GH Update Thursday 3/24/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/24/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan and Maxie awaken together. She is happy to be with him and tells him she's so happy he's better and they can be together. She admits she has something she needs to tell him. At that point, he hears her confronting him about how she knows the truth about Claudette. She angrily tells him she does not trust him nor believe he is a good person. He lied to her and she never wants to see him again. He awakens alone in his bed to discover he's just having a dream about something that has not actually happened. He's still in his hospital bed and ready to leave soon yet still haunted by the fact that he's keeping a secret from Maxie about Claudette.

Maxie rushes to find Griffin at the hospital and states to him that she would really like to talk to him regarding having him featured in the next issue of Crimson as the next “real man”. Hearing that, he clearly does not want to talk about that, tells her he has to get back to work, dismisses her and suddenly acts cold. Noticing that, she asks if he believes she's done something wrong, reminding him that the last time they spoke, they seemed to really hit it off and he seemed really comfortable talking to her. He admits that his problem with being friendly to her is in regards to “her boyfriend”. He admits that he has to resist temptations to do things he should not, including becoming “friendly” with attractive women, as he states how easy it is for anyone to repeat their “old patterns” in their lives.

Michael goes to talk to Anna at her house stating he needs some answers from her about Carlos Rivera. He informs her that his father informed him that she happens to know that Carlos Rivera is alive, on the run and Sabrina is with him. He states to her that although he realizes her justifiable reason not to care about Carlos, she needs to know that baby is innocent and that he has to be able to find out where they are. She honestly states to him that she cannot help him with that as she has no clue where Carlos, Sabrina or the baby might be. He tells her he knows that if she finds Carlos, she might be compelled to use “deadly force” given the situation. And that is why he needs to protect the baby. He admits to Anna that everyone had good reason to believe Carlos was dead and asks her how Carlos could have survived, vanished and then re-appeared after months. She realizes Michael knows nothing about her shooting Carlos with full intent to kill him, on the docks right after he shot Duke, and her believing he was in fact dead all that while thereafter. Seeing Anna lost in thought, Michael asks her if she is ok. She admits to Michael that it's been difficult for her to process that the man who murdered Duke is still alive. Michael then wants to know how and when it was found out by her or by anyone that Carlos was alive. She clearly evades that question, apologizing for rushing him out, explaining she's expecting someone and that she will email him as soon as possible regarding his question. He admits to her, before leaving, that he was just thinking how much better off they'd all be if someone had finished off Carlos when they had a chance. Right when he's going out the door, Griffin enters and Michael meets his father's former doctor for the first time. Griffin enters after Anna has invited and scheduled him but asks if she's sure it's convenient for him to be there because she looks upset. Realizing he just met Sonny's son, she is uneasy. She shows him pictures she has of Duke from childhood in Scotland when he wore a kilt, throughout the time they were together, when they danced the tango for the last time at the Nurses' Ball not long ago, right before he died. He remarks that it appeared she and his father had some conflicting priorities and values regarding her being in law enforcement and his being an outlaw. She admits that was true. Not long before Duke died, after they found each other after all those years, he joined forces with Sonny's organization. Yet, he later made a commitment to end his ties to the organization. They were going to run away together and start a new life away from it all. But just before she joined him to leave together, he had been shot and was bleeding. She tried to save him but it was too late. He died. Griffin then declares he's relieved to find out his father was ready to get out of the mob before he died. She reflects she knows all too well how danger can be a rush and addictive to so many people. Griffin realizes that his own passion and adrenaline in the OR, involved in saving lives, is similar. Anna concludes that Duke had the same passion to protect the people he loved although he did not trust the law. That is how he got involved with Sonny. She affirms that she misses Duke so much and wishes Griffin could have had a chance to meet and see what a wonderful man his father was. Griffin tells her he has heard the man who killed his father is Carlos Rivera. Although she does not reveal the specifics regarding her dealings with Carlos, she does admit that given that Carlos has gotten away with killing Duke and she does not have closure. She further tells Griffin that she believes Carlos had no remorse, given the circumstances involved. He asks her what exactly it is about all of this that she just can’t seem to forgive. Hearing that, she realizes she is keeping a secret she cannot reveal to him about what she did (or intended to do) to Carlos and what has transpired since them.

Nathan finds Maxie at the hospital and she remarks to him that it was odd that the very nice new doctor who so graciously and courteously fixed her ankle the other day, had a very sudden “change” in his personality and behavior. He seemed very cold for some unknown reason as soon as she asked him questions. It looked like he was clearly trying to hide something to not let her find something out about him. She realized that Griffin revealed to her that he may have an attraction to her and was not ok with the fact that he cannot have her since she's with Nathan. They then declare that this is his last day of medical restrictions after the shooting. He's coming home tomorrow and they can spend the afternoon together.

When Kristina is alone and lost in thought at the house after confirming that the secret about her same-sex encounter with her professor has not come out to either of her parents, Parker comes to see her. Kristina panics and tells her she does not want her there and that Parker needs to leave and not come back yet Parker sounds emotion telling Kristina it is not that simple, given how they last left things and it's important she sees her. Hearing that, Kristina reminds Parker that she (Parker) is the one who is married yet must persist by showing up at Kristina's door. Parker then informs her that she heard that “some unidentified gentleman” was poking around on campus attempting to find out the names of all Kristina's professors, to which Kristina assures her professor she convinced her dad to call off the investigation. They stare at each other when Parker asks Kristina if she still has not told her parents about “her feelings” or that Kristina continues to pursue Parker even after Parker told her nothing could happen between the two of them. Kristina assures her that the secret is still not out, at least in that nobody knows the professor in question was Parker. Parker asks Kristina if she is “still struggling”, clearly sensing Kristina's fear that her professor does not “like” her. Parker reminds Kristina that Kristina threatened her marriage. Yet Parker explains when she found out that Kristina could have gotten killed at her mom's wedding, she felt an urge to find her and make sure she was alright. Yet Kristina wonders why, if her professor has these feelings for her, that she would never consider leaving her wife.

Hayden goes to meet Diane at the room at the Metro Court, hastily asking if she has the legal papers Hayden asked her to draw up regarding hers and Nikolas' prenup. Hayden is startled and surprised to see that Nikolas is already there talking to Diane before she arrived. Diane looks coldly at her and informs her that she just found out, to her surprise, for the first time that Nikolas knew nothing about the legal business Hayden has been seeing Diane for regarding their marriage. She informs Hayden that Nikolas just informed her that he never authorized for her to draw up any legal documents that would transfer ELQ to Hayden. Nikolas then informs Diane he needs to speak with his wife alone, to which she concludes she will be in the next room after giving Nikolas the addendum he knew nothing about until now.

Alone with Nikolas, Hayden protests that she “can explain”. Yet he tells her no. He does not believe she can. He knows that she went behind his back by having Diane authorizing for her to take over ELQ in his absence. He declares she's deceived him once again and he should have known yet she protests that everything she did was for him and she can prove it. She tells him that the day when he was in the hospital after his brawl with Jason, before they got married, she was afraid of what could happen in the event of his death. That is something everyone has to think of. Yet he needs to know why she kept this whole thing a secret to him. She reminds him that after the signing of his grandmother's Will and all that has happened, she needed “insurance” and perhaps was waiting for the right time for him to sign the documents. He then concludes that maybe her intent was nothing to suspect. Yet she wonders why, if he did not know and suspected nothing of her regarding the documents, did he meet with Diane today. He replies it was to change the terms and conditions of Will, because of her, (although he does not reveal to her what that may be in regards to.) Nikolas concludes to Hayden that he's now found out that after signing the prenup, if something were to happen to him, she'd be left with a very limited amount of his inheritance.. He's concluded after all they've shared together, he needs to offer her more. She is very surprised and asks if, after he's found out about her drawing up these papers without his knowing, he'd really want to do that. He replies absolutely. They happily kiss and declare they love each other. Diane comes out, asks if they have resolved everything, to which Hayden confirms yes and leaves Nikolas alone to talk to Diane. At that point, he asks her just what Hayden told her, to which she informs him his wife told her she wanted to protect her husband's financial interests and assets. Realizing what may “really” be going on, Diane talks about how when one spouse has good reason to trust the other, they could easily sign their assets over to the other in order to protect themselves from consequences and it works perfectly if they know the other spouse would never screw them over. Yet, she realizes that may not be the case between Nikolas and Hayden, and so Diane strongly advises him not to sign the documents if he's having any doubts about his wife. She further tells Nikolas that he could get much better answers regarding his lawsuit and what to sign or not if he had her represent him. He agrees.

Back at Wyndemere, Elizabeth hurriedly goes on the computer to find out whatever Hayden may be hiding and exclaims: “Hayden, you bitch!” when she sees something. Laura enters with Lulu and asks Elizabeth where her boys are, notice she appears upset and asks her why. Elizabeth replies she just found something out. Elizabeth does not have a chance to share what she just learned about Hayden when Laura reveals to her that although everyone including herself believe there's no point in allowing Helena to riddle with them once more, she is still keeping the mysterious key Helena gave her, to see what it might mean. She informs them that she went to an antiquity dealer who informed her that the key was made in Russia in the 19th century and it was meant to open something. Yet Lulu and Elizabeth both tell her that the key probably means nothing and it's just one more of Helena's tactics to play with her mind. Yet Elizabeth admits she has not gotten rid of the book Helena gave her and Jake. Laura reminds Lulu that she and Lulu's father have been bound to the Cassadines throughout her entire adult life and so she needs this final closure no matter what it is. Yet Lulu urges her mom to be practical asking her if she'd have a clue where to look in order to find any “answers” about where the key came from. At that point, Lulu agrees to go with her mother in order to find it out, concluding she can't let her go there by herself. Again, as soon as Elizabeth is alone, she resumes her investigation of Hayden on the computer.

Laura and Lulu go to find a deserted and dusty attic room where they might get some clues about the mysterious key. Furniture is all covered with cloth and it looks like nobody has been in this room in a long, long time. Lulu notices a large crate that says it contains the last will and testament of Nikolas Cassadine. They also notice that while everything else in the room is covered with dust, this one item is not, revealing it was put in this room not very long ago. They notice it's locked. Laura uses the key Helena gave her and surprisingly it works to unlock it.

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