GH Update Friday 2/26/16

General Hospital Update Friday 2/26/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital, Obrecht sits by her son's bedside and sings a lullaby in German, with both Nina and Maxie standing beside Nathan. Nina argues that this is unnecessary because her brother (and Obrecht's son) does not understand German. They argue about who is responsible for his getting shot. Maxie then demands they both stop because their arguing is not helping Nathan. She asks to talk to Nathan alone and tells him she is concerned that he appears to want to get out of the hospital and go back to work, which she does not want him to consider doing. She tells him she hopes that what happened has not "soured" him to weddings. Hearing that, he asks her what he missed. Did Franco and Nina get married while he was taken to the hospital? She then tells him that she wants to propose to him and asks Nathan if he will marry her. When he hesitates to reply, she tells him she knows what he is thinking, given that only a few days ago, she made a big anti-marriage speech. But things are different she tells him. So, she asks Nathan again, will he make an honest woman of her? Nathan replies that he loves her and believes she is very beautiful but the answer is no. She asks him if he is turning her down. He tells her he wants to marry her when it's the right time. He tells her she cannot believe that everything has changed regarding that just because he was shot. He wants her to decide to marry him because she really wants to and not simply because she was afraid he could die. She lets him get some rest and leaves, declaring she loves him.

Nina goes to find Franco with Ava and remarks that she has Kiki's earrings which she knows Ava gave her and wanted to give to her mom. Ava gracious thanks Nina but as soon as she sees Paul, she furiously yells that he did it and she's going to kill him. She lashes out and attempts to physically attack him until Franco pulls her away from him. Alone with Ava, Paul reminds her if she presses charges against him, he will have no more "incentive" to protect her from going down for murder. Hearing that, she realizes that is correct and so she has no incentive to turn on him.

At the police station. Paul gives a speech on camera, with live television coverage, that he has heroically taken down the criminals and now Port Charles is a safer place. Jordan and Anna observe and do not smile as they reflect that there has been no mention of the bloodshed and the obvious reality that the do not trust Paul and believe he is a criminal. Alone with Paul, Jordan tells him he came into her city with a scheme involving arms trading without informing the authorities. He argues he is the authority. He is DA. He reminds her that the PCPD is hardly squeaky clean, as he assesses that Detective Falconeri is the son of a mob boss. She protests that Falconeri is an excellent officer. She reminds him that he got a detective and an innocent young woman shot. Also, although they caught Dixon, they still cannot find Raj. In addition, his department has failed to uncover the evidence that Ava committed murder so she is roaming free. Anna also needs Paul to tell her why Ava Jerome is not in custody. He replies to both of them that he will "deal with Ava Jerome" on his time as he sees fit. Jordan reminds him that the very gun crates that were shipped to Pier 54 were kept at the Jerome gallery. He asks if she is just jealous that he got to enjoy "fame and fortune" and her department could not. Yet Jordan informs Paul, that she has resources to obtain a warrant to arrest Ava as well as incentive to motivate Ava to tell the department what she knows, which they all know is going to incriminate Paul. Although he does not admit that is his "sole concern" about their going after Ava, he angrily tells Jordan and Anna that they "cannot arrest Ava."

Alone with Jordan, Anna asks her if she thinks Ava will "flip on" Paul if they take her in. Jordan tells her it doesn't matter if Ava wants to help them or not. They have enough evidence to get Paul in serious trouble. Yet Anna reminds the police chief if she arrests Paul, she will have to arrest Anna as well. Jordan asks her what the big secret is. Anna tells Jordan that Paul knows about the crime she has committed. That way Jordan will be forced to arrest her. Then the investigation of Carlos will go cold and nothing will happen. Jordan asks Anna if she's asking her to ignore Paul’s crimes. She needs to know that Paul is smart and so they cannot stall while Anna "takes time" to do what she tells Jordan she needs to do. If they wait, Paul will also take the time to cover it up. They don't have that time although Anna urges her to just give her a few weeks. Jordan then agrees but reminds Anna she better not regret it as she adds that all friendships had limitations including hers' with Anna.

After Morgan has disappeared from his room and no one knows where he went, Dr. Maddox talks to Sonny and to Carly about Morgan's serious issues that will get worse if he refuses to take his meds. Carly argues that her son is unaware that he is a danger to himself and to others. André responds that, in that case, the best thing they can do is mandate that Morgan takes his meds although Carly protests her son will not take his meds and they have no control over that. He then tells both Morgan's parents that if he continues to fail to heed the consequences of his actions, then maybe the only "motivator" for him would be the threat of jail. Alone with Sonny, Carly tells him they need to understand how serious the consequences of this business are with what happened to Morgan as well as what happened to Kiki. She leaves and Sonny is alone not knowing what to say or do.

Outside the room, André finds the nurse whom Morgan persuaded to let him out of his restraints. He demands to know how she could let his emotionally fragile patient escape. Yet they still cannot find Morgan.

Not far away, after Griffin comes out of surgery and is ready to report to Ava and Franco on Kiki's prognosis, he hesitates and does not appear hopeful. Ava then angrily demands to know whether or not he has saved her daughter. He responds that he intends to do everything they can do but the reality is that Kiki may have to live with limited mobility. She demands, as does Franco, that the doctors do something and communicate with them yet he tells them they have to accept the grim reality of what happened to Kiki when she was shot on the docks.

Morgan goes to the hospital rooftop and stands on the ledge, ready to jump and take his life. He sees a "vision" of Kiki appearing before him, in her hospital gown, alive and well. He happily rushes to her but then he notices there is blood on her which reminds him she got shot and could die because of him. She gasps and reminds him that he has "done this to her." He cries and panics to see and know the reality as she reminds him that he is sick and fails to realize that so the only thing left for him to do is "end it" so they can die together. He is horrified with the thought of facing losing her or being responsible for her death. She tells him that the only way for either of them to "atone" for what has happened is to die together. She asks if he is "ready." He tells her yes as they both stand on the ledge (in Morgan's mind). Michael appears, sees his brother standing on the ledge, realizing he is not talking to anyone and is alone, merely "seeing" Kiki. He asks Morgan what he is talking about being "ready" for. Morgan still sees Kiki and she instructs him to tell "them" to go away, although Michael does not see anyone with Morgan. He clarifies that Kiki is not there. She is downstairs in surgery. So, Michael assesses to his brother, he can see her later so why doesn't he come down off the ledge and talk to Michael? Morgan tells his brother he "likes it here." André appears, sees Morgan and asks him what he intends to do. Morgan sobs and replies he's going to do what he should have done a long time ago. He's going to rid the world of the big disaster that he causes being alive, by ending his life. André reminds Morgan if he commits suicide, everyone will want to know; his parents, all his siblings and all the people who know and love him. He never spoke about killing himself before, André reminds him. He replies that he is a big mess. He does stupid things that he cannot control and cannot get past. Kiki could die and if she does not, she will never forgive him. He tried and failed to work for his dad. He got fired from his job and cheated on Kiki. Then he tried to prove to his dad that he could succeed and be a hero. But he just keeps sinking into deeper and deeper holes. Sonny comes out, finds his son and urges him to listen and let his father help him find a way out of that hole.

Carly goes into the hospital bathroom, washes Kiki's blood off her hands, looks at herself in the mirror and relives all that has happened since she arrived on the docks and witnessed what happened to Morgan and to Kiki as well as finding out Sonny lied to her about being able to walk. She remembers struggling to revive Kiki and how this whole big mess has gone out of control. She scrubs furiously with soap and hot water. Griffin finds her and asks her if she is "ok." She tells him her issue is not only with Morgan and Kiki. It's with Sonny. They both know, she reminds Griffin, that Sonny did not want anyone to know that he could walk. The reason is he wanted to "surprise" his enemies. That was more important than trusting his family. And now look what happened, she tells him. She declares that her inability to see what was happening before it was to late to prevent her son and her husband from letting their issues spiral out of control makes her a failure. Knowing that her husband's doctor was keeping the secret from everyone, she asks if keeping the doctor/patient oath is working for him. He admits to Carly that he understands the whole situation regarding Sonny and knows he will have to live with it. She then realizes she owes Griffin an apology for dumping things on him and blaming him. He tells her he has to get back to Kiki. Before leaving, however, he tells Carly, for the record, he does not see her as a failure. He sees her as a woman who is struggling to keep her family together which he knows is not easy given the line of work her husband is in.

On the ledge, Sonny tells Morgan he cannot live if he let his son jump and end his life. He will die of a broken heart. He further tells his son that he felt the same way Morgan does now. After he hurt enough people and got himself in enough trouble, he believed the only way out was to end his life. Yet, he shows his son that he is alive and well and made the right choice by not doing that. Morgan still does not get down off the ledge. Sonny tries to talk to him and when he sees he is unsuccessful, he stands up on the ledge with Morgan. He asks him if he wants to jump and tells him if that happens, they will jump together. Michael and André listen silently. And so, he concludes to Morgan, they either jump together or they go back to their family and friends. At that point, Morgan finally gets off the ledge. Sonny hugs him along with Michael and André.

Alone with Ava, at the hospital, Paul tells her there is a "way out" for both of them. At that point, before they can continue their conversation and before he can inform her what he plans to do, Griffin comes by apologizes for interrupting but tells her she is needed in Kiki's room, Ava goes outside the room where Franco and Nina are waiting. They agree that Kiki's mom should see her first.

Paul goes to the police station to find Jordan. She presents to him a document which she confidently informs him is a warrant for Ava Jerome's arrest and there is nothing he can do about it. He then takes the paper she has in her hands and tears it up., telling her he is doing something about it as he presents Jordan with Ava's "immunity papers", which, he tells her, means Ava cannot be touched. He walks away and Jordan is obviously very discontented.

Ava goes to see Kiki who is still unconscious and hooked up to machines. She lays beside her daughter, holds her, kisses her and sings her a lullaby. Nina and Franco are outside the room as Ava sings about guardian angels. Anna is nearby ready to talk to Ava about her "plan." Griffin is outside Kiki's room. Carly goes into the hospital lobby, finds Morgan after Sonny, Michael, and André accompany him off the roof. She hugs her son. He goes off on the elevator with André. His parents and brother go their separate ways and are all worried, wondering what they are going to do next.

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