterious disappearance of the flash-drive of her confession that she killed Connie. Scott recalls the day he represented her in court, months ago, right after resigning as DA and he removed the flash-drive before the new DA, Ric Lansing could find it in order to convict Ava, making Scott successful in getting her acquitted, and then he suddenly discovered that “someone” ransacked his hotel room and took the taped confession. Now he finds out, for the first time that it was the new DA, Paul, (who replaced Ric Lansing after he replaced Scott), is the one who took ransacked Scott's room and took the taped confession). Also, Ava has known that for a long time yet not revealed it. She tells him she needs him to be a “human shield” given what Paul is threatening her with. And in exchange, she tells him, she will offer him lots of money. She finds out he no longer has any money and has been wiped out of his life savings and asks why. Scott replies it was because he was stupid enough to invest with this hideous coyote named Raymond Berlin. They both argue about how the other could do a lot worse than themselves. They then agree that they have a deal since she needs his help and he needs his bills paid.

Dillon goes inside Tracy's room with Jason and Sam and realizes that not long ago, she did not remember anything so he needs to find out if she knows who these two people are. She remembers the guy is Jason Morgan and knows all about Jason's history. Yet Dillon reminds his mom that only minutes ago, she thought Jason was his grandfather and her father, Edward Quartermaine. Ned appears. At first Tracy is adamant about needing her kids to respect her confidentiality and stop “assuming” things about her. Yet Ned assures his mom he is there for her and is not going anywhere. At that point, she hugs him revealing she's very grateful that he's there

Hayden then packs her bags and leaves an envelope for Spencer. She cries however, realizing she will miss the father and son she’s grown close to and the home she's grown attached to, very possibly for reasons other than money.

Jordan and Maddox sit at the table at Kelly's. Curtis and Valerie are not far away. Suddenly and unexpectedly, a masked gunman enters, demands everybody stay down and hand over their money and they might live. He urges the cashier to open the register to which Jordan assures her “it's fine” and to do what he says. She distracts him by acting as though she's “scared" and pulls out her gun. Curtis grabs a hold of the guy. They both overpower him and Jordan calls to report the “attempted and unsuccessful” crime. Valerie is impressed and encouraged but still wants to find out all about Curtis' previously “positive” working relationship with Jordan and how it went bad. He again evades the question yet she is ok knowing that he is skilled in fighting crime. Out of nowhere, Hayden comes in to announce it's an “emergency” asking of anyone knows what she can do with a flat tire. Curtis then asks Valerie if it's ok for him to excuse himself while he “helps this lady out”, to which Valerie suspects nothing and graciously approves and waits for him. Jordan continues to talk alone at the table with Maddox and they want to spend more time together. She concludes that she'd like to go home with him and have a bottle of Bordeaux right where there will be no interruptions whatsoever. Outside, Curtis talks to Hayden/Rachel, telling her that he wonders why she would be “sad” about losing Nikolas, given he knows the man tried to kill her, especially now that he's learned that she has enough money not to need her husband in the first place.

Elizabeth goes to see Nikolas and tells him she “just wanted to be there for him”, knowing he's upset to have lost someone he trusted and has been betrayed yet again. She hugs him. He reveals that although he knows how happy she is to be rid of Hayden and assumes he should also celebrate, he knows how his son grew attached, yet again, to another person who will be leaving, whom he will never see again and whom Nikolas will have to admit to his son he has been betrayed by. He admits to Elizabeth that he does not want to be alone in the big empty house and could use a friend like her.

In her hospital room, Tracy admits to Ned and to Dillon that when she took her vacation in Mexico, she ran into Ned's father. She made a serious mistake talking and eating with him and trusting the nasty foreign delicacy he had. Now, it appears there are parasites and perhaps worms in her brains that could kill her unless a new doctor is successful with his plan. She tells both of her sons that if she thought they could get away with it, she'd have them both murder their respective fathers. Yet that is not an option. So what she wants in the event of her death or demise is for them to get ELQ back for the family.

Sam talks to Jason outside Tracy's room all about his history as a Quartermaine with his bio father and grandfather. He concludes to Sam that he can see although the Quartermaines fight and bicker, the family is not just about money. There is more than that, he reflects although he has no conscious memory of them or anything else. He seems to be getting closer to Sam and they kiss.

Outside Kelly's, Hayden/Rachel reveals to Curtis she is devastated to have lost “the man she loves”. He does not seem to understand why, when she asks him whom she has in her life besides Nikolas and Spencer, to which he assures her she has him. He asks her why it's so difficult for her to see him as a friend. Also, with the evidence that her husband tried to kill her, they have an “ace in the hole”. He tells her now that she is no longer in danger and has money, she may now go back to the island castle she has access to and “be a queen”. She admits to him that she has that option but is definitely not happy to have lost what may appear to be more important to her than money.

While Valerie is inside, she goes to talk to Jordan informing her that she knows Jordan has warned her to have nothing to do with Curtis. However, she admits that she is really getting to like Curtis and wonders why her boss so dislikes and distrusts him.

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