GH Update Monday 3/7/16

General Hospital Update Monday 3/7/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Tracy is in her hospital bed, she calls Alice to ask her to please send the car. She affirms that although she does not have “Dr. Monica's permission” to leave the hospital, it is her right to do so. Right then, Monica enters and asks her sister in law if she plans to go somewhere. Tracy adamantly tells her she does not want to wait for any MRI results or anything and plans to leave now whether the doctors want her to do so or not. Dr. Griffin Munro and Dr. Mayes accompanies Monica. Tracy sarcastically and snarkily reminds them she is the patient who makes the decisions and asks if they intend to invite the janitor. Right then, Dr. Mayes wastes no time informing Tracy they have discovered a tumor. They do not know for certain if it's cancer but that is a possibility. He leaves Tracy alone with Monica and Griffin. Monica asks her if she “needs anything”. Tracy does not want to admit to any “needs” except to get out of there.

Meanwhile, Nikolas calls Sam to find out the progress of her investigation of his new wife, while Sam sits at the Metro Court ready to meet with Baxter, the contact who will hopefully give them the information they are seeking. Right then, Hayden joins Nikolas and seems as though she suspects nothing. When the Baxter arrives and meets with Sam at the table, she has him believing that she is looking to invest money from a divorce on property and other ventures. Baxter asks her how or from where she sought him out and just who recommended him to her. He tells her all about the possible monetary rewards when Sam shows him a picture of the contact who recommended him to her. It's a picture of Hayden. Baxter looks at it silently and stunned knowing he has to deny ever having met this women. Yet Sam tells him that is “very odd”, since her “friend, Rachel” informed Sam that she ran into this man in Vegas. In response to that, Baxter admits to Sam it's true he spent some vacation time in Vegas but he's certain he'd have remembered such a beautiful woman. She asks if perhaps he partied too much to remember. Right then, Baxter now knows he has to abruptly excuse himself and go off to make a call she cannot hear or know about.

With Nikolas, Hayden remarks that she missed him while he was in Philadelphia with Spencer. She informs him that she was with Tracy Quartermaine at The Floating Rib when Tracy suddenly collapsed having a seizure and had to go to the hospital. Hearing that, Nikolas asks her why she is now suddenly so “close to” Tracy Quartermaine. Hayden replies to her “husband” that she finds Tracy very annoying and she only deals with her as much as she is required to in their business contact with ELQ. Hayden also reflects to Nikolas that when she saw Tracy have her seizure, it reminded her (Hayden) of when she watched her father have a heart attack. She went with him to the hospital, as a child and he promised never to leave his little girl. She admits she believed him. Right then, she tells him she has a surprise for him. It's a “work of art”, she tells him. She gives him the book, The Great Gatsby. He tells her he really appreciates not only the first edition of a classic but the thought. She informs him she wrote an inscription yet she seems secretive as she tells him she has to get going and get back to ELQ. She expresses that she knows Elizabeth does not want her there and he asks if her reason for leaving is to merely find excuses not to run into Elizabeth.

Lulu returns to Dante's apartment right before he is ready to sign the divorce decree to make the ending of their marriage official. He assumes she is there to tell him she's done with him. She assumes he is done with her. Neither is aware that the other is having second thoughts about ending their marriage. She protests that their marriage was falling apart. She acted irrationally, tried to get it to work again and made many drastic efforts that made things worse and she realized they have to go their separate ways. And then, he saved her life at the pier. Assuming he's done with her, she realizes that she has really been unfair and may have to accept some realities she does not want. Yet she tells him “she has to say this to him”. Right then, however, Olivia is at the door to bring back Rocco's favorite blanket. She clearly wants to ask the reason why the two of them are both there, if it's a good thing and if they are making any progress. Right then, Dante gets a call on a lead about the guy who threw Lulu into the harbor, who is still at large. He leaves. Alone with Olivia, Lulu remarks she can see that Dante's mom is worried about him. Olivia admits that is a given because she's his mother yet she notices it appears that Lulu may still have feelings for her son and may not want to go through with the divorce. Lulu admits she came there for a reason and had some things to discuss with Dante although she's afraid it may be ridiculous. Olivia encourages her to say the things she needs to say while she still has the chance. Olivia then realizes she needs to leave and not just stay there talking and driving Lulu crazy. Hearing that, Lulu assures her mother in law she does not drive her crazy. Olivia makes a lot of sense, Lulu tells her. Olivia promises to be there for her, hugs her and leaves. Alone on the couch, Lulu is clearly not complete.

After Sonny and Carly return home after Morgan has been taken to the mental hospital and after all that has happened, including his falsifying to her that he could walk, he asks her “now what”. Specifically, he wants to know if she plans to leave him. In response to that, Carly angrily admits that he “does not want to ask her that now”. She tells him she loves him and he knows that. It really hurts her to know he did not trust her about his secret of being able to walk. He tells her that he did not want her to lie for him to their kids, especially Morgan. He realizes she may not believe or understand but he did that in order not to hurt her. She tell shim she knows all about his “business strategies”. Yet she is not ok with his having to lie to her and to the kids and the fact that he told her he'd do it again. She tells him she understands how he needs to make sure his enemies cannot intimidate him. She knows he has to be in control and be the alpha male. That is what she loves about him. Yet he can clearly see that there is something she is not ok with that. She admits that she blames herself for not seeing the consequences before it was too late. She knows she, along with Sonny, has put both her kids in danger. She believes that although they cannot change the past, they should both learn from it. Yet she let herself fall in love with him again. She remembers how he charmed her and “that part” of her broke free. The part that does not care about consequences and would give anything to be with her. She admits it took her a long time to admit that, but it's true. That is how he got her back. Hearing that, Sonny reflects that now it appears he's losing her all over again. She clarifies she is not leaving him. What would be the point? She'd move back to her house. They could both move on with other people. But what would be the point? They'd both just end up breaking their hearts all over again. She admits to him she knows she'd walk on broken glass to be with him. He admits he knows they have both lied whenever they thought they could be without each other. He tells her he needs her and he always will. She asks, however, what they are going to do the next time a serious consequence occurs that could endanger them or their kids. What will they do then? He tells her that given the business he has to do, he has to keep her safe. He reminds her if he disappeared tomorrow, there would be many more people who want to take his place. They both know that Port Charles is a war zone. He asks her if she knows that, why is she questioning their lives. She tells him that she knows how he makes danger look sexy. It is not, she reminds him. It's tragic and ugly she affirms to him and she would just like it to stop.

Tracy gets her clothes on, packs her things and gets ready to leave when Monica demands that she at the very least hears her out. She tells Monica she will come back when the biopsy is scheduled. Until then, she has to get on with her life. Yet Monica reminds her she needs support and is not doing herself any favors by isolating. Outside, Monica asks Griffin what his thoughts, feelings and possible ideas about this are. He admits to her that Dr. Mayes may not have the same priorities that they have and is not putting Tracy’s health first.

When Lulu is alone in the apartment looking at pictures of her husband and son in happier days, Dante returns and only wants to talk business but she tells him she wants to “change the focus” and makes a move to kiss him. He does not stop her.

At their house, Sonny tells Carly he wishes he could promise her to change his ways but he'd be lying. Yet she reflects that when she saw Kiki alone on the pier bleeding, she wondered if there could have been some way to stop it. Hearing that, Sonny tells her they have Ava to thank for that. She agrees that Ava is a despicable person who does not care about her kids. That's a given. Yet aren't they better than that? Is the only way they can settle their disputes with guns?

Monica goes to talk to Tracy in her room. Tracy argues she is not a child, to which Monica tells her she has to stop acting like one and needs to realize she needs help. Tracy angrily tells Monica she bets she’s just waiting for Tracy to be thrown out of her house and join her parents and brother in the crypt. Monica angrily reminds Tracy she has put up with her in the same house for 30 years and if Tracy does not like the way she does it, tough. Monica angrily walks away and Griffin attentively observes their “exchange”.

Alone in the house, Nikolas reflects previous interactions of his wanting to get Hayden to commit to him and her telling him that she cannot do what he wants...And then suddenly agreeing to marry him which made him very happy.

Right then, Hayden walks into The Metro Court and can clearly see and hear Baxter talking to Sam at a table about “investing”. She knows she has to hide and remain unseen while she overhears their conversation.

Lulu admits to Dante that he has told everyone that the divorce did not matter and the most important thing is that they love each other. She tells him she now knows that they have to work hard, hang onto the people they love and the life they've built together and they want that chance. He agrees. They happily kiss and declare that they want to get back together.

Sonny affirms to Carly that he will take her concerns into consideration. However, he warns her, he cannot promise that much will change. In response to that, she tells him she at least knows he listened to her. They continue to talk, argue, laugh and admit how much they will always love each other.

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