GH Update Thursday 3/17/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/17/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ava goes to see Carly at the house, while Sonny is out, although Carly tells her this is not a good time. Ava tells her that the sole reason she is there is to get her baby girl and leave. Carly informs her that baby Avery is sleeping and asks Ava if she wants to disrupt her. Ava replies of course she does not want to disturb her baby girl's sleep and will wait. However, she warns Carly, she will come back and take Avery home with her permanently and hopes that neither Carly nor Sonny think she would consider doing otherwise. In response to that, Carly asks Ava if she would not want to “make the right call” and put her child's interest and safety before her own agenda. Ava protests that the courts will not allow a man who tried to kill her have the right to their child. Carly reminds Ava that the courts might view her differently after finding out how Ava's “dealings” got Kiki shot and put in a coma. Ava protests that she is an upstanding citizen with a legitimate business. Carly protests that it's obvious that she got involved in guns trading. Doesn't want happened to Kiki give her any realization of what is best for her infant daughter. Ava reminds Carly that she and Sonny have armed guards and danger all around them. Carly reminds Ava that it's well known that Ava slept with Carly's barely legal and emotionally damaged son. That won't look too good for Ava in any custody hearing.

At the hospital, Franco is looking attentive at the book Helena gave to Elizabeth called The Adventures of Jake. Obrecht comes and remarks that he seems very focused on this and remarks that Helena is crazy and she would not trust her around a child but she's wondering why Franco is so interested in this book . He tells her that he has his concerns and that he now knows he never, ever wants to have a child. Obrecht wonders why he'd think that since she can see he's good with Jake and may be selling himself short to assume he should not have kids He tells her he may be ok with fully formed children already born who belong to others but he would never consider being a father to his own child. She remarks she' s heard that her niece cannot get pregnant and so she wonders why the subject of wanting to have a child biologically would have come up for Franco in the first place. In response to that, Franco informs her that Nina is not about to give up on exploring all options of the two of them having a child together.

At the Crimson office, Julian tells Nina, Maxie and Dillon that the magazine is not going to succeed and they have to cut their losses. They protest there is obviously an issue with the printer given that it's happened twice in a row. Hearing that, Julian gets on his phone while the three of them overhear and tells his contact that they need to have some accountability with that. Yet he “calmly” tells them he's found out it's “just a mistake”. He informs them that he appreciates their efforts but they will have to give Crimson one more issue called “farewell to Crimson” and end it. Nina will not accept that, however, and declares she has not yet begun to fight. She attempts to motivate her two staff members to pull together and revive Crimson before Julian pulls the plug on their plans although they argue that it's just not cost effective or realistic anymore. Maxie asks Nina if they are supposed to paste each and every page into each magazine printed. Nina happily replies yes. She has an idea for there to be a contest. The first round of women who purchase issues and subscription will be awarded $1000. Hearing that, Villon asks her if that will not set them back further. She admits yes. They will be losing money initially. But she has ideas. They are going to drop pages all over the area from an airplane. Dillon tells her that is littering. Yet she tells them they will hire guys to clean it up and this will actually help the economy. Maxie remarks that is crazy although she admit she thinks this will work. Nina then calls Human Resources.

Sonny goes to talk to Kristina about the secret he knows she is keeping from him and from her mom. Alexis and Molly surround them and both want Kristina to fess up. Kristina tells her dad that he has to stop interrogating her. He protests that he does not intend to do that. He intends to help her. She can see that Molly is getting ready to reveal the secret and both Alexis and Sonny know that she's keeping a secret for Kristina. Sonny then tells her that he is tired of her hiding and evading what is going on. He admits to Alexis he happens to know that their daughter got kicked out of school. He informs his daughter's mom that he’s been doing some investigating and knows the whole story. Kristina angrily argues that he cannot be prying into her personal life, to which he remarks to her that both her parents have the right when they are paying for her to go to school. He informs Alexis that he's found out that Kristina got suspended for misconduct around a teacher. He believes she may have made bad judgment coming on to a professor and he's “disappointed” in her for that. However, Sonny assesses, “he” cannot get away with taking advantage of a student and he will protect his daughter from this perverted male professor. Sonny tells her, as well as Alexis and Molly, he know the way “they” (male professors) work and knows this guy took advantage of Sonny's daughter. Sonny won’t let “him” get away with it, he assures his daughter, assuming that she was the innocent victim of a male professor bribing and manipulating her. Yet Kristina angrily tells him he does not know what he is talking about. She admits to her dad that she was ready to bribe her professor to change her grades. The professor did not comply with what she wanted and reported her to the ethics board and got her suspended. She cries and admits that she regrets doing such a stupid thing but she panicked with what her parents would think of her if she failed in school. Sonny asks her why she would throw away the opportunity her parents gave her. Yet he promises Kristina and promises Alexis that he will arrange for Kristina to return to school. Alexis protests that she knows (having more experience and knowledge of the world of “academia” than Sonny). Yet they both wonder why Kristina would not want that if it could be arrange. Why would she not prefer to go back to school? In response to that, she admits that is not what she wants and explains that people who know who they are, what they want and where they are going are lucky. They can make simple decisions and find simple answers. But she does not have things that simple. She walks away without revealing the nature of her personal indiscretion to either of her parents. Sonny leaves and promises to discuss this with his daughter later. Seeing her daughter crying, Alexis puts her arms around Kristina as Molly silently observes. Alexis asks her daughter if there is someone who could help her with her present situation. She asks what about professor Parker, to which Kristina makes it clear she does not want Professor Parker to have any involvement in this. Alexis admits to her daughter she knows the story about Parker doing independent study with her is not true. So, she asks Kristina, what is really going on? Alexis gets a call from Olivia reminding her she is late and needs to meet her at the hearing. Reporters are all around, Olivia urgently reminds Alexis. She gets up to leave and represent her client and Kristina breathes a sigh of relief that her mother is again “distracted” from her situation.

At the garage, Sam notices all of the things that Jason had throughout the time she knew him. She notices things from Spinelli and Maxie and many details and memories that Jason has no recollection of. She notices that she has suddenly found the paintings that she thought were lost, while he was gone. He asks her what she thinks that could mean. Sam tells Jason she knows they have the same heart and the same soul, recalling how they got together many years ago. She remembers all the things that drew her to him are having that same effect now. Yet he tells her it's so frustrating that he is trying to remembers yet has no recollection about the two of them when he sees the pictures. Sam declares to Jason she wants a divorce. Hearing that, he is surprised and obviously assumes that it means something negative but she clarifies that she does not want to end their future but wants to end their past and start a new page to their life together. He smiles, assessing that he'd like that and agrees to support her plan regarding their getting a legal divorce.

Olivia brings baby Leo to the hospital for a check-up and Obrecht knows how to arrange for the infant to secretly meet Franco without his mom knowing although he is initially uncomfortable and afraid this will not go over well. He holds the little guy and talks about the history he has had with children he's known, including his adult almost-daughter, Kiki. He remembers getting to know baby Avery and his unexpected relationship with Jake. The little guy seems calm and accepting of Franco and Franco concludes that they get along pretty well. Franco gets a call. Not having a free hand while holding the baby, he puts baby Leo in a laundry cart while he takes the call from Nina. He gets distracted and goes in the other room. As soon as he comes back, however, he sees the laundry cart is gone and so is Leo. He frantically calls to the baby. He finds Obrecht and asks where the baby went, to which she replies Leo should be with him. He informs her that he temporarily put the baby in a laundry cart which she realizes was a seriously wrong move and they are both panicking and blaming each other. He calls to the baby wondering how or if he will respond, uncertain what to do. Olivia returns and Franco hides. However, he notices Olivia has her baby in her arms and suspects nothing When she takes Leo and Franco is alone with Obrecht, he asks her what happened. Obrecht explains a nurse had the good sense to bring him to the daycare and safely to his mom. Franco confides to his boss that when that kid was missing, his entire life flashed before him, including the life he could have with Nina with or without a child. She knows he is stressed and wants to hear it all as he further tells Obrecht that he now knows that he sees this must be a sign that he should never remotely consider having a child of his own.

Ava goes to see Julian at the hospital and informs her brother that Sonny and Carly want to prevent her from having continued right to custody of Avery. They want to hold against her what happened to Kiki. He wants to assures his sister that they won't succeed with that. However, they notice right at the front desk, someone has brought black roses to Kiki and they see that as a sign of bad luck. She sees a card where someone writes to Kiki that they are happy she is doing better, encourage her with her recovery and wish her well. However, the “anonymous” contact remarks that “this” is the life her mother chooses and Ava sure knows how to choose her “friends”. Julian clearly wants to be involved in what is happening to his sister regarding both of her kids.

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