GH Update Monday 2/29/16

General Hospital Update Monday 2/29/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

As Nathan recovers in his hospital bed and is ready to fall asleep, Maxie encourages him to get some rest and declares she loves him. In response to that, he tells her he love her too, but oddly calls her “Claudette”. At that point, she is startled and demands to know whom “Claudette” is and why Nathan loves her. Yet he falls asleep, completely non-responsive to her question.

Not far away in the hospital, Anna appears to be on a mission. She runs into Lucas and asks if she can speak to him for a minute. She wants to know how Detective West is, to which Lucas replies pretty well, as Nathan is lucky that the bullet did not hit him in a fatal manner. She asks Lucas also about himself and regarding his cousin Kiki, to which he admits that they can only “wait and see”. Anna then asks if there might be “something else” going on with Lucas. However, before they can continue that conversation, Felicia enters to greet Anna, remarking she heard about a “wild night in law enforcement”. She remarks that (according to what she's read) all this while, Paul has been working for the justice department and so that means they've mistakenly thought he's a bad guy when he's actually a “good guy”. Yet Anna admits that she still has valid suspicions. Felicia suggests and Anna go down the coffee shop and get caught up. Anna tells her she needs to take a rain check. They part happily after Felicia urging Anna to informs her or Mac if she needs anything.

In Nathan's room, he finally comes to and responds to Maxie's question by informing her that Claudette was a little French poodle he had as a kid. She was very friendly and loyal to him and he drifted off thinking about her. Yet Maxie finds it odd that she's never before heard Nathan speak of his love and close bonding to his childhood dog named Claudette. Felicia enters the room asking if now is a good time. Nathan encourages her to come in and join him and Maxie. She tells her daughter's boyfriend she's really glad he's ok and appreciates all he's done but gives him a “piece of advice” on how it's better to go after the bad guys when he is armed. Maxie then admits to her mom that Nathan intended to bring his gun but she insisted that it clashed with his wardrobe, realizing that was very shallow on her part, now knowing the greater importance regarding what has now happened.

At The Floating Rib, Julian and Alexis sit alone together at a table. She remarks how although their wedding went off without a hitch for them, Nathan got shot, Kristina almost got taken hostage and Sonny stood up to save the day and revealed he was lying about not being able to walk while there. They agree, however, that the good of being married far outweighs the bad that happened. Sam enters, finds them, realizing they are kind of “hesitating” to plan their honeymoon right now and she informs them she just wanted to check and see that her parents are both in one piece. They do not reply yet Alexis keeps her tablet on the bar table with the headline of DA Hornsby leading bust of illegal arms. Alexis admits to her daughter they will have to get over the unexpected shock but they are ok. Knowing that Kiki is unconscious and her condition is uncertain, they all realizes they cannot go anywhere until they know more. Sam presents them with a gift certificate for dinner and a night in the honeymoon suite at The Metro Court. She tells them they can use it at their convenience when the time is right. She recaps the status of her two younger sisters recovering from the unexpected visit from the gunman. Alexis asks her daughter if Jason is aware of what happened, to which Sam replies she does not think so, realizing he's at Shriners with Jake. Sam is noticing and keeps looking back at Tracy and Hayden sitting at a table not far away. Alexis and Julian ask their daughter if she might want to talk to either of the two women.

Hayden can see that Tracy is not ok and knows the most recent news about Tracy's son Dillon's father. Hearing that, Tracy confirms that Paul Hornsby is, in fact, one of the snakes that she's allowed into her life, as Hayden remarks she's done her homework on Tracy just like Tracy has done her homework on Hayden. Hayden admits she knows all about Tracy's history with marrying the wrong man and divorcing him and she wonders why Tracy is now in Port Charles and so adamant about saving her family's company when she has been away for a long time and not had much to do with her family in the past. Hayden wonders why Tracy is not telling her why she is now so interested in running ELQ, knowing she left Port Charles in 1997 and did not come back until 2003. Why did she fight so hard for a family that cast her aside?. Tracy coldly replies that her father built the company from the ground up and so she will be damned if she will let it be taken by that “two bit prince”. However, Tracy adds, Hayden would not understand that, given how Hayden's late father was. Hearing that and knowing how adamant Tracy is about the “grit” of the late Edward Quartermaine, Hayden firmly informs Tracy she does not know anything about Hayden's father even if she thinks she does. They assess they both had very complex relationships with their respective deceased fathers and maybe the two of them have more in common than they knew. Tracy then reminds Hayden the reason they came there was to talk about Hayden's new husband.

Elizabeth sits with Jason at Shriners on the waiting room couch and realizes she has drifted off to sleep and struggles to sit up and stay awake. The doctors comes out to meet with them, informs them that Jake is now in recovery after surgery which has been successful. She shows them x rays of his bones and the procedure, and again talks about how Shriner's strives to give children the best care with minimal recovery time. She tells them they are optimistic about his prognosis although she informs them he will need to return for follow-up care. They are both really happy to know their son has been well taken care of by Shriners' and they need no longer worry. Nikolas walks in with Spencer and Cameron and they all seem very enthused and motivated to help Jake with raising funds and collecting donations. Nikolas informs Elizabeth and Jason that Spencer wanted to set up a lemonade stand but realized it might not be lucrative so, instead, he decided to have the 3 of them wearing bow ties, to which Cameron remarks although he “thought it was stupid, Spencer cleaned up”. Nikolas further informs them that he added “3 zeros” to whatever the boys collected. Hearing that, Jason is intrigued, wondering what Nikolas' “motive” would be to want to help Jason and Elizabeth's son. Elizabeth goes off with the kids, leaving Nikolas and Jason alone to talk. Jason tells him he appreciates what he has done for Jake. However, he clarifies to Nikolas that this act of charity has not changed things between them, reminding him that Michael's lawsuit will go forward and the Quartermaines will take back what is rightfully theirs'. Hearing that, Nikolas responds that ELQ is his and it will stay his. Jason tells him he and Elizabeth and their son appreciate what he and his son have done but it does not change things. Elizabeth returns and can see the two men were arguing and reminds them what they are all there for. Jason goes to see his son. He promises Jake that he, Jake's brother and Spencer will all help him promise with his sports. They all seem happy.

Alone with Nikolas in the other room, Elizabeth tells him she appreciates his offer to let her and her boys stay at Wyndemere but she is not comfortable around his new wife. She also admits that she needs to focus on Jake healing, not only from the accident. They need to find out what went on when he spent all those years living with Helena. Nikolas right then informs her, for the first time, that at Alexis and Julian's wedding, an unexpected gunman entered, shot Nathan West after shooting Kiki Jerome. Also, Sonny suddenly saved the day and revealed that he can walk and does not need a wheelchair.

While Jason is with his son, Sam comes to see him. She smiles at him. His mood (due to the ill conversation he just had with Nikolas) is uplifted and he's clearly happy to see her.

Elizabeth hears her boys demand that they get to stay at Wyndemere and notices hers' and Nikolas' sons are getting along. She then declares to him that it looks like she and her boys will, in fact, be staying at Wyndemere with Nikolas, Spencer and Hayden, even though she'd previously planned otherwise.

Anna goes to the hospital chapel. When she believes she is alone, Maddox enters. She admits she shot Carlos in cold blood. That is murder and she should pay for her crime, she tells him. Yet he wants to discuss why she believes that and promises he will respect her confidentiality with what is said in this room even if he's not officially on duty in a session with her. Realizing that he is dating the police commissioner, Anna asks him how he manages the conflict of interest in keeping secrets from Jordan regarding this. He tells her she need not worry. He's very well used to these types of situations. However, he inquires to Anna, just what is going on with her regarding finding and catching Carlos as well as closure for the loss of Duke and how he was killed. She admits she really does not know what her life means to her at this point, no matter what she does. She cannot answer his question of whether she will be able to free herself from her past and move on with her life. The man she loves his dead. Her daughter and granddaughter have moved to the other end of the country. He asks her how they would feel if she went to prison. She admits she does not know. She realizes that even if she was not restricted to seeing them during visits they'd make to Pentonville, she still has very limited time with them given how far away they are. So she really does not know how or why she should value her freedom or know what she has to live for. He seems concerned about her inability to sleep and how she is blaming herself for everything. He tells her that everyone is allowed to be weak, to be wrong and to have regrets. Even the great and fearless Anna Devane. She does not respond but Maddox tells her it's ok to be human and he believes she is an extraordinary human being. He tells he has to get going and encourages her to contact him. He also tells her he knows many people care about her and would not want to be without her

Sensing Maxie is upset about something which she is not revealing, Felicia takes her daughter out into the hallway outside of Nathan's hospital room to find out what is going on. At that point, Maxie admits to her mom her concerns to hear Nathan drifting off to sleep, telling her he loves her and strangely calling her Claudette. Felicia wonders why her daughter would have “suspicions” when he informed her that Claudette was a French poodle he had as a kid and not another woman with whom he's secretly cheating on Maxie. He was on pain killers that commonly cause people to have strange dreams, memories and to forget where they are and what is currently going on. Maxie informs her mom she never remotely questioned or wanted to Nathan until, before the wedding, when she discovered a pair of unidentified and un-accounted-for white ladies' gloves in the pocket of Nathan's tux. Hearing that, Felicia tells her daughter she has to get any thought she might have, out of her head, that Nathan can't be trusted. Maxie admits to her mom the “challenge” she has with that is realizing that anyone could have said the same thing to Lulu about Dante. And look what happened with that.

Maxie goes in to talk to Nathan while Felicia goes down to the gift shop. She returns with a “reward” for Nathan's heroism and get well present. She shows me a little black stuffed poodle and tells him it's an “all new Claudette”. They leave Nathan alone in his room to rest and interact with his stuffed animal companion.

Alexis and Julian go to the hospital to visit Kiki although Dr. Griffin Munro warns them that Julian's niece has a long road to recovery. He tells them they may visit but have to wait as she can only have one visitor at a time. Kiki's mother is now with her, Griffin tells them. Alone with Julian, Alexis asks him if he wants to stay there and rest for a while waiting for Ava to get done with her visit to Kiki.

At The Floating Rib, Hayden informs Tracy about the gunshot at the wedding and admits she realizes it must have been “traumatizing” for Hayden to see that. Tracy appears disoriented and, once again, loses her train of thought. She collapses and Hayden is worried, calls for help and demands someone calls 911.

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