GH Update Wednesday 3/2/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/2/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan returns home with Maxie and she is concerned about his injuries with his arm in a sling. He tells her she need not worry. They are happy to be home and alone together. He remarks that all he wants is rest, peace and quiet and to be alone with her. As soon as they get inside the door, Nina has a surprise Welcome Home party for her brother. She has the idea that they need her help and assures them she will take a leave of absences from the hospital to devote to caring for her brother. Yet Nathan assures his sister that is not necessary. She needs to return to work and go home and need not worry about him. She tells him that is ok and smiles. Maxie shows Nathan's sister the stuffed dog, whom she remembered Nathan telling her looked like his childhood French poodle, Claudette. Yet, noticing the stuffed dog, Nina recalls he had a dog of a different name that looked completely different. Hearing that, Maxie asks her boyfriend if he has been lying to her. He does not respond. Nina leaves them alone to talk while she prepares food. Maxie wants to know why his sister knows of his dog having another name and does not know of a Claudette. Nathan replies that he had Claudette while his older sister was in a coma and he does not want to bring that up to Nina, in order to confirm that, when it may only bring back memories Nina does not want to relive. Nathan replies he'd like to get over that. However, Obrecht enters with German food for her son and obviously has to express her opinion about his “recovery” and what kind of food her son should have. Nina is obviously not ok with her aunt there. Maxie then concludes that everyone has the right to equal time with Nathan. She goes out the door with Nina and leaves Nathan alone with his mom. At that point, Nathan knows it may be the prefect time to have a private conversation and share the secret that ,apparently only Obrecht would know about Claudette, which she confirms she knows all too well.

At Shriners, Jason asks if the reason Sam loved him was his tendency to live on the edge risk danger and criminal consequences of his actions. She admits that was part of it but the reason she loved him was because he was the only person with whom she could really feel safe.

Sonny is alone in the hospital chapel praying for Morgan. Dante enters and informs his dad that, unfortunately for him, there will be no criminal charges filed against Ava for the gun smuggling. He admits that he has concerns about his dad faking being paralyzed. Was the soul purpose of doing that to be able to con his enemies and have leverage over Ava. Sonny firmly tells his son he needs to realize that Ava was up to her neck in illegal activity. He had to keep his baby daughter safe while she's sill in the custody of that woman. He had to take drastic action. And he would do it again. He tells Dante that he trusted the courts to give him custody and realize Ava was unfit and it did not work. He cannot risk her getting full custody of Avery. He cannot rely on the courts and has to take matters into his own hands, he tells Dante, even though he realizes that his cop son may see things very differently. Dante has to get back to work. Alone with God, Sonny remarks that although he realizes Dante means well, his son just does not understand what he needs to do regarding protecting his baby girl at any cost.

At the hospital, outside Kiki's hospital room, Ava has that discussion with Paul. Although he is able to assure her that he can grant her immunity for the gun smuggling, she knows that she is still at risk of going to prison for the murder of Connie and is still at his desperate mercy regarding that. Paul reminds her that she committed murder and blackmailed Sonny with that. She needs to “appreciate” his efforts to keep her out of prison. Ava reminds him that her daughter is unconscious and needs her. She has to worry about what could happen if she could not be there for Kiki. Hearing that, Paul asks if she is using the tragedy of her daughter as an excuse to get away with murder. Yet she has information that Paul does not want revealed about Dillon that she could just as easily use against Paul. Dillon appears unexpectedly and informs his dad he was trying to find his aunt Monica yet heard she was with a patient in the ICU. Paul remarks to his son he can see he is upset and so he needs to know why Dillon needed to talk to Monica. Ava leaves and, alone with Paul, Dillon informs his dad what happened to his mom.

When Tracy is in her hospital room, she admits to Dr. Mayes that maybe she has a condition involving completely zoning out, forgetting things and having seizures. She asks if she might have early onset Alzheimer’s. He seems very businesslike but tells her he doubts at this point, that it's Alzheimer’s. Yet she remembers that he did find out something on the scans and asks him what that was. He tells her that he saw several “lesions” in her brain. Hearing that, she asks if that could mean cancer. Mayes tells her at this point, they do not know. He seems completely cold, insensitive and “robotic” as he lists the options for Tracy regarding possible biopsies and MRIs. Dillon enters and brings his dad into the room. Tracy is angry with her son for going behind her back and contacting Paul whom she does not want to see. They both protest that Paul is her son's father and they both need to know what is going on and are not going anywhere. At that point, Tracy tells them both they need to sit down and find out the story. She informs her son and ex that unknown to any of them, she has been taking anti-depressants. She did not want either of them to know that she was doing so due to “another sleazeball” having power over her. She was ashamed she let Paul upset her as she now realizes he is not worth her emotional energy. At that point, she stopped taking her meds without forewarning her doctor and not knowing the reactions she would have. That is why she had her episode the other day. It's as simple as that and is no cause for worry, she tells them both. learned she simply had a reaction for going off her meds. She informs them she's heard all about Paul's “crime bust” and how he thinks he's really special because of that. She assures them both there is no cause for worry.

Sam informs Jason that her adoptive father was a grifter and con artist. She learned form him and made many mistakes. The only person she bonded with was her brother Danny who was completely dependent upon her and then she met Jason. She informs him that he did not lie to her or disrespect her. She knew she could trust him and that was a whole new experience for her. He expresses to her he realizes he cannot expect her to trust him when he does not even trust himself with no memory of anything. He suddenly discovers he has two kids and a wife he did not remember, he assesses to her. So all he can do is make it up as he goes along. Yet Sam appears like she is ok with that. She informs him that throughout their marriage they got angry and had differences. So, she admits to him, she is also “learning” to trust the person he is now for reasons that have nothing to do with his memory loss. Danny joins them and sits on Jason's lap while Sam reads one of her son's favorite stories that also symbolizes something for herself. Jason listens attentively while they observe Danny has fallen asleep. Jason then carries him off to bed. Sam and Jason are obviously very contented to be together when they are alone.

When Sonny is alone, praying in the chapel, Ava comes by and observes him. She tells him she knows he wanted to pull a “con” in order to get her in trouble and lose custody of their baby daughter by pretending he could not walk when he could. Hearing that, he tells her he knows she was making a profit, dealing with dangerous people and putting their baby daughter in danger. She tells him he's a fine one to be talking about risk. He lied about being in a wheelchair, while at the chapel. All the while the gunman was terrorizing and threatening everyone, Sonny did nothing and would he have even stood up to reveal he could walk if the guy had not threatened Kristina? Sonny tells Ava sometimes people have to pay for their actions. Hearing that, she asks him if he does not believe that she is already paying for enough with what has happened to her daughter because of this most recent illegal and dangerous situation? She reminds Sonny that because of this, Kiki is fighting for her life and will never be the same. Hearing that, Sonny admits to Ava that Kiki has courage. He informs her that he really respects her daughter for all she's done for Morgan and for baby Avery and he wants her to be ok. All of a sudden, they get a surprise visit from Avery's babysitter. She tells Ava she has had a family emergency, has to leave immediately and take care of her mom. Knowing that nobody can care for Avery, Ava does not know what to do except leave her baby daughter with her uncle Julian. Yet Sonny suggests maybe she could stay with her father. Ava obviously does not trust him and believes he could take their daughter away, yet Sonny assures his daughter's mom he will do what is right for the baby. He asks Ava if he can just hold her yet Ava protectively guards the little one and does not trust Sonny with her. She then lets him hold his baby daughter, realizing her options are limited, and realizing she has to leave. Sonny is very happy to have the little one with him.

When they stop at The Floating Rib to pick up some food, Nina asks Maxie what was up when she accused Nathan of lying about something. Maxie does not want to admit to what was going on and informs Nina she promised Nathan she would drop it. However, Nina wants to know and Maxie informs her that she wanted to know why Nathan mentioned a dog named Claudette which he had as a child, yet Nina had no memory of any such dog. She informs Nina that she questioned Nathan and he explained he had Claudette while Nina was in the coma, realizing his sister did not know of her, so he did not want to bring that up to Nina. Hearing that, Nina reflects that she missed so much for that time she was in the coma. She is very happy, however, to see what a great man Nathan has turned into and remarks that Maxie is very lucky to have him.

Nathan admits to his mom that he lied to Maxie about having a dog named Claudette. Hearing that, Obrecht seems to know, remembering Madeline telling her all about the “subject which should best be avoided” regarding Claudette. Yet before they can continue the conversation, Dante comes by. Nathan welcomes his partner inside and wants to know the status of his prospects with Lulu, to which Dante replies they may or may not get back together and need time although they are communicating. He leaves Nathan alone with his mom who reminds him if he tells the “whole truth” about Claudette to his girlfriend, he could lose Maxie. And, she reminds her son, she knows that is not what he wants.

Alone with Paul at the hospital, while waiting at the elevator, Dillon assesses that he knows his dad has been doing a lot of under-handed business in order for the press to believe he's a hero. Then he finds out his mom was taking anti-depressants because of him and has been keeping secrets about that.

When Dr. Mayes returns to Tracy, she reveals that she has lied to her son and her ex and reminds her doc that he has to honor her oath and not reveal to anyone what is really happening, regarding what he only discusses with her.

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