GH Update Thursday 3/3/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/3/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan is stuck in his hospital bed shackled in hand restraints so he cannot move. Michael comes in to see his brother who makes it very clear he is not happy nor comfortable about the fact that he has no control over his situation as to when and what to eat, when to take his meds or to have discussions with anyone regarding anything. He asks his brother what the status may be with their parents visiting him or what might be going on with them. He is obviously angry that he's in this restrictive environment. Yet Michael protests that he found Morgan on the roof and ready to jump and something had to be done about the detrimental condition Morgan is in and has been in for a long time. He demands that Morgan tell him what would have happened if Michael and others did not show up when they did. He declares that Morgan is not getting any better and so there is this urgent need for him to get treatment whether he likes it or not. He reminds Morgan that he could be facing serious legal charges for attempted murder on the docks and could go to prison. Yet Morgan tells his brother that his parents and lawyer will not let that happen so Michael needs to get that out of his head. Morgan realizes he made a mistake believing he could go off the meds and stay balanced on his own. But he now knows he made a mistake and once again, expresses wanting to make everyone in the family proud of him.

Carly is alone in her living room listening to the recording of Sonny happily talking to baby Avery on the baby monitor. She has memories of all of the negative situations of all that has happened to Morgan up until this point regarding his diagnosis and need for meds. She also recalls that Sonny has done wrong by falsifying that he was in need of a wheelchair when he could walk and has kept the secret from her. She coldly reminds her husband they need to find something to do with the wheelchair he no longer needs and get rid of the ramps and accessible alterations to the house which she knows he never wanted in the first place and only agreed to when he needed it done. She admits that although he's really happy to have Avery with him and confident he can defeat Ava in any custody battle, they need to realize it may not be practical to have another child in their care when they still do not know what to do with Morgan. She reminds him their son was arrested, stole Sonny's gun and nobody was aware of that until it was too late. Yet Sonny does not appear worried and informs his wife that he has Diane Miller on that. Diane enters and informs them she is working on this and ready to represent Morgan at his arraignment hearing. She tells them, however, the judge is the least of their worries, explaining if she cannot work her legal Kung Fu on the DA, they need to realize what Paul Hornsby can and will do. Carly is worried and asks why Diane has successfully and fearlessly gotten Sonny, Jason and many other people acquitted for so many things throughout the years, yet she has doubts about Morgan. Diane tells her that she does in fact have a strategy involving both of them (Sonny and Carly). She knows how to make Paul look like a heartless bureaucrat if he wants to send a young man with a serious illness to prison. She can have Morgan's two parents corroborating their struggle and their diligent commitment to their son's well being and make anybody who does not care about that look really bad. The judge will listen to that and Morgan will be acquitted of legal charges. Hearing that, Sonny is very encouraged and tells Diane he agrees to do whatever she asks of him in order to make that happen. Yet Carly is not happy and informs Sonny she will not go along with that.

Nina is at Maxie and Nathan's apartment not worried and happily looking at a children's book although Maxie wants to make certain that they do not have future mishaps with their magazine like the previous one with green all over the inside and outside. Nina is happy while she looks at baby gooks. Franco walks in and does not sound happy when he announces to her that he just got an unexpected call from an adoption agency regarding her wanting for them to adopt a baby. He needs to know why she did not tell him about this. She replies maybe she did but he may have forgotten although he clarifies that he would not have forgotten if they had had a discussion about being parents to a child. She protests to him that he needs to know his God-given talent with kids. Kiki adores him. He has a great way with Jake. Yet he tells her they both need to realize that no adoption agencies would remotely consider letting either of them adopt. If he did believe he should have a child, he'd only be getting his hopes up in order to get his heart broken. He leaves. Maxie, who has overheard and witnessed the entire conversation, talks to Nina alone, realizing that her boss had been isolated throughout her life without any female friends to talk to or any friends at all. Yet she assures Nina that she has her and encourages Nina to confide in her any time she wants. Nina informs Maxie that Franco keeps telling her that no adoption agency in the world would give them a chance to adopt a baby. But isn't this the world of second chances? , Nina wonders as she reflects all that she's overcome in her life when she now has a good job, a wonderful guy and friends. So shouldn't she believe that she can achieve her dreams and not see any limitations? Maxie confers that she, herself, knows all too well what it's like to be given a second chance and she highly encourages Nina not to give up. However, she tells, her it's obvious to see that Franco sees it very differently and there may be nothing they can do about that.

Elizabeth is ready to get Jake moved out of Shriners and is happy that he's doing ok. She also knows that his dad is committed to him and so they need to find him to accompany them back to Port Charles. However, right as they speak, Jason is alone sleeping on the couch with Sam. He's in no hurry to go anywhere and very comfortable to be alone with Sam. With Jake, Elizabeth talks to her son about his getting back home, to school and in contact with all the people in his life. Yet he wants to know if he will see more of Sam, realizing she's in his dad's life. He also informs his mom he wants to see more of Franco, which she may not want to encourage.

Meanwhile, Jason is happily with Sam and gets up to leave. Elizabeth is already standing outside the door waiting for him and is not happy when she is able to see that Sam is with him and it's not hard to figure out that they spent the night sleeping together on the couch.

Franco goes to the hospital and talks to Jake on the tablet. Jake asks him if anybody will “force him” to ride a bike if he does not want to. He admits he might not be able to operate a bicycle after the accident although Franco assures him that he can master bicycle riding and maybe his mom or dad can offer him a “refresher”. In response to that, Jake reminds him “they are not there”. At that point, Franco has an idea and decides to pay Jake a surprise visit.

While Nina and Maxie reflect the grim reality that Franco does not want to consider adopting, we see Franco going to Shriners to pay a surprise visit to Jake, riding a bicycle himself, crashing and falling over yet laughing, happily engaging Jake and getting him to laugh, have more fun and be happier than he has usually been throughout the time we've seen him. Jake is very encouraged to see the bike and seems encouraged to be able to ride it.

Meanwhile, Nina tells Maxie that she has fears just like Franco. But she believes the two of them have so much more to offer the world than running a fashion magazine and doing finger painting. Yet she realizes even if she could talk Franco into it, he may be correct that no adoption agency in the world will give them a baby. Hearing that, Maxie tells Nina there are other way to adopt babies without relying upon an adoption agency.

Carly tells Sonny that even if Diane manages to get Morgan absolved of legal consequences, it will not do anything for his health. She protests that Morgan has been misguided by them for years. He tells her that he knows she may have the right to blame him and his life yet she clarifies she blames them both. She chose to love Sonny and be a part of his life, she tells him. And they both know that kids form their own ideas and goals and want to follow in their parents' footsteps no matter how many times they tell them they don't want that. She tells Sonny that maybe they cannot give their son what he needs. So maybe someone else has to.

Maxie reminds Nina that with the money she has, she can find a way to get a lawyer to help her adopt. Yet Nina remembers what happened when she last trusted a lawyer. Maxie reminds her not all lawyers are like Ric Lansing. Maxie then asks why Nina and Franco cannot have a child biologically. Nina informs her that her cousin and Ob-Gyn Brit Westbourne did tests and confirmed that Nina could not have a baby. Yet Maxie reminds Nina of all of the wrong-doing Brit has done, not the least of which was planting Dante and Lulu's embryo inside herself to get pregnant. So she would not trust Brit's medical expertise in pulling out a splinter and Maxie encourages Nina to get another opinion.

At Shriners, Elizabeth wonders how or why Franco knew about Jake's issue with the bike. He informs her that Jake expressed his concerns about not being able to ride a bike again although Elizabeth realizes her son had no such discussion with her and it appears he is more comfortable sharing things of that nature with Franco than with his mom. He asks her if Jason is not also there for his son. Yet Jason enters with Sam by his side and Franco confirms he now knows what Jason's priorities are and why both Elizabeth and Jake have their “reservations” about his commitment to them. Sam asks Jake if he wants to hang out with Danny and keep him company while the four of them talk. Franco reminds Elizabeth it's her call as to what to do with the bike, to which she declares she knows her son loves the bike and so she thinks he should keep it.

In the apartment Maxie is diligently on the phone to a contact who appears to want to make the magazine green and she demands they not do it again. Yet she wonders how or why someone got the idea to make the next magazine issue green.

Nina goes to the hospital to see Franco yet she finds out that he suddenly traveled to Philadelphia to see Jake at Shriners Hospital.

Diane goes to talk to Morgan in the hospital about her plan to ask the judge for probation instead of jail time. He tells her he will go along with that plan and seems very confident that Diane can accomplish what he wants. She leaves him alone to talk to Michael and Morgan asks his brother if he cannot see that he was “right” that everything is ok. Yet Michael seems to know it won't be as simple as his brother may assume it will be.

In response to Carly's “concerns” and what she tells Sonny they will need to do with Morgan, he angrily tells her he will not accept having his son locked up in a padded cell.

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