GH Update Tuesday 3/1/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/1/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis and Julian awaken in their Metro Court room which Sam has provided for them as a wedding present. They wonder if they should also use their room service gift. Yet they want to stay together in bed and enjoy that.

Tracy suddenly collapses at The Floating Rib while talking to Hayden. She falls over and shakes. Hayden is worried and demands that a doctor do something. Griffin Munro is nearby and puts a blanket over a shaking and unconscious Tracy. When she awakens, she seems disoriented and has no memory of anything that happened. She assumes she is fine and can get up on her own. She does not remember much and can only assess that she might be dehydrated.. Griffin gets her to a chair and tells her that very possibly it is nothing serious yet he wants to just get her checked out to be on the safe side. He calls to get her taken to the hospital although she expresses she does not want that. Dillon appears and protests to his mom that she needs to listen to the doctor because this is serious.

After Paul has served the cops with a document to offer Ava immunity from arrest or conviction, Jordan is confident that she can still prove that Paul and Ava are in on something illegal together. As soon as he is alone and out of earshot at the PCPD, he calls Ava. Yet her phone remains on the bedside table in Kiki's ICU room and she does not know that he's called her, as she talks to Franco outside her daughter's room.

Ava expresses to Franco her worries that she needs to do what Paul wants in order for him to not use the evidence he's kept in his possession that she committed murder. Realizing that she might not be able to be there for her daughter if the DA and police chief have her sent to prison, she might have to rely on “someone” to be there in her place for Kiki. She realizes that Franco has developed a bond with Kiki although they both had to learn the hard way that Ava lied about them being father and daughter. Yet they both know about DA Hornsby and what he's capable of doing. Jordan appears and asks if she might get a moment alone to talk to Ava. Franco goes inside to see Kiki. Ava asks Jordan what she wants to talk to her about.

At Shriner's, Elizabeth is very discontented when she sees Jason happily engaging with Sam and Danny who have suddenly come by to visit him and Jake. She greets them and Sam expresses she is happy that Jake is doing better and that her son is really excited to see his brother. Danny expresses that he wants to give his big brother a gift. Elizabeth goes with Jake and Danny. Sam is alone and appears equally discontented to see Jason with Elizabeth. Jake is awake and looking like he's well in his hospital room while Jason and Danny both bond with him. Jason puts his son in a wheelchair for him to get around temporarily after his surgery while he wears his cast. A nurse takes the two boys to a play room and Elizabeth and Jason are alone in the empty hospital room. She remarks she did find it a bit strange that Sam brought Danny for a visit. She remarks to him she had no idea how “serious” he and Sam have become but now she knows.

While Sam waits outside, Nikolas finds her and remarks that Shriners really helped his son last year when he got burned in the fire. So he and Spencer wanted to repay them so he raised money for Jake and other kids, less fortunate, who need care. She informs him that her parents have finally tied the knot in spite of the shooting which they both witnessed. He remarks that, speaking of marriages, he would like to find out if she might have an update on findings about his wife. Sam gets on the phone to the guy whom Nikolas wanted her to contact regarding Hayden. Sam informs the man that she has money she'd like to invest and schedules an appointment to meet with him. Nikolas overhears and wants to make certain his cousin knows how to appear knowledgeable and “convincing” about investments when she meets with the man. She assures Nikolas she does her homework. Jason returns to see them together wondering what might be going on without his knowing.

While Hayden is with Tracy, she urges her, along with Dillon and Griffin, to go to a hospital. They all want to make certain that Tracy does not intend to drive herself , let Dillon drive, accept help from others who are concerned about her and not assume she can or has to do everything for herself. After she's in a hospital room, as soon as she is in charge of her mental faculties, Tracy coyly tells them all it's a waste of time when she was merely a bit dehydrated. She then tells Griffin that since she knows nothing about him, she refuses to be at the mercy of whatever rookie doctor just happened to be nearby at The Floating Rib. He needs to go find a doctor who's been there longer than 15 minutes, she barks to him without wanting to hear his protest that he is an experienced and highly respected neurosurgeon.

Franco goes inside Kiki's hospital room when she is still unconscious and hooked up to machines. He talks to her about how he cannot have a two-sided conversation with her although he remembers all t their conversations and interactions and her habit of checking out news online. Yet she does not respond the way he always remembered. He asks her what he can say or do in order to inspire her to come back to him. . He tells her if he had a magic wand, he would wave it and a white horse would magically be there to kiss her on the forehead and her eyes would open. He admits that he believes there is something not right about Morgan and she should not be around her. He remarks about Dr. Munro operating on her. He asks Kiki what he must do to get her to wake up and talk to him.

Outside Kiki's room, when Jordan tells Ava she's certain Ava is aware of why she is there, Ava turns her back and tells Jordan all she can think of right now is her daughter. Yet Jordan informs that DA Hornsby has given her enough details regarding his little “business deal” with Ava. Before Ava can reply or respond, Paul appears, stands beside her and “reminds” Jordan that she cannot “get to” either himself or to Ava. Jordan admits that she would like to talk privately to Ava although that does not appear to be an option. At that point, she leaves Ava and Paul alone and he admits he's confident that Jordan has no means to get Ava arrested.

Sam talks to Jason while he's with Danny. He remarks he observed her with Nikolas and could tell they are probably working on a case together. He admits that she knows how he feels about the guy but he realizes Nikolas is Sam's family and she cannot talk about her “cases”. She is obviously very comfortable around Jason and so is Danny. Elizabeth re-appears and looks coldly at them again.

When Tracy demands that Griffin finds “a real doctor” assuming he is too young and inexperienced, he follows her instructions. He returns with Dr. Mayes. She remarks to the older doctor that his “candy striper” is not going to have any authorization with her. Yet they all believe she had a seizure although she does not want to believe it. Dillon admits to Dr. Mayes that his mom has had a moment of disorientation more than once in his presence. Hayden also corroborates that she has observed when Tracy has become completely unaware of their conversation on more than one occasion, before this most recent episode. Tracy then demands that both her son and Hayden let her talk to her doctor alone and exercise her right to doctor/patient confidentiality.

Julian and Alexis are alone in bed together and he talks about all of the personality traits, passions and drive she has that he loves her for. They talk about her standing by him when he had a child with another woman and how she went out of her way to make sure that child stayed in her life. He tells her the most important thing is that she forced and demanded that he lead a better life and be a better man. He declares to Alexis that getting a second chance with her is the best thing that ever happened to him. And he does not want to waste it.

Paul confirms to Ava that thanks to his “efforts” she will not have to spend one day in prison. She angrily reminds him that he blackmailed her to have sex with him and put herself and her family in danger with the illegal arms trade and lied for him. He reminds her that she is “Ava Jerome, mother of the year”, in a sarcastic manner. They look inside the window at a still unconscious and critical Kiki. She cries that she would give anything for her daughter to wake up, open her eyes and be ok. Inside, Franco talks to Jake on his tablet, confirming that he's going to be ok and Franco is looking forward to doing more art with him when he returns to Port Charles. He then informs Kiki that his son has drawn a picture. A once sad, negative dark and depressed kid is getting better, he happily tells her and so she has to get better too, he declares.

Hayden goes into Tracy hospital room after Dr. Mayes has left and asks where her current doctor has gone. Tracy replies he went to get the test results. Tracy tells Hayden she knows she can't wait to see if Tracy is deteriorating and too helpless to take care of herself. She calls her Rachel when Dillon walks inside and asks his mom what he just heard her say. Dr. Mayes enters, instructs the two of them to leave and in a cold and business-like manner, informs Tracy he now has the results of her scan.

Jason goes with Sam to a room where she is staying with Danny. He holds her and asks her if she is ok. He tells her he should have and wishes he could have been there when the gunman endangered everyone at her parents' wedding. She admits to him when the gunman started firing, she also wished that Jason could have been there as she knows he may be the only one who could have stopped they guy. She did not, at the time, know that Sonny could walk. He then asks her if the reason she is with him is because of his history, which Jason still does not remember, having a life of danger and crime. Sam admits that is true.

Alexis tells Julian that he has become such a great father to all of her daughters and the thing she loves most about him is that he changed. He did it for her and for her family and never looked back and that is the most important thing, she tells him. He tells her he's so happy he gets to spend the rest of his life with her and can look forward to growing old with her.

Outside Tracy's room, Dillon tells Hayden he's so sorry about this mother and believes that Tracy is scared and taking it out on her. He seems to trust Hayden with his mom. He admits to her that his mom is not the only one scared. He is worried that his mom could be suffering with some sort of dementia or delusion. Hayden chuckles and tells him she does not believe that about Tracy, knowing she's sharp as a tack. Yet Dillon asks Hayden why his mom would call her Rachel.

Paul notices Ava crying and admitting she believes that what happened to Kiki is her fault and her punishment for her wrong doing. Yet he tells her she has the option of getting out of the business. He tells her that thanks to himself, she can easily do that. She cannot be charged for the involvement in the gun trading and can walk away with a clean slate. Hearing that, she laughs as she reminds him that she has a much more serious worry involving the fact that she can still be charged for killing Connie, knowing he still has the flash-drive which he can use to get her put in prison at any time.

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