GH Update Tuesday 3/15/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/15/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita


Ava goes and attempts to talk to a still unconscious and non-responsive Kiki in the ICU. She smiles and wants to sound positive and encouraging to her daughter and tells her she will accept whatever Kiki wants right now, including if she wants to remain asleep. She pleads with her daughter that she knows they've had their differences but she declares she loves her and will always be there. Knowing that Kiki has awoken and spoken before, she tells her it's ok if she never speaks to her mom again or hates her. She just pleads for Kiki to awaken and say something. Right then, Kiki utters: “Morgan”. Yet Kiki does not awaken and there are no changes. Ava calls to the medical staff and screams at them to give her some answers about her daughter.

 Sonny goes to visit Morgan at the psychiatric facility. Morgan comes out to see his dad, clearly depressed and bitter although his dad expresses appreciation for his “agreeing” to see him. Morgan remarks that nobody has a choice with Sonny since nobody says no when he asks for something. Morgan reminds his dad that he is now forced to obediently get therapy and take his meds and have no feelings. Sonny assures his son that this is all intended for him to get better although Morgan tells his dad he won't get better. He wants to get out and be there for Kiki. Also he wonders why he's had to be institutionalized when his father, also diagnosed as bi polar, never has. Morgan further tells his dad that although others believe the goal in all of this is for him to get better, it's not happening. Sonny protests to his son that his staying in this place is temporary. As soon as they find the right combination of meds, Morgan will get better, be able to come home and lead a normal life. Yet Morgan asks his dad what will be “normal” when he only sees a big endless line of pills, confusion and feeling like crap all the time. He tells his dad he cannot live like this and does not feel any better than he felt on the roof. Sonny tells his son that he knows all too well what it's like for one to have all of this happening and believing that it will never been. However, he assures his son, it will pass. It did for him. He had Carly and Jason and people there for him as he assures Morgan that he, his mother, Michael and Kristina are all there for him and he promises Morgan will get better and they will all be there for him.

Griffin goes to meet with Anna. She shows him a picture of Duke Lavery, knowing he is connected to him. Looking at the picture and recognizing Duke, Griffin asks her: “How did you know?” She tells him she knows he has had some association with Duke although she does not know what. In response to that, Griffin informs her that Duke Lavery was his father. He informs her that his mother did not want him to know who his real father was until she died and right before she died she gave him the letter she wrote to him about her relationship with Duke, accidental pregnancy and the fact that his mom knew his dad was in love with another woman who was Anna. Right then, he went to Port Charles trying to find Duke and let him know he had a son but it was too late. He had already died. Hearing and assessing all that, Anna feels guilty, concluding that he must hate her knowing that she is the reason why he never got to know his father and Duke never knew he had a son. Yet Griffin asks how he could hate her, given she had no way of knowing anything about this. He realizes neither did his father. He tells her that is why he's been following her. He knows she's the only person whom he could speak to about his father. He now knows there are so many things he'd like to know about his father and she is the one person who can tell him her memories. She then tells him how Duke was murdered right after she was ready to leave town with him and start over. He was killed by a hit man in a parking garage. She's doing everything she can to bring his killer to justice, she assures Griffin. Right then, he gets a call instructing him to return to the hospital. She then asks if perhaps they could meet again and talk, to which he tells her sure. However, he leaves without hearing her call out to him.

When Griffin returns to the hospital, he finds out that Ava demands to see him and asks her what she wanted to talk to him about. She informs him that the doctors keep telling her that Kiki has made sounds and they believe she will get better. Yet they tell her nothing. Kiki continues to lie unconscious and has not woken up. She needs some answers, she tells him. Griffin replies that Kiki's vitals are improving but it's impossible to predict when she will regain consciousness. He assures her that he is confident that Kiki has sufficient brain activity and will wake up soon although a distraught Ava demands to know when. She does not know what to do and indicates to Griffin she blames herself and may be right now reaping the punishment for not being there for her daughter. Yet he can see that she does love and is willing to do anything for her daughter, right now. Alone with an unconscious Kiki, still hanging in suspense, Ava does not know what to say or do for her. She asks her unconscious daughter what she wants and needs, how much she has to live for and promises to be there for her. Right then, she hears Kiki utter: “Morgan”. At that point, she gets on the phone to call Sonny, ask if he's with Morgan. Right as Sonny hears his son's hopeless laments that he has no purpose and has failed Kiki, Ava informs him that her daughter has awoken and is asking for Morgan. Sonny then gives the phone to his son to speak to Ava's daughter. She awakens and is able to talk to Morgan. It looks like they have now been able to save each other. Sonny hears and is in awe of his son.

At the police station, Dante runs into Valerie and is very intrigued and congratulates her that she's ready to graduate from the police academy soon. He tells her she will make a great cop and knows she's worked hard to get there. She thanks him and can see that he is wearing his wedding ring again and realizes he has some great news, himself. He does confirm to her that he and Lulu are back together. He assesses he's happy to see that she appears to be “seeing someone too”, as he noticed her with a guy at the restaurant. Hearing that, she has to clarify that she is not exactly “seeing” Curtis since she's heard a lot of negative things about him, including that he used to be a coke addict. Hearing that, Dante expresses his concerns hoping she is not still seeing this guy, as he appears to be “bad news”. In response to that, Valerie tells Dante that everyone has made their mistakes. She hopes she would not be judged for her past. She appreciates his concern but, she concludes to him, her personal life is none of his business. She assures Dante that although she regrets the mistakes she's made with him, she is very happy to have been re-united with her family and to have met him and Lulu. She cares about them both very much, she affirms to him, and she always will

At Wyndemere, Laura admits to Nikolas that she does not know what to do with the mysterious key Helena gave her in her Will, reflecting that if she were “smart”, she'd just throw it in the harbor and forget that any of this ever happened. Nikolas asks his mom if that is what she intends to do. She replies no, expressing it would not matter what she does with the key knowing that Helena always comes back to haunt her from the grave or wherever she is. Nikolas reminds his mom that she must know that is exactly what Helena would want them all to do; continually look over their shoulders and wait for what comes next. She tells him she knows that is Helena's intention but she is still on guard. Right then, Nikolas also realizes Hayden is witnessing the entire conversation and he remarks to her that he hopes this is not causing her to have second thoughts about marrying him, to which she assures him “of course not”. He concludes that the good news is, now that his grandmother is dead, she can no longer control the money that he is now using to control his ownership of ELQ.

As soon as Hayden is alone, she gets a call from Curtis which she does not welcome. He asks her if that is any way to greet him. Nikolas notices his “wife” putting on her coat and getting up to leave. Once again, he knows she may very well have a secret she's not telling him. With Nikolas, Laura tells her son she knows that no matter what she does with the mysterious key, she knows that Helena will always find a way to play her twisted games from the grave.

 Meanwhile, Julian is alone at the Crimson office, on the phone to a contact making sure that “something” does not happen, adding the last thing he wants is for another issue of the magazine turning out to be a “success” like the previous “green issue”. He asks his private contact to call him as soon as they are “done”. Right then, Alexis enters unexpectedly. He asks her what she is doing there. She replies she was looking for Nina. She informs him she had a very strange day, informing her husband that Helena gave her the knife she used to slit Alexis' mother's throat, in her Will. Helena murdered her mother when she was just a child, she informs Julian. He asks Alexis if she ever confronted or tried to bring Helena to justice for that. Alexis admits she tried but failed, hates being a Cassadine but cannot help the fact that it's in her blood. Hearing that, Julian tells her he understands all too well what it's like to have to be part of a family he's not proud of. However, he has now determined it's done and he wants to start a new family with her. She informs her husband that she's been swamped with work and reminds him that Olivia's hearing his coming up soon. Hearing that, Julian remarks that he is just remembering that. He realizes, however, that his wife came there for a specific reason involving something she needs from him. She then admits she wants full coverage in his magazine about the story involving the mayor trying to prevent a nursing mother from feeding her child in a public place while she's at work. She intends to pursue this in court, she tells him. She wants publicity and for every mother nearby to know all about it. Yet Julian expresses concerns about her stirring up trouble with the mayor over this. Yet he assures her that he will make sure that her hearing gets all the coverage it deserves because the two of them are officially family.

When Hayden goes to meet Curtis, he explains that he's looking for an apartment and a job but his credit it no good so maybe she could help him with that. Hearing that, she angrily asks if that is what he called to interrupt and take her away from her husband. He reminds her she is speaking of a husband who tried to kill her. Hearing that, Hayden tells him she does not want to hear him trashing her husband, as he's going through some hard times. Curtis asks if perhaps Nikolas' drawbridge broke down. Hayden replies his grandmother cut him out of her Will. He asks if perhaps the main concern Hayden has is that it will cause her not to have money she was hoping to have from the Cassadine estate. She admits that is, in fact, part of it. She tells Curtis she no longer wants to owe anybody any money, especially now that she's found out her husband is not as rich as she thought. She gets up to leave and Valerie comes and talks to him. He's happy to see her and wants her to help him celebrate. She asks what he wants to celebrate. He replies he got his own apartment. Hayden listens and observes them coldly. Valerie seems really encouraged that this could mean he will be sticking around and maybe they can go out again. She is also attentive to hearing “his side of the story” regarding all the things he knows she's heard about him.

Anna sits on her porch and reads the letter Griffin's mom wrote to her son about how she mistakenly fell in love with Duke Lavery as a young girl and accidentally got pregnant...She states that she knows he will read this only after she dies. She explains that his father lived a different life than what she envisioned. Before she could tell him she was pregnant, he was gone and she could not find him. She later found where he was when she saw her son was growing and so much like his father. Yet when she came to Port Charles, she knew that Duke was in love with another woman. She knew that although that woman (Anna) had Duke's heart, she had something very special that was his.

After Anna reads the letter Griffin's mom wrote to him, she goes to talk to him at the hospital. She tells him all about the heroism of his father. He was the kindest stepfather to her daughter, Anna tells him. She informs Griffin that years ago, she and Duke were going to have a child but she lost it. Knowing how much Duke loved children, she tells Griffin, she was really sorry he never had one of his own. Griffin informs Anna he never had any siblings. Hearing that he was an only child, Anna tells him, she wants to provide a “window” through Duke even though he is no longer with them. She admits she is in awe seeing what a great doctor Griffin is and how Duke lives on in his son.

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