GH Update Friday 3/18/16

General Hospital Update Friday 3/18/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Valerie goes to meet Curtis at the Metro Court. He remarks that she looks really nice and he tells her that he has a better idea for what they do together on this date. Instead of having drinks, he suggests they go on an adventure together. She reminds him they had a deal where if she agrees to go out with him, he will explain to her “the other side”. She admits that Jordan is not only someone she believes has credibility in judging someone's character when she knows them. Jordan is her boss, she reminds Curtis. Yet he wants her to trust him. He confides in Valerie that he has messed up in his life and always wanted to make his mom proud of him yet it's too late. She confides in him that her mom has also passed and it's too late to make up for anything lost between them yet she messed up after the death of her mom. He encourages her to go off with him.

At the hospital, Ava informs Julian that when she got involved in the arms trade, she had no clue nor any way of knowing that Paul Hornsby was crooked. Yet he warns his sister that, given the reality of the situation, she is a dead woman walking. She angrily protests to her brother that Paul Hornsby has possession of her taped confession that she killed Connie Falconeri. And so, if she did not do exactly what Paul said, he was going to have her thrown in prison. Julian tells his sister that given what Paul expected to her, he has the obligation to protect Ava even though she knows Paul would not offer her any such courtesy. She concludes that she is on her own without being able to rely on anyone yet Julian tells her she will not survive on her own so she needs to think about what she's going to do regarding that. Realizing that Ava is in serious trouble and vulnerable, Julian suggests the one option she has which is to let her big brother handle this for her. Hearing that, Ava asks him if he really wants to do this, given his new pledge to be “legit”. Julian assures his sister that this one act on his part to help her will not be a serious problem for him. Hearing that, Ava hugs and thanks her brother who assures her he's willing to do this because he "likes having her around."

Carly expresses to Sonny that she does not like having to face the day they will lose Avery. She wants Kiki to be out of the hospital and recovered but as soon as that happens, they will lose Avery. Sonny tells her he's not worried because he believes that sooner or later, Ava will realize that Avery belongs with them. She admits to her husband she has concerns regarding the fact that this woman has pulled out every stop to break up their family and Sonny has showed zero ability to control his temper in regard to her. He confidently tells her that he does not have to lift a finger to hang onto Avery since Ava dug her own grave. All he needs to do is push Ava into that. Sonny informs Carly that Kristina is keeping secrets from him which neither he nor Alexis can unravel regarding her school and grades. So, he informs her, he had Max do some checking for him and they found out that Kristina got expelled for bribing a teacher about a grade. Carly, along with Sonny, assumes that a male professor manipulated Kristina. Sonny concludes that nobody is going to mess with his daughter so he's going to take action against this guy. Hearing that, Carly warns her husband that he might not want to make trouble with this professor and it could only backfire upon Kristina. Carly gets a call from the health inspector at the Metro Court. She has to go and confront this.

At Crimson, Nina brainstorms with Maxie on all the ideas they have for reviving the magazine. Nina reminds Maxie that this issue was not just supposed to be another copy of the magazine. They are supposed to be communicating the whole story about Olivia to women all over the world. Nina asks Maxie if she breastfeeds her baby. Maxie replies it's kind of complicated regarding that she did not have that opportunity. Nina informs Maxie that she is not giving up on having a child biologically and the last time she spoke to Franco, he actually sounded like he was on board. Maxie also reminds Nina that they need not give up on Crimson since she sees they've already gotten many tweets of support for that they've done so far. Maxie gets on the phone and notices people working against them yet she tells Ava they are going to let any and all nay-saying know that they will not give up. Nina talks to Maxie about how they should ask themselves just who stands to benefit by shutting down Crimson and they both know a good answer to that question is Julian Jerome. Yet they realize that although Julian believes they should cut their losses with the magazine, why would he go out of his way to make it fail. That would not benefit him. So, Maxie asks Nina, if she has any “enemies”, to which Nina replies her mother yet she realizes that Madeline is in prison and does not seem a likely suspect. Nina also thinks of Ava Jerome who might be holding a grudge upon Nina for taking her child, yet she seems unlikely with all that Ava is involved in right now. Nina asks Maxie about enemies in her life. They suddenly hear a knock on the door. It's the health inspector who tells them he has violations to investigate at the Metro Court.

Carly rushes to the Metro Court to inform the inspector that there have never been issues before so she needs to know what is going on. He shows her a slip of paper that should answer that question of what may have been discovered. At that point, Nina and Maxie enter and the inspector assures them his department made a mistake to suspect the Crimson office. Yet Carly demands to know why they are making this accusations of her hotel that has never been cited before. Nina and Maxie know that “somebody” wants to mess with them as well as the place that Olivia co-owns. They are printing and article about Olivia taking on the mayor and shutting down The Metro Court would be a way of the mayor retaliating against Olivia. Carly agrees with their theory that this is the work of the mayor taking action against all the people who back Olivia.

At Alexis' house, Molly asks Kristina when she will reveal to the family that she is gay. Kristina does not know what to do regarding that but she makes it very clear that she has strong feelings for her professor as she tells her sister she has no idea how confusing this is for her. She reflects that throughout her life, she's always dated guys. She never thought she'd be attracted to a woman until she met Parker. So now she's questioning herself and her values. Molly suggests that maybe Kristina is bi. Kristina asks if Molly can imagine what Sonny would say if she admitted to him that she is bi. Or even their “super progressive mother”. She's worried it will freak them both out, reflecting that Sonny has had to learn he has one son who is bi polar and a daughter who is bi sexual. It may be too much for him. Molly concludes that regardless of what Kristina discovers about herself, she should always be proud of who she is, while she assures her sister she is proud of her. Molly reminds Kristina that she is assuming things will go wrong when her parents find out and yet their being kept in the dark and deceived is what upsets and worries them more. Also, Molly can see that Kristina has a strong attraction to Parker, as her face lights up whenever she thinks of her.

While Sonny is alone, he gets on his phone to investigate and find out pertinent information about Professor Parker

At the courthouse, Alexis meets with Olivia and assures her that she will not rest until Olivia brings the mayor to justice, adding she had no right to handcuff Olivia and attempt to arrest her for pubic breast feeding. Alexis further adds that she needs to make certain that none of her daughters or anyone else she cares about has to go through with what Olivia had to. However, they notice that Diane Miller is representing “the other side” as she adds this is a frivolous lawsuit where both the plaintiff and her attorney are wasting the tax payers money with this case. Alexis greets Diane and reveals that she is representing Olivia. She demands to know why Diane would want to make efforts to violate the rights of women everywhere. Diane replies her opinion about the situation has nothing to do with her job of offering legal representation to the mayor. Yet Alexis and Olivia are not about to give up. Diane protests that her client, the mayor did not arrest or charge Ms. Falconeri with anything. She merely “complained” about Olivia exposing her breasts in a business meeting, which she reminds them is free speech protected by the constitution. Alexis tells the mayor that she intimidated and threatened her client and that is why they are going forward with this. It's so woman all over the world will know that there are consequences for anyone who believes they can infringe upon the rights of breast-feeding mothers. Diane asks her if she wants to intimidate anyone who wants to express any opinion that may conflict from her own. Alexis argues that is ridiculous and what they're doing is not a violation of free speech. She further reminds them that they need a public apology from the mayor. The mayor continues to maintain that she will fight them and warns them they will regret trying to cross her. Alexis asks her what will happen if she does not drop this case to which the mayor tells her she could expose the fact that she's (Alexis) married to a known criminal. Alexis reminds the mayor that Diane's significant other (Max) is an enforcer of another criminal, namely Sonny, to which Diane reminds Alexis that she and Max are not legally married, file completely separate taxes and so any business dealings of Max have nothing to do with herself. They mayor reminds Alexis she has not one but two children sired by two different mobsters, which casts serious doubt on her ethics. She also reminds Olivia she has canceled all events and meetings that would otherwise generate revenue to her hotel. Olivia is not afraid of that and informs the mayor she has plenty of loyal customers and business is good at The Metro Court with or without the mayor's meetings. Olivia reveals that she's been recording the entire conversation they've been having, on her phone. She informs the mayor she's been checking out social media and it turns out there are a lot of single mothers out there offering support. Alexis then reminds the mayor that if, Olivia did, in fact record the mayor's threats, it's bound to be on the news tonight. Probably be on social media, and likely to go viral. She also comments the mayor is so out of touch that she'd rather see a baby go hungry, then “God forbid” a bared boob. Diane suggests to Alexis she reminds her clients that it's illegal to tape someone without their consent, to which Alexis reminds her there are exception when they are legal officials or police. They mayor demands that Olivia hand over her phone. Olivia refuses and they get into a physical brawl. Kristina and Molly come and offer their support of their mom's client and all the women whose rights are being violated. Julian comes by to find out the status and progress of the hearing. He informs them that he heard there is another “hitch” regarding the magazine. The mayor tells Julian that he is under surveillance and she can find a way to get him along with Alexis, Olivia and the whole crew in trouble. Carly comes in and informs Olivia that the mayor is threatening to shut down their hotel. And so she tells Olivia, she has to drop the lawsuit right now.

When Maxie and Nina return to Crimson, Maxie asks her if she really thinks it's the mayor who is sabotaging Crimson. Maxie is then able to notice more people contacting and praising them. Curtis and Valerie come by with issues of the magazine they've salvaged, remarking that their cop training came in handy. He reflects they are like Batman and Robin. She agrees that they make one hell of a team. They conclude that they had fun and it's been a long time for either one of them. It looks like they are ready to kiss.

While Sonny is alone at his house, he notices Ava at his door. He tells her she is not taking Avery. She assures him that is not why she's there. He asks what brings her there. She tells Sonny that they both need to do what is right for Avery, which she realizes may include letting Sonny have equal time with her. She leaves. Sonny pulls out his phone, calls the contact who helped him with the “black rose and threatening note” sent to the hospital for Ava to see. He concludes that Ava got the message “loud and clear”.

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