GH Update Monday 3/21/16

General Hospital Update Monday 3/21/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Crimson, Curtis and Valerie declare that they both had fun together and it means something to both of them, as it's been a long time. At that point, he kisses her.

Jordan is on the phone to Dante asking if he's seen the morning paper and Crimson cover that features a picture of his mother breastfeeding.

At the courthouse on the elevator, Kristina and Molly are observing, commenting and very satisfied that this publicity is going on. However, Julian indicates he is not quite so happy.

In the courtroom after Olivia, along with Alexis and many others have determined that more than likely the Mayor is taking action against her by shutting down the Metro Court and doing many other things, and that they have a good legal case against Lomax, Carly enters. After she's been told she has to shut down hers' and Olivia's hotel, she concludes the only way to prevent that from happening is if Olivia drops her lawsuit against the mayor, (as well as the publicity of her protest of breastfeeding). In response to that, Olivia tells Carly she refuses to withdraw her lawsuit as does Alexis. At that point, Alexis takes Carly aside and confidently tells her she has a better solution for which she needs Carly's help. Mayor Lomax asks Carly what her plans are, reminding her she could arrange for the Metro Court to lose its 5 star rating. Hearing that, Carly assures the mayor she is certain it will not come to that. Court reconvenes. Alexis protests to the judge that since her client was not breaking any laws breastfeeding her child in public. So they are asking for damages from the mayor attempting to violate Olivia's rights. Diane counters and tells the court that she and the mayor are protesting that this is a frivolous lawsuit and they want it dismissed with prejudice. At that point the judge instructs Alexis to call her first witness and she calls Olivia to the witness stand to testify. She asks Olivia exactly how and when the “incident” occurred, to which Olivia replies she just returned from a yoga class her infant son the day in question. She further explains that she was busy with work that had to be done as well as a scheduled meeting with the mayor at the Metro Court. She did not have any time or opportunity to have this meeting anywhere except for her workplace with her baby. She protests that public breastfeeding is protected by state laws. At that point, Diane cross-examines her and asks her if it is true that the mayor and cops did not arrest her for public breastfeeding. There was another reason, to which Olivia admit she got arrested for “assaulting” the mayor. Yet Alexis establishes that the petty “assault” was an accident and the mayor was not harmed intentionally or otherwise by her client. Diane calls Carly to testify and asks her to tell the court what a waitress informed her she witnesses Olivia doing, to which Carly hesitates but admits she heard that Olivia got angry and looked to be threatening the mayor with bodily harm. Alexis calls Jordan and asks if the PCPD has any laws against anything that her client was doing the day in question, to which she replies no. Yet Diane counters and confirms that the mayor did not go through with arresting Olivia and so the lawsuit is not warranted. Alexis argues that her client, as well as all mothers, need protection in this matter. Everyone claps however, the judge looks like he may not rule in Olivia's favor. Carly invites several women into the courtroom with babies who need to be fed. The judge asks if the courtroom is the appropriate place for this. The mayor protests that even if it is not illegal, the “public” has the right not to have to see it. Nina protests in that case, nobody is making anybody “look at” anything they don't want to see. She protests by removing her blouse, followed by Maxie, then Carly and then Alexis. The judge then tells them all that none of this would have been necessary if they had simply let him finish what he was about to say. He then announces that he rules in favor of the plaintiff.

While Tracy is in her hospital bed, drifting in and out of consciousness, she is having a “dream” about her deceased brother (Monica's deceased husband), Alan Quartermaine. Monica stands by her hospital bed and assures her sister in law she is only having a dream and on heavy medication and Alan is not really there. Yet Tracy somehow knows that he really is there and she's not just imagining him talking to her. Dillon is outside on his phone trying but failing to get conclusive answers about whether or not his mom has cancer. He's talking to his dad admitting he's scared as he sees that his mom seems to be having lapses in cognitive function and not making logical sense in what she's talking about and expressing to everyone. He's never seen her like that and is scared. Inside her hospital room, Tracy tells Monica that she cannot live like this. She demands that if her next seizure makes her a vegetable and hooked up to a life support system, she needs to die. Monica obviously does not want to assume anything as it's too early to know the prognosis or if that will happen. Yet Tracy firmly reminds her that it is her patient rights in her legal files to authorize pulling the plug of any life support system that could keep her alive. She reminds Monica that since she herself cannot pull her own plug if it came to that, she is instructing Monica to do so for her. Monica walks away after trying and failing to communicate with Tracy. She goes out to see Dillon who expresses his gratitude for having her there. He assures Monica that although his mother does not admit to it, she loves Monica. Monica admits to her nephew that although she does not know how or why it happened, she came to love Tracy too. She hugs Dillon and Tracy walks out of her hospital room and demands that Monica gets her hands off of “Ned” right now, protesting to “Ned” that she cannot let “this woman” manipulate him again. At that point, Dillon protests that he is Dillon, to which Tracy realizes that is true and apologizes.

Meanwhile, Griffin is discussing with Brad how he needs his help with lab authorization to find out what Dillon needs and what is really happening to Tracy. However, Dr. Mayes catches the two of them talking privately and demands to know what they are doing without his permission. He tells them both that they have violated the medical code by violating Mayes' patient's right to confidentiality. He tells them they will reap the consequences when he fires them both. As soon as they are alone, Brad assures Griffin that the “new and improved Brad” will not throw his friends under the boss. He is not worried about Mayes having any means to fire Griffin, as he explains he got required copies of Tracy's biopsy.

Mayes goes to Tracy's room and announces that, based upon the test results, he can rule out the possibility that she has cancer. Yet, he admits he has no way of knowing what is going on or what the diagnosis is.

As soon as Maxie and Nina happily enter Crimson's office, confident that their magazine will be a success, due in large part to Olivia's story, they see Dante. They assume he is there to support his mother, and in turn support what they are doing. However, he reveals that he has orders to have them arrested and the magazine shut down. The mayor informed the PCPD that Crimson staff have thrown tons of paper from an airplane and have broken the law by littering. Dante declares that the local police cannot help them find who is sabotaging them. Curtis tells them that if someone is trying to undercut Crimson's efforts, he can investigate and get to the bottom of what is going on once and for all. He further explains to Nina and Maxie that he has training and authorization that government authority and the feds do not have. He can find out what they need and help them save their magazine for a fee. Hearing that, Nina declares that he is hired. She and Maxie warn him, however, that their boss, Julian, clearly will not support what they are doing nor put up any money to pay him. Yet Nina is willing to pay and Curtis assures her that he and his “assistant” (Valerie) can promise full cooperation and not allow Julian to prevent what they are doing.

Monica goes to talk to Tracy with Griffin and urges her sister in law to hear Dr. Munro out, explaining that he has researched and knows what he is talking about. He explains that he knows about the nature of the “mysterious” lesions from her biopsy. He remembers her talking about recently traveling to Mexico and needs to know everything she ate and drank in the foreign country. At first, she is adamant that she only ate restaurant food which she knows the source of, until she recalls interacting and eating “strange” food with Ashton who she accidentally ran into. Monica concludes with Griffin that they may be onto what is really going on with Tracy.

Curtis explains to Valerie that he has kept some secrets from her but knew how to get a second date from her and make them both $500 richer. He admits he chose not to discuss it just as she chooses not to discuss her indiscretion with Dante. And, so he asks her if they will have another date. They leave on the elevator together. Outside the courtroom, Nina sits beside Julian and confidently assures him that she will make Crimson a success and make him more money than he will ever make with the tax write-off he previously wanted from ending the magazine. He listens and does not object, seeing the victory in the courtroom. Inside the courtroom, Carly confidently tells the mayor she and many others have the means to sue her. After Diane is “done” with her legal obligation to the mayor, she reveals the she supports Carly as well as her family and friends and will represent any and all working mothers who want to exercise their right to feed their child in public. She congratulates Alexis admitting she supports Olivia's cause. However she “competitively” reminds her opposing counsel she “let her win”. Only the mayor is dissatisfied. As she passes Alexis, she tells her she will “make her pay” for what she has done.

Brad is able to show Griffin medical evidence that Tracy could not have cancer. Before they can continue their conversation, Mayes comes out and tells Griffin that his “presence is requested”. He informs both Griffin and Brad that they have violated HIPAA laws. They are both done at the hospital and Griffin is done practicing medicine. Yet, unknown to the senior doctor, neither of them are worried.

In Tracy's room, she reminds Monica that what she said before stills stands. Monica reminds her it is still unnecessary, assuring Tracy that if anything changes, she will let her know. She then goes into the hallway, gets on her phone and calls another doctor whom she met at a convention, while in Mexico a while back, whom she hopes can help her unravel this mystery She informs him she is working on a case. The doctor to whom she is speaking looks exactly like the late GH oncologist, Dr. Silas Clay.

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