GH Update Friday 3/25/16

General Hospital Update Friday 3/25/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Griffin urges Anna to know that he is at her home solely because he wants to know more about his father. He has no ulterior motive. Yet she panics when he appears to be grilling her about her “guilt” regarding her attempting to murder Carlos. She tells him she needs to now why he is interrogating her. She needs to now if he might be wearing a wire and if Paul Hornsby might have sent him. Hearing that, he protests he is not wearing a wire. She is free to check him and he does not know who Paul Hornsby is. She protests she knows he’s been following and stalking her and suddenly appeared out of nowhere claiming to be Duke's long lost son with a mysterious letter from his deceased mother which anyone could have fabricated. She tells him she needs proof in the form of DNA test and can't take his word for it, reminding him that she has too many enemies who may have incentive to scam her by using her grief for Duke. He tells her he can do what she wants but needs her to trust him so that she can share the memories of his father with him. He drinks out of her coffee cup and asks her to do what is needed so they can settle this once and for all and get on with what he needs to do. He asks her to run the test. She brings out a coffee mug of Duke's that should have sufficient DNA and informs him she has many friends on the PCPD so she will run the test before discussing anything further with him. He tells her he's sorry that she does not trust him. He admits that he's concerned about what he can clearly see is her inability to “forgive” someone as he reflects to her how important a gift forgiveness is, as he's seen that in his own life.

As Paul Hornsby is in his office, he gets a call from Carlos Rivera. He tells Carlos that he does not want to hear from him and Carlos needs to handle his own stuff especially now that he's refused to do what Paul wants. He reminds Carlos that he has no choice except to do what Paul wants as Paul reminds him he needs to think about Sabrina and their need to stay in the sunshine state. Carlos reminds Paul he has to protect himself because he knows many people would benefit from his death, including Paul and Anna Devane. Not only does she want to kill him for killing Duke. She has a threat hanging over her head of getting charged with murder which will end if he's dead. He also reminds Paul he knows Sonny Corinthos wants him dead. So he cannot trust Paul or anyone else associated with him He tells Paul he has no reason to trust him or let him know where he is. And so, Carlos warns, Paul better wire him the money he needs or he will make all of Paul's nightmares come true by revealing all of Paul’s secrets to everyone in including Anna. Right when Carlos hangs up, Paul gets a visit from Anna who needs to know, once again, if he's gotten any closer to finding Carlos than he was before. Anna informs Paul that she just met a guy who tells her he is Duke's son. She wasn’t about to trust him and knows she has good reason to be paranoid of anyone who says that. Yet she is tired of having to live that way, she tells Paul. And so, she informs him, she has decided to use her own resources to find Carlos and bring him to justice. Hearing that and remembering Carlos very real threat regarding that, Paul urges her to work with him and give him some time yet she declares that she has to find Carlos on her own. He protests but she tells him she is done and has work to do, as she goes out the door. Very afraid of what that will mean, he immediately gets on his phone to call a contact to inform them, for the first time that a mistake was made by the PCPD that Duke Lavery's killer got shot to death. Paul informs the person that Carlos is still alive and reminds them that there are many people with incentive to end Carlos, clearly encouraging them to make that very thing happen.

Sonny goes to the hospital to bring Epiphany some flowers as gratitude for her help with his PT. He assumes everything will be happy and she will not be angry although she tells him she is mad as hell at him for lying to her that he could walk. She tells him she heard about how he disarmed a man who tried to take his daughter hostage at Alexis' wedding. She asks if he has not paid the price in his marriage, with Carly having justification not to trust him after finding out he lied to her also. She admits that she protected his confidentiality because she was bound by medical laws. That's the only reason. She was not proud of it and it was not ok with her that Sonny put her up to it. She reminds him she had to lie to Dr. Munro who could probably take all of two seconds to find out that Sonny could walk. Sonny smiles and laughs assuming she will soon “get over it” but she firmly asks him if he really thinks this is funny. They talk about her relationship with Milo and the fact that she knows many people wish they could have killed Carlos Rivera for what happened to Duke Lavery. Epiphany leaves to get back to work. Griffin finds Sonny and informs him he went to talk to Anna Devane. Sonny is surprised and wonders why Anna would trust him in her house. Griffin reveals to Sonny the reason Anna invited him to her home and was willing to talk to him was because Duke was his father. Sonny is in awe to hear that and informs Griffin how highly he regarded of Duke and he has also seen the honor ability and integrity of his new doctor in the short time they've known each other. He concludes he now knows where Griffin got his traits from. Sonny tells Griffin that his dad was loyal to a fault. He reflects that Duke was a fighter. He realizes it must be hard for a law abiding upstanding young doctor to understand how someone who does what Sonny does could be a good man although, he attests to Griffin, he knows what a heroic person his father was. Remembering how he misses Duke and mourns the tragic loss of his life, he makes it clear to Griffin, assuming Griffin would not feel differently, that he cannot let Carlos Rivera get away with murdering Duke. Yet Griffin tells Sonny the same thing he told Anna, about the “gift” of forgiveness. Realizing that Sonny cannot grasp the concept given the situation, Griffin asks Sonny what he intends to do regarding his need for revenge. Will he confront murder with murder? He urges Sonny to know it will not bring his father back nor give Sonny any peace nor will it honor Duke's memory. He urges Sonny to let what happens to the killer of Duke stay in God's hands.

Kristina and Parker try to tear themselves away from each other but see they cannot do that and they kiss, while alone at Alexis' house. Kristina pulls away and reminds her professor that it is she who is giving Kristina mixed signals. She tells Kristina they have no future together yet comes to her mom's house when she's alone and indicates she cares about Kristina. Parker protests she does care about Kristina and does not intend to tell anyone Kristina's secrets about her sexuality. She urges Kristina to maybe consider counseling but Kristina firmly tells her counseling has nothing to do with this. Parker has some accountability in what is now happening. Parker admits to Kristina that it is true they have no future together. She intends to stay married and committed to her wife and knows that Kristina needs time and space in order to find out who she is and what she wants. Hearing that, Kristina confirms that she wants Parker, informing her she was figuring out who she was the last semester, and concluded she was straight. But then, when she and Parker clicked, she knew that may not be the case. Yet she does not care what that makes her regarding “labels” such as straight, gay or anything else. Hearing that, Parker expresses her concerns that Kristina is likely to have had interest in women before yet must have denied or repressed it. She concludes she'd like Kristina to have the chance to explore this side of herself without fear or denial. Kristina asks if she also means that Parker wants her to do that alone and without Parker in her life. Parker confirms yes., as she protests to Kristina she does not want her to feel shame for her feelings. She wants her to embrace who she is. She tells her the sexuality is only one part of the extraordinary woman whom Kristina is becoming. They both cry as Parker holds her and then declares she has to say good bye to Kristina and goes out the door.

At Wyndemere, as soon as Hayden gets up on her high horse to Elizabeth, affirming that she is Nikolas' wife and her husband will soon get rid of Elizabeth, Elizabeth reveals she is onto Hayden. She tells her she now knows that Hayden's real name is Rachel Berlin. When Elizabeth declares she is onto her, Hayden protests she will be the one to inform Nikolas the truth although Elizabeth makes it very clear she does not trust her. Hayden protests she just needs a bit more time and states to Elizabeth that she “begs” her for that. Nikolas walks in, overhears their conversation and asks what was just going on there before he entered. Hayden protests to her husband that he needs to know that Elizabeth is a pathological liar as it's been proven. She is desperate enough to tell any lie to save her own skin when she's desperate. Yet Elizabeth blurts out to Nikolas that Hayden is really Rachel Berlin. Her father is Raymond Berlin, the devious investor who was responsible for terrible things happening to many people throughout history. Nikolas asks Hayden if that is true, knowing all too well everything about Raymond Berlin, and asks her if that is her association with Baxter Corbin. Hayden confirms to Nikolas that it's true. She is Rachel Berlin and Raymond Berlin is her father. Remembering she told him both of her parents are dead and realizing both Raymond and her mom are alive, he furiously tells her there are two many lies although she protests and attempts to justify herself. She talks about how she “did everything she could” in order to escape her reputation. He tells her he knows she not only needed to escape her “reputation”. She has to escape prosecution for her part in her father's crimes. Both he and Elizabeth assess how Hayden scammed, schemed, connived and did everything she could to re-invent herself after she worked with her father to ruin peoples' lives. Elizabeth protests that Hayden had many other choices except what she did. Hayden explains she tried to get her life together in Beecher's Corners. She admits she was desperate for money right when Rid Lansing found her and offered her money she could not turn down for scamming Jason who was known to all as Jake, at the time, having him believing she was his wife. Elizabeth remembers how that profoundly affected her life. Nikolas reflects that now that explains her “incentive and motives” to want to meet and scam a wealthy prince like himself. He does not listen to any of her protests that she had good intention or need to protect his interests when she wanted to have ELQ rights and went to Diane behind his back. He continues to remind her that she has had many opportunities to tell him the truth about her true identity. He recalls her running into Baxter in Vegas right after their wedding knowing that he knew she was Rachel. Yet she had to continue the lie with Nikolas so he has no reason to trust her. She asks Elizabeth to leave so she can talk to Nikolas and emotionally protests to him that she wanted to reform herself and experience love when she met him. She declares that even if she lied about many things, he has to believe and know she's telling the truth that she loves him.

In the mysterious attic where Laura and Lulu go to find a large crate with Nikolas' will, they see that the mysterious key which Helena gave to Laura opens it. Lulu warns her mother that she must know all about Pandora's box. However, Laura opens it to reveal the big secret, [protesting to her daughter there may be significance in what appears to be a simple book They open the book and Laura remembers it belonged to Scott Baldwin when he was in law school and she sees it contains criminal evidence of something and Lulu admits to her mom that this looks very weird. Laura admits to her daughter that she remembers that book when she got a job many years ago and that is where she met Lulu's father. Again, Lulu tells her mom that she needs to consider this may be nothing more than a tactic for Helena to mess with her head. Laura admits to her daughter that may be true and she’d like to just stop playing games with this situation and this hideous dead woman. She walks away but Lulu discovers a red rose on the floor. Laura then remembers she got that when she was with Scott Baldwin one night when they went out, during law school. Lulu asks her mom if she thinks Helena knew that this was in Scott's book. Laura admits to her daughter she wonders why Helena would “point her in this direction”, and declares there's got to be more. Yet Lulu asks her what if there is more and more keys and books and mysterious to obsess over. She wants her mom to get over it and not put more mental energy into this. She continues to remind her that with every minute she devotes to this is giving Helena just what she wants. However, Laura looks through the book knowing she will find something very significant. She sees many letters on each page for which Lulu asks her how long it will take to find all of this out and if it's worth it. Yet Laura declares she now has more pieces to the puzzle.

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