GH Update Wednesday 3/9/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/9/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Michael expresses his concerns to his parents about what it may be like for Morgan to be locked up in a facility. He is worried and regrets failing to do something before it was too late for his brother. Hearing that, they assure him that Morgan will get the help he needs, get stronger and get out soon. Right then, Jason appears. Carly hugs him and Sonny tells him it's good to see him as Michael also welcomes him. He announces that he intends to leave town. Clearly none of them want him to do that.

At The Floating Rib, while Dr. Griffin Munro is alone at a table, a waitress wants to know about his personal life and if he has a woman in his life. He admits he is not seeing anyone. There's a woman he's “interested in” but not in “that way”, he tells her. Right then, Felix walks in and tells him he really appreciates having a doctor who works well with and respects nurses. He comments that Dr. Mayes does not have that quality when Griffin admits that he needs to do an MRI for a patient yet cannot get approval from his boss. Felix affirms it does not appear that Mayes respects the staff nor patients. Felix tells Griffin if he wants anything important like an MRI or something that will benefit a patient, he should go to Monica Quartermaine instead of to Dr. Mayes.

Not far away, at another table, Paul sits with Anna and wants her to trust him to communicate and not keep any secrets from her about Carlos or where he may have gone. He does not reveal that he did in fact contact Carlos after he visited her the previous night. She gets up to leave but she knows that Paul wants her to believe that he intends to give Carlos immunity for implicating Julian so Carlos never has to pay for killing Duke and so that Paul will not have to pay for his own crime. Paul continues to try to convince Anna that he cares about her and wants to do the right thing although she clearly does not buy that. She asks him to contact her when or if he hears from Carlos and she leaves.

At the hospital, Dr. Mayes asks Monica if she or anyone may have seen or heard from Tracy Quartermaine. They can see that Tracy has left the hospital without telling anyone or getting approval. He wonders where she went and it seems anyone who might know hesitates to tell him.

Right then, Tracy goes to the crypt and talks to her deceased parents and brother. She asks if they, and the higher power might want to have her living the “after life” with them, when she states she is not ready to die. She talks to them about all she remembers when their family was together and admits she's scared. She tells her deceased brother Alan, the former chief of staff, that she can feel these “things” which she forgets what the doctor called them. She then remembers he told them they were “lesions” in her brain, which she can feel, ticking her life away. Right then, she hears a sound and asks if it is,, in fact, her brother Alan. She sees it's Dillon who is “stunned” to see his mom there talking to dead people.

At the Metro Court, Michael tells his parents he needs to go and see if Felix might have some information about where to find Sabrina. Alone with Sonny, Jason talks about hearing how he heroically prevented a gunman from killing people at the chapel during Alexis and Julian's wedding. He knows how appreciative Sam, as well as many others were for Sonny's courageous act of disarming the man. Hearing that, Sonny remarks that he wishes “Jason” was there because he could have really used his help. With that, Sonny gets up to leave the table and take care of something. Alone at the table with Carly, Jason asks her what is “up” with that. She assures him that she accepts his decision and reminds him she knows all too well that Sonny's business is violent. She is having her concerns and if it were up to her, she would prefer Jason not work for Sonny.

Anna returns home and is suspicious when she hears her doorbell ring. She gets the door and sees Sonny. She lets him in and asks how Morgan and Kiki are and asks what she can do for him. He tells her he wanted to thank her for letting him know about the place where the gun shipment happened. She tells him, on behalf of law enforcement, she appreciates what he did to protect the safety of people when the gunman went to the chapel. Their interaction is very cold and guarded although she assures him that they are on the same side with wanting to bring the people who shot Duke to justice. He right then knows how to distract her so that he can “find something out”. Sure enough, he's able to see a picture that came from her printer and asks if this picture was taken “when Carlos was alive”.

Griffin finds Monica, at the hospital and tells her that Dr. Mayes will not authorize him to do what is needed for Tracy Quartermaine. He knows he needs to run an MRI since nobody has given him any information about what has happened to Tracy. She assures him that Dr. Mayes is not in charge of Tracy's case. She is. She assures him she can help with what is needed as she lets him know that Tracy will be a very difficult patient. She informs him, however, that regarding Tracy, there is nothing they can do right now because “the patient is AWOL”.

At the crypt, Dillon finds his mom and they talk when suddenly and unexpectedly, she collapses again. He rushes her to the hospital. Griffin assures him he did the right thing but Dillon needs to know how or why this happened again. Griffin admits he really does have very limited information since Tracy has not “cooperated” nor communicated with what is really going on. Dillon clearly trusts him much more than he trusts Griffin's boss. He informs Griffin he knows his mom told him that she simply had a reaction from going off her anti-depressant meds. Hearing that, Griffin knows he's never heard this “story”. Griffin right away concludes that his mom has clearly lied to him about that. Right then, Dr. Mayes overhears their conversation. In “business-mode” he tells his subordinate he is not “authorized” to talk to Mayes' patient's son, as Mayes remarks to them (not realizing they've never heard this until now) that “cancer is a very sensitive subject”. Hearing that, both Griffin and Dillon are shocked and alarmed to hear that Tracy has been diagnosed with cancer and has never told either of them. Dillon asks his mom's doctor if he really believes his mom has brain cancer, to which Mayes does not reply. Dillon, right away, concludes that he needs to talk to his aunt Monica. Alone with Mayes, Griffin tells him he is misleading his patient's son. He needs to do the biopsy and realize he does not know everything. Even if the older doctor is experienced, competent and highly accomplished in his medical career, he needs to realize that Tracy and her family have the right to know what is really going on with her so they can know what to expect and so she can get the best care possible. In the other room, Monica assures Tracy that even if her sister in law does not trust her, she will do what is right with the biopsy.

Anna then admits to Sonny that she believes Carlos is alive. They now know that Sabrina lied about Michael being her baby's father. More than likely she has left with Carlos of her own free will and they are on the run together, she tells Sonny. Hearing that, he admits to Anna that he intends to hunt down that son of a bitch and make him pay, completely unafraid of the consequences of her hearing him say that. Anna tells Sonny any help he can give her will be appreciated, revealing she knows that Carlos was only the trigger man. It was Julian who ordered the hit on Duke. He realizes that Anna may not trust him but admits that Duke was a great friend to him. She protests that Julian cannot just get away with what he did, escape the consequences of his actions, marry Alexis and live happily ever after. Sonny seems to agree, listens and ask Anna just what it is that she wants from him.

At The Metro Court, with Jason, Carly tells him that she did honestly express her concerns to Sonny about the consequences of what he does. She realizes that Sonny will never fully change or “be a pacifist”. However, she expresses to Jason, she feels optimistic that her husband did at the very least, listen to her. He concludes that maybe Sonny should realize that not every argument can be settled with a gun. Carly justifies and reminds Jason (who does not remember his “alliance” with Sonny and his business) that there are many far more dangerous people out there than Sonny and her husband rights many wrongs. She talks about how, many years ago, Jason was a Quartermaine, a med student and a completely different person. Then, suddenly, he had an accident, lost his memory and decided he wanted nothing to do with that way of life or his biological family. He asks how it was that he joined forces with Sonny and with her. She talks about how, when she got pregnant with Michael, he was there for her when Michael's bio dad, AJ, was up to no good. She does, however, mention that Jason's grandmother, Lila was very sweet and respected Jason's choice. He took the name, Jason Morgan, whom she and Sonny named their youngest son after. Jason then remembers he's heard that he has a grave stone and has been buried at the Quartermaine crypt. Carly happily confirms yes and asks him to come with her to see it.

At the hospital, Dr. Mayes adamantly and arrogantly tells Griffin he knows all about cancer and will not be undermined by an inexperienced rookie doctor. Dillon wants to talk to Griffin alone although Mayes authoritatively instructs him to realize that Dr. Munro is busy attending to other patients, has nothing to do with this and the two of them need to realize the authority he has as Tracy Quartermaine's doctor.

Carly and Jason go to the Quartermaine crypt. They notice Alan's memorial stone and she talks about his dad and former chief of staff who had big goals for his son. They see his grandma, Lila's grave whom Carly speaks very positively about. They notice Emily, his youngest adopted sister whom they all miss. Carly reflects how his dad died struggling with his unsuccessful quest to “reach” Jason. She knows that the Quartermaines tried to take her baby boy away from her because she was no good trailer trash. Yet he would not let that happen. He concludes he does not know what will happen in the future although he does know he is not “going back”. She tells him she has to get back to work yet he admits he might want to stay there for a while.

At The Floating Rib, Sonny asks Michael if he's found out anything about Sabrina or the baby. Michael admits he is not complete and still wonders if he could have maybe given Sabrina reason not to leave Port Charles. Even though he knows the baby is not his, he's worried about her going off to have her aby alone. Hearing that, Sonny concludes to his son there is something he needs to tell him.

Right then, Paul calls Carlos and warns him that he may not be safe where he is and should not be surprised if Anna Devane or someone working on her behalf finds him. He tells him he knows this is not the life he wants for himself and Sabrina on the run after she's had her baby and urges Carlos to know he can offer him a better choice, in exchanges for Carlos doing what he wants. Carlos reminds Paul that he killed Sloane and Anna “killed him”. So why should he help Paul or Anna out? Paul tells him that is the “way things work”. He reminds Carlos he may not have too many options at this point. Yet Carlos refuses to do Paul's bidding although Paul warns him he's making a big mistake.

In Tracy's hospital room, she continues to tell both Monica and Dillon she does not want more family members involved even if they do. She asks her son and sister in law if the could give her a few minutes before Dr. Mayes starts digging into her brain. She does not want them to see that she's worried or scared. Outside the room, Dillon informs his aunt that Dr. Munro told him it may not be cancer although Dr. Mayes does not want to do a biopsy in order to find out before doing the surgery. He tells Monica he needs to find Munro before it's too late.

Right then, Griffin goes to Anna's house and admits to her that he has been following her.

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