GH Update Monday 2/22/16

General Hospital Update Monday 2/22/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

An invitation to Alexis and Julian's wedding is on the nightstand while Nikolas and Hayden are lying in bed together and in no hurry to get up. He tells her that he has an obligation to get to his aunt's wedding although they are both in no rush and want to stay right where they are. As soon as Hayden gets up and goes to shower and get dressed, Nikolas immediately gets on his phone to text to Sam that he needs to find out what she might have found out about Baxter Corbin.

At the police station, Maxie brings hers' and Nathan's clothes for the wedding. Although he is busy with work, she tells him the last things she wants is to be late to her boss's wedding. She wants to make certain that Nathan's attire is perfect and wonders why he's bringing his gun holster. He reminds her he's a cop and is presently on duty. She tells him she's worried she would appear rude if she brings a date who has a gun. Also she's heard that Julian is no longer part of the mob so there's no need for a cop to bring his gun. Also, she comments on how the gun clashes with his clothes. Nathan agrees to leave his gun in his desk as he declares to Maxie that she wins. She can see that he has what appears to be women's white gloves in the pocket of what she assumes is the only tux he owns. That might indicate he has “another woman” to explain to his girlfriend. Yet he reminds Maxie that as Madeline Reeves' son, he has many tuxes and the one she just happened to grab from the closet is one he has not worn in a long time nor remembers much about.

At The Metro Court, Julian sits with Olivia and his family (Ava, Kiki and Lucas). He opens a bottle of campaign from the bar and Olivia notices a blood droplet on Julian's hand. She clearly sees a premonition. She assures him there is no reason to worry although the others question it. He tells Olivia they need to pick up Leo so he can attend although Olivia decides it may be a little two much for their infant son. At that point, Julian agrees to leave Leo out of the wedding and with a sitter.

Not far away, Carly is sitting with her daughter Josslyn who tells her mom she knows that her uncle Sonny probably wants her mom to join him for the wedding and she (Josslyn) happens to know her uncle Sonny is a mobster. She indicates to her mom that she would like her stepfather to come to her school during career day and inform the kids about what he “really” does for a living, which she knows is not selling coffee beans. Kiki goes over and talks to Carly who is very apologetic for her son cheating on her. She urges Kiki to please overlook it and by Morgan's “friend” as he is all alone now and his mom is very worried about him. Ava, however, overhears and coldly reminds Carly that her daughter does not owe Carly's son anything since he has the problem and not Ava's daughter.

Sonny is in his wheelchair, going into the chapel to secretly ask God to forgive him for his shortcomings and specifically regarding what he knows is going down on the docks tonight. He also asks to keep his baby daughter safe. Alexis and her daughters come by and see him and wonder what he's doing there. He smiles and does not seem worried as he replies he's there for a wedding. She asks her daughters to let her talk alone to Sonny and she informs him she wants to know one thing which is why he is doing this. He talks to her about their mutual daughter, Kristina and reminds Alexis that he loves their daughter. He assures his daughter's mom he is not there to cause any trouble. She seems to believe him but realizes he must be keeping a secret about something.

On the docks, while the illegal guns transaction is taking place, we see a huge box that says Jerome Gallery shipment. Not far away, Morgan spies and overhears the guys planning their next move, while he remains unseen. He is able to notice the DA ready to pay for the shipment as soon as the sellers let him inspect the goods first.

Anna goes to Sonny's home, realizing it's urgent that she finds him and warns him about the illegal guns operation. She only sees Michael who wonders why she's there. The tells him she knows that something is going on tonight and she needs to make certain that no member of the Corinthos organization or the Corinthos family is nearby nor involved in it. He informs her his dad is at the wedding and probably not involved in this although she realizes that Sonny is probably aware, at the very least, of what is going on. Michael asks Anna why, if she is not accusing his dad of anything, does she have concerns? He assures her that his dad has nothing to do with the arms trade. Yet she realizes that what is going on is not for his ears.

Paul goes to assist the guys doing the job he previously assigned for Ava on the docks. We see several large wooden crates that say Jerome Gallery. He gets on his phone to privately call Anna and alert her that the operation is about to start. The guys can see that he was having a private phone conversation and demand to know whom he was talking to. They all stand right beside him in a threatening manner. He replies he was talking to “the authorities”.

Alexis proposes a toast with her daughters while in the chapel. She pours a drink for all three of them. They all toast to their mom for all she's done for them, for her happiness and how Julian better make her happy or he will answer to them. Alexis then dismisses them to finish her vows alone in the room. She admits she knows what she's going to say but is just not certain how she's going to say it. When Kristina is outside the door, she runs into Julian. Alone in the chapel, Alexis reads the letter Julian wrote for her as she relives all their interactions from the first moment they met and he was known as Derek Wells. We see her finding out, for the first time, that he's Sam's biological father and their mutual attraction, their on-and-off romance and all they've been through together up until now. He declares not only did he leave his crime family, which he knew was no good for him. He got the family he really wants. She is his guiding star and the love of his life. He can never repay her for all she's given him but he will try by walking down the aisle with her today, he tells her.

Alone in the chapel before the wedding, Olivia admits to Sonny she's surprised that he's there. They acknowledge they each have a child by a member of the Jerome family and Olivia seems to know that Sonny is keeping a secret. Julian comes by and wonders why Sonny is there, remembering when they last spoke, he wanted the two of them to put their differences aside but Sonny said no way. Hearing that, Sonny replies he's there because whether they like it or not, their families are going to be connected.

Outside the chapel, Franco and Nina talk about how he's kind of creeped out by pictures and paintings of saints and she asks him what kind of a wedding he intends to have with her. He admits he does not want to get married. Marriage is stupid, a waste of time and ruins everything, he declares to her. She is clearly not ok hearing that.

Sam runs into Nikolas who is still very persistent to hear what she might have discovered about Hayden's alleged ties to Baxter Corbin. She informs him she's on it and ready to talk to Baxter.

Kiki gets on her phone to hear her messages. And, for the first time, she hears Morgan's recording, telling her he “needs her to get back to him”, how he has to prove to everyone that he is not a screw-up if it means taking drastic actions. She knows she now has to get a hold of him but she can't reach him while he's completely distracted while observing the interaction and transactions on the docks.

Carly returns home and wonders why Anna is there talking to Michael and trying to find Sonny. Josslyn is behind her and tells her mom it's very odd that she's discovered something. Carly and Michael then discover that Sonny's gun is out of the place where he keeps it, which means it's either been stolen or in hands of “someone”. They conclude that the only person with access to it who could have taken it is Morgan.

Sam goes to talk to Sonny before the wedding, telling him she hopes he feels welcome and explaining that Jason could not make it because he had to take his son to Shriners'. Lucas enters with Brad, who has a “wedding present” for him. It's divorce papers to end Brad's legal marriage to Rosalie. Noticing that and realizing how both Brad and Rosalie told him that ending their marriage was near to impossible, Lucas needs to know just how Brad pulled this off.

The wedding is about to take place while music plays. First, Alexis' 3 daughters walk down the aisle to Julian and Lucas. Then we see Alexis walk down the aisle to join Julian and they walk down the aisle together. The minister announces that today we celebrate the union of Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis. When they join each other, Sam recites the writings of true love. Molly recites her part

At Sonny's house, Anna needs to know why Carly and Michael suspect Morgan of taking the gun, to which they reply that Morgan is off his meds and bipolar.

On the docks, Morgan makes his presence known and confronts the guys who want to take Sonny down. Yet they are not afraid of him. Paul seems to be the only member of the meeting whom Morgan recognizes who “should not be there” since he's the DA.

Michael finally gets a hold of Kiki who knows that Morgan is on pier 54 as he has told her. They all rush to intervene before it's too late.

On the docks, the guys all surround and out-number Morgan, telling him he's “crazy” if he thinks he's going to do what he intends to do. As soon as he hears someone calling him “crazy”, that triggers his impulsiveness as he pulls out his gun and threatens to blow them all away to be the hero for his father.

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