GH Update Friday 3/4/16

General Hospital Update Friday 3/4/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Morgan is in his room (realizing he has to have everyone believing he's “ok”, in order to avoid incarceration), André comes to see him and finds it hard to believe that things are as great as Morgan believes or wants everyone to believe. Yet Morgan tells him he will soon get out of the hospital and beat the charges when Diane pleads his case. He'll be able to help Kiki and get his life back on track. He asks his doctor if he really believes there is no hope for his patient, especially when he's been telling Morgan that he knows of the perfect drug cocktail. Yet André urges his patient to know that it's not as simple as that. The drugs are supposed to help him control his behaviors and he realizes that Morgan has come up with enough reasons not to take his meds. Morgan reminds his doc that the last time he made the decision to go off his meds, it was when he wanted to have sex with Kiki but could not perform. He wanted her but his body could not do what he wanted to do. So, he asks André, shouldn't he have warned his patient that that would happen if he took the drugs? André replies if Morgan had simply called him, he could have clarified that and let him know that side effects are only temporarily. Yet Morgan is determined to get out of the hospital bed and be there for Kiki. He asks André if there's any way he can see her, to which André tells him he will speak to her doctor and see if that can be arranged.

Carly tells Sonny they have to face the grim reality that their son needs more help than they can give him. Knowing that means that his son will be locked up in a padded cell, Sonny emotionally admits he cannot bear that thought. What kind of a father is he if he puts his son in an institution? Hearing that, Carly tells her husband she knows how he feels about that but they need to do what is best for Morgan before anything else. Yet Sonny tells her he refuses to do it. He protests to his wife that he found Morgan on the roof and he managed to talk him off by promising he will always look out of his son as his guardian angel. Yet she reminds him that they cannot realistically expect everything to go ok with that, knowing they cannot watch over Morgan all the time and knowing what he's capable of doing whenever he has his freedom. Sonny gets a call from Diane informing them that she is right now talking to DA Hornsby who wants to put Morgan away and will only consider probation if he's admitted to a psychiatric facility.

Ava sits in the ICU with a still unconscious Kiki. Noticing the monitor by her daughter's bedside, she remarks that it's like they are both in limbo. Kiki is some place where her mom can't reach her and she (Ava) is just here, waiting. She cries and asks Kiki why she won't come back. Ava asks if it's because of her. She realized if she'd accepted her prison sentence and not felt compelled to do what she did, this would never have happened, Ava assesses. She steps outside and Julian comes by. She admits to her brother that as much as she loathes Sonny, she knows he loves Avery. So, she realized maybe she should let her infant daughter stay with her father when she has to be with Kiki. She realizes the danger she's put Kiki in so she won't risk it any more than Julian would want to risk it with his kids or grandchild. Hearing that, Julian is reminded that Dixon has been looking for her so he asks his sister if she'd mind filling him in on the details of her involvement with the arms syndicate. He asks if she's going to be charged as an accessory to which she replies she has full immunity since Paul Hornsby was working under cover and she was working with him the whole time. He asks why his sister did not inform him about her association with the feds. She replies to her brother that given he needs to stay out of the business, she thought maybe the less he knew the better. He tells her that she needs to beware of Raj and Dixon and realize how dangerous they are. Hearing that, she asks how it is that while he's living the “clean life”, that he'd know so much about these guys.

While Nathan is at home in his and Maxie's apartment, Dante sits with him, reflecting that he's been served by the court with divorce papers which he assumes Lulu has also been served with and agreed to. He admits to Nathan that they have had trust issues that occurred long before Dillon or Valerie came into the picture. Hearing that, Nathan reminds his partner he thought he and Lulu were discussing and working out their issues. Yet Dante realizes that these papers have been served to him which could mean Lulu wants to give up on their marriage. And so he needs to accept that. Dante sees that his partner is lost in thought and asks what is on his mind. He also remembers Nathan talking privately to his mom, Dr. Obrecht, the last time Dante visited him. And so he asks what is up with that? Nathan then admits that he lied to Maxie and is afraid he's betraying her trust.

With Maxie at The Floating Rib, Lulu also shares that she's been served with divorce papers. Maxie urges Lulu to realize that maybe she cannot just give up on the man who saved her life. Yet Lulu is struck with the same grim reality that maybe Dante has given up on her. Hearing that, Maxie urges Lulu to know that Dante loves her. She's (Maxie) watched that love be tested over and over again. She tells Her best friend that they both have the choice of being miserable apart, as its obvious to see that is happening, or they can get over the anger and resolve it. Yet Lulu asks what if Dante cheats on her, lies or betrays her again. Hearing that, Maxie reminds her how anyone can drive themselves insane with the "what-ifs." Lulu cries and appears distraught as she opens up the envelope and confirms that she now has a finalized divorce decree and her marriage is over. She tearfully declares to Maxie that she now needs to no longer wear her wedding ring. Yet Maxie tells her she and Dante can either break up which is clearly not what either of them want, or they can have the courage to look beyond the anger and the issues that drove them apart. Lulu tells Maxie that is easy for her to say because she and Nathan trust each other. Hearing that, Maxie informs Lulu that when Nathan drifted off with his pain pills, he admitted that he loves a “Claudette”. When she asked him about that, he told her Claudette was his little French poodle he had as a child. Yet she knows otherwise. He's keeping secrets from her. What if Claudette was someone in his past who wants to get back with him? Or maybe, for all she knows, Nathan is right now secretly with her. Hearing that, Lulu asks Maxie what was she just telling her about the “what-if's”.

Dante asks Nathan what the big deal is with his possibly having an “ex” named Claudette. He reminds his partner that his “lie” about Claudette being his dog is something he needs to come clean to Maxie about, just as Nathan tells Dante he has to see if he can resolve his trust issues with Lulu. Nathan comments that telling Maxie all about Claudette is “not that easy”, to which Dante asks him if carrying on a lie is. He reminds him how lies have ruined his and Lulu's marriage, and urges Nathan not letting that happen between him and Maxie. Dante goes home and Maxie returns to Nathan. After his talk with his partner about trust, Nathan is ready to explain the “Claudette” situation to Maxie. However, she tells him he has the right to remain silent and does not need to explain whether Claudette is a dog or cat or gerbil or even an ex-girlfriend. She trusts him. She loves him and knows he loves her and that is all that matters, she tells him. As they hug, he is not entirely convinced.

Alone in his apartment, Dante takes off his wedding ring and is clearly not happy as he admits it was not supposed to go this way. He hears a knock on the door. It's Lulu.

Sonny and Carly go to the hospital to visit Morgan while André is with him. Morgan wants his parents to believe that everything is ok and he will “get better for them”, although they urge him to know he has to do it for himself and realize he is not ok. Morgan, however, reminds him he has a great doctor and a super lawyer, as he notices Diane enter. Yet she is not happy and informs him she's found out that his only options are to admit himself to a treatment facility which “may” get the DA to agree to probation instead of prison. The other option is to go to trial and let the judge and jury decide. Hearing that, Morgan exclaims he wants to go to trial and beat the charges. Yet they all urge him to know that his crime is very serious and it's not realistic to expect that to happen although he protests he can do that. Yet they all can see that he is delusional to believe what he believes. They all know that being free and “trusted” is not an option for him. He asks if anyone can force him to go to an institution. Diane replies if he's deemed as a danger to himself or others, they can. She admits that even if she possesses the legal expertise to prevent it, she won't do it. He pleads but she reminds him she's known him since he was a little boy. She knows his parents love him as does her significant other, Max. So does she and so she cannot, in good conscience argue his case and put him in danger. André reveals he's already made arrangements to have Morgan transported to a facility, to which Morgan yells that he will never trust him or anyone again. He urges them not to do this, promising them all to be the best son, boyfriend and brother if they give him another chance. Sonny and Carly protest that Morgan can get the help he needs and things will be better and this will all be over before he knows it. Yet he yells and cries and demands they get out. He does not believe they love him and never wants to see them again. They leave Morgan alone with André. He asks his doc if he can at least be able to see Kiki before he gets locked up on a loony bin.

Not far away, Ava explains to Julian how it happened that Kiki got shot. Morgan attempted to intervene with Raj and Dixon by taking a gun to the docks during their “meeting” hoping to save the day and prove something to his family. Kiki attempted to stop him. Dixon fired the shot intended for Morgan. Instead, Kiki got shot and that's why she's in there. Hearing that, Julian angrily concludes to his sister that he does not want that insane kid anywhere near his niece again. But Dr. Maddox finds them and informs them his patient has a request. Morgan asks if he can see Kiki, to which Julian tells him “hell no”, after what he's now learned. Morgan pleads and protests that he is about to go to a mental ward and needs to just see her before he gets taken away. André informs them that his patient will be fully supervised while in her room. Julian urges Ava not to let him in and realizes that every time Morgan is around Kiki, she gets hurt.

Ava admits to Morgan that her brother is right. However, she knows her daughter loves him even though she'll never understand why. So, she concludes, maybe Morgan can reach Kiki when nobody has been able to. So, she tells Morgan he may see her. Morgan then goes in to talk to a still unconscious and comatose Kiki. He cries and tells her he never wanted this to happen to her. He tells her he wishes he could talk to her. He tells her he knows she has a great life ahead of her with a better boyfriend who will treat her right. He admits he will not be there when she wakes up and now knows he is not the right guy for her. But maybe somewhere down the road when they are both healed, they could be together again. He cries and declares to her that he loves her and always will. They close the door and leave, assuming nothing will change. However, as soon as Kiki is alone in the room, she moves her hand, opens her eyes and says, "Morgan."

Sonny and Carly returns home and have some drinks. She admits she knows that is the hardest thing he's ever done. He tells her he knows they spoke of how he's never been locked up and maybe Morgan is right that he does not deserve to be free any more than Morgan is. Yet, they heard Morgan sounding like he really believed that going to court and beating the charges was realistic. Sonny admits hearing that scared him and made him realize that their son is manic. Yet he can still hear Morgan pleading that they not let him get put away. Carly again reminds her husband that their son has this idea that he should follow in his dad's footsteps and wants to be part of the danger. Yet he asks her what will happen next, knowing that they have not had this discussion. He asks Carly if she will leave him. She does not answer.

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