GH Update Tuesday 2/23/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/23/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

The minister performs the ceremony for Julian and Alexis and asks the Lord to bless them for as long as they shall live, as he joins them in holy matrimony. He recites that love is never jealous or rude nor arrogant. There is no limit to love's power to endure and love never fails. In the end, there are three things which are faith, hope and love and love means the most. He asks Julian if he takes this woman to be his wife. Julian replies “I do”. He asks Alexis if she takes this man to be her husband. She replies: “I do”. He announces that they have each written their own vows that they wish to share with all the guests. She talks about how everyone was surprised that she wanted to get married in a church. Before him, she had all her faith in facts but now she believes that all things are possible. What are the chances that after that one night when they made their beautiful daughter and then vanished from each others' lives and have now found themselves saying their vows her. That was beyond chance and coincidence, she says and she believes it was meant to be. She tells him she loves him and that will never change. He speaks that he never claimed to live a flawless life and has done wrong. He's always had a vague sense that he was chasing the wrong things. But when he found her again, he found out what he truly wanted which is her with him to take their vows in front of their children and he vows to spend the rest of his life making her happy and build the life that they intend to build and he loves her more than anything. He, then announces there will be the exchanging of the rings. However, at first, Lucas cannot find it until Molly helps him look and he uncovers them. Ava and Brad surround him and she is a bit concerned not knowing where Kiki went. Alexis gives her ring to Julian with her pledge and he gives her the ring with his pledge. Everybody claps when they kiss. The minister declares them husband and wife and it's all official. Seeing that, Sam, Molly and Kristina watch in awe. Brad sits beside Lucas and declares it can be done. Franco and Nina have words to exchange about marriage.

At the police station, Dante informs Jordan that he has reached out to leave a phone message for Lulu but she has yet to respond. Suspecting nothing, Jordan tells her detective she does not want to get into his business but believes he needs to give Lulu some space and not rush it. Yet he sees he's left a text to which she has not responded about getting there soon to see their son.

Raj puts duct tape over Lulu's mouth and chaining her hands to the railing outside The Haunted Star. He notices the incoming text from Dante and wants to make certain she does not have access to her phone. He is able to see Morgan pointing a gun on Paul and the gun traders on pier 54. When Morgan finds out Paul is unarmed, he cannot believe that and remarks that it's very stupid for anyone to do business on his dad's territory without a gun. He points his gun at the guys and gets them to open up one of the crates with several big shot guns. They protest to Morgan that he must know that his father would not want him getting involved in this, to which Morgan affirms they are wrong. He is going to save the day and prove to everyone what he is really made of.

At Sonny and Carly's house, Kiki contacts Michael and informs him that she just got a message from Morgan indicating that he is ready to take drastic action against his dad's enemies in order to prove himself. Overhearing that, Anna knows right off hand that the “meeting” is going to take place (as Paul has informed her) at pier 54. Kiki play the message for Carly and Anna to hear that he's going to meet the guys on pier 54. Carly Michael and Kiki inform Anna they are going to get to the specific pier with our without her approval. Michael protests that his brother is manic and could do something drastic if he's cornered and he needs to only have nosecone he knows and trusts intervene.

At the station, Jordan and Dante get the word that shots have been fired from pier 54 although they do not yet know any details. They get up to go and intervene.

Raj tells Lulu that he has to take action knowing the cops will be there any minute. She struggles with him and he pushes her into the harbor.

While Morgan holds the gun on Paul and the other guys, Paul ask shim what h intends to do, reminding him that someone obviously heard that shot and have probably called the police. He warns Morgan that he's now in over his head and he now needs to surrender before he does something he cannot take back. But Morgan does not listen. Dixon grabs the gun, knocking Morgan to the ground and he is now in control and not afraid of Morgan. Morgan stands up and asks him if he thinks he's afraid of being shot. Dixon does not listen and is afraid of nothing yet Paul and the others protest that they do not want to cross Sonny Corinthos and will not get away with shooting and killing his son. Dixon fires a shot right. Kiki enters and the bullet hits her. Morgan tries to help her and revive her but she is lying on the ground. He yells that she's been shot. Anna is not far away and Morgan is ready to risk his life for Kiki. Carly arrives with Michael right behind her and urges them not to shoot. This is her son. They put their guns down at that point.

Lulu sinks under water but manages to get to the top and swim.

Suddenly, after Alexis and Julian have been declared legally and officially married, out of nowhere, Dixon rushes into the chapel with his gun pointed and threatens to kill or take hostage. Sonny, however, tells him he needs to listen and take his one chance to live, urging him to realize he does not want to do this. Dixon notices Sonny and informs him it's his son who got them all into trouble. He should have kept Morgan at home, Dixon tells him. Yet Sonny tells him he's way beyond making threats and needs to get out of there. Dixon comments on how Morgan is really losing it and that will make Sonny vulnerable. Hearing that, Molly demands to know what he may have done with Morgan. Dixon then finds Ava and demands to know what she was doing or how she was involved in this. Realizing that she knew nothing about what Morgan intended to do, Ava panics not knowing what to do or say.

When Kiki is lying on the ground on the docks after being shot, Morgan along with Carly and Anna struggle to get her medical care. When a uniform cop comes, Michael urges him to know that his brother did not mean any harm and has no prior criminal record. Anna finds Paul and demands to know what happened. He explains that he intended to persuade Raj and Dixon not to endanger anyone but, then out of nowhere, Morgan came unexpectedly onto the pier and pointed his gun on all of them. Dixon then pulled the gun on Morgan and Kiki got shot, he tells her. Paul identifies Dixon to the authorities appearing like he wants to help them catch him.

Dante goes to The Haunted Star looking for Lulu knowing that something is not right. Yet he is unable to see that she's in the water in danger of drowning. He calls to her walking all around The Haunted Star boat but cannot find her. She's sinking under water. We see a flash of all the memories and history between Dante and Lulu since they first met, when they fell in love and got married and intended to be parents. We see them with Rocco and all the history when it looks like Lulu might drown and die.

At the wedding, Dixon continues to point his gun and announces he wants to get to know everyone. He finds Julian who protests that he knows nothing about the shipment. He wants to know the names of Alexis' and Julian's kids and all the “interested parties'. Franco then speaks up and asks Dixon if he does not want to know everyone since he's holding this gun on everyone and interrupting the wedding. He announces that he is a well known but very unpopular person in this town. He tells Dixon that he, himself has taken many hostages in his time and he does not want to “hurt Dixon's feelings” but, he advises him, this is not the way to do it. He cannot afford to have this many hostages. He needs to select only one. At first, Franco suggests he takes Sonny because he believes Sonny is a worthless human being. But, he adds, Sonny is helpless and in a wheelchair and probably of no use so maybe the best choice is Julian. Franco tells him he’d offer himself but realizes he's be a very lousy hostage since nobody cares about him. Dixon then demands that all people surrender their phones. Franco and Nina privately reveal they are not worried. Ava reminds Lucas and Brad that Kiki is gone.

Jordan arrives on the docks and confronts Paul as well as Anna asking what they both know but have not told her. Carly tends to Kiki while Michael and the cops keep Morgan away from the scene. Paul demands the cops get Morgan out of there although Jordan protests she does not even know how or why he's there. Paul tells her he is a material witness. Yet Morgan does not want to go anywhere or do anything because he cannot leave Kiki. Anna gets on her phone to call paramedics for Kiki although they are not showing up and they are afraid of losing Kiki. They are also concerned that Dixon has fled and they do

At the chapel, Dixon continues to point his gun and have everybody put their hands up. Sonny tries to negotiate and tells him he needs to come up with a plan. He admits as much as he hates Franco, he had a good point, Sonny tells him. He admits to Dixon that Franco was right that he (himself) is a wealthy man and can give Dixon what he wants. He can give him a better deal than any hostage negotiator, reminding Dixon he does not want the cops to show up. Dixon panics and shoots Nathan. Maxie stands up and tells him he will have to shoot her too because she loves Nathan. He lets her attempt to help him while he lies on the floor bloody. Dixon announces that nobody except for Maxie is allowed to get up from their seat or he will shoot them dead.

Morgan is hysterical when he goes to the station with his family and Jordan, protesting that he has to find Kiki. Jordan reads him his rights and places him under arrest while the cops physically restrain him.

On the docks, Carly and Anna rush to keep Kiki awake so she does not fall into shock.

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