GH Update Monday 3/28/16

General Hospital Update Monday 3/28/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy is in her hospital bed and demands that Obrecht lets her see Dr. Finn and nobody else. She tells her Finn is the only person here who has his head on straight. She is very discontented with Dr. Mayes, whom she expresses is a stupid buffoon who misdiagnosed her with cancer.

Finn is alone in his hotel room appearing to be meditating with Roxie the lizard nearby. At the hospital, Dillon calls and leaves a message for him that Finn does not respond to or hear while he's focused on meditation. Obrecht protests she cannot risk the liability of having an unfamiliar physician practicing in her hospital Yet Tracy demands she gets Dr. Finn, reminding the chief of staff that she will not take no for an answer.

At Kelly's, Sam, Jason and Danny sit at a table and she talks about how she is not about to give up on finding out what Hayden may be holding over on Nikolas. Her reasons are personal, she tells him. She clarifies it's not that she personally cares about Nikolas after all he's done. She agreed to take on the case he asked of her, regarding Hayden, for the interest of Spencer. Jason sounds like he might want to work with her yet she realizes it's getting late and she needs to get Danny to bed by taking him to the Quartermaine house. She reflects to Jason that he and Monica always got along well although he did not have such good rapport with the rest of the Quartermaines.

Laura is alone in the attic of the mysterious room at Wyndemere when Elizabeth finds her and asks her what she is doing. Laura replies she is chasing ghosts. She informs Elizabeth that she used the mysterious key that Helena gave her to open the mysterious crate with Nikolas' Will. Hearing that, Elizabeth urges her not to let Helena have so much power over her. She then informs Laura that she just found out that Hayden is really Rachel Berlin. Laura hears that name and remarks it is familiar, to which Elizabeth clarifies that Rachel is the daughter of Raymond Berlin whom they know is crooked. Laura is a bit concerned that her son has been taken and scammed, yet again by another woman. Elizabeth makes it clear that she is ready to take action, knowing the police are probably very interested in taking action against Rachel. Yet Laura reminds her that if she does that, it will get Nikolas into far worse trouble than Rachel is in. Yet Elizabeth protests that they have to take action and cannot wait around while Hayden continues to manipulate Nikolas. Laura concludes she does not like it any more than Elizabeth does but they need to give some time for Nikolas to take action against Hayden on his on.

Downstairs, after finding out that Hayden falsified her name and her identity and is really Rachel Berlin, Nikolas declares she is not the woman he married. She is a stranger. And so he does not want to hear her say anything about love or commitment when he knows everything is based upon a lie. She protests that he said he loves her but he clarifies he loved Hayden Barnes and not Rachel Berlin. So it's all invalid and nullified since Hayden Barnes does not exist and was only a fabrication. When he tells her it's over and nobody in their right mind would trust her, Hayden(Rachel) firmly reminds him that he lied to Sam and to Jason about who Jason really was. He did not do it for the good of anyone. He only did it so he could take ELQ. He cannot stand there judging her, she angrily tells him, when what he did is far worse than what she did with her secrets that he now knows.

As soon as Finn gets the message from Dillon, he rushed to the hospital to get to Tracy's room. She remarks to her son and sister in law that she really likes a doctor who responds to calls. Finn tells her that he is certain that his formula should work for Tracy. She assumes that that means she's guaranteed to be released soon, yet Finn clarifies he did not promise that. He informs her that this treatment he is doing works for some but not all and the ones for whom it does not work do not make it. He encourages Tracy to rest because it will benefit her although he cannot make any promises. He admits that it many foreign countries, people with what she has are likely to die. Yet Monica encourages Tracy to know that in the US there is much better hope. He reflects that patients who are of a “weak” nature do not make it. Yet, hearing that, both Monica and Dillon know that is not the person Tracy is. Monica walks Finn out and tells the doc she has to apologize for her sister-in-law's lack of tact. He laughs and Obrecht asks him to come with her to talk privately. Monica runs to greet Danny when Jason and Sam get off the elevator with their son. She informs them that Tracy is on a new drug regimen, reminding them how Tracy is not a very cooperative or courteous patient to anyone. Inside the hospital room, Tracy tells Dillon she does not want him hovering around her. Jason and Sam come inside the room and Jason tells Tracy he came to visit her and see how she is doing. She demands to know why and what this might mean. Sam leaves Jason alone to talk to his aunt.

Finn responds to Obrecht's intimidation by reminding her that the doctor whom she recommended and supported, Dr. Mayes, almost cut open a patient's head over a false diagnosis of cancer. So, he firmly reminds her, she has no grounds and is in no position to judge or prevent him from practicing medicine. He could expose both her and Mayes for that, he reminds the chief of staff. So he is not afraid of any threats she can make to him. Obrecht argues that she doubts either she or Mayes could be in trouble for one isolated mistake with a patient that did not even materialize since Mayes did not have a chance to operate on Tracy. Yet he furiously reminds her if Mayes had had the authority that only she wanted to give him, he would have cracked open Tracy Quartermaine's skull and caused permanent brain damage needlessly. She protests that the hospital does not commonly make those kinds of errors, yet he protests that Dr. Quartermaine, Dr. Munro as well as himself all know what Mayes was ready to do and how neither Mayes or Obrecht can be trusted to have anything to do with Tracy's case.

Not far away at the hospital, Paul comes to meet with Ava in the hallway. She tells him she demands he hands over the recording that she killed Connie, which he's hanging over her head. If he does not do that, she has no use for him nor incentive to do what he wants. He urges her to reconsider and trust him but she reminds him that it is because of him that she has a target on her back. She reminds him that the moment they established their immunity deal, she was designated by the organization as a “rat” and she knows the people involved in the organization do not like rats. She tells Paul no matter what he tells her she knows she is in danger and needs to handle things herself without his help, which will not benefit her in the first place. She declares he is not who she previously thought he was yet he urges her to “re-unite” with him yet she tells him her priorities have changed. Her two daughters need her more than she needs Paul. He asks her how Kiki is to which she replies that her daughter may need long term care but will hopefully be ok. Hearing that, he reminds Ava that if she or Kiki “need anything” he has a lot of power over this hospital and its patients. Hearing that, Ava coyly tells Paul she does not need his help and knows that he has his own problems regarding his own son and his son's mother.

Nikolas admits to Hayden/Rachel that he blames himself for refusing to listen to anyone who warned him about her. She protests that it's Elizabeth's “fault”, to which he angrily tells her she cannot blame Elizabeth. She (Hayden/Rachel) is crooked and he (himself) was too stupid to see that before it was too late. He concludes he has to go off alone and assess what this will mean in everyone's lives. After he's gone, Elizabeth comes out and demands to know where is Nikolas. Hayden/Rachel replies he's gone and she knows Elizabeth will be really pleased to see that Nikolas no longer trusts her. Elizabeth wants to gleefully gloat and “celebrate”by finding Nikolas but Hayden/Rachel demands she not go anywhere. Hayden/Rachel reminds Elizabeth that she (Elizabeth) is desperate and willing to stop at nothing in order to control the men in her life including Nikolas, Jason, Lucky. She tells Elizabeth, she realizes that Elizabeth has this “idea” that she and Nikolas are BFF until the end. Elizabeth tells Hayden/Rachel that she knows of only one girl whom Nikolas loved. She's gone now and since she's been gone, the only other people in his life since have been nothing more than “warm bodies”. She declares that is all Hayden is and then clarifies to “Rachel”, that is all she “was”, since Nikolas is done with Hayden/Rachel.

Laura goes to meet with Scott Baldwin at Kelly's. He asks her the reason for the meeting. Is she in some sort of legal trouble? She replies no. It's “Helena trouble”. She tells him about they “mysterious key” opening up the “mysterious” locked crate and how she noticed an old law book of his from back when they were a couple. Hearing that, Scott remarks that she has “cracked the riddle” but not “cracked the code”. Knowing that she just informed him that she found his law book and it symbolized “loving and losing”, that may mean that they were once in love, many years ago, for a short time but have since both moved on. He does not find much significance in that but wants to crack the specific meaning of the letters in the book of his. He concludes to Laura if anyone could crack the code, it would be her.

Sam goes to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas. Knowing he now has to take drastic action, he informs Sam that he just found out that Hayden is really Rachel Berlin. He's done with her and does not trust her and would now like for Sam to investigate and find out everything she can in order to bring Hayden/Rachel to justice. Sam mentions getting the police involved and wonders why Nikolas so adamantly objects to having law enforcement know about what is clearly illegal activity on the part of Hayden/Rachel that could affect him. In response to that, he reminds Sam that the prenup protects him from Hayden taking anything from him. Yet Sam admits she is suspicious of the fact that Hayden/Rachel could be running a con in that it does not “sound like her” not to even put up a fight with letting Nikolas have the one thing that could prevent her from taking everything from him.

In Tracy's room, she reflects to Jason that she remembers how low on his list she always was. She tells him she knows the reason he is there to see her. He wants her to get ELQ back for him and then he will be ok with her. He protests he is not primarily interested in that but she affirms that it was her responsibility not to let Nikolas steal it so he has good reason to expect her to restore what is rightfully his. She then assures Jason she has a “secret weapon” regarding Nikolas' new wife. She informs Jason, for the first time, that Hayden's real name is Rachel.

After Laura has left and Scott is alone at Kelly's, Ava comes by and thanks him for seeing her. He replies anything for his “favorite client”.

Laura is back at the house still obsessing and wondering what Helena is hiding.

At the hospital, Monica confirms with Obrecht that Dr. Finn will now have full cooperation to treat Tracy. She comments she is certain that Finn is an excellent doctor. Yet Obrecht “counters” that statement by commenting: “That remains to be seen”.

Finn is alone in his hotel room injecting a needle into his veins.

Hayden/Rachel continues to “spar” with Elizabeth, reminding her she is a slut with 3 kids from three different men. It shows how pathetic and desperate Elizabeth is to hang onto a man. She tells Elizabeth she needs “someone else” to help her hang onto her “collection of bastards”. Hearing that, Elizabeth smacks Hayden/Rachel in the face.

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