GH Update Tuesday 3/8/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/8/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Dante's apartment, Lulu declares that she loves him and wants to get back together. He kisses her but she needs to make sure that he wants that too. He affirms there is nothing he wants more than that. He tells her although their divorce is finalized according to the courts, he wants to get back together. She realizes, however, that they maybe should not rush it and asks how they can get back what they had. He replies they can establish trust and stop blaming each other. At that point they continue to kiss and lie on the bed together. Right then, however, she pulls away and tells him she's not ready for this. Realizing that maybe it's simply due to the “bad memories” of this bed and his apartment, he tells her they can move and get their own place together to start a new life together, buy a house with a big yard and all the amenities for Rocco and more kids and all their friends and family. Yet she reminds him that they still need time to heal. They may not be able to simply do it on their own and may need help. At that point, they both agree to seek professional help and get couple's counseling. She warns him that they both must know that it will not be easy. They both agree this is what they need.

Anna is in her house talking on the phone to Robert when, we see “someone” (unidentified) outside. Right then, her doorbell rings. She gets the door. It's Paul who's come by unexpected. He tells her that he has many things to discuss with her. She tells him that she has had this feeling as though someone is following her. It may just be her imagination, she tells him, since she's been on edge about a lot of things. Yet we still see a “viewing” from an unseen person outside her house on the grounds. Paul asks her if she and/or Robert found Carlos and if Sabrina Santiago was with him. She confirms they were, in fact, in Halifax, Nova Scocia. Again, Paul wants to engage, act friendly and work with Anna yet she bluntly lets him know she still does not trust him as far as she can throw him. She reminds him that as soon as Carlos is find, they could both go down and go to prison. Yet he wants to keep her out of prison, reminding her that she does not want her granddaughter and family to have to visit her in a prison cell. She replies that regardless of that, finding Carlos is a means to an end in bringing Julian to justice for killing Duke. Hearing that Paul asks her what if there is another way. He tells her that he realizes she would have preferred not have to bring Carlos to justice by shooting and intending to kill him. Yet they both know that a trial with a jury of one's peers is not always there when one wants it. And so, for that reason, she needs to know that they have to take action to bring Julian to justice. He asks her if they should not want to find Sabrina Santiago who might be a good source of all they need to know, especially if she's on the run with the father of her baby. He implies that sooner or later, they will run out of money. Very possibly, the first person Carlos will reach out to will be himself. Hearing that, Anna tells Paul that if he wants her help with that, he better keep her informed, not pull any stunts behind her back and realize she will know and make him pay if he thinks he's going to “play” her. Hearing that, he “assures” Anna that he takes business dealings and partnerships like the one he wants to have with her, very seriously. At that point, he assures her that he will do what is needed and communicate and trust her with the Carlos-issue. Yet as soon as he is out the door, he gets on his phone to call Carlos to “tip him off” before Anna finds him.

Jordan is talking on the phone to Dr. Andre Maddox after he's given her a gift,. He asks her if she wants to join him at The Floating Rib. She tells him she'd like to very much but she has some work to do regarding DA Hornsby's most recent undercover arms intervention.

While Nikolas is alone at Wyndemere, Hayden goes to The Metro Court and is able to see and overhear Sam talking to Baxter at a table. She makes sure she is not seen or heard by them and hides behind the door to observe. She wonders what on earth the two of them are doing together. They sit together and toast to her “investments”. He seems very encouraged and receptive to her (believing she might be a legitimate contact/potential investment client) until she tells him she has gotten a call, informing him it's a family emergency and so she has to cut their meeting short. RA that point, Baxter angrily tells her she must settle her own tab which he had previously intended to pay. Alone, Sam asks her contact if they can tell her anything about her “friend, Rachel”. At that point, the line goes dead and it appears the contact who has called Sam has hung up as soon as they hear her inquire about “Rachel”.

When Nikolas is alone at Wyndemere, Elizabeth goes and talks to him. She notices that his new wife has given him a gift which is an inscribed copy of The Great Gatsby. She tells him she knows that he has reservations and suspicions about “something” and needs him to be honest with her about that, whether he wants to believe otherwise or not. She protests that she failed to listen to him about the realistic reservations he had regarding her big mess with Ric Lansing. She wanted him to stay out of her business and she did not open up to him and she wound up heart-broken. So, Elizabeth tells Nikolas, he needs him to realize that she wants to prevent the same thing from happening to him. In response to that, he affirms that he is very happy in his marriage. She tries to protest but realizes what she has heard and finally tells Nikolas if he says he's happy with Hayden, she will support that. As soon as she leaves him alone in the room, he gets a call from Sam, informing him that Baxter did not give her the information they were hoping for but he made it very clear that he has secrets about Rachel he does not want to reveal. She called another number of a woman who was ready to talk to her until Sam revealed she wanted to find out about Rachel, at which point the woman hung up on her. Sam assumes and hopes her cousin will want to get to the bottom of his wife's shady and secretive dealings. Yet Nikolas firmly tells Sam he wants her to stop and call off the investigation of Hayden. Sam protests that she is getting close to finding out what is needed in order to uncover the mystery that he needs before he pays the cost for trusting Hayden. Yet he angrily tells Sam that he needs her to stop doing what she is doing. He has his reasons. She does not have to agree or understand his reasons. But he no longer wants to be suspecting and going behind his wife's back with this investigation.

After Hayden has observed Baxter sitting at a table and talking to Sam, she waits at the bar until he's gone. Right then, Curtis finds her and asks her what she is doing. She does not engage although he sits beside her and can see she has something going on which is causing her to be stressed and drink. He asks the bar tender to serve what Hayden is having and put it on her tab. She does not want to talk yet he asks her if her “husband” is acting as though he wants to kill her. She does not reply although Curtis urges her to talk to him and tell him if she is in trouble. She asks why he'd care about her unless she's willing to pay him, to which he reveals that he wants to know what is going on with her for reasons that may not be “money-motivated”. She waits until Baxter is alone and goes to talk to Sam. Alone at the bar, Curtis gets on his phone and is able to see that Jordan is obsessively trying to get him out of town and prevent anyone who might meet him from trusting or getting to know him.

When Jordan is alone in her office working, Andre comes by and tells her he knows she must be hungry and should be eating something better than stale microwave food. She asks if he has special occasion in mind. He replies this may be the last time they see each other. He brings food, talks to her and assures her that there is so much more to him than work. She tells him she realizes that. Yet he reminds her that on their last date, she accused him of trying to shrink her and so he wants to get past that, get to know her and develop more. Hearing that, she admits that the “Curtis situation” is “sensitive” for her. She apologizes for taking that out on him but she will not change what is going on with her history of knowing Curtis. She attempts to explain to Dr. Andre Maddox that when she knew Curtis a while back, she kind of “enabled” him to ruin people's lives. Yet she enjoys being with Andre and wants to know if she will see him again. She admits she used to work with a dance company. He remarks he's really glad she chose another career, realizing if she'd chosen to tour with a dance company, they would have never met and that would be a shame. He leaves and tells her he will see her soon. Right then, she gets on her phone but is interrupted by a visit from Curtis. Curtis goes to see Jordan. He confronts her telling her she needs to stay out of his business and stop telling everybody she knows that he's a drug dealer or drug addict. His past is over and she doesn't even know the accurate details. He tells her she needs to realizes that she can't act all holier than thou accusing him of stalking or bothering her. She is the one stalking, bothering and getting into his business and she needs to stop, he tells her. He also reminds her that she may have “incentive” not to provoke him into revealing what he knows about her.

Not far away, Hayden finds Sam and wants to know what she was talking to “that guy” about although Sam evades the question and is not about to trust Hayden nor be ok with Nikolas' decision to call off the investigation of his wife.

Back at Wyndemere, Elizabeth continues to protest to Nikolas that she knows she should have listened to him not only with Ric but with her serious mistake to have Jason believing he was Jake Doe. She realizes she may not have listened but now wishes she had so she is not going to give up on getting him to listen to her about Hayden even if he does not want to at this point because that is what friends to for one another. She then tells him, because she's his best friend and she loves him, and knowing how he got burned by trusting Brit, she needs to urge him of his realistic and reasonable need to have Hayden followed. Elizabeth tells him she realizes that sooner or later, this is going to blow up in his face. So, she tells him that her advice is that he gets rid of Hayden asap before he regrets it. Right then, Hayden walks in and demands Elizabeth gets out of the room so she can talk to her husband alone. She reveals to Nikolas she heard their conversation and needs to know if it's true that he is having her investigated. He admits it is true.

Alone with her, Nikolas admits that he was ready to have Sam investigate, spy and find out all the dirt on her. Yet, today, right as Sam was doing just that, he called his cousin to tell her he needed her to call it off. He told the very same thing to Elizabeth when Hayden walked in and overheard their conversation. Elizabeth clearly wants him to distrust her and end their marriage, he admits, but he is not about to do that. He assures Hayden he loves her. She is his wife and his priority, he tells her as he kisses her.

Elizabeth goes to find Sam at The Metro Court and tells her she needs to discuss Hayden with her. Hearing that and realizing what Nikolas' wishes are, Sam tells Elizabeth she needs to discuss this with him. Yet Elizabeth informs Sam that she happens to know that he first asked Sam to investigate Hayden and has now reconsidered. She reminds Sam that they both know that Hayden cannot be trusted and Nikolas cannot see that. So, she urges Sam, if she wants to do the right thing, she needs to continue her investigation with or without Nikolas' approval or knowledge.

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