GH Update Thursday 2/25/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/25/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan is in restraints in a hospital bed, struggling but failing to break himself free of the shackles. Michael comes to see his brother who is very upset to be there and needs to know the status of Kiki. Michael replies the doctors do not know about Kiki. Michael assures Morgan that Kiki has been "stabilized." However, Morgan is furious and agitated demanding that he can get out to be there for Kiki. Michael needs to stop lying to him and needs to help him get out of there. He also reveals to his brother that he is not the only person they need to worry about. Did Michael know that their dad could walk the whole time? Morgan asks him.

Ava and Franco both wait outside Kiki's hospital room until they can hear how she is. Dr. Griffin Munro comes out and meets with them to inform them the staff will "do everything they can." In response to that, Franco firmly tells him he needs to know what a wonderful young woman Kiki is so when he says they will do everything they can, he better mean I. Alone with Franco, Ava admits to him that "someone" was threatening to expose her secret about killing Connie, which could have her charged with murder. And that was how "they" persuaded her to help them with the illegal arms shipment. She now regrets giving into the threats now that Kiki has paid the price, she tells him.

Hayden goes out to the docks alone and looks worried, spooked and lost in thought. Curtis finds her and asks her what she is doing out there. She does not want to discuss that, however, and wants him to leave. Yet he tells her that he still has concerns about her although she reminds him that their "business together" has been concluded. He tells her he knows she witnessed attempted murder last night and he bets that, having been shot not long ago herself, it brought it all back to her. He is worried that the person who tried to kill her is still out there and he does not want to leave her alone, by herself, out there, knowing that.

Jason goes with Monica to Shriners Children's Hospital to be there for Jake. His "mom" commends him on what a great dad he has been to his son, given that he does not even remember anything about him and the issues he's had with Elizabeth. She further tells him if she, herself had been betrayed by someone as he has by Elizabeth, she would never speak to them again. Elizabeth comes out to hear the conversation and admits she would not blame them for doing that. Elizabeth tells Monica she is very grateful for her kindness since Jake has been injured. He asks her what she's heard from the doctors. She replies the staff wanted to make sure she was comfortable staying near her son and want to give him excellent care and she really appreciates that.

When Dante is sitting by Lulu's side while she sleeps in her hospital bed after almost drowning, Laura comes by to see her daughter. He goes to approach his mother in law and confesses that he loves her daughter more than anything. Lulu and Rocco mean the world to him and all he wants is for Lulu to come back to him and be ok. Lulu opens her eyes and awakens. Her husband and mom inform her they have treated her for hypothermia and she is going to be fine. She asks where Rocco is. Laura informs her daughter he's doing well in the children's nursery playing. She gets up to leave Dante and Lulu alone to talk. Lulu tells him what she remembers was Raj throwing her in the water after he told her something about some kid holding a gun on someone on the docks, regarding some shipment of guns. He was afraid of her knowing too much so he wanted to prevent her from exposing his secret. She admits to her husband he was right that The Haunted Star is not a safe place for anyone to stay. He asks her if she can describe the guy who left her to drown.

Nikolas finds Laura at the hospital and informs his mom that Hayden might have regained her memory of what happened the previous spring. Hearing that, Laura reminds her son that what he is informing her that Hayden has just remembered is his trying to get her killed. She warns him that Hayden was working a con when she came to town and especially if she knows he tried to kill her, it would make sense she would be keeping many secrets from him and doing God knows what behind his back.

On the docks, Curtis tells Hayden that it has to mess with her head just a little bit to know who got her killed. So, he suggests, maybe she should talk to her husband. Hearing that, she asks how he knew she was married. He replies the rock on her finger gives it away, as he takes a wild guess that the "lucky man" is prince Nikolas. He asks what would make a newly married woman not want to let her guard down to her husband, regarding someone trying to kill her. The only reason would be she does not trust him. He asks if Nikolas was, in fact, the person who got her killed. She tells him she is certain that Nikolas is no onto her and so she has that power over him. He asks her if she really wants to stay with a man "until death do them part", realizing that her death may happen sooner than she realizes. He asks her to please not tell him she loves Nikolas nor believes he loves her, given what they both know. He expresses his concerns about that as she admits to him that she believes her husband is a good man. She has not just married Nikolas for the money. Yet Curtis tells her he wants her his contact information in case she needs to talk or if she ever intends to change her mind, adding that he would not want to read about a princess being murdered for trusting someone she should not trust.

At Shriners, Jason informs Monica that she needs to know that Elizabeth has owned responsibility for her lies and has put Jake first. She's doing her best to right the wrong and he wishes that Monica could forgive her. Monica assures them she forgives Elizabeth and she will let them know as soon as Jake is awake. Alone with Jason, Elizabeth tells him she appreciates his "doing that." She tells him that she failed to see what was going on with Jake because she did not want to see it. Jason admits he did not want to see it either. He tells her that the first thing they need to do now is focus on their son until he heals. She suggests maybe they could do a little healing of their own. He then assesses that they were friends before they had their relationship, so maybe they can be friends again. She admits that as soon as she found out who he really was, she kept the secret afraid she could lose him. So they had their relationship and their friendship based on a lie. She realizes she had a choice the night Nikolas told her who he was. Yet she lied to him. The end result is she lost him and she almost lost her son as well. Yet he wants to get past that, re-establish trust and be friends. They both talk about what they might hope for their respective futures, as parents and with potential relationships. He reminds her that he is happy to find out he has money. He now knows who he is, where he came from and his history. Although he does not actually remember it, he has a lot more than he had last year.

When Morgan is alone in his hospital room, he struggles to free himself from the shackles but cannot. A nurse comes inside his room. When he see her, he tells her this is "kind of embarrassing" but he needs to "relieve himself." In response to that, she tells him she can provide a bed pan. Yet that obviously will not work for him. He then asks her if she could have a little mercy on him and respect his dignity and let him use the restroom. He sweet-talks her, telling her he's sure she's a great person who can understand his need for dignity and realize he is "not that guy" and that she could trust him. At that point, she unfastens his hand restraints. He wastes no time getting up and going to find out about Kiki.

Outside Kiki's room, Ava cries and confesses to Franco it was not Morgan's fault that Kiki got shot. It's her fault and she's afraid she will pay for what she did. It could have been herself that got shot,, she realizes. She murdered a woman and got away with it and it appears her punishment is watching her oldest beautiful daughter hanging between life and death. She notices Morgan roaming free and demands to know why the staff are letting Morgan do this after what happened to her daughter. A surgeon finds Ava and is ready to inform her of Kiki's prognosis. Morgan wants to know but Franco instructs him to stay out of the way. The doctors do not give any direct information to Ava and she concludes that what they are "not saying" is that Kiki could be paralyzed if she does not die on the operating table. Morgan overhears unseen.

Nikolas goes in to see Lulu and informs her their mother informed him that Dante saved her. He announces to his sister he's going to ask something that may be none of his business. However, he is her brother and he loves her. He asks her if, given everything that happened, does she think that she and Dante can just tear up the divorce papers and get back together in spite of the issues between them? She tells her brother she and Dante will always love and respect each other, if nothing else, for their son. And they are considering getting back together although it's too soon to make any plans right now. She also mentions to her brother she has real concerns about his marriage. She knows there is no trust between him and Hayden and she wonders why on earth he would remotely consider marrying that woman given what everyone knows about her. Yet he tells her he loves Hayden and would like for his family to offer them their blessing.

Morgan overhears Ava asking Franco how her daughter could have put herself in danger and throw away her life for "him." He is obviously upset and guilt stricken. He also knows he cannot make himself seen by too many people when he's supposed to be in hospital restraints. He rushes off alone.

Monica returns to Jason and Elizabeth and informs them that she discussed a treatment plan with Jake's doctors and they would like to discuss that with Jason. He then goes in the room and Elizabeth and Monica are alone to talk. Elizabeth reminds Monica that although she knows she has betrayed Monica’s son, when she first met Jason, she had no clue who he was. He was her friend and meant a lot to her. Remembering that, Monica acknowledges she knows that when Jason first "re-appeared" and was injured, in the hospital with nobody there for him and nowhere to go, Elizabeth was there for him and very possibly her son would not have recovered nor have what he has now were it not for Elizabeth. And, she tells her, for that, she is very grateful to Elizabeth.

Dante returns to Lulu and Laura and informs them that the doctors have declared that his wife can go home. Yet they still realize Lulu has nowhere to return to except The Haunted Star, where they know neither she nor Rocco will be safe. He offers for both Lulu and Laura to stay with him at his apartment. Yet Lulu tells him she would be more comfortable staying at Wyndemere.

Michael goes to find Ava and Franco and informs them that Morgan has reported that Kiki did in fact, get shot by attempting to save him. Yet, he protests, Morgan feels terrible that this happened. Alone with Franco, Ava informs him that all last night, she prayed for God to save Kiki. He admits that he has no clue what God thinks or feel sand cannot advise anyone on that but he knows the fact that she has asked God to make Kiki ok must count for something. The surgeon comes out. Ava demands he tells her about her daughter. Yet he does not smile nor appear as though he has any encouraging news.

When Morgan is alone and unseen, he goes to the ledge on the hospital roof and stands, looking like he's going to jump and end his life.

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