GH Update Tuesday 3/22/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/22/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Hayden stares at the large painting sitting in the living room, which Helena gave to Nikolas, of herself having tea. He comes in and views it while Hayden reflects there is something “creepy”, to which Nikolas replies if he were smart, he'd burn it and never give it another thought. He wants to clarify to his wife that his “deceased” grandmother had no soul, remembering all the diabolical things she's done in her life. Yet Hayden questions with that is really true of if there are things they do not know and should find out more about regarding Helena Cassadine. She seems very “engrossed and enamored” by what could be the “meaning” of the painting. Yet Nikolas tells her he doesn't want to even go there, as he reflects it's just another one of his grandmother’s sick games to make people hang in suspense why she messes with their minds. He wants to seduce her away from looking at the painting however she asks if he might feel better if he knew more about this. Nikolas then concludes to her this is Helena Cassadine they are talking about and there's no point in pondering about her insanity.

Jason is having breakfast at Kelly's with Sam and Alexis while his “mother in law” acts as their divorce lawyer, having them both sign papers so she can declare they are now legally divorced. Sam smiles although Jason appears to feel a bit weird, having no memory of his marriage nor divorce to Sam. He leaves Sam alone with her mom when she gets a call from Spinelli and asks if he's had any luck on finding out about Hayden.

At the hospital, Nina enters and runs into Obrecht who demands to know why she's in her aunt's hospital. Is she ill? Nina happily replies to her aunt she is not ill. She has an appointment with Dr. Lee the Ob-Gyn. Hearing that, Obrecht reminds Nina that a highly qualified and competent OB-GYN (Obrecht's daughter. Dr. Brit Westbourne) has already confirmed that Nina can no longer get pregnant or have children. Yet Nina reminds her aunt that her cousin may not have the best credibility when she stole embryos and got herself pregnant with them. And so, Nina informs her aunt, she wants to get a second opinion so she can consider all her options for having a child with the man she loves. She goes in to see Dr. Lee who asks her why she's there today. Nina explains that she wants a second opinion after one doctor confirmed that she could not get pregnant. Lee, however, admits to Nina that she seems to agree with Dr. Westbourne as Nina no longer ovulates and Dr. Westbourne's testing results seem accurate. She hesitates to give Nina the second opinion she's hoping to hear, explaining the second opinion may be no different than the first.

While she's there, Franco is outside Kelly's calling and trying to get a hold of her, leaving her a voicemail message.

Tracy is ready to pack up and get out of her hospital room and return home. Dillon asks his mom why, to which she replies she has to get out of this hospital. It's filled with crazy people, she remarks.

Not far away, a guy enters carrying a cage with an Iguana. He looks exactly like the deceased Dr. Silas Clay. He introduces himself to Elizabeth, as Dr. Finn at the front desk. She notices him and is in awe, noticing and remarks to him that he looks exactly like someone else who used to work there. He gives her the instructions for taking care of the caged reptile while he meets with Dr. Monica Quartermaine. Not far away, Monica and Griffin get off the elevator to meet with the specialist, also in awe to see he looks exactly like Silas. She acknowledges and introduces him to Dr. Griffin Munro., then leads them both into Tracy's room where Dillon informs them his mom intends to leave and he needs help in bringing her to her senses. They go out into the hallway while Dillon talks privately to his mom.

When Dr. Finn runs into Obrecht, she coldly asks who is this strange and unauthorized doctor in her hospital, who looks exactly like her former oncologist Dr. Silas Clay. Monica replies that she has asked Dr. Finn to fly in and consult with her about Tracy's case. Yet Obrecht coldly reminds Monica that she does not run this hospital. She (Obrecht) does. And so, the chief of staff directs, he has no authorization to be in her hospital and has to leave. Yet Monica is not about to give up on Tracy's case nor prevent Dr. Finn from saving her life.

Franco comes into the hospital ready for work and Obrecht admits she does not appreciate being undermined by her staff although she wants to encourage Franco not to give up on being a father. Yet he is less than encouraged, reminding her of the very “good” reason she knows of (losing baby Leo in a laundry cart only days ago). He tells her, for that reason it's urgent that he find Nina and prevent her from going through with what she intends to do.

In the exam room, Nina emotionally explains to Dr. Lee that she was drugged and put in a coma for 20 years, as well as suffering an induced miscarriage. She does not want to give up hope for her only chance to conceive and give birth. Dr. Lee responds and agrees to find out what Nina wants when Franco angrily barges in. Lee tells him he cannot be there but he wants to make it clear to Nina that he is not ok with what she's doing and wants her to give it up. Nina is surprised not knowing why, when they last spoke, he agreed to consider having a child, yet he is now not even considering it. Remembering what happened when he lost Leo in the laundry cart, he hesitates to tell Nina the reason why. He then admits to her that not long ago, her Auntie Lisle wanted to encourage him to believe he could be a good father. So she let him watch Olivia Falconeri's infant son, Leo and be alone with the baby for a short while. Hearing that, Nina does not seem worried and cannot imagine anything terrible could have happened when the child was in Franco's care. Yet he tells her that even if one can say no harm was done, he was horrified that he got distracted and lost him in a laundry cart. He tells Nina that he doesn’t even want to consider having a child and wishes she'd stop trying to overcome his objections. He tells her he loves her more than anything. He never thought he'd have a life where he's found love, where he's working in a hospital, using his talent, doing what he loves and helping children. Her magazine is a runaway success he reminds her. He thinks he can declare that he is truly happy and so is she, like neither of them ever before thought possible. And, so he asks her if they can just focus on their lives together. She replies they can. He tells her that later they can celebrate Crimson's greatest triumph. She agrees and he leaves her alone in the exam room. Lee returns and asks Nina if she needs more time to decide what she really wants to do. Alone with her doctor, Nina tells her although she told Franco she agreed not to go through with it, she wants to find an answer and explore the possibilities regardless.

Jason goes to the hospital and finds Elizabeth, informing her he ran into Franco who informed him that Helena gave Elizabeth a book for Jake which he wants to know more about. She meets with him that she intends to let Jake work with his therapist and find out more information before attempting to find out what the mysterious book from Helena Cassadine means. Hearing that, Jason asks her if the “therapist” who she intends to consult and work with is Franco. She replies that she was referring “more” to Jake's psychological, Dr. Renault. Jason firmly tells her he wants nothing to do with anything involving Franco around their son or making decisions about his case. He also has concerns about the mysterious book which Elizabeth did not inform him about. She apologizes but tells Jason although they may not like Franco, they have to realize that their kid opens up to him and after all they have been through, she thinks they need to accept all the help their child can get. Although Jason protests he still does not like the idea of Franco working with Jake, she reminds him this is not about him or about her. It's about what is best for their son. He asks her if Jake really opens up to Franco, to which Elizabeth confirms yes. She tells him she needs to get back to work and will talk to him later.

She has him talk to Tracy and Dillon and he tells her he bets what happened to her was caused by a larvae infestation when she was recently in Mexico. Hearing that, Tracy asks if he's serious that she has worms in her brain and demands to know how they got there. He replies that there are unsanitary conditions and food prepared without people washing their hands. He asks her if she remembers eating any “foreign” food, to which she remembers doing so when she ran into Larry Ashton. Obrecht finds them, reminds Monica that Dr. Finn has no privileges in his hospital, he will not be able to treat Tracy Quartermaine or anyone else. Tracy angrily tells Obrecht that she will not allow her to prevent Dr. Finn from doing what her patient wants. Monica backs her. Griffin asks Obrecht that as the chief of staff, should she not consider all possibilities for the best treatment for Ms. Quartermaine. Obrecht argues that the protocol of having him authorized will take longer than Tracy is willing to wait. Yet Tracy furiously tells the chief she better find a way whether she likes it or not. Yet they all discover that Dr. Finn is nowhere to be found. He's alone in a private room with his pet Iguana whom he calls Roxy.

At Kelly's, Sam talks to Spinelli about his findings and Alexis asks her daughter about her case. Sam asks her mom if she may ask her a question as a lawyer and not as Sam's mother. She tells her mom that there is something involving a possibility of a child being in danger. Although it may be illegal for Sam to investigate this without approval of the parent, she feels a need to find out what is going on for the safety and best interest of the child. Alexis tells her daughter she knows all too well and confides in Sam that although she wanted to get rid of the dagger Helena gave her, she could not. She knows how morbid that is but sometimes when one wants to get rid of the past and bury things of that nature, it's not always that easy when one wants answers.

While holding a lighter and getting ready to set the canvas painting on fire, Nikolas explains to Hayden that his grandmother was a master of psychological manipulation. She knew how to disappear and then reappear when he least expected, countless times throughout his life, after giving him a false sense of security that he could be happy, enjoy his life and live in peace. Yet, this time, he declares, his deceased grandmother is playing a game that the refuses to play. Although he says that, he still does not actually get around to destroying the painting.

Nikolas later goes to Kelly's and meets with Alexis, reflecting to his aunt that he has the very same “hesitation” to burn and forget the secret she has for him. They both realize that as much as they'd like to forget all about Helena, they know all too well about all of her hidden agendas which they must never ignore or underestimate.

While Hayden is alone at Wyndemere, she gets the door and sees Sam who is there to talk to Nikolas. Hayden informs Sam that Nikolas is out so she needs to leave. Yet Sam tells Hayden she believes what she has to say may be of interest to Hayden as well and involves a secret that Hayden must know all about.

Sam asks her what she may know about the name Naomi Dreyfus. Hayden firmly tells Sam it's very simple. She's never heard the name. So now that she’s answered Sam's question, Sam needs to get the hell out of her house. Sam leaves and Hayden walks back into the living room. Yet she notices something that causes her to be shocked and stunned, right when she looks in the direction of the mysterious painting that Nikolas has not yet destroyed.

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