GH Update Wednesday 3/16/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/16/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Crimson, Dillon is ready to celebrate, confident that this new edition of the magazine with Epiphany as the featured woman will be a success.. Yet Maxie does not want to assume that everything will work the way they want. She reminds him that today is March 15 and asks if he is not aware that the bible says beware of the Ides of March. She tells him that she wants to be realistic about possible problems they could run into. She also realizes that his mom is currently in the hospital ready for a biopsy and asks about that. He remarks that his mom does not want anyone to know what is going on. She asks about his mom's new doctor, to which Dillon admits the only thing he can say about Dr. Mayes is he'd like to smack that smug attitude off his face. She can see Dillon's anger toward Mayes and assures him things will be ok. She does tell him that she believes people will love the story about Olivia and her baby as well as the featured story of Epiphany although she somehow senses that something might happen. There may be a “bad omen” given that it's March 15, not unlike the green issue that mistakenly came out last time. Right then, the printed magazines get delivered. Maxie opens them happy except for one thing. She sees that each copy has only one page and he realizes there is not one issue with more than one page. Maxie concludes they must beware of the Ides of March.

Meanwhile, Epiphany is in the hospital on the phone and happily talking to her family members. Elizabeth enters and happily informs her that Jake is doing a lot better and developing a relationship with Franco. She is in awe that the new art therapist has traveled all the way to Philadelphia just to be there for her son when he got discharged from Shriners. Hearing that, Epiphany remarks that it appears Elizabeth might have “something going on” with Franco. Elizabeth protests that she is happy to see that Franco cares about her son and she assures her boss she has no “relationship” with Franco or anyone after the loss of Jake. Epiphany expresses that she is encouraged and ready for her photo shoot with Crimson. Epiphany again demands that Elizabeth tells her honestly about this “nothing” between her and Franco. She warns Elizabeth that Nina is clearly concerned about Franco's attentiveness to Elizabeth and her son and the last thing Elizabeth wants is to get between those two “wackadoodles”.

Right then, Franco is in the hospital locker room and is reading the “book” that Helena gave to Elizabeth and trying to understand what it means. Yet he is silent and lost in thought. Nina comes by and angrily demands to know why he's been so distracted and inattentive to her about this. He protests that he can see that Nina is always busy with work so he had to find his own thing to do. He informs her that the hospital has some new staff that he has issues with and he wants to engage her in a conversation. Yet she is still angry and silent and he asks her what is up. She replies that she knows he went all the way to Philadelphia to see Elizabeth yet did not tell Nina. She reminds him he did not call, text or communicate in any way about his visit to Elizabeth and her son. He protests that he made a spontaneous trip. He also reminds her that the kid had a tragic accident and was afraid to ride a bicycle again. So he went there to encourage Jake not to be afraid by bringing him a bicycle to ride. Jake has had real issues communicating with people and yet he's been able to reach him when nobody else could. Yet Nina clearly has concerns that maybe Franco is developing a “relationship” with Elizabeth, to which he assures her she has nothing to be threatened by. Elizabeth is a friend to him and nothing more. She reminds him that she has tried and failed to get him inspired to have kids with her. He tells her it's not that he does not want to but he knows it's realistic not to expect any adoption agency to let either of them adopt and he knows she was told she could not have a baby. Yet she reminds him she only heard that from one doctor and intends to get a second opinion and not give up. Hearing that, Franco admits he's really happy. Noticing his encouragement, Nina again asks him if she has anything to worry about regarding Elizabeth Webber, to which Franco assures her no.

At Sonny's house, he tells Max they have to find Carlos but have to make certain he is alive and not killed when found and brought to justice. Max asks him why. Sonny replies because they need to have Carlos give up Julian Jerome. He admits he is not ok with Carlos Rivera alive but he knows Julian put him up to murdering Duke and many other things and so it is that “son of a bitch” that deserves to die. Right then, Kristina enters and can overhear the conversation. Yet Sonny assures his daughter he is happy to see her and all is well. She remarks that she was so happy to see that he could stand up at the chapel, get out of his wheelchair and save her life when the gunman who probably works for Julian threatened her and others. She tells him she knows how much he hates Julian and is “ok” with knowing what her dad does. Sonny sits down with his daughter and tells her she is not required to stay in town, realizing under “normal circumstances”, she would want to return to school. He wants to know more about her mysterious professor which she is not sharing anything about to anyone. She tells her dad she is doing an independent study project yet Sonny needs to know just what that means. She knows to change the subject and asks her dad how his visit with Morgan went. Sonny replies that his son was pretty low until he got a call that Kiki was asking for him. Sonny assures his daughter he will be there for all his kids including her and he wants to know what is really going on with her. He finds it a bit “fishy” and not entirely credible that she's saying her professor is visiting her in town because of an independent study project. And so, he demands to know what is really going on with that. Kristina again evades the subject although Sonny does not give up on getting to the bottom of it.

Right then, Julian is happily with Alexis making breakfast in bed. Yet she is obsessed about getting coverage in the issue of Crimson for the court hearing where she and Olivia take action against the mayor for attempting to arrest Olivia for breastfeeding her baby at the metro Court. Molly returns and has flowers for her mom. She sounds like she supports her mom's commitment to Olivia's case and remarks that many of her classmates are aware and talking about the case and she expresses how proud she is of her mom. Julian engages in the conversation and wants to sound happy although he may not be. He leaves to get to work and Molly remarks that her mom appears to be happy. Alexis assesses everything is going great with her marriage and all of her daughters except for the “secret” regarding Kristina. And so she asks her youngest daughter, what exactly she may know about Kristina, realizing Molly has to know something which Kristina has sworn her to secrecy about. Right then, Alexis gets a call from Olivia which Molly wants her to take. Yet Alexis advises her daughter they are not done with this conversation. When she goes into the other room with the phone, Kristina returns. Molly warns her sister that their mom demands answers and so Kristina will have to tell her she's dropped out of school and that she's gay. Kristina reminds her sister that her mom is busy with Olivia's case and her dad is busy with Morgan and they both have more important things than to worry about her. Molly assures her sister that sooner or later, they will both have to find out about Kristina's secret. Kristina asks how she could tell them. Molly responds their mom will not be happy that she's cheated but will get over it and not judge her for her personal life. Kristina asks what about her macho dad finding out she's gay. Molly protests that Sonny is a gangster and cannot judge his daughter for something like that. Kristina protests she does not know how to figure it out for herself. Right then, Alexis comes out and asks Kristina just what exactly she's talking about “figuring out”.

Meanwhile, Sonny attempts to call the school and find out why Kristina has not cashed the check nor paid for the next semester and because she's legally an adult, the office could not tell him anything regarding that. At that point, he instructs Max to take action and find out once and for all what is going on with his daughter.

While Jason is working on his motorcycle at the shop, Sam pays him a surprise visit and informs him about the reading of Helena's Will which she and her mom attended at Wyndemere and wondering what kinds of dangerous unexpected things may be happening to her, courtesy of Helena. She remembers being with Jason on the motorcycle years ago although he does not remember. Yet he is clearly happy to be with her and kisses her.

Elizabeth goes to the hospital locker room and finds Franco. She wonders why he is not dressed and tells him she could overhear him arguing with Nina about whether he had “feelings” for her. She angrily reminds him that she will never forgive or trust him for the things he's done in the past. And so, she tells him, whatever friendship she thinks they have, he cannot talk to her again about anything unless it directly pertains to Jake. Realizing that may not solve the “problem”, she then concludes that she will find another art therapist. He is no longer working with her son. It's done. He reminds Elizabeth that she gave him the book with the mysterious story Helena gave her. Somebody has to solve the mystery and does Elizabeth trust anyone else besides him with that? She walks away although Franco protests she cannot run away from whatever is in that book. She protests does he think she has not wondered what Helena has done or what she will discover from that book, to which Franco urges her to let him help her son and get to the bottom of that. At that point, Elizabeth tells him alright and asks if he will please do what he believes must be done to help her son.

Nina goes to Crimson and meets with both Maxie and Dillon who inform her that the pages were not bound in the magazine. They have pages with pictures but all magazines are en route just like that. Nina demands to know how it could happen and why it would happen to two editions of the magazine in a row. They all brainstorm and speculate whose fault it may be. Nina angrily concludes the printer is an idiot and she suddenly reveals to them that she does not have the money to keep paying and investing in this. He concludes that Julian will have to fix this. He will have to suck it up and put his own money into this. Right then, Julian enters and informs her that is not possible. It will not happen. He tells Nina she's on her own with this and maybe has to cut her losses. Alone with Maxie and Dillon, Nina is at wit's end and does not know what to do. Maxie reminds her the last time they suffered a set back, she knew what to do. Maxie concludes that she believes this is not just a “coincidence” of bad luck. It's happened on two occasion, twice in a row so it can only mean that someone somewhere is trying to sabotage them.

Meanwhile, before Alexis gets ready to go to court to fight for the rights of working moms and women everywhere, she encourages her two daughters to be proud to be independent women. Right then, Sonny appears and asks to talk to Kristina. Alexis graciously invites him in her house to see if he can get through to their daughter. He walks in and tells Kristina he knows she is keeping a secret and he intends to get to the bottom of it

With Jason, Sam discovers that he is keeping a secret form her regarding pictures and it could drastically affect the terms of their still currently legal marriage.

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