GH Update Monday 3/14/16

General Hospital Update Monday 3/14/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Dante can detect that Nathan has a secret regarding “Claudette” and he asks his partner if he intends to come clean and tell the whole story to Maxie, as he assumes Nathan would certainly want to after he (Dante) has learned the hard way what happens when couples keep secrets. Yet Nathan grimly tells his partner he cannot do that, ever. He informs Dante, that surprisingly enough, Maxie decided she need not grill him about that and is willing to let that go. Hearing that, Dante is very surprised knowing that is not like Maxie. Dante informs his partner that he has some good news. He and Lulu might be getting back together and finding a new house. They want to work out their issues, and by being open and honest, he believes they have a shot. Hearing that, Dante can clearly tell that Nathan is not entirely ok, knowing he may not be able to be open and honest with Maxie about Claudette. At that point, Nathan admits to Dante that Claudette was not his ex-girlfriend. She was his wife.

Meanwhile, Maxie is on her phone as she walks through the hospital, informing her contact that she has a great idea for the woman on the cover of the next edition of Crimson, whom she reveals will be Epiphany Johnson. Maxie remarks she believes it will be even more impressive than the green issue. Right then, she rushes into the nurses' locker room hoping to find Epiphany and inform her she has the photos while Griffin is dropping wet just coming out of the shower. They bump into each other and each demands to know whom the other is. In her rush to find Epiphany, she stumbles and he's concerned that she may have sprained her foot and needs to help her. She wants to rush off and not worry about it. Yet he does not want to let her do that in her heels and tells her she can let him help her now or else he will have to admit her to the ER in crutches. She then agrees to let the new doctor treat her. He treats her foot injury and talks about his personality and his calling as a young doctor. She talks about her job as executive fashion director of Crimson and her very similarly odd personality. They both talk about how they like to do what is right even if others do not understand how or why they do it. She admits that he thinks he's drop-dead gorgeous. She wants to photograph and interview him although he hesitates. He reveals there are some secrets about him she wants to know that he is not about to share with her.

Anna is on her phone at the Metro Court when Maddox finds her. She talks to him about her unconscious past encounters with Griffin Munro. He tells her he can assure her he does not think she is “crazy” as she tells him she's afraid she sounds. Right then, Jordan comes by, notices them talking in a friendly manner and seems to wonder what was going on that she may have missed. Anna then reveals to Jordan that she is Maddox's patient. She went to see him for some personal stuff. He asks Jordan if that is a problem for her, to which she admits it is kind of weird given the man she's intimate with has a professional relationship with a good friend of hers'. More importantly, he and Anna have secrets that he has to keep from her. She also wonders why they would have a conversation somewhere other than his office. He informs Jordan that Anna was his patient before he and Jordan started seeing each other. She tells him she really understands and is ok with that. However, is that really true?

Alexis finds Sam at The Metro Court and notices she cut her hand. She asks her daughter how that happened, to which Sam replies it must have been “the curse of Helena Cassadine” as Laura has just warned her.

Lulu goes to Wyndemere and meets with her mom and brother for the reading of Helena's will She cannot contain from them the fact that she is happy. Instantly, Laura knows that her daughter must be getting back with her husband, as she knows that is the one thing that would make Lulu happier than she's been since they broke up. Hayden enters and finds that Lulu does not approve of her being there or being married to her brother. Elizabeth enters and tells them all she hopes they have brought their wooden sticks and crucifixes because she, herself will be heading for the hills. Hearing that, Hayden tells her that is a great idea because she is not needed. Before Elizabeth is out the door however, Scott Baldwin enters and asks her where she is going since the reading is about to begin. She informs him she's out of there because she's not a part of the Will. Scott informs her that, unknown to her, she is a beneficiary. Laura asks him why he's the executor of Helena's will, to which he replies Helena asked him to be. He also adds that when he saw who was named in the will, he wanted to “help”. He promises he will do just that as they wait for Sam and Alexis in order for him to get started. Right then, he leaves momentarily. All the people wonder whether or not they should be there. Nikolas concludes that sooner or later they will all have to face it so they need to all be there now to find out answers to the unresolved mystery. Right then, Alexis and Sam enter. Lulu warns them all to brace themselves. Scott returns and asks everyone to sit down while he reads Helena Cassadine's last will and testament. Right then, he turns on a video where we hear the “evil” deceased matriarch greeting everyone and informing them that Robin Scorpio-Drake's efforts were for naught. She informs them she had Robin working for her to make Helena immortal. She admits that as she records this, she does not expect to die ever. She makes it a mystery as to whether or not she has died after recording this video. She tells them she will live on in all of them. She then recites that she first leaves to Samantha Morgan, to be equally divided by her two cent. She adds there's nothing more than any child of Alexis deserves. Sam does not want to hear any more although Scott tells her she will have to claim the penny and is subject to “taxes”. At that point, both Sam and Alexis want to leave but Scott tells Alexis she is up now. Helena tells her, remembering she was known as Natasha, the product of her husband and his whore. She instructs Scott to give Alexis a mystery brief case to open and hears an opera singer who sounds like her deceased mother. Alexis also discovers a familiar dagger and knows it was the one that Helena used to slit Alexis' mother's throat. And inside there's a mysterious locked box with a key. They play the video where Helena makes it clear she believes Alexis' mother deserved what she got. She then tells Nikolas she is out of there. Nikolas runs after his aunt but she won't listen. Knowing her mom is upset, Sam offers to drive them out of there. Helena then addresses Elizabeth, sarcastically apologizing and promising to “make it up to her” for kidnapping “sweet little Jake”. Elizabeth angrily asks if Helena thinks any amount of money can make up for her stealing Elizabeth's son. Scott presents Elizabeth with Helena's “gift” for her which looks like a binder or something that says Jake's Adventures. Nikolas suggests she throw it in the fire, realizing Helena has put her through too much already. Elizabeth leaves to go to work. Helena tells Nikolas she will give her entire fortune to the Cassadine foundation and not to him. After he betrayed her, she tells her grandson, he gets nothing. He reflects that he apparently failed to live up to what his grandmother wanted. Taking ELQ was not enough for her, Nikolas concludes. Although it is enough for him. She does, however, have a huge painting of herself, to bequeath to Nikolas. He concludes to Hayden, he will have Alfred keep it in the den to throw darts at. Helena then addresses Lulu, stating that Lulu has done the most for her of anyone.

Right after Nathan has dropped the bombshell upon Dante that he was married to Claudette, Maxie walks in suspecting nothing. She knows that they were talking about something very intense. Nathan admits to her that that is true. He informs Maxie that Dante has just given him some “huge news” and he asks Dante to share that with Maxie. Dante first hesitates but informs her that he and Lulu are ready to get back together. As expected, Maxie is delighted and tells him she knows he and Lulu will be just as happy as she and Nathan are. Hearing that, the two guys are not as encouraged as she is.

At the hospital, Griffin gets on his phone to leave a message for Brad to see if he has any updates on the Tracy Quartermaine biopsy.

Elizabeth is not far away, reading Helena's “story” about a boy named Jake running through the woods and being sworn by a “spirit” to keep a secret about something.

At The Metro Court, Alexis hesitates to open up the “box” that Helena gave her, reflecting to Sam about how the dagger that killed her mother along with the opera song is the last morbid and cruel thing Helena will do to her. Sam however, needs to know what her mom intends to do with the unopened box Helena gave to her. Alexis asks her daughter what she suggests, to which Sam suggests that Goodwill may be looking for donations and somebody might like an empty box. Sam gets up to go and take care of business. Alexis urges her not to worry about any curses. Right then, Alexis asks the bartender if he could throw away the “gift” Helena gave her, to which he asks Alexis if she is “sure”. She replies yes. When he takes it, however, Alexis then decides she has changed her mind and is not ready to throw away whatever it is that Helena has given to her.

Back at the house, Lulu does not understand what Helena believes she has done for her grandmother. Scott plays the video of Helena tells Lulu that there may come a time when her life is empty. And so, she has an empty envelope for Lulu. Lulu concludes that she will not let that psychopath mess with her head and she does not care. Helena tells Laura that she has something for her. She informs Laura that before Luke left town, she (Helena) had one final moment with him. So, she reminds Laura, she took something from Helena which she loves most, which is Helena's beloved Mikkos. So, being the “bigger person”, Helena tells Laura, she has something for her. It seems to completely puzzle Laura, however. Scott gives Laura a mysterious “key” that Helena has for her.

After Anna has left Jordan and Maddox, she runs into Griffin again and tells him she knows she's seen him somewhere and it's very coincidental that he'd admit to following and stalking her

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