GH Update Wednesday 2/24/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/24/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

On the boat, outside the Haunted Star, Dante searches all over and leaves messages for Lulu yet he's nowhere to be found. He cannot see that she is sinking in the harbor in danger of drowning. He finally discovers that she is in the water and he swims to save her. Yet he is unable to find her. We see her sinking, lifeless, and motionless. Finally, Dante is able to find her and get her out of the water. Yet she is still unconscious and not breathing. He urges her to know that he and Rocco need her, and she needs to breathe and be ok.

At the police station, Morgan screams at everyone to let him go and be there for Kiki after she's been shot. Michael urges him to calm down before he gets into more trouble. Jordan tells Morgan he needs to be restrained and calls officers to put him in a holding cell. André appears and tells her he won't let her do that to his patient. She reminds him that Morgan is under arrest but he protests that she does not have authority over him regarding what is to be done with Morgan. He informs her that Morgan is in the middle of bi polar stage 1 and needs to be hospitalized. Jordan then gives instructions for her officers to transport Morgan Corinthos to a hospital instead of jail. Michael accompanies them out the door. Jordan privately urges André not to let her regret this. She asks the desk clerk what might have happened to Dixon. He replies they are not certain but he is at large and still armed.

When Kiki is on the docks after being shot, she's losing a lot of blood while Carly and Anna are worried and furious that it had to happen. Anna tells Paul he has gone too far and she does not trust him to do anything anymore. He asks Carly what her son was doing there, to which both she and Anna refuse to answer and tell Paul it does not matter. It's his fault that this has happened. Anna does, however, need for Carly to provide information regarding what motivated Morgan to get involved in this, to which Carly admits she does not know. Paul informs them both that Morgan came there to get involved in the arms trading mess. Kiki found out and tried to stop him and that is how she wound up getting shot by Dixon who intended to shoot Morgan, and who is now gone. He asks her if maybe Sonny put Morgan up to doing this, to which Carly tells him that absolutely did not happen. Sonny had nothing to do with that and does not want Morgan to have any involvement in his business. Paul protests to Anna that Carly's kid is the reason why the Jerome girl got shot. Anna protests that this is his fault and he can't blame others for the fact that a “bystander” got involved, to which Paul argues that Morgan was not a bystander. He came there armed and ready to kill them all and somehow knew exactly where to find them. Yet she knows that Morgan is not the threat behind this and she needs to know who is part of this operation. Paul replies Ava.

When Dixon goes into the chapel and pulls his gun on everyone, Sonny is ready to let himself be the hostage. Dixon tells Sonny he might shoot him until Alexis stands up and urges him not to shoot Sonny in front of his daughter. While Nathan is lying on the floor, not only Maxie but Nina as well rushes to make sure he is ok. Nikolas then speaks up and tells Dixon he has access to a helicopter that can pick Dixon up and transport him into Canada. Dixon asks Nikolas and Hayden who they are and how they know the happy couple. Nikolas admits Alexis is his aunt. Dixon then concludes that maybe Nikolas can fill him in about the 3 pretty girls who are with his aunt, as he knows one of them is Sonny's daughter. Sam stands up and identifies herself as Sonny's daughter, yet Dixon knows that is not true. He tells Sonny he thinks he is stalling on what he wants. He then goes to Ava and tells her she is his contact and the whole reason he's there right now yet she's been no help. She tells him her advice is for him to accept Sonny's offer. When she sees Dixon ready to take any of the three of Alexis' daughters as hostage, Ava stands up and announces if he needs a hostage, he may take her instead.

André takes Morgan to the hospital with Michael accompanying them. Morgan argues the only reason he agreed to this was to stay out of jail. He refuses to have anything to do with a psyche ward. Alone with Michael Morgan admits to his brother he does not want to discuss or accept this. They admit Kiki on a stretcher and rush her to the ER. Morgan sees her, yells hysterically and is ready to rush to her while Michael and guards restrain him.

Dixon is ready to take a hostage, points his gun on all three of Alexis' daughters and finds Kristina knowing she is Sonny's daughter. He grabs her ready to take her hostage warning them if anybody pulls any stunts with him, he will kill her. Everybody is hysterical and worried. At that point, Sonny appears afraid and ready to obey Dixon's words. He stands up and fights Dixon. He knocks Dixon to the ground, grabs his gun, stands over Dixon and yells: “Who is helpless now, you son of a bitch?” Sonny demands he gets up on his knees now and tells Dixon he will make him pay for threatening Sonny's daughter. Everyone watches in awe. Carly comes to face her husband, stares in awe to see him stand. She looks at him, silent and angry and clearly indicates she wants an explanation. He tells her he will discuss this with her later. Paul, Jordan and Anna arrive on the scene and Sonny remarks to them that they are “a little late”.

Dante finally revives Lulu outside The Haunted Star. She is conscious and breathing although she needs medical care.

When the medics arrive behind Jordan, Anna and Paul, they take unconscious Nathan to the hospital. Maxie asks if she can ride with him, admitting she is not family but needs to be there for the man she loves. After the others leave, Olivia talks to Ava, admitting she was brave to offer herself as hostage instead of Sonny's daughters. However, Olivia needs to know what Ava knows about Dixon's operation. Paul announces that he needs everyone to stay and not leave until they make statements to the authorities about what happened.

At the hospital, when Morgan demands that Michael and André let him go so he can help Kiki, André tells Morgan he is of no use to anyone until he is willing and able to help himself. He needs to know that he is in grave danger and needs to stop what he is doing and listen to what people are telling him.

Alone with Sonny at the chapel, Carly is clearly angry and wants to know how long her husband has been lying to her. Yet, when he hesitates to answer, she indicates she doe not care his explanation and walks away. Carly finds Ava and informs her that Kiki was on the docks. She went there to find Morgan after finding out he went to pier 54 to secretly go after Dixon and the arms dealers. And that was how she got shot. Ava can see blood on Carly's clothes and knows that her daughter has been injured. At that point, when Ava sees Paul, she furiously slaps him and yells that her daughter was shot because of him. Carly asks Jordan, Anna and Paul, if since she was not held hostage there and knows nothing about what Dixon did in the chapel, if she can go. Anna tells her of course. Alexis hysterically tells Sam that this should have never happened to her family. They should never have been targeted. She furiously admits to her oldest daughter she blames Ava and does not even want to know how or why she was involved. Julian finds Olivia and tells her he's sorry about all of this. They both agree that they are very fortunate their son had nothing to do with this. She walks away. Alexis finds Sonny holding Kristina in his arms and thanks him for saving their daughter's life. She remarks she can see that his “condition has greatly improved” noticing he can walk and does not need the wheelchair. She asks Kristina if she can have a word alone with Sonny. She asks him what he knows about what happened on the docks tonight. She tells him she knows that he knows Julian has nothing to do with this. Yet Sonny is not about to admit to her what he does, in fact, know about it.

Maxie and Nina both ride with Nathan to the hospital and they wheel him into the OR. Franco waits outside for Nina. She tells him she is his hero for stalling the gunman. He tells her that is very sweet but they need to face that he is selfish. He is a coward and everything he has done is wrong. He notices Ava hysterically demanding that they find her daughter, At that point, he rushes and tells them they better find Kiki Jerome. Dante carries Lulu into the hospital. She is shivering and they can see she has hypothermia and the medical staff take her in.

Ava finds Morgan and Michael and tells them both that she knows what happened. She screams at Morgan that it was his fault that her daughter went to the pier. She got involved in his big mess. If Kiki dies, Ava tells him, she will make him pay. Franco restrains her, asks her to take a breath and tells her it will not do any good screaming at Morgan. Morgan protests he would never hurt Kiki.

Sonny goes out of the chapel to find Paul and Anna. She admits to Sonny that they owe him for making this situation much less a threat than it could have been. Paul then concludes to Jordan that he will agree to let all the people go. However, she reminds the DA that he has a “habit” of failing to tell her many things. It seems a bit more than coincidental that a detective has been shot and Kiki Jerome is fighting for her life. Alone with Anna, Paul wants to take full credit for the “heroism”. She is angry and asks if he can hear himself and if he knows what an arrogant son of a bitch he is.

Carly goes to the docks and notices the yellow crime scene tape. She angrily removes it, opens up the crate of guns, removes the guns and throws them into the harbor. Sonny finds her, walks and demands to know what she is doing. She is ready to hit him with the guns and angrily demands to know what he is doing and why he lied to her.

Anna tells Paul this bust was not well planned. She merely agreed to cooperate with him when she realized this whole train wreck was already in motion. He concludes to her that they both successfully busted a major drug operation. In response to that, she tells him he may take all the credit for himself because she wants nothing to do with this. With that, she walks away.

Alone with Julian, Alexis acknowledges they had a real “adventure” yet one of their children were harmed and they made it through the vows. They both acknowledge that they love each other.

Dante watches as Lulu awakens in her hospital bed and she admits that he saved her life. She asks how he knew where to find her.

Ava goes to find Kiki while she is in intensive care, unconscious with tubes over her mouth and machines all around. She cries. Franco is also nearby, attentive and worried about his almost-daughter. Michael and Morgan appear outside the door. Morgan confesses if she dies this will all be his fault.

Carly asks Sonny why he had to pretend he could not walk. He needs to know while he was at the church with his scam, Morgan had a full blown episode. He went to the docks attempting to intervene. Kiki found him and she got shot. Sonny admits that he had no clue that Kiki was harmed. Carly shows him the guns and reminds him that Kiki was shot and their son could have been killed because of these. Sonny protests that these guns were transported by Ava. He had to protect Avery and his family. She may be angry at him for his plan. But, he protests to her, it was necessary. She reminds him that he let their son out of the house, without taking his medication, knowing he was a danger to himself and others. He should know, she tells him that they both made this happen. The violence, the guns and the blood. She admits she just did not realize this until now. He moves up toward her and they wonder what to do next.

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