GH Update Thursday 3/10/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/10/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Floating Rib, Michael reiterates, yet again, to his dad, that he still believes that Sabrina is in Puerto Rico with her family. Hearing that, Sonny informs his son, for the first time, that he knows otherwise. He knows that Carlos is alive and Sabrina is with him by choice. Hearing that, Michael “clarifies” what he “knows” to his dad that everyone knows Carlos Rivera is dead and his body was found and pulled from the harbor. Sonny affirms to his son he knows otherwise. He has a reliable source who is Anna Devane. She has evidence that Carlos is alive and Sabrina is with him. Sonny admonishes his son to contact Sabrina and see if she can tell him all she may know about Carlos. Yet Michael does not want to create more trust issues with between his ex girlfriend. He reminds Michael that Carlos has gotten away with murdering Duke. Michael explains to his dad that he did give Sabrina reason not to trust or communicate with him by shutting her out. He also informs him that Felix just showed him a picture of Sabrina with the baby and urged Michael to believe she is “happy”. So maybe he needs to leave well enough alone with contacting her only assume he should distrust her and believe she's keeping secrets from him, yet Sonny reminds his son that Sabrina is harboring and abetting Carlos. Yet Michael wants to talk to Sabrina and see if she is ok. He's very concerned that she's on the run and that can't be good for the baby although Sonny urges his son not to mess with Carlos and instead to let his dad handle that. Michael assesses that his dad got the information from Anna, with whom Sonny is not exactly “in alliance”. Sonny tells Michael in spite of that, both he and Anna loved Duke and want justice for his death. He also informs Michael that they want to go after Julian more than Carlos since Carlos was only following orders and believe perhaps Carlos could help them bring Julian to justice with incentive. He does, however, realize what Michael is going through regarding the falling out of his relationship with Sabrina. Sonny leaves. As soon as Michael is alone, he calls and leaves a message for Sabrina, telling her he just wanted to find out if she is ok and to please call him as soon as she gets his message.

Right then, while Jason is at the Quartermaine crypt, noticing the memorial plaques of his deceased biological family members, he remembers his grandmother, Lila, informing him (after he lost his memory about the Quartermaines years ago), that her maiden name was Morgan. At that point, that is how he chose the legal name of Jason Morgan.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells his mom it would mean a lot t him if she could accept Hayden just a little more. Laura observes the Great Gatsby book that Hayden has given to her son and is clearly suspicious. In the other room, Sam enters informing Hayden the reason she is there is for the reading of Helena's will. In response to that, Hayden tells her she needs to cut the act. She happens to know that Sam is being hired by Nikolas to spy upon Hayden. Sam does not respond to Hayden's question and demands she gets to go in an talk to Nikolas privately. Hayden then reminds Sam that she knows her husband has asked Sam to call off the investigation. So why else would Sam need to talk to Nikolas when Hadyen is not present? Sam replies there are many reasons, as she is not about to answer to Hayden for why she's there or what she intends to do. She goes in and talks to Nikolas, warning him about something he needs to be mindful of although he does not want to hear more of her opinion and concerns about Hayden. She protests that she discovered the Hayden has disconnected the number she used to have and he should be mindful of that, although he tells Sam he is not concerned about that and wants her to drop the whole thing and that is final. Inside, the other room. Laura tells Hayden she knows all about the story of The Great Gatsby. She knows how the woman scammed, exploited and betrayed the man, took him for his money and ruined his life. And so, she assesses to Hayden, she needs to know that Nikolas' mom is onto her and will not let her to that to Laura's son. Hearing that, Hayden tells Laura that she's reading to much into this. Laura reminds her that she may think or do or believe what she wants but she must know that she will not manipulate Nikolas. Laura warns her she doubts Hayden knows her son, as sh warns her that her son is just as capable of implementing revenge as other Cassadine men. In the other room, Nikolas affirms to Sam that he no longer distrusts nor wants anyone to investigate or confirm any suspicions he may have had with Sam. He and Hayden go off together. Alone with Sam, Laura tells her she realizes she owes her an apology for covering up Jason's identity. Sam tells her she accepts that and is happy they have all gotten past that. Laura then asks Sam how she feels about the reading of Helena's will, to which Sam informs her that Helena did try to intimidate her on her death bed yet she is not threatened by that. Hearing that, Laura tells Sam that she, herself, used to not be until she had to learn all that Helena is capable of, even from the grave. She informs Sam that Helena intended to curse her and Luke on their wedding day. She does not want to scare or discourage Sam but knows it may not be as simple as Sam believes. As soon as Sam is alone, she gets a text from Jason asking her to meet with him. She gets up to leave but also urgently calls Spinelli and asks if he could look up a “mysterious and unexplained” disconnected number that she's discovered Hayden is now using.

Right then, Dr. Griffin Munro goes to Anna's home, knocks on her door, greets her and “graciously” explains and admits to her that he has been following and stalking her. Hearing that, not knowing this guy (although she has some “unconscious recollection” of him) and having no clue why he's there, why he'd stalk her and why he's informing her that, she demands to know why. He wants to come in and have a civilized conversation. If she can't do that, they can go to a public place to talk, he tells her. She does not understand what is going on, however, and demands to know why he is following her. Right then, however, Griffin gets a call instructing him to return to the hospital. Right then, Anna gets on her phone to call Dr. Andre Maddox and ask if she can “pick his brain” about something.

In Tracy's hospital room, Dr. Mayes is wasting no time getting her prepped for the surgery. He leaves her alone with Monica and Tracy wants to find out of she trusts Mayes. Before Monica answers that, however, she tells her she has to run home. Dillon enters. Tracy clearly does not want Monica to leave although she does not admit the reason why. Monica promises she will be back before Dr. Mayes is done with his “work”. Hearing that, Tracy has no clue that Monica is about to affirm that she is going to perform a biopsy to find out of her sister in law does, in fact have Cancer, before doing anything else. Alone with Dillon, Tracy wants to make light of the situation with her son. Right then, he reveals to his mom that he did “override” her decision not to consult with Dr. Munro and Griffin is, in fact, on his way there as they speak. Hearing that, she reminds her son that Dr. Mayes is her doctor and she only listens to his recommendations. Dillon, however, protests to his mom that he does not entirely trust Mayes and wants to listen to Munro. Outside in the hallway, Griffin rushes back and informs Mayes that Dillon Quartermaine wants to consult with him and listen to his (Griffin's) recommendations because Dillon believes he (Dr. Griffin Munro) understands Dillon's mother's best interests. In response to that, Mayes asks if Dillon his Griffin's patient, to which Griffin replies no. Mayes asks him who the patient in question is, to which Griffin replies Tracy. Mayes asks Griffin whom Tracy has chosen to have as her doctor, to which Griffin confirms to Mayes that it is Mayes. Hearing that, Mayes sarcastically tells him he is very smart to know those things and needs to back off and let the older doctor do what his patient wants. Griffin protests about his “value” as a doctor yet Mayes continues to remind him how inexperienced he is compared to the senior doctor. Dillon then comes by and tries to get Mayes to understand what he was doing. Yet Mayes firmly lets Dillon he calls the shots and Dillon better not undermine him.

Right then, Monica goes to the Quartermaine crypt and finds Jason who informs her he has a “flickering” memory of his conversation with his grandmother where he decided to go by her maiden name. Yet, he asks his mom(whom he still has no memory of) just who Jason Morgan or Jason Quartermaine is or was. She talks about all of the wonderful traits she knew of her son before and after the accident that made him forget the Quartermaines and when he joined forces with Sonny. Jason assesses that he keeps looking for answers in “the strangest places”. Hearing that, she encourages him to realize that there are many very unpredictable and strange things that have happened recently. He needs to know the Quartermaines are not the same as before and she wants him to continue to look for answers. He then remembers that Lila told him that “the heart has a long memory”. Hearing that, Monica reveals that she also remembers her deceased mother in law saying that.

Anna meets with Dr. Andre Maddox at The Metro Court and talks about her “deja vu” experience when she first saw and was introduced, by Lucas, to Dr. Griffin Munro. Yet she cannot figure out or remember how or why. Hearing that, he warns her that maybe she should exercise caution regarding the unsolved mystery of Dr. Griffin Munro. She assures him she can take care of herself although he tells her there is nothing wrong with her accepting help. Right then, Anna gets on her phone and is ready to investigate secrets about Dr. Griffin Munro.

At the hospital, when Mayes makes it clear to Dillon that he is “in charge” and Dillon will not overrule him, Dillon firmly lays down the law to him that he will not be intimidated by him and he has the right to be involved in his mother's current medical situation. Alone with Griffin, Dillon tells him he knows he's being bullied and possibly threatened by Dr. Mayes. He assures Griffin that he and his family have financial and political power over the hospital and he assures Griffin he will make sure his job is safe if Griffin communicates and works with him. Griffin then talks about a theory he discovered when he was in med school or practicing medicine in Mexico. Right then, Brad Cooper overhears the conversation informs Dillon his mother is ready to see him, so that Brad can talk alone to Griffin. He also informs him that he is in charge of the hospital lab and so he might be able to “pull strings” to help Griffin circumvent hospital authority figures who want to prevent him from doing what he wants to do. As soon as Brad leaves,, Mayes finds Griffin and again, threatens him that he has the means to take his medical license if he steps out of line, warning Griffin if he undermines him again, Griffin will no longer be able to practice medicine here or in Mexico or anywhere else.

Sam goes to meet with Jason at The Metro Court and he informs her that he now knows how to get ELQ back for the Quartermaines, and defeat Nikolas. Right then, he gets an incoming call from Diane, revealing to Sam that he's found a “new place”. He invites Sam to come wit him . She tells him she'd love to but has to get to Wyndemere. Right then, she notices that Jason left something behind. And it looks like the spirit of Helena Cassadine may be cursing Sam or anyone else who gets in hers' or Nikolas' way.

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