GH Update Wednesday 3/23/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/23/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kristina writes in her diary her thoughts and feelings about how she loves and appreciates being close to her family as well as how important Parker is to her. She admits that she made a serious mistake trying to “bribe” her professor for a grade and lying to her parents about it. Yet it is very complicated to be gay. She hears the doorbell ring. She opens the door and notices Sonny at the door. He takes his daughter by surprise by Hearing that, she wonders what specifically he is sorry for, to which he reveals it's unlikely he has any clue that she's had a same sex encounter. He tells her he realized that in their most recent heated discussion, he made her cry. He never wants her to feel bad or ashamed or like her father is insensitive to her. He hugs her and she is happy that he's there for her. However, at that point, Sonny tells his daughter there is “just one more thing”. He tells her he's first to admit that he had a bad reaction to hearing that she offered sex to a professor for grades. Yet he now realizes it takes two to tango. Clearly, “he” (the assumed male professor) had a part in this also, Sonny reminds her. She got suspended. Yet, shouldn't an educator who's paid to teach students at an accredited university have some accountability and consequences for his actions.? Sonny informs his daughter, he did some investigating and had Max go and find “him” and get some information about this “guy” so that maybe the school can find out more about this “him”. Hearing that and realizing she cannot have her dad knowing her secret (the professor is a woman), Kristina urges her dad to call off the search, if he loves her. Hearing that, Sonny asks his daughter if perhaps this “guy” is threatening and intimidating her and that's the reason she's so adamant about not having him take action against her professor. She tells her dad that is not the case and she does not want to rely on him or Max to fix her problems for her. It's her life and she needs to fix it herself. Hearing that, Sonny concludes that he will always be “into” her problems but respects her wishes to fix her own life. She asks if that means that he is going to call Max and ask him to call it off. He tells her she may call Max. She immediately gets on her phone, thanks Max for his help but urges him to get out of the campus immediately and stay away from all of her professors, informing him that she has agreed with her dad that she is going to handle her own problem without the help of others. As soon as Sonny leaves and she is alone in the house, she continues to write in her diary, her close call of her dad getting ready to investigate her professor. She talks about a 14 year old girl whom she heard declaring she is so certain of her sexual orientation. She wonders how anyone that young can be so sure when she is not. She has known herself to be heterosexual all her life yet she has this very strong attraction to a female. She writes she knows it's not what she wants in her life to be “crushing” over Parker, like a lost puppy. Unexpectedly, the doorbell rings. She rushes to get it. It's Parker. She smiles at Kristina smiles back, mesmerized.

At the hospital, Tracy firmly lays down the law to Obrecht that she will not hesitate to get her fired and overthrow her position of authority if she thinks she can prevent Tracy from getting the consultation she wants with Dr. Finn. She demands that the chief of staff find Dr. Finn and get him there now. She asks Obrecht what her reservation about Dr Finn is about in the first place, to which Obrecht replies that she knows nothing about Finn, his background, record or practice history and she can't authorize him to practice in her hospital. Yet Tracy continues to demand that Obrecht find him and get him there. Monica concurs that Tracy's diagnosis is very uncertain. Nobody in GH has come up with any conclusive answers when they should have by now. And so they need a specialist. Monica knows about Finn's expertise with the very issue they've now detected Tracy may have regarding the conditions of visiting Mexico recently. Tracy continues to remind the chief of staff that she and her family fund the hospital and everybody's paycheck who works there and they can end Obrecht's position and revoke her license to practice medicine if she stands in their way with having Dr. Finn work on Tracy's medical case. Monica reminds Obrecht that her family can file a law suit against her. Hearing that, Obrecht is motivated by the very real threat of consequences which she does not want to experience, and so she promises to authorize Dr. Finn to work with Tracy, as they demand, without further argument.

While Dr. Finn stays at The Metro Court, Carly comes to see him in his room and is surprised by what she sees. She wonders why he's crawling on the floor looking for his lizard. He asks Carly why she wants to make a personal visit to his room. She then informs him that not long ago, her partner almost got arrested for public breastfeeding and the mayor or someone threatened to shut them down, claiming the health department had a claim against The Metro Court. For that reason, she needs to know why “Roxie” (the lizard) is in the hotel room with him. Hearing that, he informs Carly that Roxie is his “service lizard” and asks why Carly or anyone would find that strange. When she protests that he must realize most people would wonder why he'd have a service lizard, he lets her know if she does not respect his rights to have this type of service animal, he could press charges against her. Hearing that, she listens to what he tells her regarding his “relationship” with Roxie, characterizing her as though she's his dog, cat or a human being in his life. Yet Carly senses there may be a reason for his having Roxie around other than his chosen pet or service animal. He tells Carly the true reason is he likes lizards. He has Carly make contact with Roxie from under the table e to which he assures her he can tell that his “companion” likes Carly and perhaps they can be friends. At that point, Carly concludes she can now put on her bucket list that she has bonded with a lizard. She happily ends her conversation with Dr. Finn and encourages him to enjoy his stay, offering him champagne. As soon as he is alone, Finn pops open the bottle and celebrates with Roxie.

At Kelly's, Laura admits to Nikolas that although she would like as much as anyone else to forget all about the deceased Helena, she knows that the mysterious key her former mother in law gave her means something and she has to find out what that is. He continues to argue to his mom that there's no significance nor reason to have an interest in what reasons his grandmother may have for what she does Yet she knows she has to find this out. He reminds her that if Helena could see them all running around like fools obsessing about her and trying to figure out what she's up to, she would be very happy. They both know they do not want that. She admits to her son she definitely sees his point. Yet, she informs Nikolas that she took they key to an antiquities dealer who informed her it was used by Russians on a steamer. Nikolas tells his mom that they already know about Helena's and her ancestors' ties to Russia and that it could very well be that she gave Laura a key that means absolutely nothing, reminding her that the way they've always known the way his grandmother always wins is by having one believing they “need” what Helena has given them. Yet Laura maintains to her son that they need to know that Helena does everything for a reason as she continues to advise him not to be so fast to throw out the painting Helena gave him.

As soon as Hayden is alone at Wyndemere, she gets on the phone after a visit from Sam revealing she is onto her regarding “Naomi Dreyfus”. She makes a secret call and then immediately gets on the computer to find out about “Naomi”. Elizabeth enters and asks Hayden just whom this Naomi Dreyfus is. In response to that, Hayden tells her she doesn’t know what type of “barn” Elizabeth was raised in but where she (Hayden) comes from, they knock before entering and eavesdropping on others' conversations. She further reminds Elizabeth that while she is part of Nikolas' family, Elizabeth is merely a guest. She knows the low life trailer park stock, from which Elizabeth came to free load off of the aristocracy at Wyndemere and it's just a matter of time before she goes back on welfare and out on the streets. Hearing that, Elizabeth tells Hayden she may insult her all she wants but she knows Hayden is keeping a secret which Nikolas will find out sooner or later. As soon as he finds out what kind of a person Hayden is, he will get rid of her. Hayden reminds Elizabeth she knows that she is still hung up on Nikolas. She failed with Lucky and with Jason, as well as Ric Lansing. Yet she does not realize that Nikolas is taken. Elizabeth reminds Hayden that regardless of what she may think, she still knows that Hayden has a secret she does not want anyone, especially Nikolas, to find out regarding the mysterious Naomi Dreyfus. She further informs Hayden that she knows she (Hayden) cannot support herself without Nikolas or his charity and whatever may give Hayden reason to believe otherwise right now, Hayden will find out that in the end, he will choose Elizabeth over her. She reminds Hayden that Nikolas is secretly investigating her. It's obvious he does not trust her. He may be temporarily attracted to her but that will soon change. Hayden reminds Elizabeth that Nikolas knows that she lied to a man in order to marry him. Elizabeth reminds her that regardless of that, she has friends and a family. Even if she can't stay at Wyndemere, this is just a temporary place for her to stay. Where else would Hayden be able to stay if she could not live off of Nikolas? Does she have any human being or job or resource anywhere for her?

After returning from talking to Kristina, Sonny meets with Carly outside of Kelly's, informing his wife he was about to take action against the professor who took advantage of his daughter and got her expelled. Yet Kristina urged him and Max to back off and let her handle her own life. Hearing that, Carly asks her husband how long it will take for him to send his guard dogs out to go behind Kristina's back in order to protect her. He replies that he is not going to disrespect his daughter by betraying her trust. Carly admits she believes him but knows all too well how they both have their insane well-intended tactics in order to protect their kids. She also informs him that she just had an encounter with a very “eccentric” new hotel guest who is a new doctor in town and travels with his pet lizard whom he designates as his service lizard.

While Finn is alone in his room, he gets a call from Monica informing him that she and Tracy finally convinced the chief of staff to let him treat Tracy, assuring him they won't let Obrecht or anyone stand in the way of Tracy's care nor let him be bullied or prevented from practicing medicine at GH. He tells her he is on board with that. She assures him that she and Tracy carry a lot of weight in this town and will not hesitate to cut through all the red tape needed in order to protect their family and all others who are important in their lives. While he feeds and interacts with Roxie, Finn sounds happy and contented, yet it appears he may have a mystery or secret about him.

At Kelly's, Laura concludes to Nikolas that they can agree to disagree on what to do with their respective lives. She will respect his decision to do as he sees fit with Hayden as she will make her decision with Helena's key. However, she reminds her son, she is really glad, for his sake, that he has a good prenup given the decision he's made.

At Wyndemere, Hayden gets a text summoning her back to ELQ. She tells Elizabeth that she won't be intimidated by her and will be back soon. Elizabeth also affirms she will not be intimidated. As soon as she is alone, Elizabeth gets on the computer to find out about Naomi Dreyfus. As soon as the search engines reveals her results, she is in awe and shocked at what she sees regarding the secret of Naomi Dreyfus.

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